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  • Title: Sands of Time
  • Author: Christine Church
  • ISBN: 9781518815232
  • Page: 154
  • Format: Paperback

  • Mysteries uncovered from tombs Secrets dug up from the grave The truth about vampires has been unearthed These are the journals of an ageless woman, a hybrid half human, half Pet Mer, Sky Gods in ancient Egypt A blood drinker from the ancients Their story is scarce told, but Kesi s is all too clear She appears a delusive goddess, wanting than anything a faMysteries uncovered from tombs Secrets dug up from the grave The truth about vampires has been unearthed These are the journals of an ageless woman, a hybrid half human, half Pet Mer, Sky Gods in ancient Egypt A blood drinker from the ancients Their story is scarce told, but Kesi s is all too clear She appears a delusive goddess, wanting than anything a family Unable to bear children, and after the death of her husband, she travels the world searching for a way to share her bloodline creating children, later known as Vampyre She offers aid to those who need her But her deep desire to have kin of her own blood is not met, until she comes across a Chinese alchemist named Yin another of her race Hope for a life with him is banished, however, by his dark desires to destroy all the world s hybrid offspring, to find a cure for the blood drinking aberrations created by those of his and Kesi s kind Taking what she needs and leaving behind chaos, Kesi runs, always searching Her everlasting quest takes her through history, from one continent to the next from her home in Egypt, to China, Rome, Scotland, and finally France But she is never able to outrun Yin, and eventually she must face her enemy and the darkness within herself in order to have that which she truly desires Read her story, learn the truth behind the myth of what humans call the vampire, read about Kesi s unique take on her species and those they create, and discover the mayhem and bloodshed caused by a man determined to put an end to vampires forever.
    Christine Church
    Christine began writing at the age of nine, penning and illustrating picture books, taping them together, and even creating a publishing company In school, she could be found sitting in the back of the class, writing short stories she aced English and literature By 1992 she was professionally published in both nonfiction and short stories In 1998 her book was traditionally published, which led to many book deals nonfiction.Her novellas, Sands of Time Fate of the True Vampires and The Early Scrolls of the same series are a fresh look at an old genre Sands of Time won the 2016 Next Generation Indie Book Awards The Early Scrolls won the 2017 Indie Book Awards Beyond Every Mirror has won two 5 Star seals through Reader s Favorite Blood Moon Diary of a Highland Massacre is out now.


    For such a small (approximately 80 pages) book, it packed a huge punch. I am so glad the author stayed away from the typical vampire reads often heard. You know the ones, I am talking about. The ones filled with horror and gore? You will find none of the gore here. Church's "Sands if Times: Fate of the True Vampires," tells of a tale where the vampire's origins extend from a god like status of a race called the Pet Mer. Once the Pet Mer and a human mated a hybrid was created. For example the her [...]

    This is an interesting and very different take on a vampire novel! It is written from journal entries from the main character, Kesi. Kesi is half Pet Mer (sky god) and half human. When her family needs to leave earth, she decides to stay with her human husband. The journal entries take us on a journey over a very long period of time and goes through Kesi trying to make a family to finding Yin (another vampire trying to find the cure). Yin is torturing people to try and find a cure for what he co [...]

    Pamela Scott
    I loved Sands of Time. I loved the way this short novel is structured, consisting of various journal entries, scrolls and letters found scattered across the globe, each one originating from different eras and centuries. This created a nice touch. I really enjoyed the way the story unfolds and how Kesi reveals her heritage and the origins of her people and half breed’s commonly referred to as vampyres. Kesi has a really good narrative voice and tells the story well. I look forward to reading th [...]

    What an extraordinary and well written novella. It was as if Kesi herself was right next to me relating her story. I was quickly pulled in and hung on to every word and I traveled from ancient Egypt to Rome and Scotland and so many other destinations. This is truly not a typical vampiric read and I wish I could give it more than five stars. I can't wait for the release of the second book and I applaud this author's ingenuity.#savethevampires

    Beth Tolhurst
    The format of the first person historical fiction was fun to read. I was unsure if I was going to get into the characters, but I did. 100%. Can't wait for book 2.

    Left me wanting more. This book is fresh and original. There's enough common with other vampires to satisfy other vampire fiction lovers, yet with a fresh perspective. Refreshingly good read.

    Jocelyn Sanchez
    First thought about this book? It's a unique novella that's filled with mystery. I adored how the book is written as journal entries that the main character writes over a course of a thousand years, and is later found by archaeologists and translated. It's very interesting, to say the least. It's odd, but the entries are written so well and have such a clear voice it feels as if Kesi, the main character who wrote these entries, is a real person. I felt connected to her character from the first p [...]

    The premise behind Sands of Time is that ancient scrolls and journals were discovered, dating as far back as the times of Ancient Egypt, and originated from one source. This is Kesi's story, pieced together by different scholars.Prior to her marriage to Jabari, Kesi decides that it is imperative to confess her true nature and her lineage. With a father not of this world and a human mother, Kesi is one of the ageless race that survives on drinking human blood. As her quest for a family takes Kesi [...]

    Kristin Ravelle
    4.2 StarsSands of Time gives a very unique take on vampire origins from Egyptian times where the author uses ancient myths to create the historical origin of the Pet-Mer (Sky Friends).Centuries pass through the written journal entries by Kesi, a blood drinker, hybrid Pet-Mer. These bring the reader through many countries and experiences.Kesi is a very thoughtful and considerate Pet-Mer who doesn’t kill her food source. She is intent on having ‘children’ or reproducing her kind. I found her [...]

    Carol Keen
    The Pet Mer (Sky Friends) came to Earth, and they were not human. They have found a way to continue their lives, but it's not exactly home. Here their needs are different. For a time the ancient Egyptians respected and honored them. As time passed, things changed. This journal contains the entries that transcend long time periods, and belong to a half Pet Mer, half human named Kesi. Through the periodic entries we learn about Kesi, her people, what she is, and her deepest desire. It is one many [...]

    Lupine Smile
    I received a free autographed copy of this book through a a giveaway.I was very excited to win a copy of this book since the description was very enticing. The book is very short and consists of "found" documents that have been translated through the years, then collated into this work. Ultimately, this concept did not come together very well. There was never enough time for the stories to coalesce before the book moved on to the next selection. I feel that this led to a missed opportunity by t [...]

    Fiona Tate
    This book grabbed my attention from the start. The premise is that ancient writings are discovered from various parts of the world and these writings tell the story of an ancient Vampire. It is obvious from the start that the author has done her research which adds an element of truth to the book. She is also very good at creating the "what happened next?' suspense. Without giving too much away, the book follows part of the long life of Kesi, and her travels around the world.I found the characte [...]

    I won a signed copy of Christine Church's book Sands of Time: Fate of the True Vampires in a giveaway. It is the first book of what will be a series and mixes vampire lore with ancient Egyptian "aliens" myth. The story is told through the perspective of Kesi a half Sky People/Blood Drinker-half Human immortal women who chose to remain on earth with her human husband rather than return to the sky with her father's people. After her husband's death she must exist through the ages in a world now h [...]

    Merissa (Archaeolibrarian)
    Sands of Time is a collection of journal entries, pieced together by archaeologists as the bits of paper, papyrus and hemp are found. Although this collection of entries has been placed in date order, there are gaps missing, to be filled at a later date when the entries have been found. They all tell the tale of Kesi, a daughter of an original Pet Mer. This is a brilliant little novella, showing great potential and left wide open for more stories yet to come! We see how Kesi adapts to her new li [...]

    Ann Andrews
    I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. If you peruse my 2015 Reading List on my website, you'll see a lot of paranormal titles. It's a fun genre to write in - I totally get it. But what I really love is when an author takes a normal and everyday genre and transforms it into their own vision. Sands of Time take the paranormal genre and turns it into a form of historical fiction, which I absolutely loved. What I would like to see more of is people researching these f [...]

    I have enjoyed reading the Sands of Time and not at all put off by the abrupt ending, or the realisation that the answers continue in a Book Two and Three. The value of having to learn about someone whose life extends to thousands of years, is in the acceptance of a Book Two and Three, or more. Nicely written, and interestingly presented with just the right amount of information, it never gets boring. Not bad going considering there is only so much a Vampire can do, and when done so well before, [...]

    Syndi Day
    i was the lucky winner of a copy of this novel through a win. it is an excellent tale told in a very unusual way. it is written through pages of a diary that are found by different archeologists through excavations. it is rich in detail about life in ancient times. it includes maps which were very helpful in following the passage of the characters during their journey through historical times. the end of the story leaves you wanting more, and i can't wait to read the rest of the tale. syndi

    Susan Csoke

    Melissa ownsbey
    very uniquefilled with so much myster and I like the form it was written incant wait for book 2 to come backI enjoyed itthank you for letting me read and review

    Graham Downs
    A completely original (to me, anyway) take on the origins of vampires.I really enjoyed this book. It tells the story of the Pet Mer, a race of blood drinkers from another planet, that settled in Egypt in ancient times. The structure reminded me a bit of Bram Stoker's Dracula, in that it's told by way of a journal. But it's also quite different from that book, in the sense that this journal isn't complete. Each entry is discovered and translated by modern-day archaeologists, working in different [...]

    Interesting and different take on vampires and how they came about. I enjoyed the reading of the discovered writings and following Kesi through her life. Sad she could not bear children through normal means as she had a true love many years back. The experiments were sad. Much loss is endured in this telling of her tale.Voluntary review of ARC.

    Loved how the author has this book set up like dairy entries. I think that it gives it more dramatic feel to POV from Kesi. I already have book #2 ready to go in my kindle but I saw where book 1 has a new edition. I will have to go see what that one is all about.

    Interesting ReadThis book gives a new view on vampires. Interesting with a quite depth that will keep you wanting more. I voluntarily agreed to review this book, and was given a free copy to do so.

    2.5It's surely quite particular. Almost a collection of short stories with the same main character and set during different ages. It's a union between history, fiction and myth, everything linked by an unusual escamotage: the author simulates the publication of ancient scripts translated from an enigmatic language into English.The ideas regarding the vampires are quite original, and the origins of this race are interesting to discover.Even though I enjoyed enough the reading, I think that the bo [...]

    Finally someone with Lord Akeldama's point of view! This intermittently follows the trials and tribulations of one of the original vampires of earth, and it is a fascinating read! It is rather short, but that's a lot better than some of those epic length tomes that really don't keep one's interest. The view is different, the characterizations are complex, and the reader's interest is held to the end and beyond.

    Tammy Downing
    I received this book for free from Giveaways. It is a very interesting book about vampires based on journal writings found around the world. Kesi is a member of the Pet Mer, a race of aliens who landed in Egypt in the time of the Pharaohs where they were deemed gods. Kesi travels the earth looking for another Pet Mer who is torturing the "children" of the Pet Mer.

    Sharyl Friend Pavlisko
    Utterly intriguing!I am an avid reader of Vampire Fiction, and I have to highly recommend this novel.I love how the journal/narrative style is written here.From Egypt to Scotland, the author has captured the places the main character journeys through explicitly!Download now and let THIS story take you for an utterly intriguing ride!

    Better than the original, with more content, maps and a bit more information. Can't wait for the next book, there are 3 chapters in the back of this book and the momentum just keeps getting better and more intense!

    Diana Magraner
    Sands of time.Very interesting! Totalled different from are book which speak of the vampires. It takes you to Kesi, her world and the impossible A woman of heart!

    Brenda Shields
    I received this from a Contest and I love love loved the story and can't wait to get my hands on the remaining novellas.

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