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  • Title: Orbirea
  • Author: Elias Canetti Mihai Isbășescu
  • ISBN: 9789734655175
  • Page: 162
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

  • Orbirea zugraveste o lume stranie, o lume a nebuniei in care cu totii sufera de o forma oarecare de dementa, de la personajul central, savantul Kien, pina la menajera si, ulterior, sotia sa, Therese, de la intendentul Pfaff la piticul cocosat Fischerle si chiar la psihiatrul Kien, fratele savantului Toti sint marcati de tare fizice, psihice si spirituale care le reduc exiOrbirea zugraveste o lume stranie, o lume a nebuniei in care cu totii sufera de o forma oarecare de dementa, de la personajul central, savantul Kien, pina la menajera si, ulterior, sotia sa, Therese, de la intendentul Pfaff la piticul cocosat Fischerle si chiar la psihiatrul Kien, fratele savantului Toti sint marcati de tare fizice, psihice si spirituale care le reduc existenta la o singura preocupare obsesiva, prin prisma careia inteleg lumea Kien este carturarul inchis in turnul de fildes al imensei sale biblioteci, intelectualul care nu intelege sa accepte vreo alta preocupare si care nu vrea sa jertfeasca nici o clipa daca nu are legatura cu cercetarile sale El este capul fara lume , cu viata rinduita si planificata pina la secunda, a carui obsesie este declansata de teama de orbire, care i aminteste de Eratosthene si de arderea bibliotecii din Alexandria.
    Elias Canetti Mihai Isbășescu
    Awarded the 1981 Nobel Prize in Literature for writings marked by a broad outlook, a wealth of ideas and artistic power He studied in Vienna Before World War II he moved with his wife Veza to England and stayed there for long time Since late 1960s he lived in London and Zurich In late 1980s he started to live in Zurich permanently He died in 1994 in Zurich Author of Auto da F , Party in the Blitz, Crowds and Power, and The Voices of Marrakesh A Record of a Visit


    This is the world as we know it - crazy as can be!It strikes me as strange that the English and German title for this masterpiece are so different, and yet so fitting. Canetti, bilingual, multifaceted, a master of wordplay, must have delighted in the ambiguity. "Die Blendung", the German title, means "Deception", "Blinding"or "Delusion", whereas Auto-da-Fé, act of faith, refers to the horrible crimes of religious fanatics during the Inquisition.What happens if you believe blindly, and violently [...]

    Petra X
    Two in a two days! This book was also removed from my books. It was substituted with Auto Da Fe: Cronache in Due Tempi a book in Italian. See msg 6 for the probable explanation. This one, the Canetti one, I read years ago. It was a difficult, depressing and extremely bizarre book. Of course I loved the book because Peter Klein (the 'hero') loves books beyond all else. Kindred spirits almost (view spoiler)[bar cats and chocolate-bearing men (hide spoiler)]. The other book that mine got substitute [...]

    Read More for Mental HealthThe literal translation of the German title of Auto da Fe is The Blinding, or perhaps more idiomatically, The Deception. The question this latter raises is: Who is deceiving whom? The unrelenting comic irony suggests that everyone is deceiving not only everyone else, but also themselves. All the characters are mad to some degree, and Kafkaesque to the extent that they emerge out of a somewhat hostile, vaguely Eastern European world in which they are striving to survive [...]

    “Almost Kien was tempted to believe in happiness, that contemptible life-goal of illiterates. If it came of itself, without being hunted for, if you did not hold it fast by force and treated it with a certain condescension, it was permissible to endure its presence for a few days”There could be nothing better than a book about someone, or a 'hero' like Peter Kien, that loves books. Moreover, Auto-da-Fé is one of Elias Canetti's masterpiece. Kien knows what he wants from life: to spend his l [...]

    Stephen P
    A choice. Numberless made within the ordinary mayhem of a day. A person makes choices from the beginning to the end -scheme of their life. Peter Kien wants to spend the passing of his time, supported from the inheritance of his father's death, within the library of his own creation. Books instead of people. Facts and theories devised by those ideas argued by the greatest Sinologist in the world, himself. Life is to be defined by knowledge and study. While no one but his housekeeper sees or knows [...]

    Vit Babenco
    “A bookseller is a king, and a king cannot be a bookseller.”Can one carry along a huge library in one's head? The protagonist of Auto-da-Fé surely can.And when the abstract intellect collides with the dull routine of reality both become shattered into nothingness.This grand cynically modernistic novel easily comes among my top ten of favourites in literature.If one’s consciousness is in conflict with reality what should be changed: one’s consciousness or reality? “Blindness is a weapo [...]

    Birinci ve üçüncü bölümleri gayet etkileyici olan kitabın ikinci bölümünde tuzağa düşüp ilerlemeyi bırakabilirdim. Nitekim okuma süremi epey uzattı bu bölüm. Keza, okuduğum eli yüzü düzgün kitap incelemelerinde de bu konuya değinilmiş. Fischerle'nin bölümü (2. bölüm ve kitap) uzatılmanın yanında aşırı dağıtılmış. "Dünyasız bir kafa" ve "kafasız bir dünya" isimli iki bölümün sonundaki "kafadaki dünya" bölümünde bir sentez beklediyseniz (benim g [...]

    Dopo un inizio difficile in cui questo libro non decollava, mi fa piacere aver preso il volo e aver viaggiato. Cercando alcune notizie sul'autore, ho scoperto che il titolo originale del libro è "Abbagliamento", titolo che avrei mantenuto anche nella versione italiana, dato che descrive benissimo la sua essenza. I protagonisti di questo libro sono "abbagliati", come accecati da quello che vivono o meglio non vivono, come Thérese, la governante, un essere torbido, meschino, avido di denaro, fin [...]

    Teresa Proença
    Na contra capa da minha edição diz, mais ou menos, assim: Auto-De-Fé é considerado um dos livros fundamentais da história da literatura ocidental e ler a obra de Elias Canetti é essencial para compreendermos a história do século XX.Eu, com cerca de metade lido (e mais umas páginas em diagonal) digo assim:Já estou lixada! Como Canetti me aborrece lá se vai qualquer réstia de esperança de compreender o séculoUm homem obcecado por livros (mas não sei se lê); casa com uma mulher para [...]

    Joselito Honestly and Brilliantly
    Since you are at , you're most likely a bookworm (unless you're one of the thousands of juveniles here who pretend they like to read only to get to know people they can hook up with). But how bookworm of a bookworm are you? If you're at least the type who would feel sad leaving a bookstore without getting to buy a book, then reading this novel would, at times, be just like staring at a mirror. You can see you here.Winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1981, Elias Canetti, a German, wrote on [...]

    If you are 300 pages into this novel, keep reading, it gets better, much better. If you are thinking of starting this novel today, think carefully and know that you do not have my recommendation. I struggled quite a bit with this book. The three star rating is a compromise between the 1 and 2 star rating I was certain I would give this book until about page 380 (after which we are clearly in at least 4 star territory) when I finally encountered some lyricism in Canetti's prose, a likable charact [...]

    L'inizio è meraviglioso. Ho chiarissimo il ricordo della sensazione di scoperta, di avventura, di godimento prolungato. Solo a scrivere queste due righe mi viene voglia di ricominciarlo subito!

    Canetti is my god. I hung on every word he ever wrote for most of college and then some. His one novel, this book, is probably the most deeply disturbing novel I have ever set hands on. A masterpiece of modern literature, placing Canetti among the great western writers of the 20th century, this is the story of Peter Kien, the book man. Originally Cannetti set out to write a "Comedie Humaine an Irren" with this being the first installment, ala Balzac but about insane people (he lived across the s [...]

    Domenico Fina
    Il senso della realta` a me sembra il tema piu` pressante di tutti. E Auto da fe` e` forse il romanzo che piu` di ogni altro mostra l'obnubilarsi in una mania che oscura il resto e la vita stessa. Faccio un esempio dall'attualita`. Therese, la governante che si occupa del sinologo Kien, passa l'esistenza a inveire contro l'aumento del prezzo delle patate, lui passa l'esistenza a sondare idee, vive nel mondo dei libri. Entrambi vivono senza comunicazione, che non sia nella loro testa. A persone c [...]

    K.D. Absolutely
    Elias Canetti (1905-1994), a Bulgarian novelist and playwright, won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1981. He wrote several plays, a memoir in trilogy, several non-fiction works but only one novel, Auto-da-Fe. The way this is written, the term auto-da-fe must be Portuguese and it means the execution of non-believers during the Portuguese inquisition.However, Canetti wrote the novel in German and was first published in 1935. It is set in the decaying, cosmopolitan Vienna, where the young Canetti [...]

    Basically the complete opposite of what I enjoy in a novel.But then I haven't won a Nobel Prize for Literature, have I.

    MJ Nicholls
    Dropped on p.175. Mounting tedium and irritation.

    Definitivamente este libro no fue escrito para mí. A pesar de esto, lo he leído de principio a fin, no sin invertir una buena cantidad de esfuerzo y paciencia. Naufragué a través de buena parte de sus más de 600 páginas (sin interlineado, sin puntos y aparte y prácticamente sin márgenes) que comprenden este libro, sin embargo una vez entregado al naufragio, sumergido en esas profundas aguas azules avivadas ferozmente por el autor, empecé a asimilar y a disfrutar la obra. Traté de dejar [...]

    Lorenzo Berardi
    A man loves his library.In his opinion books are better than men.How it can be denied reading this novel?Auto-da-fe is like a cage: it doesn't give you any possibility of escape, it hurts you. It's like an abyss in which all that begins ironically becomes dramatic.

    Kitabın ortalarında tüm karakterlerin gerçekten bu kadar "körleşmiş" olmasına hayret ettim. Ortada yanlış anlaşılmalardan oluşmuş kocaman bir yumak vardı sanki. Sonunda çok basit bir şekilde çözülmesini hiç beklemiyordum. Okuması zor bir kitap olduğu doğru. Küçücük yazılar, bitmeyen paragraflar Akıcıydı ama bir yerden sonra bu olayların hepsi nereye bağlanacak diye düşünmeden edemiyorsunuz.

    Geçen sene Oğuz Atay okuduğumda bu kadar aydınlanacağımı bilemezdim. Öyle bir kapı açtı ve öyle müthiş bir yol gösterdi ki bana, tarifi imkansız. Bu yolda bana katılanlar oldu, yolumdan faydalananlar oldu, sonra geldiği yolu unutup oradan -bana kalırsa- gerisin geri, faydalanmayı beceremeden gidenler oldu. Ama benim bu yoldaki sevdam bitmeyecek. Körleşme de bunlardan biri. 2016 Temmuz'da Yıldız Ecevit'in Ben Buradayım kitabını okurken Körleşme listeme girmişti. (Hal [...]

    The thickest (4 inches) and heaviest (12.5 pounds) book in my library, Webster's Third New International Dictionary of the English Language, defines the word Auto-da-fé as follows:the ceremony for accompanying the pronouncement of judgment by the Inquisition and followed by the execution of sentence by secular authorities; esp: the burning of a person condemned as a heretic or of writings condemned as hereticalI've been thinking for a while about this title, and compared it with the one of the [...]

    "For what happens in that kind of book is not just a game, it is reality; one has to justify it, not only against criticism from outside but in one’s own eyes as well. Even if an immense fear has compelled one to write such things, one must still ask oneself whether in so doing one has not helped to bring about what one so vastly fears." - Elias Canetti, The Play of the Eyes The author shakes you with the first scene in the book, one of the best openings of any novel that I've ever read. And h [...]

    Ksenia Ada Tanyeli
    Yalnızlığından zevk alan, içe dönük ve gözlerden uzak yaşayan insanlar bile, yüreğinin bir köşesinde 'insanlara daha yakın' olmayı arzu eder Hikayenin kahramanı da yüreğinin bir parçasını bir başka insana açmaya karar verdiğinde, hayatının kalanını birlikte yaşayacak insanı bulduğunu düşünüyordu.Ancak, hizmetçisiyle evlendikten sonra aralarında gelişen olaylar, onları derin bir anlaşmazlığa sürüklüyor ve bir süre sonra, birbirlerini anlamamaya başla [...]

    20.yy’ın en önemli eserlerinden biri olan Körleşme romanı, Prof. Kien’in etrafında geçer. Kien dış dünya ile bağlarını koparmış, 25.000 kitabıyla evinde yaşayan bir dilbilimcidir. Kitap rafları için pencerelerini dahi kapatır ve evin yalnızca tavandan gökyüzüne açılan bir penceresi bulunur. Bir koridorla birbirine bağlanan ve kapıları hep açık olan, ışığını tavandaki pencereden alan bu ev Kien’in fildişi kulesidir. Çalışma odasındaki küçük bir y [...]

    Grandioso crudele ritratto della umana piccolezza, dell'incomunicabilità e della solitudine a cui è destinato l'individuo, imbevuto di stupida presunzione e contaminato dall'avidità e dal vizio.Pur trovandolo geniale per ricchezza inventiva e comico in molti passaggi di caustico umorismo, il romanzo mi è risultato difficoltoso da portare avanti, forse per la fitta rete di eventi paradossali, ossessive fissazioni, interminabili equivoci che alla lunga ho trovato snervanti.Anche i personaggi s [...]

    This book is bizarre. It’s like a Grimm’s fairy tale with insane characters, or a cautionary tale with a moral that’s not a moral because it’s so nihilistic. This, Canetti seems to be saying, is what happens if an intellectual dissociates from the real world and hears no voice other than his own. He becomes dogmatic and he falls victim to the venality of the ignorant. It’s sobering reading.To see my review (more of a summary really, as best I understood the book) please visit anzlitlov [...]

    Seval Yılmaz Koşar
    Körleşme, Elias Canetti __________________________________________________________"Adına yaşama kavgası denen kavgayı, karnımızı doyurmak ve sevebilmek uğruna olduğu kadar, içimizdeki kitleyi öldürmek uğruna da veririz. Kimi koşullar altında bu kitle, bireyi bencillikten tümüyle uzak, dahası kendi yararlarına aykırı davranışlara dek götürebilir." __________________________________________________Canetti'nin daha 26 yaşındayken kaleme aldığı, 1931'de tamamlanıp 19 [...]

    Joel Palma
    Move over "The Tin Drum"! "Auto da Fé" is my new favorite "dark- bizaare- extremely funny- cruel- stupendous" kind of read masterpiece!!!This work by Canetti which deservedly added to my "best of the best" book list, is one of the most beautifully (not to mention the haughtiest) written works of fiction I've ever read!!!Not since reading "Ulysses" did I experience "moments of duress" reading a weighty tome The only difference is that I gave myself a second chance to finish (and enjoy, of course [...]

    High-minded reviewers will tell you that Canetti's novel is about the modern-condition, maybe even throw in that it's an indictment thereof. Slightly more pedestrian readers might say it's about the battle between our higher aspirations for learning and our baser human desires. I am here to tell you that, for most of this book's torturous and ample length, it is about hate, plain and simple. Canetti's characters have short bursts of fanatical devotion (to books and chess), and long stretches of [...]

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