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  • Title: Honey and Clover, Vol. 3
  • Author: Chica Umino Chica Umino
  • ISBN: 9781421515069
  • Page: 128
  • Format: Paperback

  • Professor Hanamoto is off in Mongolia on a research trip, and Hagu is having a hard time coping The gang do their best to help her out, especially Takemoto But as graduation threatens to alter their friendships forever, Hagu begins to turn toward Morita
    Chica Umino Chica Umino
    Chica Umino , Umino Chika is a manga ka comic artist cartoonist who was born in Tokyo, Japan She began work as a product designer and illustrator Her most notable work to date is her beloved Honey and Clover, a slice of life manga series which debuted in 2000 in Shueisha s manga magazine, CUTiEcomic Umino has a unique drawing style, listing Studio Ghibli amongst her influences, and her characters are remarkably well developed It is very rare for a manga ka to use his or her real name, and Chica Umino is a pen name In keeping with the trend for using something special to the individual in developing a pen name, Umino s is styled after the name of an amusement park by the sea Her work has become popular overseas America , having already become very popular in Japan, with Honey and Clover winning the Kodansha Manga Award in 2003 and nominated for the Tezuka Culture Prize and an award from the Japan Media Arts Festival The enduring popularity of the series has seen it adapted into an animated television series in 2005, a live action movie in 2006 and two individual live action television dramas in 2008.One of her most recent works is Sangatsu no Lion, or March Comes in Like a Lion, which began serialization in 2007, a manga about the game of shogi, which features Umino s distinctive art style Umino has also provided the illustration for the 2009 anime series Eden of the East by Kenji Kamiyama, as well as Tobira o Akete and the Glass Heart series, including Boukensha tachi , Netsu no Shiro and Love Way SJ Kipling


    The scene: sunset on a series of youthful friendships. The setting: suburban Japan. The time: Last year - or perhaps ten years ago. It does not matter, for the story itself is timeless. That transitory period - the one right between teenage-and-adulthood - of five young art students' lives is the focus of Honey and Clover. By Volume 3, it has become no surprise to the reader that both Yūta Takemoto and Shinobu Morita are in love with the doll-faced, naive (and somewhat oblivious) Hagumi "Hagu" [...]

    Miss Ryoko
    Yay!! I really enjoyed this volume! This series is sort of like the emo version of Friends :-p For the most part, I really like all of the characters, though even still on the third volume, a little perturbed by Hagu-chan and now I'm slightly disturbed about her and Hanamoto-sensei even though they are relatives (slightly distant, if I remember correctly), I wouldn't put it passed Japan on anything :-pI think Yamada and Takemoto are my favorite characters!! I thought Mayama would be cuz I really [...]

    I’m not a drama lover. This manga series is very meaningful. It’s not princess like fairy tale drama. Definitely not for young people.You will only understand the deep meaning to every words once you experienced them. This series is grown up and some young viewers will find it boring.The HighlightsCharacters: Emotionally rich, complex and believable.Romance: Beautifully painted with a brush of authenticity.Animation: Soft and visually pleasing.Ending: Unsatisfactory but complete nonetheless. [...]

    These college kids are starting to grow on me. Going through life, ups/downs, new love. I still find the character of Hagu a little disturbing, though. Not sure what's affected her development. Anyway, it's interesting and I'll be moving on to volume 4 eventually.

    Kayla Loewen
    Every book keeps getting better! I love,love,love it!!

    Nóri Somogyi
    Sokadik és nem utolso kedvenc jelenetem ezúttal Morita állatságaiból,amikor csak úgy szimplán felkapja Mayamát és hozzávágja Ayuhozsíírtam a nevetéstől:DDD Hagu újabb ajándékot kap Moritától,ami szerintem olyan aranyos. Bizonyítja,hogy Morita nem csak egy idióta állat,hanem nagyon is tud gondoskodó és kedves lenni. A hajóskirándulás is nagyon jó rész,és megint csak egy oylan részhez érkeztünk,amit nagyon szeretek. Az óriáskerékhez. Az idézet az animéből va [...]

    I still can't figure out what's going on between Morita and Hagu. Some romantic tension, story seems to be getting more serious, more poignant. The designer shower and Shinobu's Zundoko-bushi, hilarious. Some 'mild' language, one 'anatomical term' near the end threw me off; could have done with out that. Hardly any sexuality, if at all. The 'bonus' chapters at the end seemed to just be filler for extra pages.

    Aurora Lector (reading in twilight)
    I can't believe I haven't mentioned this before, but not only is Umino's story really good, but her artwork is likewise wonderful. She's got such a beautiful to denote when things are tender and lovely, as well as the cute cliché which this wouldn't be as sweet without. The entire series is slightly nostalgic for something I've never experienced, but the lines are really fun most of the time, never letting us take it too seriously.

    Super story and character development.The art is lovely as well.a group of college students become friends and the story follows their individual progression as artists, friends, and at times, lovers.

    While Professor Hanamoto is away on a research trip in Mongolia, Hagu is struggling to cope with her loneliness. Her friends try their best to help her but as graduation draws near it threatens to pull these friends apart, Morita is the one Hagu pulls towards

    Sarah Evans
    Refreshing and charming.

    ongoing silliness & unsolved mysteries. what is morita's mysterious job?? why is everyone in love with hagu even though she looks and acts 6 years old?

    Stupid Morita!!Also, need more.

    Chica Umino's manga series focuses on students at an art school in Japan. Morita Senpai takes the cover and the spotlight, as he steals a little something from Hagu

    Didn't get through it as easily as the first two volumes. I liked it, but it felt kind of repetitive. I really did like the ending, though, so we'll have to see what volume four brings.

    Michael Blackmore
    I'm still enjoying it - plenty of humor and pathos so far. Moving more and more toward the pathos side which feels about right at this point. Still 7 more volumes to go to see how it wraps up.

    Takemoto likes Hagu. Hagu likes Morita. Morita likes Hagu but went away because he has work to do. Away, and via airplane.--End of crappy review. Haha.

    • Best Download [Chica Umino Chica Umino] ✓ Honey and Clover, Vol. 3 || [Religion Book] PDF ✓
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