The Free Trader of Warren Deep Best Download || [Craig Martelle]

  • Title: The Free Trader of Warren Deep
  • Author: Craig Martelle
  • ISBN: 9781530179299
  • Page: 475
  • Format: Paperback

  • The Free Trader of Warren Deep Best Download || [Craig Martelle] - The Free Trader of Warren Deep, The Free Trader of Warren Deep Following the civil war on the human colonized world of Cygnus VII humanity and its creations rise again Free Trader Braden and his mindlinked Hillcat are plying the trade routes of Warren Deep when
    Craig Martelle
    Visit Craig s web page, craigmartelle for the latest posts and updates or find him on Facebook, Author Craig Martelle Send an email to craig craigmartelle to join his mailing list for the latest on new releases, information on old releases, and anything related to his books.Craig has taken his than twenty years of experience in the Marine Corps, his legal education, and his business consulting career to write believable characters living in a real world.Although Craig has written in multiple genres, what he believes most compelling are in depth characters dealing with real world issues Life lessons of a great story can be applied now or fifty years in the future Some things are universal.Craig believes that evil exists Some people are driven differently and cannot be allowed access to our world Good people will rise to the occasion Good will always challenge evil, sometimes before a crisis, many times after, but will good triumph Some writers who ve influenced Craig Robert E Howard the original Conan , JRR Tolkien, Andre Norton, Robert Heinlein, Lin Carter, Brian Aldiss, Margaret Weis, Tracy Hickman, Anne McCaffrey, and of late, James Axler, Raymond Weil, Jonathan Brazee, Mark E Cooper, and David Weber Craig learned something from each of these authors, story line, compelling issue, characters that you can relate to, beauty of prose, unique tendrils weaving through the book s theme Craig s writing has been compared to that of Andre Norton and Craig s Free Trader characters to those of McCaffrey s Dragonriders, the Rick Banik Thrillers to the works of Robert Ludlum.It is humbling, but never the intent Craig only wants to tell a good story about real people, keep readers engaged, leave them with something to think about What would I do in that situation Through a bizarre series of events, Craig ended up in Fairbanks, Alaska He never expected to retire to a place where golf courses are only open for four months out of the year But he love it there It is off the beaten path He and his wife watch the northern lights from their driveway Their dog has lots of room to run And temperatures reach forty below zero They have from three and a half hours of daylight in the winter to twenty four hours in the summer.It s all part of the give and take of life If they didn t have those extremes, then everyone would live there.

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    Danielle Miller
    Read this on a recommendation Bits of it reminded me of David Gemmell, others of Larry Niven, and some of the old RPG world novelisations that I recall from my teens early 20s back in the 80s do people still write those In all a bit too YA for me, although the main characters and general plot are fairly engaging young, adventurous man making his way in a hard world by wit, charisma and calculated risk taking, his only friend a mutant, psychic cat He embarks on a quest, gaining friends and allies [...]

    James Dermond
    Free Trader Braden and his three sapient, mutated animal companions take a Hero s Journey across The Great Desert of Cygnus VII in search of the Old Tech of The Ancients Along the way, the companions meet and befriend a young woman warrior named Micah who aids them on their quest For older readers who enjoyed the pencil and paper RPGs Metamorphosis Alpha and Gamma World, this novel will bring back many welcome memories For younger readers, The Free Trader of Warren Deep is a good introduction to [...]

    I loved it The characters are easy to imagine, explained just enough so your mind has something to do to fill in the blanks The action is smooth and continuous and surprising I couldn t wait to turn the page to find out what happens next.I look forward to reading the rest of the story meaning book 2 and 3

    Scott Neil
    Interesting premise post apocalyptic society of a colonized planet recovering from apocalyptic loss of society Protagonist has a mutant cat for a best friend, and befriends other mutants and humans as he attempts to rebuild trade amongst the survivors.Fun read with some interesting perspectives as to personal and societal priorities.

    Great book

    Debbie Scott
    VERY GOOD DYSTOPIAN or apocalyptic if you perfer SERIESA good start to a new series, with some excellent backstory as needed The characters, both human and animal, reflect some very serious thought to how they would interact with each other I have part two downloaded thru KU and cannot wait to read Thank you for a very interesting read, Danny and Debbie Scott.

    Quite a unique and very interesting story.This is quite unlike any story I ve read before Character build up and plot development was great The storyline kept me hooked Basically a before the last great war to after , you just keep reading to find out what our future may hold What will we do if that time becomes us

    A Great story reminiscent of Andre Norton One of the Masters of Science Fiction If you have not had the opportunity to read her work, do so Craig Martelle s Free Trader series should be a greatadventure as we follow Braden and his companions on their quest for knowledge and trying to rebuild what was lost.A MUST READ

    Stephanie Bolen
    A solid hitWorld building first rate Plot was basic but well executed Characters were great even the minor characters Pacing was spot on Writing was interesting with the descriptions, but the modern slang and nicknames were a bit jarring.

    Mimi Davis Hopkins
    Lost This is a very well written and enjoyable story If you are interested in going on a fabulous fantastic journey into the world of is it possible this is a book you would enjoy.

    Eric Prater
    Great story, I liked this book it has a lot of heart Well plotted, neat story line and a floating turtle does it get any better Fun read didn t know which way it would go.

    Nancy Phy
    FascinatingThis story was so fascinating with its unique characters I enjoyed it very much and would recommend it to anyone that enjoys fantasy.

    Charles Yoder
    I wasn t sure if I would like this book It s not quite the kind I like, but I found myself enjoying it The characters and the situations they found themselves in were interesting.

    Dave Webber
    Entertaining BookEnjoyable writing, well developed and evolving characters Plenty of good action Easy to fall into the pace of the storyline.

    Ann Zdunczyk
    Another great readI have read a number of his other books and was waiting for when I decided to read his other books and I am so glad I did

    Great startGreat author, i like the characters human and other I first read Craig in the Kutherian sp Gambit and am now catching up on all his other books.Carla B

    Really, it s a 3.5 star book.

    Russell Quinton
    I enjoyed this story.This author s writing reminded me of some of Andre Norton s writing Not quite as polished as Orton but I think this author has the potential to be as good or better If the rest of his stories are as good he has captured a follower and I will read anything he writes.

    Craig Martelle
    Following the civil war on the human colonized world of Cygnus VII, life and civilization rise again Can humans and intelligent animals work together to protect humanity from itself Follow the adventures of Free Trader Braden, a female warrior, a Hawkoid, Hillcat, and Tortoid as they fight to build a new civilization.

    Christine Stewart
    Enjoyable ReadThis was an enjoyable read The animal characters were well done, I especially liked Aadi, the turtle, and the hawk The plot kept me engaged and the characters were interesting I ll be curious to see if we find out what is driving Braden s bad luck prior to entering the desert.

    Animal anticsThis book was different than I expected I wasn t sure on would like it, but after the first dozen short chapters I was thoroughly entrenched and mesmerized I loved the interaction between the human and the animals I became so involved that I was glad I had gotten the second book to read next.

    Great read Definitely a five star start to what looks to be an awesome series Characters are likeable and I look forward to seeing their development If you are into dystopian sci fi you will definitely like this.

    Norma Reasor
    Good YA and olderVery good This book would be suitable for mature young readers to older ones A bit of violence but very subdued I found myself forgetting the companions were not humans The quest to find the old tech was nothing to be prepared for Enjoy

    Enjoyable probably Y A combination of Fantasy and Science Fiction Trading, partnering with mentally talking animals and mutated hybrid beings

    Absolutely love it, great story without over dramatized conflict Love the interaction between Braden and his traveling companions Looking forward to books 2 and 3.

    Craig tells a compelling story with vivid characters and a fun plot Anyone who enjoys post apocalyptic stories will enjoy this series I highly recommend it.

    Engaging and interesting teen SciFi book Quick paced story with some interesting concepts and characters.

    • The Free Trader of Warren Deep Best Download || [Craig Martelle]
      475 Craig Martelle
    The Free Trader of Warren Deep