[PDF] Unlimited ☆ Doctor Who: The Official Cookbook : by Joanna Farrow

  • Title: Doctor Who: The Official Cookbook
  • Author: Joanna Farrow
  • ISBN: 9780062455628
  • Page: 316
  • Format: Hardcover

  • [PDF] Unlimited ☆ Doctor Who: The Official Cookbook : by Joanna Farrow - Doctor Who: The Official Cookbook, Doctor Who The Official Cookbook Have your Doctor Who and eat it too with this out of this world cookbook featuring fun imaginative recipes for the whole family based on the wildly popular BBC series Doctor Who The perfect addition
    Joanna Farrow
    Joanna Farrow trained as a home economist and has worked as a freelance writer for several food magazines including BBC Good Food Magazine Joanna has written a diverse range of cookery books, from 30 Minute Vegetarian to Simply Cadbury s Chocolate and also styles food for book, magazine and advertising photography


    This book is so wasted on me Not only because I don t cook, but also because Nine and Ten are the only Doctors I care about Some of these recipes are so complicated, I had to facepalm while flipping quickly past them Others are simple, and sound SO fun The Dalek salad, though Disturbing on EVERY level.Seriously, this is so cute and I kind of love it and want to own it For display purposes, not because I m actually going to make anything Because heh No.

    Not to be confused with The Doctor Who Cookbook by Gary Downie which was a collection of recipes by actual actors, writers and production crew of Doctor Who my favorite being the recipe for Lalla Wards Extra Terrestrial Terrine , this is a collection of fun little arts and crafts in the kitchen type recipes You can make sandwiches that look like Cybermen, a Dalek Cupcake Army, a Pizza Cassandra or even a Zygon Pie There are even templates in the back of the book to help guide you through the des [...]

    Bonnye Reed
    An interesting addition to my cookbook collection

    Chris Davis
    I received this as a birthday present and immediately bought it as a Christmas present for friends.Some of the recipes are are super simple and fun, others are like an episode of Doctor Who you get to the end of reading it and think, yeah, that s not gonna happen Most of these require cooking knowledge and serious time investment.

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    This is a great cookbook for any whovian The recipe are fun and themed across all the doctors They all look delicious and the full photo glossy pages are great There are templates in the back for some of the intricate projects as well My only criticism, is that it s not meant for any baker or cook You should have some cooking skills to use this books I would say intermediate level at least Also, like so many cookbooks, if you don t live in a city, some of the ingredients can be hard to find Tha [...]

    Meh Beautiful photos, artfully staged, but that s to be expected from the author, who is a self described food writer and stylist in the UK Most of the recipes required two pages of instructions and quite a bit of experience Thoughts of caterers came to mind as I read along this is a great reference for pros who want to wow clients requesting Doctor Who themed cakes, treats, and snacks For rank and file fans, however, this book isn t as perfectly approachable as promised by Joanna Farrow s intro [...]

    Starting the New Year off with a belated Christmas gift I don t know who loves it myself or my niblings I really cannot wait to dirty my hands in flour making things like Zygon pie pg 50 or Jelly Babies pg 112 My nephew really wants me to make a Christmas Snowman pg 88 , he says it ll be scary delicious These recipes are really creative and fun The layout and format of the book is great, it flows without being confusing or scattered The photography is lovely as are the screenshots from various [...]

    FantasticThere are so many fun recipes in this book Any doctor who lover, whovian, or friend of a fan will love all of the different ideas.

    This was very cute to look through but we didn t feel like we wanted to actually make any of them either too complicated contrived or not something we would ever actually would want to eat Eggs stir mix bake , however, is worth remembering.

    Andy Hickman
    DOCTOR WHO THE OFFICIAL COOKBOOK by Joanna Farrow.Cool, glossy paged, colourful geek out concoction of food ideas revolving around Doctor Who There s even the whole set of Doctors in the form of little iced biscuits p6 Extermi Cake p6 Food has component parts flavours are rather like primary colours You know, you blend two to achieve a third, and so on 1st Doctor p8 Box falls out of the sky, man falls out of the box, man eats fish custard 11th Doctor p26 Time And Relative Dimensions In Cake p84

    Kathy (Kindle-aholic)
    Fun recipes that the kids and I are trying.

    Very cute, but some of the recipes are very involved to recreate Great for the die hard DW fans

    • [PDF] Unlimited ☆ Doctor Who: The Official Cookbook : by Joanna Farrow
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    Doctor Who: The Official Cookbook