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Unlimited [Historical Fiction Book] ☆ იენი - by Sigrid Undset პაატა ჩხეიძე ↠

Unlimited [Historical Fiction Book] ☆ იენი - by Sigrid Undset პაატა ჩხეიძე ↠

  • Title: იენი
  • Author: Sigrid Undset პაატა ჩხეიძე
  • ISBN: 9789941458415
  • Page: 146
  • Format: Paperback

  • 1882 20 , 1928 , 1911 , 1882 20 , 1928 , 1911 , , , .
    Sigrid Undset პაატა ჩხეიძე
    Undset was born in Kalundborg, Denmark, but her family moved to Norway when she was two years old In 1924, she converted to Catholicism and became a lay Dominican She fled Norway in 1940 because of her opposition to Nazi Germany and the German occupation, but returned after the end of World War II in 1945.Sigrid Undset received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1928 Most of the praise was for her medieval novels including the trilogy about Kristin Lavransdatter This trilogy has been translated into than 80 languages and is among the world s most read novels.


    Alice Poon
    This is a heartbreaking story set in the distant past about a young Norwegian woman artist who is torn between her desire for self-development and her longing for true love. However, the values and principles behind the actions of the protagonist could well reflect the moral dilemma of many decent women of today with an educated mind. Is love or work more important?Born to an unwholesome family where fatherly love is lacking, Jenny has always had to fend for herself while growing up. Her greates [...]

    4,5 stars.Some classics are classics for a reason. That being said, I don't understand why this book isn't more famous, at least in Sweden (it may very well be more famous in Norway). Perhaps it's the fatalistic touch, the melodrama, and the female main character that pose a problem - because I had never heard of it before I found it a flea market 3 or so years ago. Undset is of course überknown in Scandinavia for Kristin Lavransdatter (which shares some traits with Jenny), and I read that one [...]

    The writing was beautiful but the ending was soooo predictable


    Sigrid Undset riesce ad entrare nella profondità dell'animo femminile con un linguaggio semplice e pacato. Tramite Jenny, il personaggio principale, fa un ritratto di donna in cui molte si possono rispecchiare anche nei giorni odierni. Il libro è stato scritto nel 1911 ma i problemi, le preoccupazioni e i pensieri che affliggono Jenny non hanno età e sono intrinseci dell'animo femminile più sensibile.Jenny, pittrice norvegese, ha quasi trent'anni ed è una donna indipendente, forte, brillant [...]

    Claire Larson
    This was a WILD book Very engaging. Don't be put-off by Undset's conservative religiosity, she could write one hell of a story, (or several).

    Marjorie Campbell
    Interesting first novel for one of my favorite authors. Takes dramatic, unexpected turns and character of Jenny blossoms, withers and won't spoil the ending.

    Nicki Markus
    Having previously enjoyed Kristin Lavransdatter, I was interested to check out some of Undset's other works. Happily, I liked this early work of hers just as much.This is an introspective and fairly bleak piece, but it paints an interesting picture of a woman in the early 20th century, trying to find her way through love and life. Jenny is a fascinating, if not entirely sympathetic, character and I quickly became immersed in her story. I love the descriptive prose and Undset really used her word [...]

    It is a bit slow and difficult to read in the beginning. Should probably mention that I read the original norwegian version, I would imagine the english translation to be a bit easier. Despite this, Jenny really is an excellent book once you get into it. The last hundred pages or so are unbelievably intense, and the ending is quite shocking and unexpected. Also, Undset put so many beautiful images, you can almost feel like you are there, in Rome in the 1900s. This book really touched me, and I t [...]

    The Nobel Prize laureate in literature of 1928, Norwegian writer Sigrid Undset, begins her novel Jenny with Helge Gram's long yearned for arrival in Rome. Lost in the maze of unknown streets, he asks two Northern looking young women for help. They are Jenny Winge and her friend Cesca Jahrman, two painters living in Rome. During the following weeks they and other friends pass much time together, above all Helge and Jenny. On her birthday in January Helge avows his love to Jenny and asks a kiss of [...]

    this book was first published in 1911. in 1928, undset won the nobel prize for literature. her earlier works, like jenny, trace the lives of young scandinavian women in a world that is still wrought with the responsibility for upholding traditional norms. jenny is about a starving artist, but not in the sense that the cliche brings to mind: she has a meager inheritance which she uses to survive. she is starving in the sense that she has yet to discover love. when she leaves her teaching position [...]

    Its extremely dissapointing that the description of this book on is one enormous spoiler. I've been reading this book off and on for years (old Norwegian is difficult even when Norsk is one's first language) and have gotten past that first night when Hege first met Jenny and the others. The way Undsett writes; its almost as if she is whispering the story in my ear, but as Jenny, not Hege. To some degree this description has robbed me of the intensity I expect to encounter in this book, conseque [...]

    Jeg vet ikke helt hva jeg skal syntes om denne boken. Den er forferdelig, og jeg ble gal av å lese den. Men å lese under tvang (særemne) er kanskje grunnen.Boken er jo skrevet vakkert, men de utallige sidene med beskrivelser av omgivelsene ble jeg litt gal av. Kanskje det var for å gjennomsyre at flere karakterer, inkludert hovedpersonen, er malere, men jeg kan ikke si jeg klarte å se for meg utsikten som ble beskrevet. Jeg ble bare utålmodig, for ting skjedde utrolig fort når jeg ikke vi [...]

    I read this novel in its original language (Norwegian) and 16 year old me growing up in Trondheim, loved it. True to its realist form Undset adds sudden incidents of devastation and pain to the already melancholy plot. I still remember six years later. This was one of the great "marriage" novels in lieu of Undset's naturalist literary cousin Amalie Skram, that paved my lifelong affair with the genre. Jenny is a budding artist in Rome. She meets and involves herself with men. Has a baby. The baby [...]

    Some books have personal expiration dates. So much of the story of Jenny is for people who are struggling through their "years of apprenticeship". There are many long passages where characters expound on the purpose of art, love, how to live, and the complexities of womanhood. What was particularly difficult to me was that after much assertion about how to be a woman and an artist, none of the women in the book are able to sustain such a life.Parts of the story were endearing, like the scenes be [...]

    This is a very sad story of a young woman artist who lost first her father, then a loving stepfather, too early in life and who has learned to put too high a value on independence. One of her best friends describes Jenny as generous, reliable, and always there for others, but with a strong tendency to withdraw when she herself needs help. She expresses doubt about whether it is possible to love someone and also to be dependent on them. I enjoyed reading it because it explores many of the ideas a [...]

    A- Excellent but devastatingly sad book. A young talented female artist is living in Italy, a wonderfully free life to focus on art, friendship, and fun. After a young man pursues her, she falls in love. However, love on vacation does not work out in real life. As her lover proves to be controlling, and familiar issues get in the way, she falls into a romance with a rather unusual choice. Love and heartbreak destroys her life, and this heartbreaking story is sad, gorgeously written, and will hau [...]

    Dark. Introspective. Jenny moves from Norway to Rome to get away from her family and to develop her painting and is part of a group of ex-patriots who lived a fee, artistic life that in 1921 a vast majority of citizens called immoral. She ultimately betrays her own ambitions and ideals when she has an affair with the father of her boyfriend, has a baby who is born frail and dies after a few weeks, and finally gives in to the first boyfriend. A compelling and honest story.

    Thea Sofie
    4,5 - stjerner. Litt treig til tider, men for meg funket det. Spennende å lese om kunstnerbohemen i Roma på 1900-tallet! Og en reservert, men sterk kvinnes kamp mellom kjærligheten (den destruktive kjærligheten) og kunstnerlivet (her er kunstnerlivet et symbol på FRIHETEN). Alle mennene hun innleder et forhold med - ønsker et eieforhold til henne, men det eneste Jenny ønsker er å være fri.

    Rose Collins
    Story of a young woman artist who falls in love with an older married man, actually the father of a friend. Because of this dilemma she and the story is somewhat depressing. Not near my favorites by Undset.

    As I have come to know Undset's style through her trilogy, this was easy reading. Again Sigrid deals with characters who are torn throughout by their strongly held beliefs and one does not read an Undset novel for fairytale endings.

    Åsmund Ådnøy
    Hah! Dette var gøy! Oneliner etter oneliner om livet og kjærligheten. Store følelser, melodrama, lange vidløftige monologer, fine miljøskildringer fra Italia og Oslo, en sammensatt hovedperson og dilemmaer som holder mål hundre år etter at boken ble skrevet.

    Steven Monrad
    A great author.Her medieval historical series are the best.This novel is about conflict in love, sex, morals among young Scandinavian artists in and out of Rome, probably from her own life in the very early 20th century.

    Reading JENNY has certainly intensified my respect for Undset as an author. This novel is of such a different quality than the historical fiction she is known for that I can only remark at how different her writing style had become by the time she had written KRISTEN and HESTVIKEN.

    This work amazes me immensely.

    Alexandra Crocodile
    I donj't loke Sigrid Undset's books at all, and this is no exception. No one creates such unsympathetic MCs liek Undset. Ugh.

    Hanna Rudakouskaya
    Actually I'm not sure it's the greatest book I've ever read. It made me sad and nothing more. Very tragic. The only beautiful thing is atmosphere of Rome in the beginning.

    Huff og huff. Dette var lesesirkelbok og jeg liker virkelig ikke denne tupe gamle bøker om underkuede kvinneskikkelser. Hørte på lydbok og kjedet meg forferdelig

    without a doubt, so far, my favorite Undset novel

    This is one of Undset's earlier novels and is a little clumsy in its execution -- at least in its ending. I still really liked it, but I'd recommend some of her more famous novels more.

    • Unlimited [Historical Fiction Book] ☆ იენი - by Sigrid Undset პაატა ჩხეიძე ↠
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