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  • Title: Forbidden Fruit
  • Author: A.J. Phoenix
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 100
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • 1 International Best Seller in Historical Erotica The King s love is fickle he s gorgeous, intelligent and has power beyond the average man He doesn t have to be kind.He can give a glance or a smile and women will fall to their knees.Being by his side makes you the most powerful woman in the world But the moment he tires of you, or you become an inconvenience, you 1 International Best Seller in Historical Erotica The King s love is fickle he s gorgeous, intelligent and has power beyond the average man He doesn t have to be kind.He can give a glance or a smile and women will fall to their knees.Being by his side makes you the most powerful woman in the world But the moment he tires of you, or you become an inconvenience, you are nothing, no one.I ve heard of his reputation He has left a trail of shattered hearts across Europe.If there will ever be a woman to win his heart, they ll need to know his mind first When cunning servant Madeline Black helps her mistress throw a party, she meets King Alexander, a seductive royal who can t keep his eyes off her Then, she is sold by her mistress and whisked away to Buckingham Palace to be apart a royal servant staff Though she knows his reputation and tries to focus on her duties, she constantly finds herself in his presence Unable to resist, she is soon succumbing to her desires in every corner of Windsor and Buckingham But, as Napoleon moves across Europe, Princess Sofia of Spain takes refuge at Windsor and the pressure for Alex to marry her is high Nonetheless, they continue to sneak around to enjoy the pleasures of their trysts Despite their need for each other, can their relationship survive the society they live in WARNING This book contains frequent sex scenes and graphic language.
    A.J. Phoenix
    A.J. Phoenix Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Forbidden Fruit book, this is one of the most wanted A.J. Phoenix author readers around the world.


    Okay it's official, my first (and hopefully only) dnf book this year. I'm sorry I couldn't do it. I read heaps of reviews that said that sex scenes were too much, too frequent. But I thought I'll give it a go anyways. Bad. Idea. It is what everyone is saying, too much, too over the place, I sometimes left like I was in repeat! And then I read other reviews that said it doesn't have an ending, but a cliffhanger! Nope! Not buying anything else from this series! I'm sorry I tried to the half way po [...]

    Ashley Nichole
    This was bad. I did not enjoy the first book in the Maid for Majesty series at all. Sex scenes every so often in a book do not bother me, but in this book they did. I felt the focus was their physical relationship and not the actual story. There were at least 5 different words for "vagina", and sometimes they were all used in the same scene. I HATE descriptions like "his nectar" and others trying to spell out moaning and various other sounds. "Aaaaaaaiiieeee" and "uuuhhhhhn" in all caps, or even [...]

    Kristi Hudecek-Ashwill
    Madeline Black is a slave who was sold to a brothel by her father. Before she was even off the stage, she was bought again by the Watson's. Lady Watson is demanding, unappreciative, and abusive to Madeline and all of her servants.Madeline was helping with a big party that the King was attending at the Watson's when she made a certain connection with him. Nothing tawdry happened then. It was after she was purchased on his behalf and she came to be in service at Buckingham Palace--in more ways tha [...]

    Definitely one of my favourite books! The storyline is just so intriguing that it becomes addicting. Definitely recommend!!

    Sandra G. Coffey
    Disappointed!This was too long so, I skipped to the end, hoping that it would be finished, only to find that after 37 chapters, the story still isn't finished, REALLY. Totally not happy and not interested in reading the others.

    Nikki Vace
    The sex scenes became repetitive and boring about mid way though the book. The story could have been a lot shorter or spent more time on the non sex related aspects of their relationship. Madeline's expectations where really out of line with the time period and I often got annoyed with that. Also Kings kocking boots (I know I'm dating myself) with the maid doesn't seem like it would be as big of a deal as portrayed. Marrying said maid would have caused a scandal.

    CliffhanngerI grew weary of all the sex and the story dragging on and on waiting for her true identity to be known and a HEA. I was astonished to find a cliffhanger. What?? After forcing myself through the endless sex scenes the story has no resolution? Good grief, a cliffhanger. Don't waste your time.

    BCD Book Review - Rachel & Jen
    Amount of sex 5 / 5How explicit 5 / 5BDSM/Fetish 1 / 5Romance 5 / 5Overall: 5 / 5Review: What goes on between a king and his servant is very naughty in Maid for Majesty!Jen here reviewing Maid for Majesty: Forbidden Fruit the very hot and steamy book by AJ Phoenix. I really enjoy historical fiction, but I have not read much historical romance. I had to get past the historical inaccuracies such as language and that there was no King Alexander on the English Throne (It was the George III), but onc [...]

    If I could give this zero stars, I would. It was one of the worst books I have ever read. The grammar was terrible and words were just missing out of sentences. Good plot and it is what pulled me to the book. The sex scenes were atrocious, frequent, and impossible. The author's writing was choppy and switched often between different characters' pov. It become very tiring to figure out who was talking. There is also the issue through the book where the author forgot things the haracters had alrea [...]

    Lately I don't write reviews but this book, omg! I feel like nothing happened at least nothing interesting, this book was more about the main characters' sex life than anything else, every chapter most of the chapter was about them having sex, nothing about the war, the country and its alliances just a few tiny details here and there, the only reason I didn't put it down is because I can't start a book and not finish it and foolishly I kept hoping we were getting somewhere but noooooo and the wo [...]

    You are a amazing writerGod surly has bless you and you have found your calling. I just wish the series was completely finished. Believe me this is my first book you a wonderful creation a name anyone who read your book will never be forgotten. So please don't keep me in suspense to long. Until we meet again. Much success in the future. D.H from New York City P.s. to those who are reading this review it doesn't leave you on a cliffhanger it that you never want it to end. But beware it will keep [...]

    I've read all three of this series and am forced to agree that:a) much more editing was required for spelling and (Regency) period consistency.b) while I enjoy some smutty scenes in a book, I felt that the whole series had too much sex. It's extra disappointing, because the storyline had so much potential!I hope that future writing takes this into account!

    Debbie Scott
    VERY GOOD HISTORICAL ROMANCEOh, to be the KING. A most unusual storyline to involve a Royal. We loved the interactions between Alex and Madeleine, and the sex sciences are so hot and definitely on the naughty side. Even though we loved the book, we are disappointed that it is not a stand alone. Thank you Danny and Debbie Scott.

    Sarah Dickerman
    BrilliantI would read again and again and again. The storyline is fantastic and you can't help but fall in love with the characters

    Susan Jenkins (Tely)
    597 pages and it ended on a CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I took a star away for that. Second star was for poor editing. Some of the sentences I had to read again and figure out for myself what the author might have been thinking. I should take a star away for too much sex, but it did say "erotic" in the description. Seriously, if this were an actual paperback I would have flipped ahead past some of the sex scenes, they were really starting to get boring by the end. Oh, excuse me, the CLIFFHANGER. [...]

    I actually had to take a few days off from reading this because there were just TOO MANY sex scenes. At first it was ok, but by 75% of the book your just in sensory overload with all the sex! I mean something is going to fall off from misuse. That's why I gave it 3 stars, if there had been a few less sex scenes I would have given this 5 STARS! This was very interesting and there were absolutely ZERO spelling errors and that's something that's hard to come by nowadays in the cheap kindle books ca [...]

    absolutely would have benefited from another pass from an editor. there were several grammar and spelling mistakes, even a double negative at one point. and the language itself was definitely way more modern than I expected. the plot was decent and the characters were fine, although a bit dumb. the 'slavery' aspect was kind of weird and unnecessary, so for me this story could have been set in more modern times and possibly made more sense.

    Marcie Ann Brown
    Lots of sexOMG too much sex. Nearly every chapter was at least half no holds barred sex. I like the story. Half way through I just skipped the sex stuff to get more story. I also skimmed about half of her room descriptions mostly because most of it was the same. I hoped it was a stand alone book. Extremely Disappointed.

    Daisy White
    A lot of sex on almost every two to three pages! I’m like the historian romance, and the banter that went back and forth between characters! I would read the second book, but going to take a break and try some no sexual books.

    Loved itLoved it, it was fun and interesting and different , I started reading part 2 before I was done here,but was a lil frustrating at times but I'm loving it and I want more ;)

    Tracy Ruble
    Interesting story, steamy sex but a bit disjointed. I'm still going to read the next book. The beginning of the book was hard to get through and seems unimportant to the actual storyline.

    Mr Neil Ashley/ Mrs Joanne Ashley
    Below average.I don't think that this author reads anything back and realises its historically and grammatically miles away. Read to the end in the hope the plot would get better. It's an erotic novel by an average writer what do you expect i suppose

    Bettina Bull
    Great read for mature readersA king and a servant girl or is she. What is her story and what causes his nightmares that are his secret only. The beginnings of the discovery of these answers lie in this steamy sexy book.

    Kelly Byrne
    It was ok but I just thought the sex scenes were completely over the top and in some cases more annoying than anything. It was one book I kept leaving and coming back to, story was ok.

    Madeline Black is a servant who has caught the eye of King Alex. Sort of historical, but mostly not. Good in the descriptive sense, but accuracy is lacking.

    You won't be able to put it down once you start reading, so definitely make sure you have free time whenever you read! You just need to know what happens next!One of my favourite authors for sure.

    Heather Gerard
    Steamy romance loved itI Loved the story and the steamy sex scenes but i didn't like the ending it just dropped off I was that good

    It is a great book to read

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