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  • Title: The Original Alibi
  • Author: David Bishop
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  • Page: 467
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  • This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B008MOP6MIEleven years ago General Whittaker, long retired, former member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, bought an alibi for his grandson who had been arrested for the murder of his fianc e, Ileana Corrigan, and the general s unborn great grandson The charges were soon dropped and the grandson released General Whittaker is nowThis is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B008MOP6MIEleven years ago General Whittaker, long retired, former member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, bought an alibi for his grandson who had been arrested for the murder of his fianc e, Ileana Corrigan, and the general s unborn great grandson The charges were soon dropped and the grandson released General Whittaker is now dying and he can no longer restrain his doubts The question that has haunted him all these years must be answered Did his money save his innocent grandson or cheat justice The general hires Matt Kile to thaw this cold case The solution of the crime is complicated by the passage of years and an excess of suspects, including the general s grandson, the general s promiscuous adult daughter, and even the general himself All had means, motive, and opportunity The Original Alibi is a big story told on a small stage, intimately portrayed primarily among the members of the Whittaker family and those who serve them Of the secrets and strategies that fester inside an outwardly functional and famous family Matt Kile is a former homicide detective, and pardoned ex con who, like several real life former cops, has gone on to achieve success as a writer of mystery fiction Matt s efforts are aided by a colorful cast of Damon Runyonesque characters Chief among them is Axel, Matt s former cellmate whose parole, after than thirty years in prison, had been advanced by Matt s promise of a job He is also helped by Hillie, a young inexperienced streetwalker Axel takes under his wing Then there s Bruno Grunsky, a former mob wheelman, and retired spinster Clara Birnbaum who makes pies in return for Axel s favors This mixed bag of characters add flavoring to the story, while each, in their own way, help Matt Kile determine the guilt or innocence of General Whittaker s grandson.
    David Bishop
    Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread for information I was born in Washington, D.C From there my life likely mirrored that of a lot of my readers We moved around I got some education Played some sports, and got some education Prior to becoming a novelist, I worked as a financial analyst determining the value of companies But let s talk about my current and final career, writing mystery novels As a writer, I conjure up occurrences designed to quickly bring the story to a roiling boil Along the way, I invent people Victims and villains and heroes are needed, as well as a supporting cast I make these people fun and interesting so you will welcome them and introduce them to your friends Primary characters need habits and tics and talents, the qualities that bring them to life and make you love them or hate them You ll want to see them humiliated or hunted down, be sucessful or seduced My mysteries offer you the opportunity to be challenged to find the villain from among the suspects Clues as large as a log or as tiny as a bump thereon are salted throughout the stories There are distractions in the form of false clues, called red herrings, which point to someone other than the real villain Take a journey with me Laugh Hold your breath Cheer Boo The characters are rich and the plots are grabbers I promise that you ll be glad you came along Some people don t like golf or chocolate or even a hearty laugh But I ll bet you like some of those things and I ll bet you ll like my mysteries Yours very truly, David Bishop


    The author admires earlier detective fiction and he seems to admire the status of detective fiction writer as well (the main character claims to be one when he isn’t all busy solving mysteries as he does here). However, this novel is rife with clichés. I like a good simile or a well turned metaphor as much as the next guy, but they should be supporting a particular tone at that moment in the piece they are inserted, not tossed in willy nilly. I get the homage to great detectives of the past a [...]

    Sharon Michael
    Probably more of a 3 1/2 star but not quite as good for me personally as some of the author's other books have been. Very solid mystery, good characterization, professional writing style, just a touch more male-dominated than I prefer.Definitely an entertaining read that held my attention and someone with a preference for a more Spillane style storyline and character would be likely to enjoy this a great deal.

    Alicia Huxtable
    FantasticDavid Bishop had me hook, line and sinker from page 1. He had me believing every scenario that Matt Kile came up with right up to the face slapping truth. As with every other book written by Bishop, that I have read, the characters, the plot, everything just works so well

    Matt Kile is a throwback to tough-guy detectives of the 40s and 50s. His brother, Daryl, was a pretty good pitcher for the Astros. His other brother, Daryl, was a bum. But I digress with silly details.The book is humorous and entertaining. A whodunit that wraps together in the study, much like Ellery Queen, though Mike did not call the meeting. The only nag I have is the old-school fistfight didn't seem too realistic. I'm not sure guys could ever fight for 10 minutes, much less modern guys. The [...]

    A Squad of Suspects and Many Surprise TwistsMatt Kile is everything you want in a private eye. He wants to make things right, but doesn’t mind a little fun and games along the way. Between the ladies, the drinking, some fights, and a mind boggling mystery, he leads on a twisted path to find the truth. The story telling is good, the pace rarely drags, and the characters are colorful and are given enough depth by Mr. Bishop to make them interesting.

    IntriguingIntriguing storyline. Skipped to the end due to the level of language, but the end was a good wrap for the way it began.

    Eleven years ago, General Whittaker, now retired from the Joint Chiefs of Staff, bought an alibi to keep his grandson, Eddie, out of jail after being charged with the murder of Eddie’s pregnant fiancee. No one else was ever charged in the case. Now, as he nears the end of his life and is thinking about his legacy and his estate, he wants to know if Eddie actually committed the crime. He hires former police officer Matt Kile, currently an ex-con and an author, to investigate the original crime [...]

    Melissa Candrasaputra
    It is a great, old-style mystery, which I really like. The contradicting issues and tangled motives which keep unraveling as the story progresses keep me turning the pages. Matt Kile and Axel's characters are really likeable - the way you'd love Poirot and Hastings in Agatha Christie's novels, if not more! A minor downside is that I find Eddie's character unbelievable. Even though the writer has intended him to be a character whom everyone dislike, he is so unbelievable that I can't even dislike [...]

    Matt Kile, former policeman, current private investigator, is hired by the General to find out who killed his grandson Eddie's fiancee 11 years before. The grandson was briefly arrested and then released. The General wants to know for closure, since he believes Eddie was innocent, but was never fully convinced. Kile, now mostly a mystery writer, takes the case because he likes the General, among other reasons. Kile served 4 years for killing a man before he was pardoned, so he has some former pr [...]

    Harold Kasselman
    Matt Kile is a fascinating protagonist. He is a self-published author, former cop, and a part-time P.I. I saw a bit of Sam Spade(Maltese Falcon) in Kile's relationship with the general's daughter.Th writing is humorous and the supporting cast of Kile's P.I. work are equally interesting.Kile and his pals are all ex-cons. But you will likely accept Kile's reason for incarceration as good triumphing pver evil. The story is interesting and uncomplicated. A cold murder case that springs up again 11 y [...]

    I did not enjoy this book. The written style was in poor taste, as was the chauvinist attitude of the main character. I think it is a chauvinist mans book for chauvinist men. He degrades the Generals Daughter by making her so overly promiscuous -especially around her aging father-, and always talking about her cleavage nearly every time she appears in the story (or how he wanted to try his theory to see if she has been swimming in the pool or ocean). Hillie didn't have to be a runaway streetwalk [...]

    Martha Francescato
    It all started when I read Who Murdered Garson Talmadge and fell in love with Matt Kile. Then, I went on to The Third Coincidence and The Blackmail Club. It was goodbye Matt, welcome Jack McCall. I was hoping Matt would forgive me. He did, but he reappeared in my life again in The Original Alibi. I now remember why I had fallen for him the first time. He still talks directly to me, and I respond.The Original Alibi is yet another wonderful book by David Bishop, in the style of Agatha Christie. On [...]

    Donna Wagner
    Very Interesting mystery!It's been ages since I've read a hard boiled private investigator novel. Loved, Matt Kile. Smart, sexy and a lot of fun to follow his investigation. Tons of other characters, some with more to hide than others.The General is a very cool dying old guy. His grandson isn't exactly a lovely person. And there is a lot of money to be divided by several people within the household and family circle. So the games begin. Old and new murders are part of the proceedings. Whodunit i [...]

    Sooner and MoreIn the second standalone book in the Matt Kile series, Matt has hired his recently paroled prison cellmate, who is adjusting to living as a free man after spending most of his life behind bars. After book one's events, Matt plans to stick to writing. Then he gets an invitation from the General to meet and is offered a job looking into an eleven year old cold case, the murder of the General's unborn great grandchild. Matt will be paid well when the person who committed the crime is [...]

    Miss Connie
    Enjoying this seriesMatt Kile Mysteries. The second, The Original Alibi is really better than the first, I think because like any series, you already have a connection with the main characters and the characters start to evolve. Like the bit of humor and yet the skills that are used to solve each murder. Just bought the rest of the series so I can read them all and get up to date. I think David Bishop is a gerat author and have read one other book, The Woman, that got me started reading this aut [...]

    Liz Keegans
    I think I'm going to like Matt Kile; former cop turned private investigator and author! Matt's got a lot going on, too much for the first installment in a new series but I can't wait to find out more about him. This first book was an interesting premise: a retired General who hires Matt to find out what really happened to an old solved murder in which his grandson was a primary suspect. NO spoilers here but the story is full of interesting characters, plot twists and family surprises. All in all [...]

    It wasn't great wasn't bad. Once I started I wanted to finish, only because I had invested myself. It never pulled at me to never put it down but I was interested, enough. Never really identified w/ the main character, Matt Kile, almost from the beginning even though I really did try. It has a great story idea but the characters all seem to fall way short. Maybe it was just me's worth trying but just remember I told you so. Rated PG-13 for me:Some/a little of eachBad languageSexual contentViolen [...]

    While I enjoyed the mystery, the chauvinist attitude of the main character turned me off the book as a whole. This book is clearly written by a man for an audience of men. I almost gave up and stopped reading after, "when the cleavage at the front desk brought me my coffee" (that may not be an exact quote but it is pretty darn close). There are plenty of good mystery books out there that do not degrade women so I will not be reading any more by this author even though the mystery itself was inte [...]

    I'm torn a bit because I liked the old school style of this but at the same time was bugged by it. The mystery was fun to try and figure out and it reminded me a bit of watching an old Noir movie. What I didn't like was that the chararacters were a bit over the top and unbelievable, although not all that unlike what you'd see in Film Noir. Similar to the Noir style, people confess their sins at the drop of a hatwhereas in real life and/or today, no one ever talks like thate ending also very "Old [...]

    I really enjoy a murder mystery and I think this one had potential to be great but I was soooo disappointed with the end. I liked Matt. He was very thorough and likable. He has really quirky friends that I wish were more involved. I liked the old guy and his need to learn the full truth. The "daughter" was just slutty enough. I was betting on her. The grandson also seemed good for the murder. I was anxious to read how it happened and then it just seemed so rushed and swept away. I wanted more bu [...]

    Marco Morissette
    I read David Bishop Jack Mcall book and really loved it so I just give a try to the Matt Kyle series and honestly I really like this first one! The family plot was not my favorite but hey everything could happen in this wonderful world. The characters were good and Matt friends surprised me! So I will look forward for the next one since the I know more about Mr. Kyle. Thanks to the author for sharing his talent with us!

    Gina Basham
    I enjoyed this book very much. I haven't read the prior book of a Matt Kile mystery but will definitely look for it now. An old fashioned mystery book. Some of the language was old school and colorful. I had various theories throughout the book as to who done it and was wrong each time. Fun mystery, well written. I would recommend this book. You want to keep reading to see if you can figure out who done it before he tells you.

    Matt Kile is another PI in a delightful murder mystery. I enjoyed the characters, the humor and the plot. The ending seemed to be the kind that an author comes up with when he has reached the number of pages he is asked to write and needs to find an ending. However, the book was entertaining and I found it to be an engrossing read. I suspect I'll read more of Mr. Bishop's Matt Kile books.

    Matt Kile is a former homicide detective, and pardoned ex-con who writes mystery fiction.A General Whitaker hires Kile to solve an eleven year old murder case - the killing of who was to be his future grand-daughter-in-law.But I was annoyed by the homage to the detectives writers of the past who I love to read and write better.

    J. Ewbank
    This book by Bishop is obviously one of a series, but this is the only one I have read. It is an excellent mystery which covers the work by Matt Kile. The characters are well sketched out and the plot is not one that you will uncover for yourself early on. Enjoy, I did.J. Robert Ewbank author "John Wesley, Natural Man, and the Isms" and "Wesley's Wars"

    While I liked the style of writing, there was a lot that was just a bit too unbelievable such as the way Matt Kile "guessed" things about the witnesses he questioned in the years-old murder of Ileana Corrigan. The ending was over the top as well. I was like "What!? What kind of fool ending is that?!" How can you trust this character?

    Darlene Franklin
    This is an excellent hard-boiled detective story, updated for the 21st century, with a complex hero. Which is both its strength and its weakness. I don't want a hero who believes in sex without meaning (it was handled cleanly) or justice without benefit of court. I had no idea of the murderer until the very end, so the mystery was good. To another reader, it might be exactly right.

    Kathi Defranc
    Wonderful mystery,characters are so explained that you feel like you know them all personally. The story is about an ex-cop,now PI and writer,and his latest case. The ending is awesome,not the usual bad guy arrested,but is true to all people involved! Love to read more from this author,really enjoy his writing and thinking very much.

    A Giggle Out Loud, Keep You Guessing BookA Giggle Out Loud, Keep You Guessing BookI love a book that keeps me guessing, but also makes me giggle or laugh out loud, and this book does all of that. This was my first from this author and now I search for another.

    Pure entertainmentI found the book entertaining and great details explained on the characters. The story got had a lull after the initial characters introduced and explained, then picked up speed again with a nice twist at the end.

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