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  • Title: Green Chic: Saving the Earth in Style
  • Author: Christie Matheson
  • ISBN: 9781402210822
  • Page: 199
  • Format: Paperback

  • Matheson slyly steers us toward consumer goods and services that minimize our earth stomping human footprint She s brave enough to say buy less of everything, and even the politically fraught buy nothing Matheson s genius is to make this seem not only doable, but fun Elizabeth Royte, author of Garbage Land and Bottlemania Want to go green without giving up great Matheson slyly steers us toward consumer goods and services that minimize our earth stomping human footprint She s brave enough to say buy less of everything, and even the politically fraught buy nothing Matheson s genius is to make this seem not only doable, but fun Elizabeth Royte, author of Garbage Land and Bottlemania Want to go green without giving up great style Welcome to the world of Green Chic Choosing to be green makes a real difference in the fight against global warming But did you know that it s also hip, classic and stylish Offering up dozens of author tested, earth friendly ideas, writer Christie Matheson reveals that being chic and saving the planet aren t mutually exclusive Embrace the fabulousness of green living and you can Look gorgeous Have a killer wardrobe Feel amazing Travel in style Create a home that s an oasis Host fun parties Eat incredible food and drink phenomenal wine All while feeling connected to your friends, family and nature And did we mention that green women don t get fat Printed on recycled paper, with a portion of its proceeds going to a green cause, Green Chic is the perfect book for style savvy readers with a green heart Can living a chic green lifestyle TRULY make a difference to the planet You bet your organic cotton sheets it can Buying into the Green Chic movement doesn t mean you need to buy stuff.Avoid products that purport to be green just for the marketing effect organic processed foods huge, gas guzzling hybrid SUVs clothes boasting that they re green just because they re made from natural cotton Claiming to be green is trendy and companies out there are taking advantage Don t believe all the hype 10 GREEN CHIC AND EASY WAYS TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE Ditch bottled water refill a sassy thermos Pop little purchases in your purse, not a shopping bag Sip biodynamic wine Choose cashmere, not acrylic Let your hair air dry for a while before you blow dry less frizz, less energy consumed Unplug and put away unsightly cell phone chargers Opt for quality over quantity in everything you buy Cut down on clutter Limit your consumption of anything packaged in plastic Support local designers BUT REMEMBER Don t go out and replace everything you own, from your makeup to your wardrobe to your furniture, with theoretically ecofriendly products Being ecofriendly means consuming less, not Get in the habit of thinking before you buy The best time to purchase ecofriendly goods is when you need them That s when you re in a position to make a choice and express yourself as a green consumer Being Green isn t a fad it s timelessly chic.
    Christie Matheson
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    I thought this book was good for the beginner to green-living, but I thought Gorgeously Green was much better. GG was like a life-transforming book or a college course in eco-living, and Green Chic didn't make you feel quite as involved. Although it wasn't as thorough, there were a few things in it that GG didn't have that were helpful:p. 11-CFL suggestions for rooms-I liked this b/c I've made some mistakes in lighting and have dim bathrooms and too bright bedroomsp.45-keeping the fridge full wi [...]

    Lauren Roland
    I recently moved into my second-ever apartment. Unlike my first apartment, where utilities were a lump sum per month, this apartment I actually have to pay each individual utility bill. Now, I love saving money: couponing and thrifting are two of my favorite activities. In a neat twist, I picked up this book at my local secondhand bookstore, 2nd & Charles. (If there’s one near you, you absolutely need to check it out.) I want to do whatever it takes to save money, but I also have another r [...]

    Victoria Klein
    Despite all of the progress the environmental movement has made, being both chic and sustainable is still often seen as a frivolous combination. Apparently, growing your own food and wearing stylish, eco-friendly fashions are two separate worlds that we shouldn’t combine.Not anymore!Impressively experienced writer Christie Matheson just released her 5th book titled Green Chic: Saving The Earth In Style with Illinois-based Sourcebooks publishing company. Even with the ridiculous influx of eco-l [...]

    I thought this book was okay. Some things I didn't feel like she went very in-depth with. She just sort of mentioned there was a greener option, but since she wasn't going to take that option herself she was only going to inform you about the one she chose was right for her. The two examples that stuck out the most for me were deodorant and feminine hygiene products. She talked about how she tried two (only two) natural deodorants that "just didn't work for her" and gave up. She didn't mention h [...]

    Jake Rideout
    This is a really cool book. It's a girl's guide to easing yourself into a green lifestyle without giving up your hotness factor. One of the first things she says is, "Don't go out and change everything at once. When you run out of a product, replace it with something more environmentally friendly," or something to that effect. I think that, a lot of times, people are intimidated by the prospect of completely changing the way they do everything, so they don't change anything. Christie says that i [...]

    This book was great for a long car ride and a lazy day at the beach. Especially because I could look up every 3 pages and announce to my travel companions some new earth-shattering fact that should immediately change the way we live our lives. I was sometimes irritated by the author's 'Seventeen Magazine' tone, but she really did get in to some great issues on chemical awareness. That's why it's on my Scenic Art bookshelf, by the way- she gets into the basics of things that Rossol and McCann can [...]

    Fun and easy to read. Lots of factoids on how one green action saves XX number of trees, or reduces your carbon footprint by XX tons, etc. I like that the book is made accessible to readers who might not necessarily think that "going green" is easy or chic. The book explains all different aspects of being green in your home, and in the consumer purchases we make. It's all about the baby steps and the book is not at all preachy.

    cute. Think this may be better for someone who is new to "green". Reading a book that tells me to say no to a plastic bag when buying a tube of lipstick isn't exactly earth shattering. But then I think of other women I know and yeah, that'd be a start for them. I'm bummed by the author's stance on menstrual products. Fine if she decides any kind of cup / keeper system isn't for her, but I wish she'd not been so negative about it. good resources for links.

    This book is not revolutionary, but it does have a bunch of solidly researched information. Not super preachy, but definitely great ideas for how to integrate greener practices in the home, shopping, etc.The narrative voice is a bit vapid and annoying at times, but I found it a very quick read (three metro rides?). I will definitely use some of her ideas, but as she herself admits, nobody can be perfect.

    This book is for anyone who wants to try to do things a little greener. Written in a friendly girlfriend type tone it was and extremely and informative read. There is information about everything we do wrong and how to do things right to be green. I think everyone should read this book and try to take some steps to a greener life.

    Great, easy, fun read which introduces you to small changes you can make in your life to "go green" (without living in a house made out of recycled bottles, as I think the author puts it). There are points where I disagree with her, but her writing is honest, fun, well-researched, and there are tons of great links to where you can get green products!

    this was cute, pretty entertaining. not a super informative book if you're eco-aware as it is, but it was an easy read and a great resource. for example, the CFL lighting guide tells you what wattage/voltage gives you the kind of light you might want in each room. i photocopied this before returning the book to my friend. the index in the back is also very helpful.

    As I began planning my eco chic wedding this was the perfect complement. Matheson gives great real life suggestions on how to reduce our footprint. She gives permission to continue to live while being green.This is a great read for a novice or expect green gal.

    The main theme of this book is "buy less" which is a lesson that I really need to learn. It's a thin book that shares the basics of being green and gives lots of practical advice on changes, products, etc. There are also lots of websites listed to look at for more info./products.

    This book not only told you some great ways to be more environmentally conscience, but it also to you the reasoning behind the methods. I like that she offered more that one alternative and had lots and lots of product suggestions and how to get them. The links have been most helpful so far :)

    An easy and informative read. I'm a pretty "green" person and consider myself well informed on the subject but I learned a few things from this book. Definitely worth reading if you are concerned about the environment or the chemicals found in products you use everyday.

    I've read plenty of books on going green and although I didn't learn much more in this book, I'm glad I checked it out from the library. Christie does a nice job of keeping it light and reiterating less is more and to not throw everything away right away to switch to greener alternatives.

    This book was fun to read. A lot of stuff we all already know with perhaps a bit too many company plugs but tons of fun helpful tips to motivate change from small starts to big modifications. Very enjoyable!

    This book didn't do much for me. I did not like the generalized facts with no citations. (typical science nerd right??) All the numbers (co2 lbs) she used overstimulated me a little bit. It was an easy read though and a good intro into green practices and improving our carbon imprint.

    This book delivers what it promises: realistic ways to promote a greener, more eco-friendly lifestyle for the everyday person who isn't ready to live in the extremes (yet). A quick and easy read, though definitely geared toward female readers.

    I was initially a little turned off by the tone of the book, but it had some good ideas. The information was clearly presented and easy to digest. It would be a good introduction for someone just beginning to "green" their lifestyle.

    Learned so much from this book. This book shows you how to directly apply things to YOUR own lifestyle to help the environment. Being green isn't the hippie image anymoreIt's a responsibility we all have and it can be done tastefully!

    Robin Klein
    good ideas,easy to implement

    The beginning is pretty common sense for anyone interested in living a more green lifestyle.

    Nice ways that I can be green and save money at the same time!


    Great advice, thoroughly researched, lots of references provided, and she's really funny!

    another quick read, a very good debriefing on how to live greener and why. I love this book and was thinking about buying a bunch and passing them out to my friends.

    It's ok not my favourite book. It has good tips but I find it a bit "airhead" for me. On bonus for this book, it has good websites if you want to buy things that are "green". Soo

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