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  • Title: Der Poet
  • Author: Michael Connelly Christel Wiemken
  • ISBN: 9783570068342
  • Page: 157
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Die Nachricht vom Tod seines Zwillingsbruders bringt den Gerichtsreporter Jack McEvoy v llig aus dem Gleichgewicht Die Polizei geht von Selbstmord aus, doch Jack stellt auf eigene Faust Nachforschungen an, die den Fall in einem ganz neuen Licht erscheinen lassen.
    Michael Connelly Christel Wiemken
    Librarian Note There is than one author in the database with this name See this thread for information Michael Connelly decided to become a writer after discovering the books of Raymond Chandler while attending the University of Florida Once he decided on this direction he chose a major in journalism and a minor in creative writing a curriculum in which one of his teachers was novelist Harry Crews.After graduating in 1980, Connelly worked at newspapers in Daytona Beach and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, primarily specializing in the crime beat In Fort Lauderdale he wrote about police and crime during the height of the murder and violence wave that rolled over South Florida during the so called cocaine wars In 1986, he and two other reporters spent several months interviewing survivors of a major airline crash They wrote a magazine story on the crash and the survivors which was later short listed for the Pulitzer Prize for feature writing The magazine story also moved Connelly into the upper levels of journalism, landing him a job as a crime reporter for the Los Angeles Times, one of the largest papers in the country, and bringing him to the city of which his literary hero, Chandler, had written.After three years on the crime beat in L.A Connelly began writing his first novel to feature LAPD Detective Hieronymus Bosch The novel, The Black Echo, based in part on a true crime that had occurred in Los Angeles, was published in 1992 and won the Edgar Award for Best First Novel by the Mystery Writers of America Connelly has followed that up with 26 novels Fifty eight million copies of Connelly s books have sold worldwide and he has been translated into thirty nine foreign languages He has won the Edgar Award, Anthony Award, Macavity Award, Los Angeles Times Best Mystery Thriller Award, Shamus Award, Dilys Award, Nero Award, Barry Award, Audie Award, Ridley Award, Maltese Falcon Award Japan ,.38 Caliber Award France , Grand Prix Award France , Premio Bancarella Award Italy , and the Pepe Carvalho award Spain.Michael was the President of the Mystery Writers of America organization in 2003 and 2004 In addition to his literary work, Michael is one of the producers and writers of the TV show, Bosch, which is streaming on Prime Instant Video Watch in the USA amzn 192NqZE Watch in the UK amzn 1BAHm3Z Watch in Germany amzn 1zQ8T1X He was also one of the creators, writers, and consulting producers of Level 9, a TV show about a task force fighting cyber crime, that ran on UPN in the Fall of 2000 And he can sometimes be seen on the hit TV show Castle playing poker Michael lives with his family in Florida.


    James Thane
    Measured against the standard set by most crime fiction writers, this is a pretty good book, but based against the standard set by Michael Connelly it's sort of average, somewhere in the middle of the pack of the large number of books he has now produced. This seems a bit odd, because the protagonist in this book is a newspaper reporter and Connelly was himself a reporter for a good number of years before he became a novelist. One would think that Connelly would have this character nailed. In tr [...]

    Oh, mid-‘90s, how quaint you seem in this book published in ‘96 with your dial-up internet connections, faxes, pagers, landline phones, and new-fangled digital cameras. Perhaps the thing dating this the most is the idea that The Rocky Mountain News editors’ biggest concern is that they’ll get scooped by another newspaper in the fast paced world of print journalism, and not that their entire industry will collapse and they’ll be out of business by 2009. Of course, if all their reporters [...]

    Jack McEvoy is a newspaper reporter in Denver. When his twin brother, Sean, a homicide detective, is found dead in his car by what's ruled a self-inflicted gunshot, Jack decides he wants to write his story. But, the more he probes, his suspicions grow about it possibly being a murder. As he continues his research, Jack lands himself into an FBI investigation that points to a diabolical serial killer. While this case is referenced in early Harry Bosch stories, Harry doesn't make an appearance her [...]

    I really liked this book. It has a strong beginning and a lot of credible characters. What I liked most was the fact that it seemed to end on page 450. I thought: Ok, not a bad solution, but a bit obvious. But then I noticed there were still 100 pages to go. Finally I realized the end was not the end, but only a fake end, and then the "real story" was about to begin. Very strong and surprising until the very last page.

    Wow, from the opening line Death is my beat. to the chilling conclusion, this haunting tale grabs you by the scuff of your neck and never lets go. Meet Jack McEvoy a reporter who makes his way covering murder stories. Little does he know that the next story he will write involves the death of his own brother, an apparent suicide. Jack has a difficult time accepting that his brother Sean, a homicide detective, would take his own life, further still he does not understand his brother's last words, [...]

    Scott Rhee
    Some things are better left unsaid, so the saying goes.I personally disagree with that sentiment. While very few topics are considered “taboo” anymore, a few cultural taboos still linger; subjects upon which many writers still fear to tread due to its general unpleasantness. Cancer used to be taboo. So did adultery and homosexuality. Taboos succeed in creating an atmosphere in which feelings never get expressed and problems never get solved. Taboos generally make things worse.Pedophilia is, [...]

    Loved this one and now starting on the second. Hope it is as good. Great story great characters.

    This is less of a review than it is a sort of caveat to my rating—the caveat being that I listened to this book. I don't know if there are multiple audio versions of The Poet out there, or if they just love to re-copyright things every few years, but the 1996 audible edition felt like it undermined the story's natural suspense. Don't get me wrong, Michael Connelly's brand of mystery/thriller writing isn't exactly subtle, but echo-chamber effects made moments of tension feel downright hokey.Tha [...]

    8/10Michael Connelly is pretty much my go to guy at the minute for a solid crime thriller. The amount of books this guy has churned out is quite impressive but more so is the fact that there haven’t really been any duds (or none of which I have read to date) and it looks like soon he will be having his own TV series for his most prominent character “Bosch” airing on (the trailer looks good and I believe the first episode is free to air).This book is a standalone and introduces new charact [...]

    Mike (the Paladin)
    I read The Lincoln Lawyer about a week ago and have been on a sort of "Michael Connelly marathon" ever since. I like the writer and I like his books. I think I still like The Micky Haller character best of his creations but this is my favorite book "outside that series" so far. The Poet is a psychopathic killer who has been killing for a fairly long time. Not sure how long because see, his victims have so far been mistaken for suicides. That is they were until one of them was Jack McEvoy's broth [...]

    I received a recommendation from a member to read "The Poet" by Michael Connelly. I am so glad I listened to their recommendation.This was an amazing novele best I have ever read by this talented author.Jack McEvoy was a reporter for the Rocky newspaper, who wrote about murder stories."Death was his Beat." Sean,his twin brother,a veteran Denver Police detective was in charge into the slaying of a University student, Theresa Lofton, found dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.Sean McE [...]

    My first non Harry Bosch by Connelly & I'm impressed. Jack is a great character & the plot was fantastic, especially twisty. Great characters, very realistic. I loved the way so many cases were handled & how easily other interpretations could come of the results. Good could be bad or maybe not. Connelly really knows how to walk the gray lines & made this quite a unique mystery thriller. I'm definitely looking forward to continuing his books. Next up is Harry Bosch #5, Trunk Music [...]

    Richard Derus
    Rating: 3.5 very pleased stars of fiveConnelly's Harry Bosch series will either make you want to read this book, or run from it. I liked the Harry Bosch mysteries well enough, but I really respond more to Jack McEvoy, Denver journalist and crusader for the rights of victims of crime.This is the first appearance by McEvoy. He's hot on the trail of a cop-killer, one whose talent for murder makes him able to turn a crime scene into a suicide scene. Jack's brother, a homicide cop, is deadd naturally [...]

    Cathy DuPont
    “For her passivity in these horizontal moments was diametrically opposed to her demeanor in our vertical moments.” Quote from Jack McEvoy from The Poet.Sentences like that just capture my heart. It could be easily said to be trite or ordinary, maybe, but sometimes I like ordinary, at times, anyway. And I always, always love Michael Connelly’s writing. He’s the best contemporary writer today, in my opinion.The Narrows was next on my list, and it was Tay, Anthony or Tiftoboy…one of them [...]

    Becky C. Hennessy
    This is a reasonably well-written book and, in places, a true page-turner with a solid premise. That said, ultimately I couldn't get past the book's weaknesses. For one, it's simply implausible that the victims -- homicide detectives, no less -- could be rendered helpless by such innocuous substances as cough syrup (seriously?) combined with hypnosis (of all things)? I had a problem with this, as I did with key character McEvoy's unrealistic involvement with the FBI investigation.Was anyone else [...]

    There were things I liked about this book, and on the other hand, there were things I didn't care for. And on top of that, this felt so dated with the technology. That is always a risk that doesn't seem to payoff in the long run. I'll settle for 3 stars, even though in some ways, that seems extremely generous.First, I like Michael Connelly. He is my third most read author. His Harry Bosch series is one of my favorites. I also like the way his stories are always in constant motion, and they are n [...]

    Maruf Hossain
    এডগার অ্যালান পো। স্বল্পায়ু অথচ বহুপ্রজ এই লেখকের লেখার অন্যতম এক অনুষঙ্গ ছিল মানব-মনের অন্ধকারতম দিক। মানুষের মৃত্যুভয়, আতঙ্ক, আত্মবিধ্বংসী প্রবণতা, চরম অসহায়ত্ব—এসব নিয়ে এমন সব পিলে চমক [...]

    Una novela policíaca que se desarrolla a un ritmo bastante lento y en la que no puede faltar la sorpresa final o “plot twist” típico del género (lo ves venir, aunque no llegues a adivinarlo sabes que está ahí). Me creía muy lista y el autor me ha engañado como a una china. El final sorprende pero todavía no tengo claro si leeré el segundo libro de la serie de Jack McEvoy.

    While there are lots to like in this story, there are a few issues that leave this listener unfulfilled. The main protagonist is whiny, weak and dense at times. Overall, a solid if not completely satisfying novel. 7 of 10 stars

    It's been a long time since I've read a straight-up police procedural style thriller and I've missed it. I love the fast paced style, the clues, trying to figure things out along with the characters, seeing inside the system, all of it. I don't know why I don't read more of these, but I think this book has just reminded me how much I enjoy them, and why I should read more of them. I really, really enjoyed this one. I can't give it a full 5 star rating, because I had just a few issues with it, bu [...]

    2.5-stars perhaps. Alternatively exciting and absurd, full of outrageous plot holes, with a protagonist who seems lost much of the time.I really struggled with this book, and almost put it down for good several times. - However, I was told that it is important for my next Harry Bosch The NarrowsAnd to be fair, about half of the book is superbly paced, but with the unsympathetic protagonist dragged along. The extremely repulsive villain, and again the subject of (view spoiler)[the abuse, mutilati [...]

    I wanted to love this book. I really did. Mr. Connelly is considered as one of the biggest crime fiction writers out there and after a thorough research I decided to start with this one. I still remember the start,'Death is my beat'. It gripped me but the hold loosened up and I decided that maybe crime fiction is not my cup of tea or any kind of thriller for that matter. I took up 'Casino Royale' before finishing this book and Lo! the writing, the prose, the compactness,the solidity was much bet [...]

    Newspaper Reporter Jack McEvoy is having a hard time coping with the suicide of his twin brother, Detective Sean McEvoy. Sean was found in his police vehicle, dead from a gunshot wound. A short note was scrawled on the windshield. Jack tries to deal with the situations by writing his brother's story. But research into police suicides leads Jack to believe that his brother may have been murdered. Jack begins to see a pattern between a series of homicide detective deaths. They were all working on [...]

    Muy buen libro policíaco. Empieza lento pero con una trama absorbente. Asimismo, me resultó bastante pesado. No se me hizo insoportable, sin embargo la combinación de la lentitud con esa densidad fue decisivo para ponerle 3 estrellas. No obstante, como ven, la novela tiene mis 4 estrellas. Sinceramente pocos libros de misterio me lograron sorprender. Éste lo hizo. Por eso mismo se lleva las 4. Cuando se creía que ya estaba todo zanjado, Michael Connelly sacó un as bajo su manga que me dej [...]

    Rex Fuller
    Outstanding. This may be the best Connelly book of all. It is the best that I have read, even though the beginning (first 10% or so) was slow and repetitive. McEvoy is not as strong of a personality as either Bosch or Haller. But the book overall is stronger than the Bosch and Haller books I've read.

    Gerard Oconnell
    Enjoyed this book very much. hard to put down. I will be reading more books from this writer very soon. Thanks to Cameron for picking this book.

    Vicky Ziliaskopoulou
    "Ο Ποιητής" είναι το πρώτο βιβλίο του Connelly που διαβάζω, ή τουλάχιστον έτσι νομίζω. Κάνοντας μια γρήγορη περίληψη: ο Τζακ (δημοσιογράφος που ασχολείται με το αστυνομικό ρεπορτάζ και συγκεκριμένα με τις ανθρωποκτονίες και τους θανάτους πολιτών) ενημερώνεται ότι ο δίδυμος αδε [...]

    Toni Osborne
    Book #1 in the Jack McEvoy seriesNot surprising Mr. Connelly is a bestselling author. “The Poet” is an intense and captivating mystery of a reporter’s single-minded pursuit of the serial killer who murdered his twin. This was his first departure from his crime novels featuring Harry Bosch, we all came to know very well. This novel was published in 1996 and won the Anthony Award and the Dilys Award the following year. Why did I take so long to read it? (Too many books on my TBR list).The st [...]

    Cameron Wiggins
    This is an excellent novel by Connelly and a welcome departure from his Harry Bosch character. I am a firm believer of not posting spoilers in a review and I will holdfast to this belief for the sake of future readers. However, I am simply amazed at how skillfully Connelly combines detailed characterization with a progressively forwarding plot structure. And, Connelly continues to cover all of the bases.Jack McEvoy, reporter for the Rocky Mountain News in Denver, is our main protagonist (?) in t [...]

    Absolutely wonderful crime/mystery/suspense/thriller. (I think it belongs in all four categories.)Jack McEvoy, a Denver-based reporter, sets out to find what happened with his brother, Sean, who apparently has killed himself. This sets Jack on a mission/reporting job which starts in Colorado and takes him to Baltimore, Maryland; Quantico, VA; Hollywood, California and other locations. He's literally here, there and everywhere and running into local authorities, FBI agents and many other characte [...]

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