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  • Title: Ral's Woman
  • Author: Laurann Dohner
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 358
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Kidnapped from Earth by the Anzon, deemed useless by her captors, Ariel has become the prize in a brutal fight between vicious looking aliens And the winner is the biggest, scariest, most tempting alien of them all In Ral s arms, Ariel will learn how truly carnal captivity can be Also kidnapped, and forced into slavery, warrior Ral is focused on freeing his fellow Zorn Kidnapped from Earth by the Anzon, deemed useless by her captors, Ariel has become the prize in a brutal fight between vicious looking aliens And the winner is the biggest, scariest, most tempting alien of them all In Ral s arms, Ariel will learn how truly carnal captivity can be Also kidnapped, and forced into slavery, warrior Ral is focused on freeing his fellow Zorn until Ariel The beautiful human woman consumes him, urging Ral to claim his prize in all ways Now she s his to love, to cherish, to protect even from those he d never suspect.
    Laurann Dohner
    I had a rather short area here telling a little about me but then I had than a few people ask me to expand it so here goes LOL I m a full time home supervisor which is a nice word for saying I m a housewife I m married happily, I met my dream guy 20 years ago, and we have 4 children I live in Southern California and I can t function without iced coffee I believe in romance, I ve always been a daydreamer, and I m a HUGE fan of books, always have been.No, I didn t know that I always wanted to write I inhaled books as a child I read entire series Pippi Longstocking, Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys, Trixie Beldon, The Borrowers, etc in a matter of days at a time By the time I was nine years old I had an adult library card where I visited often I moved on to John Saul, Stephen King, Richard Laymon, Agatha Christie, and then found romance I was hooked I wrote poetry in my teens and then moved on to short stories My first book was started after I read a real bomb of a book that ticked me off with really horrible characters and a plot that was shabby at best and I thought I could do better LOL.I wrote my first book which will probably never see the light of day in the early 90 s I wrote a series of a few books from it I m a series fan I kept writing for fun, wrote MANY books and then in 2009 I decided to try to get published I wrote my first Sci Fi romance and Ral s Woman came to be I submitted it and with a little tweaking, Ellorascave sent me an acceptance letter It was kind of a Cinderella experience for me It s been a terrific ride so far and I m really happy that I finally had the time to commit to writing full time It s a dream come true.


    OK, where do I start with this book? I downloaded this because INSISTED I would love it. I should have learned my lesson on "recommendations" from Netflix, who once insisted I would love this French movie that had a girl who stuck earthworms in her vagina while on the side of the road (I'm not even kidding, it was called "A Real Young Girl" and you can Wiki the plot- it even mentions the earthworms). But, no. says it's good reads and I blindly (or perhaps blondely) follow like a lamb to the sl [...]

    Sh3lly ☽ Guardian of Beautiful Squids and Lonely Moons ☽
    I'm not even sure where to begin. I guess some people might like this. If you're into the "forced consent" dubcon thing. Horror erotica, maybe? Maybe I'm being too sensitive and blowing this out of proportion? The female-gets-sold-into-alien-slavery romance trope isn't new. But, I at least like my alien dude to not force his woman to have sex the instant they meet. But then again, I five-starred The Golden Dynasty by Kristen Ashley. The female says "please don't do this."The male shakes his head [...]

    Dino-Jess ✮ The Book Eating Dinosaur ✮
    Fuck this book!It's a steaming pile of rapey bullshit. Thankfully it was incredibly short so I didn't have to put up with this crap for very long. But this is definitely the worst thing I've read from Laurann Dohner. Boo hiss. Negative a million starsI'm sorry I recommended this one Machalos!

    ☆★Tinja★✮ A Court of Pizza and Laziness
    Nope. I don't like this. DNF at 18%.

    Sammy Loves Books
    Another fun erotic read by Laurann Dohner. This was a free ebook that spiked my curiosity because I had been enjoying the New Species series. I am now a fan of the Zorn Warriors series also. I was pleasantly surprised because this was not at all what I'd expected. Ariel has been kidnapped by the Anzons, aliens that are looking to breed with human females. When they discover that humans are not compatible for breeding, they decide to pass Ariel along as a prize to another set of aliens they have [...]

    Kindle EditionThis was a cute little read if you are into sweet 'cave men'.Ariel was kidnapped from Earth by the Anzons, a dying race in search of breeding-compatible females.Because she wasn't compatible with their race, they decided 'give' her to the man who could win her in a fighting contest.Ral was also a captive of the Anzons along with others of his race who were taken from their hunting planet and put to work as miners. Ral was the Crown Prince of his world and was larger and stronger th [...]

    Anna Serene
    This is gonna be a solid "no" for me. It wasn't good. More to come laterSoooo.I wanted to like this. I wanted to like this in a way that is cheesy and weird but still hot and sappy romanticThis was not that.This was one of those books where you go into it know it's going to be far from perfect. You know from the start it's not going to be "good", but it could be entertaining. Thing is, this failed at being entertaining. It was boring. I was in the middle of a 103 page book and I was checking to [...]

    Why oh WHY did I read this?!If I could sum up the entire book in one sentence it would be: "Me Tarzan, you Jane. Uga uga!"SPOILERS AHEAD:The hero is basically a Neanderthal, manhandling the heroine and pretty much raping her the first time they meet. He immediately decides she is his forever and won't let her go back to Earth.The heroine is an empty vessel we don't really know anything about her. She submits to the man immediately, accepts his violent ways and considers herself in love in no tim [...]

    4 1/2 "Syfi Quickie" Stars!I've read this story many times. I still love it. One of my first and favorite Syfi smutty reads. Zorn men are hot and tasty ;-) Happy reading!

    "She is mine. Never roar at her again, Father." - Ral I swear this book gave me a good laugh here and there.Our male protagonist Ral kind of reminds me the guy from Conan the barbarianHis possessive, protective and insatiable. First time we see him, his fighting others of his kind to win her and then carries her off to his chamber caveman style! Ral, is a cutie (I don't know if I'm using this word out of context). He's really curious about Ariel and is eager to learn the ways of pleasing a woman [...]

    I have to say that this is the worst written book I have ever read and I have read some real trash. The sentences take the word "simple" to a whole new level. I couldn't help laughing when about a quatre of the way through the book Ariel says she hasn't been fed in days and Ral's only reply is "I hate them" in regards to their captures (excuse me if I didn't pay enough attention to remember their names). How much like a petulant child is that? "I hate them", no expansion, no indication to why he [...]

    Simply Sam ツ
    Next up in the MacHalo's Summer Alien Love FestSorry but I couldn't/didn't/wouldn't finish this one. Just not for me. Bleh. These summer reads have been the worst so far. Is it too much to hope that one, just one, will be worth it? Moving on and ever downward it seems this month.

    Ari Reavis
    2.5 starsIt was ok. Not as good as I had hoped, but still interesting. I didn't fall in love with Ral, so that affected how much I cared for the romance. I liked that he wouldn't let anyone hurt or insult Ariel, but other than that he was just (shoulders shrugging).

    I love Sci-Fi Romances and I thought the blurb sounded interesting. The story is about a gal who has been kidnapped by a reptilian like alien race who are looking for females compatible with their males. Ariel takes a breath of relief to discover that humans are not compatible, but only long enough to discover that they will not be returning her home to earth. They have decided to give her as a prize to one of their mining slaves a race much like humans, but bigger and more brutish looking.Ariel [...]

    Megan Fall
    I love big, alpha aliens. This was a great book and I'm glad I found another series by this author!

    Pam Nelson
    5 Ral’s Woman Stars- ❤ Audible Review HERE ❤I have read this series one other time, and I love it. I was trying to explain it to my husband, I like that Ral is other worldly and Ariel is human. I liked their differences because they learned to love those differences. He was forceful but not, he never really made her do anything she didn’t want to. Because once she did what he wanted she got just as much out of it. If you have ever read any other book by Laurann Dohner then you the best I [...]

    Future Slayer Girl
    Ok, these books are like a Planet full of Khal Drogo (Jason Momoa) Um. I'm not sure why people would whine about that Then again I'm totally partial to the whole barbarian grunting man thing. (shrug) And I'm totally comfortable with that lmao! Yeah, the writing is a little choppy, but hey, she got into Ellora's Cave and the story is STILL good :-)

    Kate's Corner
    I hate to admit this but I really enjoy these books they are a bit cheesy in places. Ariel is abducted from earth by an alien race called Anzons as they are looking breeding partners as their race is dying. Ariel is not compatiable and so she is handed over to the mine workers (in this case another species was abducted as well) they are Zorn Warriors big and very alpha male. Ral is their leader and he fights everyone but usually distributes the women between the most deserving workers but this t [...]

    2.5 starsLots of problems with this one but I read it awhile ago and forgot to write a review so I can't remember everything.I think most of my issues had to with how things played out when Ral was back home with the heroine. I hated the way his people viewed women. Hated the house whore concept (hated it A LOT). Anyway, overall, this was a failure for me. I just read Wray and am currently reading Grim. Both of these are such better versions of the "Mars needs women" trope.

    Really hot short read. I love the alien premise but I found that the physical description of the Zorn was too similar to the "New Species"owling included. As with all Laurann Dohner's books, I wish they were longer with more backstory and detail. Still really excited to start a new series though

    While Laurann Dohner's books may be formulaic, I still enjoy them when the mood hits.

    I don't think I was as enamored with this book as other readers. This is a sci-fi romance, whith plenty of action and adventure. I was very excited to read this book when I initally bought it, but after reading I think I enjoyed the concept more than the execution. For me there was a disconnect that probably could have been remedy with a bit more detail. When I think about the book only being 89 pages (on my e-reader) and how much happened (several fight scenes, several love scenes, a change in [...]

    I have to admit that my weakness for sexy sci-fi is something that I'll probably never outgrow. This book hit my sexy sci-fi spot (so to speak) and made me very happy. While there were a few things that made me cringe a little (Ral's syntax, upon occasion, is painfully atrocious), overall the book was fun and sexy and I'm already plotting ways to get my hands on the next installments.Probably my biggest scrunchy face moment (next to the syntax issue which is really not an issue since there's the [...]

    This book was a lot shorter than I thought, and only took me like 2 hours to breeze through. It was a simple, sexy read, but oh so frustrating. I love me some paranormal insta-love, but labelling insta-lust as love drives me nuts. It felt like the same night Ariel was basically forced to accept her life as sex slave (even though Ral wasn't a douche) she was in love with him… puh-lease. And at the point where Ariel realizes they could find a way to Earth- instead of yelling 'NO STAY WITH HUNKY [...]

    Tawny Taylor
    There were good and bad points about this book. The most obvious good is Ral, who is uber alpha, snaps an enemy's neck with his hands, but is gentle and patient with "his woman", his "bound." I really liked how he committed to her immediately and stayed true to his commitment later, when they return to his home planet. The worldbuilding was also interesting. In this book, we visit not one but two foreign planets, and they each have unique characteristics. The bad: I'm going to be honest here. So [...]

    Chantal said it all: Predictable. boring. poor description of sex scenes. character development is next to none. buildup of tension, love, relationship, etc is zilch. [] all this talk of love, and that is happens so quickly and for now apparent reason other than hot sex, was just too hard to swallow.Flat is the only adj. I can think of. Flat plot, flat romance, even flat(ter) sex. Moreover, contrary to popular belief, I found no world building at all and many inconsistencies. (view spoiler)[The [...]

    Book one Ral's Woman in the zorn warrior series by Laurann Dohner is fantastically written. You get completely gripped and can't stop reading. A lot happens and some not good but it all ends beautifully with a great HEA.Ariel is human and kidnapped by aliens that we're looking for breeding females. When the aliens realised she isn't compatible they decided to let the other male captives fight to keep her. That's when Ral see her and can't seem to stop himself and he wins her. Really like that ev [...]

    predictable. boring. poor description of sex scenes. character development is next to none. buildup of tension, love, relationship, etc is zilch. the world creation was ok. might give additional books a chance since this book sets up the possibility of another few - there's potential, but this book felt like it needed to be fleshed out a bit more. Also, last criticism - all this talk of love, and that is happens so quickly and for no apparent reason other than hot sex, was just too hard to swall [...]

    Really enjoyable short story! I was surprised by how much I liked this book! I love growling hero's so this book was right up my alley! I'll definitely continue with this series!

    Голям силен извънземен мъжкар и крехка землянка?Много ми хареса, затова, без много чудене, 5*****.Ариел е обикновено момиче от земята, отвлечено от група гущероподобни сини извънземни, които търсят женски същества из другите планети, за развъждане, с които да спасят умиращата [...]

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