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  • Title: Honey and Clover, Vol. 4
  • Author: Chica Umino
  • ISBN: 9781421515076
  • Page: 125
  • Format: Paperback

  • Morita has disappeared, leaving his friends bereft and confused Hagu and Takemoto turn to their art, while Mayama and Ayu cling to their unrequited loves When his coworker begins to romance Ayu, Mayama can t help interfering But what does he care, when he s nursing a flame for a woman he hasn t seen in a year
    Chica Umino
    Chica Umino , Umino Chika is a manga ka comic artist cartoonist who was born in Tokyo, Japan She began work as a product designer and illustrator Her most notable work to date is her beloved Honey and Clover, a slice of life manga series which debuted in 2000 in Shueisha s manga magazine, CUTiEcomic Umino has a unique drawing style, listing Studio Ghibli amongst her influences, and her characters are remarkably well developed It is very rare for a manga ka to use his or her real name, and Chica Umino is a pen name In keeping with the trend for using something special to the individual in developing a pen name, Umino s is styled after the name of an amusement park by the sea Her work has become popular overseas America , having already become very popular in Japan, with Honey and Clover winning the Kodansha Manga Award in 2003 and nominated for the Tezuka Culture Prize and an award from the Japan Media Arts Festival The enduring popularity of the series has seen it adapted into an animated television series in 2005, a live action movie in 2006 and two individual live action television dramas in 2008.One of her most recent works is Sangatsu no Lion, or March Comes in Like a Lion, which began serialization in 2007, a manga about the game of shogi, which features Umino s distinctive art style Umino has also provided the illustration for the 2009 anime series Eden of the East by Kenji Kamiyama, as well as Tobira o Akete and the Glass Heart series, including Boukensha tachi , Netsu no Shiro and Love Way SJ Kipling


    The fourth volume in the series, this book focused on Mayama and his complicated, convoluted relationship with two women - Rika San and Ayu Chan (Yamada). He's confused, others are confused, and I may feel like knocking some sense into him but you can't do that with matters of the heart.Meanwhile, Morita Senpai is still in L.A. and Hagu Chan - still tiny, still struggling - is working on her masterpieces with the driven passion she puts into her art as she channels (so says the manga) the spirit [...]

    It's mostly all about Yamada who likes Mayama who likes Rika. Seriously, how many triangles can this story tell?Anyway, it seems like Mayama's acting like the "older brother", as his prof would call it, to Yamada. I got a little confused too as he's still messing around with Rika. So is this Mayama realizing a few things? But then he's once again in touched with Rika.It makes me wonder though. What exactly did Mayama like about Rika? All I see in her is vulnerability (and maybe talent). But mayb [...]

    I’m not a drama lover. This manga series is very meaningful. It’s not princess like fairy tale drama. Definitely not for young people.You will only understand the deep meaning to every words once you experienced them. This series is grown up and some young viewers will find it boring.The HighlightsCharacters: Emotionally rich, complex and believable.Romance: Beautifully painted with a brush of authenticity.Animation: Soft and visually pleasing.Ending: Unsatisfactory but complete nonetheless. [...]

    So many of the series' best themes are in evidence here, especially the gap between the geniuses and the hardworkers. Takemoto's reflections on Hagu's response to his question about Morita are heartbreaking; they're also surprising, because that's not the way another mangaka would have told that story. And let's not forget the warm depiction of office life at Fujiwara Design. There's a lot here, especially about Nomiya, that never made it into the anime and are thus entirely new to me. And of co [...]

    CJ - It's only a Paper Moon
    Oh Yamada

    T. Renee Doty
    Must admit, while the writing and art are as wonderful as ever, I feel like this volume dragged at some parts. Now that could very well be just my vibe. I've had a very annoying "reading slump" that has lasted most of the summer yeah most of my reading enjoyment has suffered because of this. **Also there was a conversation where sexual assault is basically treated like a joke or maybe forcing yourself on someone would help them figure out if they like you or not.** It felt really random, made me [...]

    I wanted to like this series, since it seems to be pretty popular, but I justdidn't. It's cute, but I wish it would decide if it wants to be a cute college slice of life thing or if it wants to be wacky crack, because I don't like the combination of the two. Also, the story is not keeping my interest for this many volumes. I had really meant to try and read the full series since it's only ten volumes, but I tried to read volume five and I was just bored and finally thought, Why am I forcing myse [...]

    Less Mayama, pls.

    Nóri Somogyi
    Morita szobája egy egész technika bázis,mindenki jó nagyot néz, mert még sosem jártak ott. Takemoto észre veszi mennyire is hasonlít Hagu és Morita egymásra,hogy mennyire elszántan és kitartóan dolgoznak a műveiken. Akárcsak a másik kedvenc mangámban a Nanában,itt is nagy hangsülyt fektetnek a Hamabi fesztiválra és a tüzijátékra,ami oylan jó:) olyan szép jelenetek szoktak kibontakozni. És végre végre végre itt a kedvenc szereplőm,az egész mangában:))) Nomiya < [...]

    Aurora Lector (reading in twilight)
    Honey and Clover 10 Volume Series by Chica UminoThe series was very bittersweet, and perhaps if you don't want a lingering unfinished romance set during college years, among artists, it's probably not for you. But I really enjoyed the soul-searching of a young architect who finds solace in temple restoration, and a petite sculptor who wants nothing more than to paint gigantic landscapes and flowers instead. There are others, and they all have their own journeys. It's slice-of-life, and there are [...]

    With Morita gone, Hagu and Takemoto are left inspired but otherwise in an emotional limbo and choose to focus on their work. Meanwhile Ayu and Mayama hold closely to their unrequited loves but, when one of Mayama's co-workers, Nomiya, begins romancing Ayu why does Mayama feel the need to keep her locked away from him, when he's already trying to light a never lit flame with another woman?I don't know if it's the emotional state I am in right now that has left me more open-minded or simply that t [...]

    The Ayu->Mayama corner of the Ayu-Mayama-Rika love triangle is probably my favorite in the entire series. It seemed like the Mayama-Rika leg was explored more in this volume, however. I have a hard time empathizing with Mayama's desire to support/help Rika.Still, it's a good volume and worth a shot.

    Super story and character development.The art is lovely as well.a group of college students become friends and the story follows their individual progression as artists, friends, and at times, lovers.

    so cute. i love that the focus shifts to mayama in this one (takemoto is not that interesting to me) and i love leader the dog.

    Phương Hoa
    Nomiya hốt Ayu nhanh nhanh cho tôi nhờ, cô ấy đau khổ quá nhiều rồi :(((tên Mayama kia không được cản đường, đừng có mà ích kỉ vậy chứ =="

    Nidah (SleepDreamWrite)
    Good volume.

    Good story, but I never liked the Mayama/Yamada/Rika love triangle Ugh

    It's starting to feel like 'somebody figure out who they want to be with already!' And now Mayama is turning real stalker-esque. Still wondering where this is going.

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