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  • Title: Honey and Clover, Vol. 2
  • Author: Chica Umino
  • ISBN: 9781421515052
  • Page: 315
  • Format: Paperback

  • Love is never easy for our heroes Takemoto is forced to confront his resentment of his stepfather and his own feelings of being cast adrift, while Mayama and Ayu flounder in their unrequited loves and Morita faces the prospect of being held back another year.
    Chica Umino
    Chica Umino , Umino Chika is a manga ka comic artist cartoonist who was born in Tokyo, Japan She began work as a product designer and illustrator Her most notable work to date is her beloved Honey and Clover, a slice of life manga series which debuted in 2000 in Shueisha s manga magazine, CUTiEcomic Umino has a unique drawing style, listing Studio Ghibli amongst her influences, and her characters are remarkably well developed It is very rare for a manga ka to use his or her real name, and Chica Umino is a pen name In keeping with the trend for using something special to the individual in developing a pen name, Umino s is styled after the name of an amusement park by the sea Her work has become popular overseas America , having already become very popular in Japan, with Honey and Clover winning the Kodansha Manga Award in 2003 and nominated for the Tezuka Culture Prize and an award from the Japan Media Arts Festival The enduring popularity of the series has seen it adapted into an animated television series in 2005, a live action movie in 2006 and two individual live action television dramas in 2008.One of her most recent works is Sangatsu no Lion, or March Comes in Like a Lion, which began serialization in 2007, a manga about the game of shogi, which features Umino s distinctive art style Umino has also provided the illustration for the 2009 anime series Eden of the East by Kenji Kamiyama, as well as Tobira o Akete and the Glass Heart series, including Boukensha tachi , Netsu no Shiro and Love Way SJ Kipling


    Zen Cho
    1) I wonder whether I should be creeped out by the fact that so many people are fascinated with Hagu. I love Hagu and think she's super interesting and all that, but Morita and Takemoto basically fell in love with her at first sight because she was small? I think? Which is a bit disturbing.2) Mayama is more likeable in the manga, I think. Or maybe I am just trying harder to see what Aya sees in him. I don't think I'll ever be fond of him; he is such a jerk.

    Miss Ryoko
    I mentioned in my review of volume one that I was confused as to what the main storyline of this manga series is and from volume 2, I'd guess it's really nothing? It seems what this series is all about is just the development of the characters and their love interests. I'm not sure if this is an accurate assumption, it is only what the volumes have shown me thus far.Hagu is a cute characterbut I am still slightly disturbed by her in this volume she's 19 still looks and acts like an 8 year old th [...]

    Aurora Lector (reading in twilight)
    Honey and Clover 10 Volume Series by Chica UminoThe series was very bittersweet, and perhaps if you don't want a lingering unfinished romance set during college years, among artists, it's probably not for you. But I really enjoyed the soul-searching of a young architect who finds solace in temple restoration, and a petite sculptor who wants nothing more than to paint gigantic landscapes and flowers instead. There are others, and they all have their own journeys. It's slice-of-life, and there are [...]

    I’m not a drama lover. This manga series is very meaningful. It’s not princess like fairy tale drama. Definitely not for young people.You will only understand the deep meaning to every words once you experienced them. This series is grown up and some young viewers will find it boring.

    Kayla Loewen
    Oh,this series is just so good, I laughed so hard through this volume! One of my favorites!!

    I wish the next books in the series would continue to focus on the love triangle drama instead of the building instead of the building relationship between Hagu and Takemoto because in my opinion, the love triangle arc is more interesting and allows for more creative freedom. In Vol.1, the author, Chica Umino writes about Takemoto's developing feelings for Hagu, but throughout both the first two volumes, he doesn't act upon, leaving a boring relationship between the two, unlike the drama that ta [...]

    T. Renee Doty
    I really enjoyed this volume. I just love the characters. Also, I really like the omnipotent narrator's voice that will run commentary on what is going on. It's a nice touch, and it often makes me chuckle. One of my favorite things about the volumes I've read so far is the focus on many types of relationships. Romantic love is the focus, but the friendships between the characters are just as important to the story, and that makes me happy.

    Rita Mar
    Part 2/2 of my Contemporary-a-thon challenge of 2018 : Read a Contemporary-ish graphic novel.This volume only proves that the series gets better and better as it continues to dip into the main casts' drama, mentality and life goal challenges. And as always Yamada and Mayama continue to break my heart

    Nidah (SleepDreamWrite)
    Another good volume.

    Overall Rating: ASummary: A Comedy/Drama/Romance shōjo manga series created by Chika Umino, which follows three students at a fictional art college in Tokyo. The students, Yūta Takemoto, Takumi Mayama and Shinobu Morita, all live in the same apartment complex. Takemoto is the youngest, and is the shy artist-type one would expect to find at an art school. Mayama is the most reasonable of the three, and is a stark contrast to Morita, who is still in college because he can't wake up in time to go [...]

    Nóri Somogyi
    Megint csak jó SPOILERES!!! Takemoto hazalátogat az édesanyjához,miközben megtudjuk,hogy az édesapját elveszítette,és hogy nem igazán kedveli a mostoha apját. Megjegyzem én bírom Kazuot nagyon. Csak jót akar, és hogy Takemoto édesanyja boldog legyen. Hazatérése után,kis csapatunk kirándulást tesz egy fürdőben,ahol nagyon jól elvannak. Esznek,esznek,isznak(Yamada),esznek. És még egy kis beszélgetést is olvashatunk a két férfi Mayama és Hanamoto közt. Az állatkerte [...]

    Buhahahaa Saikou da!! Koko no hanashi wa \(≧∇≦)/Muncul si Kirin-san yang kesepian dan kedinginan, dibawa dari negeri tropis, biar anak-anak Jepang bisa lihat Tapi kenyataannya, kebun binatangnya malah sepi nggak ada yang nontonin (T^T)Terus terus terus Di sini juga yang pada mainin Twister ajaib. Siapa lagi kalo bukan si Morita senpai yang buat?? Hadiah ulang tahun buat Takemoto, bikinin permainan Twister ajaib! Bayangin aja! Twister kan biasanya cuma ada empat warna doang: merah, kuning, [...]

    I liked volume 2 better than volume 1. There is a more in depth look at the characters in this manga and what they are going through. They become much more real. (These are mainly college students in art school.) Some love triangles going on and a lot of sadness.I'm still disturbed by the drawing of Hagu. She's 19 and is drawn to look and act like she's 9. She apparently does look like she's 9. Is she seriously immature? Is something wrong with her? Mentally, physically? Why are these guys crazy [...]

    Enjoying this series more. This volume was a little serious, dealing with the pasts of Takemoto, Rika, and Hagu, and Mayama's plans for the future. More romantic tension with our two love triangles. Poignant moments too, like the scene in the clover field.Some hilarious laugh-out-loud moments, like that ridiculous game of Twister, the psychotic poodle, Yamada's masterpiece, and Morita still struggling to graduate! The well-timed over-the-top art makes it even funnier. Looking forward to more of [...]

    The story arcs are really starting to gather steam. I enjoyed the use of flashbacks and inner monologue from the characters. The change in art style from chibi to the more normal whispy Honey & Clover lines really helped to emphasize the dramatic passages.Ayumi seemed the most tragic to me from the anime. It will be interesting to see if I have the same opinion from the manga.

    Phương Hoa
    Khi nhìn bìa tôi đã đoán tập này hẳn sẽ tập trung nhiều vào mối quan hệ của Yamada với Mayama. Suy cho cùng thì tôi không thể ghét Mayama vì tình yêu vốn có lí lẽ riêng của nó, chẳng ai ép buộc được, nhưng thương Yamada quá, không thể từ bỏ nhưng cũng mãi mãi chẳng thể tiến thêm một bước.2 kẻ yêu cùng một cách giống nhau.

    Michael Blackmore
    I enjoyed. It is slowly building the more dramatic/emotional elements volume by volume of the merely comedic ones which were used as a strong narrative hook in the beginning. Not perfect, but just funny and touching enough for me.On to volume 3.

    The scene between Mayama and Yamada and the hunt for the 4-leaf clover are two of my favorite scenes in the series. I continue to love the sense of time passing and Takemoto's narration. I do wish Viz would use a less slangy translation; it was distracting here at times.

    in whichwe find out more about mayama's love for his employer. takemoto visits home. morita fails to graduate again. professor hanamoto leaves hagumi behind when he goes on a research trip. and i keep mixing yamada and mayama's names up. and things continue to be silly.

    Takemoto goes back to his hometown for the first time in years to face his stepfather he resents for stealing his mother away. While Ayu and Mayama's feelings for each other bubble to the surface. Ahh, this semester reeks sour and sweet the smell of youth.

    Reader17 Der
    Still like this story. The college kids had me laughing in some of the parts but in this one it had some sad moments. Especially with Sensei going away for a year. But this is still a cute and funny series to read.

    Super story and character development.The art is lovely as well.a group of college students become friends and the story follows their individual progression as artists, friends, and at times, lovers.

    Sarah Evans
    I'm really enjoying this series. It's a good realistic fiction manga with lovely storytelling.

    (read it before from 1-8 Jan 2015)Rereading it for the other volumes!

    I like every character BUT Mayama.

    All I have to say is: why is this manga so ridiculously cute? Ah guilty pleasures.

    One of my all time favorite manga series.

    yeah, I still don't get the fuss over this seriescall me if there's more rika-harada-hanamoto flashbacks though, i'm always into intense friendship triads2 stars

    [See review under vol. 1:]

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