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  • Title: The Secret of the Old Mill
  • Author: Franklin W. Dixon William G. Tapply
  • ISBN: 9781557091468
  • Page: 354
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Counterfeit money is in circulation, and the limit is reached when Mrs Hardy takes some from a stranger Then the Hardy boys and their high school chums are warned to stay away from the old mill Their curiosity plunges them into peril of the most unexpected kind.
    Franklin W. Dixon William G. Tapply
    Franklin W Dixon is the pen name used by a variety of different authors Leslie McFarlane, a Canadian author, being the first who wrote The Hardy Boys novels for the Stratemeyer Syndicate now owned by Simon Schuster This pseudonym was also used for the Ted Scott Flying Stories series.


    Michael Finocchiaro
    The Secret of the Od Mill is a pivotal Hardy Boys mystery where we are introduced to their friend (and my son's favourite of the friends of the Hardys) Tony Prito and his boat the Napoli - but more importantly, it is the episode when they receive the infamous Sleuth as a gift from their father Fenton. This boat plays a large part in this story (and in many, many more!) of how the boys break up a counterfeit ring. With a mix of brio and brilliance, the boys take us breathlessly from clue to clue [...]

    John Yelverton
    The Hardy Boys try and figure out a mystery that they cannot gain access to. Not as good as Nancy Drew, but still a good read.

    St[♥]r Pr!nc:$$ N[♥]wsheen pictures, pictures, pictures ||| ♥ Zin Uru ♥ ||||
    I must say I had a very different childhood from everyone else in the neighbourhood or even in the crappy school i went to. Cos, while all the other girls played with dolls and dreamed of an early marriage, I used to spend endless hours reading Hardy Boys mysteries. My dad was the one (as usual) who introduced me to these two fearless American brothers when I was 7 or 8. The Clue of the Screeching Owl (Hardy Boys who else) was the first real book that was presented to me at a special family even [...]

    The Hardy Boys may have been the first reading experience where a fellow school friend turned me on to it. So, this was last year. Kidding!But really, I remember going to my friend's house who was a couple of doors away from me, and he had the whole collection of Hardy Boys. Most of it were old, and I gather he got them used or his parents just hand them their copies which they saved for some reason.Nevertheless as a small teenie bopper, I went to many used bookstores and picked up the Hardy Boy [...]

    I once read an article about how the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys series were written. Unsurprisingly, given the sheer number of books in each series, they weren't all written by one person -- "Carolyn Keene" and "Franklin W. Dixon" were pseudonyms for a variety of authors. They'd start off with an outline that was given to them and then fill in the rest of the story themselves. Well, whoever wrote this one didn't take any pains to stick to the two books in the series that preceded it. He completel [...]

    Wow, this was possibly the most boring Hardy Boys book I've read thus far. It had some exciting moments but other than small highlights it dragged. This one is nothing compared to the previous book, "The Tower Treasure", which had more mystery and more suspense. A real drag.

    Did not realize how cheesy the Hardy Boys book were until I listened to them on audiobook as an adult.

    Jack Goshorn
    Great book for kids that want to read mystery stories.Or if they want to be in the police,FBI,or even coast guard.

    Apparently, this is the only Hardy Boys book I still have.And it seems to me, reading the book now, that The Secret of the Wooden Lady and the Nancy Drew books are very much an attempt to make a cookie cutter copy of these books any change the main characters to females.This book, rather than featuring tough, adventurous, but still delicate females as the main characters features excessively violent, adventurous, and slightly mean boys as the main characters. They make fun of their best friend f [...]

    A return to my childhood. I reread this (for the first time since I was a kid) for a book challenge I'm doing. It was still entertaining and I enjoyed visiting with friends I hadn't seen in a long time. I liked reading about the characters back in the 60's when life was simpler and kids were more respectful and people were more trusting. Fun read.

    Yes, the Hardy Boys books are corny by today's standards of popular literature, but I imagine in 90 years "The Hunger Games" will be viewed as "old" and "lame." Enjoy your depressing dystopian novels, while I read stories where a detective survives a large warehouse explosion and goes home to be served a glass of lemonade by his son.

    Jonathan Asif
    If there were ten stars I would give it 10 stars. My favorite part in this book was when they heard people talking in the mill. I liked when these people ran up towards the Hardy Boys and the Hardy Boys ran the other way.

    My niece-in-law gave us this book as a thank you for her birthday card and cash. So far, I find it hard to believe that no one suspects the counterfeiters just might be up to their shenanigans in the old mill!! The suspense is killing me! (she types, as her blue eyes sparkle)

    There have to be better mysteries for kids than the two I've read.

    Gary Butler
    45th book read in 2014.Number 178 out of 388 on my all time book list.Follow the link below to see my video review:youtube/watch?v=YTVf7

    Really enjoyed reading this out loud to my boys! The 1962 edition had some nice vocabulary, with only a little outdated.

    There's a reason for this series' continued appeal: It's timeless fun.

    Jenna Jakubowski
    I love the hardy boy series and this book is really good. I hope lots of people like this book.

    Nice plot hold you till the end!

    Sawyer Ludwig
    The book The Secret of the Old Mill by Franklin W. Dixon is an interesting book. It’s based on two brothers who are named Frank and Joe Hardy. They’re known as the Hardy boys The Hardy boys find out about mysteries and then they go find out what they are about, after all that is done they write books about it. Later on, the main theme of the book, what's good about the book, and how others might feel about the book will be discussed. The better parts of the book are in the middle to the end. [...]

    Abu Abbas
    The book I read is "Hardy Boys: The Secret of the Old Mill", by Franklin W. Dixon. Personally I liked this book because although it is a level 3 book, it still had a decent amount of suspense, so I think the author did a pretty decent job there. The Hardy Brothers, Joe and Frank Hardy, are detectives. Warnings are given to their father, Fenton Hardy, to drop the case he is currently working on. More and more warnings and threats follow. Joe and Frank are investigating a case on counterfeit dolla [...]

    Rex Libris
    The Hardy's get involved in not one, but two cases. Someone wants to blow up a missile plant on the outskirts of town while someone else is passing off counterfeit bills in town.All of these activities seem to be centered around an old restored mill.Read the book to find out what happens.Finally, in this the third book in the series, the action and concussion count heats up! Both Joe and Frank get knocked out!This book: 2The series: 2

    John Windsor
    I think this is the first book I ever read that wasn't a picture book. I include in my list of "Read" books, only to mark the beginning of my fascination with gripping stories and cliffhangers and such. Frank Dixon started churning these out in the late 1920s and the writing is *very* dated; they're almost painful to read now, as far as prose goes. But for a young kid, they definitely got me hooked!

    Anna Cleary
    I love mystery so i love the Nancy Drew series and i just recently started reading Hardy Boys but i like them a lot. Both series are almost the same except there are different characters and they have different attitudes. I would definitely recommend this book especially if your into mystery!

    I've read only a few Hardy Boys books, but I've really enjoyed each of them. These stories for younger readers are still a delight for me, with their good old-fashioned mystery feel and wholesome adventurousness.

    Ethan Hulbert
    Another classic Hardy Boys mystery. Who would ever think that Fenton's mystery and the boys' mystery would connect? What a twist.

    This book was very intriguing. As soon as I picked up the book I couldn't set it down. If you love mystery and suspense read his book!


    my favorite thing about this book was them figuring out how the water wheel was a warning system.

    Cole Miller
    The Hardy Boys and the Secret Of The Old Mill by Franklin W. Dixon is a story about two crime fighting brothers who have to find stolen treasure. The brothers are Joe and Frank Hardy who have a dad who owns his own detective agency and is secretly apart of a secret organization. This secret organization is called The network. Frank and joe are also apart of the network working as secret agents.I think this book is ok. Its filled with a fun adventure but it lacks details and suspense.

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