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  • Title: Erlösung im Feuer
  • Author: AndrewGrey Anne Kimar
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 151
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Buch 1 in der Serie im Feuer Dirk Krause ist ein Mistkerl wie er im Buche steht Er macht sich selbst das Leben zur H lle und jeden in seiner Umgebung ungl cklich Als er w hrend eines Brandeinsatzes verletzt wird, ist er sogar zum Krankenhauspersonal unausstehlich, und nat rlich ist er niemanden aus seiner Einheit wichtig genug, um ihn zu besuchen Lee Stockton ist dasBuch 1 in der Serie im Feuer Dirk Krause ist ein Mistkerl wie er im Buche steht Er macht sich selbst das Leben zur H lle und jeden in seiner Umgebung ungl cklich Als er w hrend eines Brandeinsatzes verletzt wird, ist er sogar zum Krankenhauspersonal unausstehlich, und nat rlich ist er niemanden aus seiner Einheit wichtig genug, um ihn zu besuchen Lee Stockton ist das neueste Mitglied auf der Feuerwache, das den undankbaren Job aufgebrummt bekommt, Dirk einen Blumenstrau von den Jungs vorbeizubringen Zu Dirks berraschung durchschaut Lee ihn sofort und l sst sich nicht vergraulen Lee ist fest entschlossen, Dirk zu helfen, diese Arschloch Attit de aufzugeben und nicht alle von sich zu sto en Als ihre Streitereien schlie lich im Bett enden, stellt sich die Frage, ob dieses Feuerwerk ber einer m glichen Beziehung erstrahlt oder am Ende nur Asche zur ckbleibt.
    AndrewGrey Anne Kimar
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    I liked the chemistry between Lee and Dirk and would have liked the story to have been a little longer to explore more as the ending seemed kinda abrupt. Unfortunately, I am only giving this 3 stars because other aspects of the book, the other firefighters and the father lowered the reading enjoyment of this book for me.

    Audible3,5 starsMy first Andrew Grey and my first Peter B. Brooke, and I found the two fit together pretty well. It was an easy and quick read, and I enjoyed the development of the relationship between Lee and Dirk.What I can't understand, and what was difficult for me to believe, is the fact that NOBODY from Dirk's team-mates(except Lee, who was a new in the station!) visited him in the hospital where he stayed for a while because of being seriously injured while saving a baby from a burning ho [...]

    Simple, uncomplicated self-acceptance story.These kinds of stories aren't my favorite, probably because I have other issues to work through, but it's easy and enjoyable in an unrealistic way. Looking for a gentle lovers' story, then this is it with a side of hot guys. 2.5 stars rounding up because I like mentoring, which is what Lee did for Dirk.

    Can't even finish this. Even if the guy is a total douche bag, a firefighter was injured on the job. People are there waiting to make sure they wake up and help with recovery. There would have been flowers and other firefighters, wives, all sorts of support. Yes even to assholes because next time the person who barely or doesn't make it out could be you or your spouse. Then Lee comes in and he's a bigger prick then Dirk is supposed to be even though our only proof of this is no visitors, which i [...]

    Serena Yates
    Starting with the cover, which is about as gorgeous as it is hot, this book pulled me in. Of course, as soon as I started reading, the cover and everything else were quickly forgotten, as my fascination with the characters took over. As common as closeted men may be, they are not easy to write, and Andrew Grey did a great job at capturing these guys’ essence in the story. What they go through is not easy, and it takes them a while to figure out what is really important. For me, that made the b [...]

    Cole Riann
    Stalled at 39%I'm not sure if this is DNF for me or not, but I just can't into this book because I don't understand the characters at all. Especially Lee. He keeps spouting off all these platitudes about how real men are ones who are brave enough to come out, yet he really doesn't know anything about Dirk. On their first visit he layed into him for nothing, calling him an asshole. Yeah, if I were Dirk I'd be plenty pissed off that none of the firemen he worked with came to visit him. So what if [...]

    Enjoyed this enough while I was reading it, but it's not really something that I can see myself wanting to revisit or reread again. I think my main problem was the narrator/narrative voice - just didn't connect much with him or the flow of his voice. That said, firemen = yay, and the love interest, Lee, was a sweetheart.

    Victorialove books
    Overall book rating 3.5 Stars Audio book: Narrator - Peter B Brooke Cover rating: 4.5 StarsThis was a sweet nice mellow read. Hot gay firefighters

    Hot fire-fighter times two.Brad is so deep in the closet that he's a real jerk to everyone. Thankfully, Lee sees through the assholish façade and tries to connect with him.Too bad the story was so short, it lacked depth and character development.

    3,5* for the story upgrade to 4* because I would like to see more of the guys.

    This is my first by Mr. Grey, so this is virgin territory for me. I won't be a stranger to his works after reading this. This was a fun, light read, just what I needed after the past few weeks of personal problems. I quickly got attached to Lee and Dirk. I really wanted the book to be longer, there was so much left to explore, but hey, I still loved it. Dirk's a d-bag fire fighter who is hurt rescuing a child. Lee is a newbie that comes to visit Dirk in the hospital when Lee draws the short stra [...]

    I did like this but there were a few things that annoyed me off the bat. 1) I don't know any firefighters personally but the impression I get is that they are very supportive, and I have a hard time believing no one visited him in the hospital after he nearly died by rescuing a baby from a burning building, no matter how much of an ass he is.2) We didn't really get to see Dirk be a huge ass, we were just told so. And to be honest, if I'd been in the hospital a week and no one visited, I'd be in [...]

    Amarilli Settantatre
    da sognipensieriparoleBreve, troppo breve. Questa è l’unica critica che mi sento di muovere a questo romantico (ma non zuccheroso) romanzo di Andrew Grey, un autore capace di esprimere l’amore attraverso i gesti e i dettagli, più ancora che attraverso le parole o trame mozzafiato.Direi che Grey ricerca la passione e il legame non nell’insolito, ma nel quotidiano. Perché amore quasi sempre vuol dire casa. Anche alla caserma dei pompieri di Carlisle. Dirk, il pompiere veterano, è antipat [...]

    Mathilda Grace
    Sorry, aber das kann Andrew Grey eindeutig besser.Die Ansätze der Geschichte sind klasse, das wäre wunderbarer Stoff für ein langes Buch gewesen, stattdessen quetscht er die Geschichte von Dirk und Lee auf nicht mal 70 Seiten runter und das merkt man beim Lesen leider auch.Es gibt kaum Zeit, die beiden Jungs erst mal näher kennenzulernen, man erfährt nur wenig über sie und das Wenige dann auch eher im Nebensatz. Alles rast nur so durch, aber im Bett landen sie dann förmlich von jetzt auf [...]

    Tami (synchro from BL)
    The start of the love story was kind of abrupt: MC lies in hospital after rescuing a baby in a fire, other MC is sent to bring over flowers with greetings from the team because nobody likes the guy. Because he is a mean a**hole. But the young, new guy calls him immediately on it. And that's it. Then they start a friendship and start making out. Throw in some dramatic rescue and life and death situation, coming out to the other firemen and there you are. The characters remain shallow and chliched [...]

    this was ok. loved Lee. Dirk was an ass. he meets Lee and *bam* he's seen the light and his whole attitude changes. it was a little too fast of a transformation. i understand the author tried to make dirk seem like an ass b/c he was in the closet and the lesson was "if you can't be true to yourself then you will be miserable" however, it seemed like dirk was just miserable to everyone around him*mini spoiler* not sure if this is an ongoing series, its HFN. if this is the only story then leaving [...]

    I'm a huge fan of Andrew Gray.Although I love this story, I would have liked it more if it didn't feel inconclusive. I would've preferred if the story finished with Dirk coming out of the closet for good, telling his father and co-workers.This is one of those stories that I have the feeling the reader must do his/her own ending.

    2.5 StarsSo this one didn't really work for me. Dirk Krause was an asshole but no one showing up to the hospital?!? Uh, no. Way. Lee Stockton was alright but too preachy at times. I liked both of them well enough and God knows I love me some smokin' firefighters but, overall, this book left me feeling meh. Bottom line: I wish I liked it more.

    This was an interesting introduction to Dirk and Lee's relationship. We got to know a lot more about Dirk than we did about Lee. I hope that in the next book we can find out a bit more about Lee. I also can't wait to find out what happens when Dirk's father finds out he's gay.

    That's an end? Really? . Nope, sadly it's a to be continued. If I'd known I would have saved my money.

    4.5 stars. Loved Dirk and Lee together they were hotThis book was about them working out their relationship Wished it would have been longer:-)The cover is just beautiful!!

    Sandi ♥'s way too many M/M books
    Sweet story

    I bumped this from 1 ⭐️ to 2 ⭐️ just because I finished it. But it has serious problems imho.1. The author tells us Dirk is an ass but he didn’t act like one from what I could see. Sure, he wasn’t this warm friendly guy but he didn’t really act like an asshole either. tbh I felt like his fellow firefighters were much bigger assholes and babies for not checking in and visiting him at the hospital after he almost died on the job.2. Lee, the new guy, goes to see him and starts off by [...]

    Andrew Grey is an author, who's books usually don't work for me.I am reading his books again and again because very often I really like the blurb of his stories, but then the book just isn't right for me. Unfortunately that's exactly what happened here. Although with 2 hunky firefighters the story was not as boring as some other of his books, I didn't really connect with those guys and at the end I didn't really care, that they found their HEA. The whole story didn't make a lot of sense, it felt [...]

    I actually quite liked this story about Dirk, a closeted firefighter, and Lee, firefighter at the same station. They first meet in the hospital, after Dirk has been injured trying to save a baby. No one else wants to come visit him since he's always been a huge jerk to the others, so Lee, the rookie, gets sent in. Luckily, Lee see something in Dirk that is worth working for. I just wish the story had been a bit longer to get a better feel for the couple.

    Career firefighter, tough guy and resident asshole, Dirk Krause, has a big chip on his shoulder, one of his own making, an attitude that has driven everyone around the firehouse crazy. When Dirk is injured on the job while saving a baby from a burning building, his disposition while recuperating in the hospital continues to further alienate his comrades and potential new friends, his only visitor being his father until the new recruit at the station draws the short straw and arrives at the hospi [...]

    Lou~❧Powerless Over 1-Click❧
    3.5 Stars

    Recensione presente sul sito reginlaradiosa :“Credevo che i cristiani dovessero amare il prossimo.”“Quelli veri lo fanno,” gli disse Lee con dolcezza. “Conoscevo una donna del mio quartiere quando ero piccolo. Andava a messa ogni domenica, era la persona più devota che conoscessi. Dopo aver detto ai miei che ero gay, mi trasferii a casa sua perché non riuscivo più a sopportare di sentirmi gridare contro. All’inizio pensai che anche lei mi avrebbe trattato come i miei genitori ma l [...]

    Francesca the Fierce (Under the Covers Book Blog)
    This review was posted at Under the CoversThis was totally an impulse buy. I saw a review for the last book in this series on a blog that I love and follow and being the stickler I am for reading in order, I rushed and bought book one. Loved that it was a short story because I was feeling some m/m withdrawals in between all my "required" review reading so this hit the spot.However, writing a short story I think has to be hard and as a reader it's difficult to connect on all levels with the story [...]

    Barb ~rede-2-read~
    Dirk Krause wakes up in a hospital without a clear memory of how he got there. All he knows is that his lungs are on fire and it’s difficult to breathe and to talk. Slowly, he recalls having been involved in rescuing a child from a burning building in his job as a firefighter, but he’s still clueless about how he got out. As time goes by, it’s evident that the guys he works with aren’t going to show up to visit him, probably because Dirk never won any popularity contests, and at times he [...]

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