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  • Title: South Village
  • Author: Rob Hart
  • ISBN: 9781943818174
  • Page: 157
  • Format: Paperback

  • Ash McKenna used to be an amateur P.I emphasis on amateur Despite good intentions, he made a mess of his life in New York, so tried to build a new one in Portland But after a traumatic turn of events, he ends up on a commune in the Georgia woods, binge drinking cheap whiskey and waiting for his passport to flee the country and nightmares that have followed him.Then aAsh McKenna used to be an amateur P.I emphasis on amateur Despite good intentions, he made a mess of his life in New York, so tried to build a new one in Portland But after a traumatic turn of events, he ends up on a commune in the Georgia woods, binge drinking cheap whiskey and waiting for his passport to flee the country and nightmares that have followed him.Then a man is found dead Known only as Crusty Pete , the commune dweller is sprawled in the dirt, having fallen from a high rope bridge It s written off as an accident, but Ash suspects something sinister As he looks into Pete s death, Ash is shocked to find the supposedly peaceful community houses a rogue faction preparing to commit an unspeakable act of violence.Ash has to make a choice run, or put his skills to use and try to stop them But he doesn t know who to trust, or where the faction is planning to strike As he struggles to put a stop to the violence, while keeping his own demons at bay, Ash finds that it s only a matter of time before one or the other puts him down for good.
    Rob Hart
    Rob Hart is the author of NEW YORKED, nominated for an Anthony Award for Best First Novel, as well as CITY OF ROSE, SOUTH VILLAGE, and available July 2017, THE WOMAN FROM PRAGUE He s also the publisher at MysteriousPress and the class director at LitReactor.Previously, he has been a political reporter, the communications director for a politician, and a commissioner for the city of New York.Rob s short stories have appeared in Shotgun Honey, Crime Factory, All Due Respect, Thuglit, Needle, Kwik Krimes, Helix Literary Magazine, and Joyland He s received both a Derringer Award nomination and honorable mention in The Best American Mystery Stories 2015 Non fiction articles have been featured at LitReactor, Salon, The Daily Beast, Mulholland Books, Criminal Element, the Powell s bookstore blog, and Nailed.He lives in New York City.


    Benoit Lelièvre
    The correct term her would be "lukewarm." I was somewhat looking forward to SOUTH VILLAGE because the premise looked so intriguing and different from the previous novels in the series NEW YORKED and CITY OF ROSE. Aaaaand it just didn't do it for me. There is a lot to like about the latest Ash McKenna novel. The suspended reality setting of a hippie commune lost in Georgia is original and quite fitting with Ash's character arc. The mystery is also clever and while it takes its sweet time to deliv [...]

    Steph Post
    Rob Hart has done it again! With South Village, Hart has gone deep, really developing the character of Ash McKenna. From New Yorked to City of Rose to now South Village, Ash has shined as a complex, complicated and multi-faceted character and Hart has delivered as an author who embraces strange locales and even stranger stories. South Village has a new freshness, while still maintaining the edgy style we've come to expect and enjoy in the Ash McKenna series.

    Dan Fiore
    "How can the same shit happen to the same guy twice?"A brief (and somewhat paraphrased in the text) Die Hard reference made by Rob Hart's quasi-PI protagonist Ash McKenna in his third series installment South Village, this quip's same-story-different-setting implication in fact couldn't be any more antithetical to the actual reading experience of these books. Whereas the Die Hard franchise flattened sequel-by-sequel into one-dimensional self-parody, Hart manages even after three outings to keep [...]

    This third installment of the Ash McKenna series took me a bit longer to get into than the first two. NEW YORKED and CITY OF ROSE really opened with a bang and didn’t let up. In SOUTH VILLAGE, we find Ash living at a Georgia hippie commune working as a chef alongside Aesop. The hippie commune setting wasn’t as appealing to me as say, a vegan strip club in Portland. I was concerned there would be too many stereotypical peace-loving characters who rub cynical Ash the wrong way and it would get [...]

    Nik Korpon
    A great entry in the Ash McKenna series. Hart is at the top of his game in this novel, weaving together vivid characters with unusual settings and a churning mystery. He handles Ash's development beautifully, showing how a broken person with no small amount of self-loathing can finally begin pulling himself out of the emotional holes he's dug. It's great to see, because over the last few books, Ash has become something like a real person, someone you actually know. And he's a smartass with littl [...]

    Another great story!Ash is back again, this time in the middle of the woods as part of a commune run by his buddy Tibo. Hippies, eco-terrorists, and the FBI all contribute to making this intended getaway another exorcise in frustration for Ash as he tries to unravel another mess he inadvertently finds himself in. I was afraid that the change in locale from New York to the South would change the dynamic but it surprisingly works very well. Just goes to show you what a great character Ash is no ma [...]

    Rory Costello
    Good entertainment. This series benefits a lot from the varied settings in which Rob Hart places his central figure, Ash McKenna. The backdrop here -- a hippie commune in rural Georgia -- is very effective. The atmosphere and the residents are neatly etched. You really feel, physically, like you're there. I also enjoyed the basic plot and the puzzle elements that went along with it. Then, at the core you have Ash and all his foibles. He can be an incredible jerk, but he knows it, and fundamental [...]

    Oh mans. I get so little reading time anymore that even if a book is good, it takes me forever to get through it. But somehow, every time I get my hands on one of Hart’s books, I tear through it in am impressively short time.South Village was no exception. I finished it in record time, just as I had with its two predecessors, New Yorked and City of Rose.It’s incredible to me that every time we run into Ash McKenna, he is both the same guy we know and love, and an entirely different person. N [...]

    Eliot Parker
    Really good! I love the setting of the story: a hippie commune in Louisiana!

    Leah Rhyne
    South Village is the third book in Rob Hart's fun and entertaining Ash McKenna series, and in my mind, it's the most interesting one yet. Forgoing his past tendency toward ultra-violence but keeping his ear for sharp and focused dialog, Hart takes us on a (this is at the risk of sounding pretentious, so sorry!) far more cerebral journey than in New Yorked and City of Rose.For Ash McKenna has now killed a mand that fact is threatening to kill him. Leaving two worlds behind now (the slashed/burned [...]

    The latest in the Ash McKenna series finds Ash in the last place you'd expect - a hippie commune. What I really love about the series is how Ash grows and develops, and actually sees consequences of the previous books in his new setting. Hart really nailed the hard realities of addiction and answering to oneself for violence left in one's path. Ash is more real than he's ever been on the page - and he was a wonderfully rendered character in New Yorked and City of Rose. It was great to explore a [...]

    With Rob Hart's third Ash McKenna novel, SOUTH VILLAGE continues to deal with the repercussions of Ash's questionable life decisions. Ash is dealing with the mental effects of the violence he has dealt to others, as well as the physical effects of his addictions. As dark as these topics are, SOUTH VILLAGE is leavened with themes of hope and healing. A must read for readers that can appreciate their protagonists who grow and change from book to book.

    The best Ash book yet, which is saying a lot. Well-paced, great/unique setting and featuring some memorable characters. Hart builds on the strong NEW YORKED and CITY OF ROSE to craft a must-read third installment that goes to another level. Really enjoyed this one.

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    • ✓ South Village || » PDF Read by ↠ Rob Hart
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