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  • Title: Ready to Fall
  • Author: Marcella Pixley
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 223
  • Format: Hardcover

  • When Max Friedman s mother dies of cancer, instead of facing his loss, Max imagines that her tumor has taken up residence in his head It s a terrible tenant isolating him from family, distracting him in school, and taunting him mercilessly about his manhood With the tumor in charge, Max implodes, slipping farther and farther away from reality Max is sent to the artsy,When Max Friedman s mother dies of cancer, instead of facing his loss, Max imagines that her tumor has taken up residence in his head It s a terrible tenant isolating him from family, distracting him in school, and taunting him mercilessly about his manhood With the tumor in charge, Max implodes, slipping farther and farther away from reality Max is sent to the artsy, off beat Baldwin School to regain his footing He joins a group of theater misfits in a steam punk production of Hamlet and slowly becomes friends with Fish, a girl with pink hair and a troubled past, and The Monk, an edgy upperclassman who refuses to let go of the things he loves For a while, Max almost feels happy But his tumor is always lurking in the wings until one night it knocks him down and Max is forced to face the truth, not just about the tumor, but about how important it is to let go of the past.
    Marcella Pixley
    Marcella Pixley Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Ready to Fall book, this is one of the most wanted Marcella Pixley author readers around the world.


    Nikki (Book Allure)
    I received an Advanced Reader's Copy in exchange for an honest review.When you’re done, bury me next to her so I don’t have to be aloneIt took me a while before writing this review because admittedly I didn’t know how to write it. Ready to Fall is a narrative that deals with grief in a way I have never seen before. There is something about the writing that makes the emotion feel so raw. There were times I had to put down the book and call it a day because I couldn’t handle reading it due [...]

    Suze Lavender
    Max's mother has lost her battle with cancer. Max doesn't know how to deal with life without his mom and imagines her tumor has taken residence inside his head. This makes it impossible for him to concentrate. The tumor is mean and is constantly taunting him. Living with this secret makes it difficult for Max to trust his family and friends and he distances himself from everyone around him. Max's father doesn't know what's going on with his son, but he acknowledges something has to be done to ge [...]

    I've wanted to try Marcella Pixley's books for a while now. Therefore, when the opportunity arose to read and review Ready to Fall, her latest addition to YA contemporary, I instantly said yes. I loved the title, I loved the cover, and the premise sounded intriguing albeit heartbreaking. The Result? Ready to Fall is amazing - one of my favorite YA contemporaries of the year. It's gorgeously written, captivating, and poignant. I'll be up front: Ready to Fall is not an easy read by any means. It's [...]

    Max starts his sophomore year after his mother died of cancer in the summer, filling his sketchbook with drawings of corpses and eyeballs.  He slowly flunks out of honors classes, completely disengaged from just about everything. What he’s engaged with instead is a conversation with the tumor in his own head which he believes switched residence from his mom’s brain to his own.  This commentary, though, has humor, which makes it seem that Max may recover.  But then he switches schools to a [...]

    This book was one of my favorites of 2017. Ending the year on a high note!I felt connected (if only vaguely) to almost all of Max's circumstances.I'm a Christian who has celebrated Jewish holidays with my best friend (who is Messianic Jewish) almost all my life. It's a huge part of my life.I've been immersed in the arts since as long as I can remember (especially drawing, writing, and theater). They are a part of who I am (I've thought of pursuing every one as a career). And I have known the tra [...]

    Deborah Maroulis
    I'm finished with Ready to Fall: I love the way Marcella Pixley executes such a complex range of emotions through the medium of survivor's guilt. The teacher in me LOVES that she makes classic literature relevant to the problems today's teens are facing. In fact, I really want to create a unit around this novel. The emotionally charged prose will will leave you haunted.

    Sam Kozbial
    This was another of my Can't-Wait Wednesday picks, and I when I looked back at the all the reasons for why I wanted to read this book, I have to admit, I would highlight all those things as "pros", because they are some of the elements I really liked, but there were additional things that made this a great reading experience for me as well.•Pro: The way Pixley handled Max's grief was so real, yet so odd. He exhibited all the common symptoms - withdrawal, weight loss, anger - but his grief also [...]

    Melissa Fleischman
    This is a fantastic read with a lot of HEART. Marcella Pixley is a talented writer who not only "gets" adolescents, but also understands grief, mental illness, and the sweetness of humanity. Even though I am a 41 year old woman, I felt like I could emotionally relate to the main character Max, who is a 16 year old boy - I think that this is because Marcella captures the inner workings of his mind so beautifully as he grapples with the death of his mother, insecurity, and the struggle to connect [...]

    Strong intense and slightly off-beat.

    This book was good. I liked that the main character is male because that only seems to happen these days in dual POV books, so that was refreshing. The beginning was heartbreaking and I genuinely felt Max's pain and I felt so sorry for him. I think what I most felt sorry for was that the adults in his life didn't get him help. It was very, very evident that he wasn't coping with his mother's death and instead of taking him to therapy, he transferred to another school. It worked out in this situa [...]

    This book was neither here nor there. I think the love I had for Max and his family evenly balanced the dislike I had for his special snowflake group of friends who got on my nerves to an extreme degree. That makes it a three.

    Esther Ehrlich
    This book's a beauty! Deeply moving, evocative, quirky, it captures the pain in life but especially the love. The characters are nuanced and were so easy for me to care about. And the writing? Gorgeous!

    Mary Clare
    Full review!When Max's mother dies in the summer before his Sophomore year of high school, Max becomes convinced that the tumor that killed her has taken up residence in his own brain and it is a terrible tenant. Trouble in his school leads him to switch to a local artsy private school while he struggles against his own mind, works his way through grief, makes new friends, and has to redefine his relationships with his remaining family members. Max is a really great character. He is well develop [...]

    A. Kuhlii
    Pros: strong writing, realistic portrayal of terminal illness and grief, complex and appealing family characters (grandmother, Max's parents), male character being vulnerable and trying to achieve emotional health.Cons: full of the absolute worst cliches of YA. A Manic Pixie Dream Girl, sporting pink hair, relentless cheer and whimsical physical movements, existing to share her pain, and a romantic relationship, with the protagonist. A Gary Stu protagonist rendered mute and catatonic by grief wh [...]

    Michael Miller
    Ready to Fall This touching novel follows the life of Max, its teenage protagonist, in the year after his mother's death from cancer. A compulsive type, Max convinces himself that his mother's cancer has migrated into his brain. The imagined tumor makes Max unable to function as a family member, friend, or student. When he enters a therapeutic private school, Max is introduced to a colorful cast of new friends and teachers who help him to overcome his anxiety.The book is beautifully written with [...]

    For a more in-depth review watch: youtube/watch?v=eSrZyMax Friedman has a brain tumor least he thinks he has a brain tumor. Max's mother just died from brain cancer and at her funeral he made a mental promise to take in her tumor. The tumor has become a constant companion to Max and has caused him to act up and almost fail out of school. To try to save Max's academic future his father enrolls him in the Baldwin School, a progressive school where he meets Fish, The Monk and Mr. Cage. Will Max's n [...]

    I received and eARC of this through NetGalley.After Max's mother dies, the cancerous brain tumor that killed her sets up residence in Max's brain. The tumor is a terrible tenant and makes it impossible for Max to live a normal life. In order to keep Max from failing, he is sent to a more progressive school with a stronger focus on(I am not really quite sure why this environment was better, only that it was different). With the help of a new friend The Monk and pretty girl/possible love interest [...]

    Chiang Saen
    A very funny and moving book, with memorable and appealing characters, witty dialogue, and page-turning pacing. The protagonist, Max, is unable to cope with not just grief but with debilitating anxieties and obsessive thoughts that incapacitate him at school. The intersection of the Max's personal journey with themes from Hamlet, the drama club show he gets pulled into at his new school, is subtle and deftly interwoven by this talented YA author. An excellent read.

    Bickering Book Reviews
    For a more in-depth review watch: youtube/watch?v=eSrZyBeautifully written debut novel that is fast read however the character development didn’t quite work and some of the plot points didn’t work for us.We received an eARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

    Alo Domo
    First. ***SPOILER ALERT***The book was OK, I wasn't crazy about it. I thought it would be more interesting because of the synopsis (Max thinks his mother's tumor is inside his head). But I feel like there was unnecessary characters. Some of them were annoying (Lydie especially) The end was flat, it left me wanting solutions for some problems.

    Touching and funny YA story relevant for adults, too. It's the journey of a teenager learning to acknowledge and take responsibility for his feelings as he navigates a loss and finding willingness to reach out to others with similar hurts. Pulls the reader right into the social universe of a quirky high school.

    I like how Pixley dealt with grief and healing in this book, but the devices used to move the story along could have been more cohesive.Check out my full review at Forever Young Adult.

    Pat Lukens
    Wow - Marcella's lyrical style is captivating - I felt like I was in the story with the characters. They were all very much alive for me. And I could imagine just loving this book as a young adult with all it's wonderfully quirky characters. Love it - can't wait for her next book!

    Katie B
    Max Friedman is having a tough time dealing with the death of his mother. He thinks the tumor that killed his mother is now residing in his brain. His father enrolls him in the Baldwin School with the hope Max will fit in better with kids that are a little bit different like him. He soon becomes friends with Fish, a girl with a troubled home life, and The Monk, a boy who may or may not be dating Fish. As Max starts to find happiness, he soon realizes that he must finally move on from the past.Th [...]

    Wonderful!I absolutely loved this book! Max’s experience is beautifully articulated and I think anyone that has ever been an teenager will be able to relate. Would definitely recommend to anyone that has ever been a teenager.

    Get a box of tissues ready maybe two boxes.

    When I read the premise for this, I thought it would either be very good or very bad. It was somewhere in between. I thought the main character and the whole tumor thing was done very well, it was believable and I really liked Max. Some of the other characters, not so much. I actually hated one character. I don't expect to like every character in a book, but I was expecting some kind of character development there, a redeeming quality or at least some background, but got nothing. I also didn't l [...]

    rating: 3.75/5 starsThis book was such a pleasant surprise!! I've read a lot of books about grief in the last year so I wasn't expecting READY TO FALL to be such a memorable read. The concept, the characters, the writing were all great it's no wonder I finished this in just one day!! Max has some great character development and I love everyone he meets along the way. He's got an awesome support system through it all between his father, grandmother, and Ms. Grossman. I was not a fan of Dr. Cage, [...]

    Rebecca Grabill
    Love love love this book! It's about (in a nutshell) a boy who thinks his mother's brain tumor moved into his own head after her death. The humor, the intelligence, the non-formulaic storyline - all winners. And did I mention gorgeous writing? Yeah, that too. Plus, as a former drama nerd, the drama (Hamlet! Pow!) subplot was thoroughly fun to experience and beautifully rendered.

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