✓ Run to Ground ë Jasper Bark

  • Title: Run to Ground
  • Author: Jasper Bark
  • ISBN: 9781945173882
  • Page: 358
  • Format: Paperback

  • ✓ Run to Ground ë Jasper Bark - Run to Ground, Run to Ground Jim Mcleod is on the run He s running from his responsibilities as a father hiding out from his pregnant girlfriend and working as a groundskeeper in a rural graveyard He s running from a lifetime of
    Jasper Bark
    Jasper Bark finds writing author biographies and talking about himself in the third person faintly embarrassing Telling you that he s an award winning author of four cult novels including the highly acclaimed Way of the Barefoot Zombie , just sounds like boasting Then he has to mention that he s written 12 children s books and hundreds of comics and graphic novels and he wants to just curl up He cringes when he has to reveal that his work has been translated into nine different languages and is used in schools throughout the UK to help improve literacy, or that he was awarded the This Is Horror Award for his last anthology Dead Air Maybe he s too British, or maybe he just needs a good enema, but he s glad this bio is now over.


    Ginger Nuts
    Horror is a funny old genre you can get as much satisfaction from a cerebral work of fiction such as Chris Kelso s Unger House Radicals as you can from a good old fashioned piece of pulp horror It s what makes the genre so vibrant And just when you think you have read it all, along comes horror s very own rapscallion Jasper Bark with a novella that will have you squirming with uncomfortable glee, as you reach for the sick bucket Run to ground by Jasper Bark is a book that wears its pulp horror r [...]

    March Shoggoth Madness The Haunted Reading Room
    Review RUN TO GROUND by Jasper BarkKudos again to Crystal Lake Publishing, for always delivering superlative dark fiction and horror, and to extreme author Jasper Bark, whose creative talent always rocks my Imagination RUN TO GROUND includes the title story and the story How the Dark Bleeds plus two chapters of Mr Bark s immensely wonderful extreme novel THE FINAL CUT These two stories elucidate two types of mythological or are they real Entities found only in Ancient Britain Both are real eye o [...]

    I like Jasper Bark s style If the two pieces of short fiction in Run to Ground are prime examples, his writings are a deft combination of hardcore pulp fiction and moral tale Clive Barker meets Mrs Piggle Wiggle Bark s main characters in these two stories are not the most likeable characters In fact, they are fairly repulsive They are thrown into a fate that may be excessive but oh so delicious in a eww, gross sort of way.Take the title story The main character Jim McLeod is a man who makes a ca [...]

    The Grim Reader (Beavisthebookhead.com)
    Jasper Bark has been busy of late Two new releases in as many weeks mean that it has been the proverbial Barkfest Whenever Mr Bark teams up with Crystal Lake Publishing, you have a pretty good idea that things are about to get messy, in the best possible way Last year saw me sample Mr Bark s work with the short story Stuck on You a gruesome body horror tale that disgusted and delighted this reader in equal measure Jasper Bark has a unique voice His bowel loosening descriptions remind me fondly o [...]

    Darren Dilnott
    Superb horror Terrific story Gory in all the right places Excellent Every time i read another Jasper Bark story i continue to be impressed by the originality of his story telling.

    David Dubrow
    Jasper Bark s Run to Ground is a story of unusual power, showcasing Bark s skill at taking the indescribable and making it completely, dreadfully real Despite its fast pace it s still a bit self indulgent in its length, combining flashbacks and a cast of characters that could have been shortened to maximize the narrative s punch Nevertheless, this is a read that will utterly fascinate, even as it elicits disgust and humor in equal measures.Bark is as thoughtful a writer as you ll read in any gen [...]

    Monique Snyman
    Run to Ground by Jasper Bark is one of those novellas that s difficult to explain without giving anything away, but I ll try my best.Jim Mcleod is an asshole He s one of those men who wants, wants, wants, and he gets bored whenever a woman decides he s not the center of the universe In other words, the guy s got a lot of issues Norman Bates type of mommy issues He runs off when his fetishist girlfriend gets pregnant, because he doesn t have the balls to deal with kids Then, he gets a job at a ce [...]

    Yvonne Davies
    Run to Ground is two short stories for the price of one Run to Ground the title story is about Jim Mcleod who takes a job as a graveyard caretaker to shirk his responsibilities in the real world This story is just the events of one night, involving the most amazing death scenes I have every read and whilst reading this book I kept wondering where Jasper Bark got his ideas from After a number of murders, Jim fears for his life as something is chasing him and he knows that he must make it to the c [...]

    Charlotte Munro
    From the first few pages to the very last, Run To Ground takes you down a dark path and shows you the deepest, darkest and depraved things that only worm free from your nightmares The writing is raw and brilliantly descriptive with a story that keeps you on the edge of your seat, albeit squirming I shall never, ever look at cemeteries the same way again What a great book, such a visceral, gory offering A masterpiece of horror Perfect nightmare reading

    I chose this one solely based on the author and its size, so I did not even read the above book summary, I just dove right in Needless to say, it was a jolting dive The story opens with a shockingly, gruesome discovery and never lets up Whoever says that originality is dead has obviously never read Jasper Bark I will say that this story goes pretty far out there and definitely will not appeal to everyone, so don t say that you haven t been forewarned.My only real issue with this story is a minor [...]

    Totally loved this book from start to finish, another awesome production from JB As an author, he is brilliantly skilled at luring you in with humour only to slap you about the face with a rotting dead fish Many times, throughout this tale I had that unnerving feeling, you know that bit where you laugh because you are too shocked, frightened or embarrassed to do anything else.The plot centres around Jim McLeod yes him of Ginger Nuts of Horror blog fame he is cast as the cemetery groundskeeper wi [...]

    I thought this story was a perfect example of an effective use of narrative layering The book opens up with just the right amount of dark, frightening moments to get your attention And as you are reeling, trying to figure out what the heck is going on, the story proceeds to jump back and forth between the present and the past, giving you just enough information at just the right places By the time I got to the end of the book I can safely say that I never would have predicted, even if you had gi [...]

    Tina Marie
    Don t pass this one up Jasper Bark is brilliant He can tell amazing stories, and scare the socks of anyone Especially me This one does not disappoint Jim works in a cemetery Something is happening to a few of the graves They are turning into hills What s inside, terrifies Jim There s murder, ancient folklore, a creepy fetish and a shocking ending you won t see coming Awesome Jasper Another favorite.

    Lisa Cleveland
    Jasper Bark has one messed up imagination Where he comes up with his tales are beyond my ken, but I must admit that I love it Jim lives and works at the graveyard, and he doesn t need women any, he seems to have found a new love or three He and his girlfriend used to have sex in the graveyard, but he s discovered that he much prefers sex with the graves themselves Things are about to get very strange Yep, I d recommend this story and author.

    After reading these two stories a feeling of true horror remains Brilliant and v e r y creepy.There is something added to the mix though I have rarely encountered, a little arrow aimed at women, pregnancy and menstruation, in that birth becomes death and women are on the other side of the moon The beautiful prose, however, and the author s unusually creative imagination easily make up for that little sting and will woo every reader without fail Marvelous Stunning

    Marcie Fraser
    I ve never read anything quite like that, with those words, in that order before, in my life A lot of new moments happened for me when reading Run to Ground by Jasper Bark, a very radical story with interesting mysterious history New concepts, new disgusts and new fears rolled around in my gut I could actually taste the thick coppery odor of blood on my tongue Wear your hazmat suit because this book has extreme detail and is wicked sick

    Nev Murray
    To summarise a tale of past transgressions catching up with someone in a way they did not expect Too much sex for me but still a creepy tale I know there will be a lot of people that this appeals to See here for the full review Run to Ground

    Another fine book from Jasper Bark You can read my full review here horrornovelreviews 2016 0

    Suze Lavender
    Run to GroundJim makes the most gruesome discovery of his life He s working as a groundskeeper in a graveyard Jim is hiding there after running away from his pregnant girlfriend The murders Jim stumbles upon have been committed by entities that are inhabiting the soil of the graveyard To save himself Jim has to find a way to escape these murderous entities There s only one place he thinks he will be safe, but when he arrives it s only just the beginning of the nightmare he landed himself in afte [...]

    Luke Walker
    Short, sharp, graphic and nasty A lot of fun in a disgusting sort of way.

    Tere Fredericks
    Wow Different.Two very stories, very different from each other The first, honestly I wonder how a mind that thinks like must not sleep well Don t misunderstand, the story is good Just different from what I m used to reading Very different.The second story is the same, different Very well written.The two stories have a definite theme I will look for of this author s books.

    Jasper Bark

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