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  • Title: The Journey Home: A Memoir
  • Author: Patrice M. Foster
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 264
  • Format: Paperback

  • Foster memoir details her battle through poverty, neglect, and abuse to a life of healing through forgiveness and acceptance.Story about survival and victory and offers hope for adolescents, young adult.
    Patrice M. Foster
    PATRICE M FOSTERBIOGRAPHYPatrice Foster s life reads like an adventure novel that might have been entitled, Journey to Respect Born in Jamaica West Indies, she and her five siblings were abandoned when her mother fled to America to escape her abusive husband, who then later abandoned his children Patrice and her siblings were placed in foster homes and subsequently shuffled from one uncaring and abusive family to the next Entrusted to the care of an uncle, young Patrice became close with an American missionary in the hopes of communicating with her mother in America When Patrice was twelve, she and her siblings were finally reunited with their mother, but it was not the happy reunion of their dreams Obligated to find other living arrangements, the situation eventually deteriorated until Patrice ran away to live with their father After finding herself locked out one day, Patrice became homeless and struggled to survive Her life on the streets was a dangerous and discouraging time, yet despite her hopeless situation, she managed to finish school and moved to New Jersey where she entered an LPN program 1986 After graduating, she relocated to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where she furthered her career by becoming an RN in 1998 She continued her education by pursuing a BSN program at Immaculate University Through her personal evolution, Patrice continues to battle the demons of her youth and desire to feel worthy and respected by striving to heal a little each day Aware of the poor treatment encountered by nurses, in 2000, she established her company, Respect Medical Services, through which she committed herself to improved the working conditions and compensation of medical personnel Her belief was that nurses who were treated and compensated as professionals were better able to perform as compassionate caregivers, thereby creating an environment beneficial to the physical and emotional wellbeing of their patients Patrice s greatest sense of accomplishment was achieved by securing employment for others Though she closed her business in 2004, she continues to work as a nurse, as well as traveling the path to healing and self discovery.


    Manpreet Kaur
    The book is simple and plain account of one's life with no glittery add ons. The multifaceted personalities of all the real life characters and the astonishing yet believable incidents from a dark phase of one's life make it unique and raw.It is a book one would love if he/she prefers the real talk with real happenings and real reactions of a normal individual fighting for survival. Expect no groomed incidents or stories but stark realities of what could happen to you in extremely bad and unluck [...]

    I found the descriptions in this book quite good. There were also sad moments as well. I got a copy in exchange for an honest review.

    Damion Young
    “You can plunge to the depths, forever swallowed by the darkness of depression. Or, you can climb out inch by agonizing inch and survive…and even thrive.“ Anyone who has battled with depression knows that it is a hard road to trod. The struggle is real and it does not just go away like that. Patrice M Foster, through her memoir, shows us that it can be don’t though. You can take that journey and find yourself. I think everyone should read this book; both those who are going through depre [...]

    Michelle (Michelle's Book Ends) Shealy
    "I didn't realize that your past really sticks with you. You don't just walk through a nice new door and step into a shining opportunity. Even if you slam the door behind you, never glimpse through the keyhole or peek under the door frame, because that little chink of light from your old life still taunts you. Worse, no one tells you that its's a swinging door and that you'll always be able to glimpse the past. Sometimes you may slip back through that door into your old ways because even though [...]

    MOLDING MY DESTINY, by Patrice Foster is a first person account of a child born into a terrible cycle of poverty, abuse, parental abandonment, and extreme emotional deprivation. The author candidly shares memories of her growing years, as she reveals seeds of hope that sprout from her emotionally arid upbringing.Patrice Foster envisions a better life, a dream of being an American, far away from her Jamaican roots. She dreams of equality, prosperity, happiness, and belonging. The promise of a gol [...]

    Patrice Foster has the unique ability to put to words what millions of people have felt, but unable to express the total despair they experienced. Although Patrice’s life sounds foreign to most Americans, it is more common than what we want to admit. Molding My Destiny was written by one who overcame huge obstacles and knows what it takes for the abused, depressed, and desolate woman to conquer her fears and get out of a toxic relationship. It is heartbreaking how people took advantage of her [...]

    Payal Sinha
    Molding My Destiny is an interesting book about the struggles of a lady who ultimately turned her life into a success story. The introduction part of the book was good enough, but as I have read a number of books I was not much motivated. However, when I started reading the story, I found myself getting fascinated by it and eager to turn the pages. The story is not just about a single woman but about a whole family. It shows how fantasies are woven in far off land about America and how the harsh [...]

    Jessica Headlee
    I was given a free copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review, you can read the entire review on my blog, Of Books and PenFinal Thoughts:This book is not for the faint of heart, I cannot stress this enough! Molding my Destiny contains a rape scene, neglect, parent/family abandonment, abuse, poverty, depression, and anorexia. If any of the listed themes disturbs you or makes you uncomfortable, please read at your own risk. Molding my Destiny is a real dark, but true story ab [...]

    ‘Inner peace can be reached only when we practice forgiveness. Forgiveness is letting go of the past.’ - Gerald G. JampolskyJamaica-born Pennsylvania author Patrice M. Foster comes from an abusive background, having been abandoned by first her mother who fled to America to escape her abusive husband only to be deserted by the father resulting in Patrice and her siblings been placed in abusive foster homes. At age twelve she with her siblings were unsuccessfully reunited with their mother, re [...]

    Patrice Foster
    Reviewed By Romuald Dzemo for Readers’ FavoriteMolding My Destiny by Patrice M Foster is an inspirational story that is as relevant to this time and age as it is encouraging, and there is no doubt that many readers will resonate with the message of the book. This memoir tells the story of an immigrant, a Jamaican girl who leaves her native home, reminiscent of the sounds of reggae, to travel to the land “of milk and honey,” where dreams are fulfilled. But would the America of her dreams be [...]

    This is an extremely touching story. I adore real life accounts and the cover of this novel drew my attention as it has so much poignancy and a sense of despair to it. Then I read the synopsis of the novel and the background information on the author and I was completely hooked, as it sounded incredibly interesting. This novel did not disappoint in any way. The writing is heartfelt and natural, and you can really feel the author’s voice coming through the story. The editing of the novel is goo [...]

    Appreciate EverythingI just finished reading a very good book titled, "Molding My Destiny" by Patrice M Foster. This inspirational story is about a young girl living in Jamaica. Patrice tells of the life and extreme hardships that she and her family must endure daily. Molding My Destiny will make you appreciate the things that we commonly see as mundane. If you are like and enjoy stories of human struggle and the ability to overcome all obstacles this will be a read that you can't put down. In h [...]

    I gave this book four stars and it's a great read!  Be sure to check it out at or Barnes and Noble's websites!Molding My Destiny is an inspirational book although I think it fell a little flat in the subtitle From Surviving to Thriving.  The beginning of this book talks about the author’s youth in Jamaica and how America was viewed by Jamaicans cumulating with the author’s mother being selected in a lottery to get to come to America.  The author’s father seems to be a womanizing dead b [...]

    Renee Spicuzza
    Patrice M Foster’s, “ Molding My Destiny: A Story of Hope that Takes One Child from Surviving to Thriving,” is her story of her struggle with depression and what she went through on a daily basis. I think this is honestly a great book for people to read because socially, many people think depression is just something you can get over if you think positively or meditate or just try harder and it isn’t like that in many cases. It gives great insight for people who have not had personal exp [...]

    Phil Bolos
    Molding My Destiny by Patrice M. Foster is the real life story of a girl and her family as they slowly emigrated from Jamaica to the United States. The family had heard stories of the US and how everyone here lived wonderful lives and never needed to work hard. Once they arrived, they realized just how wrong many of the stories had been. It seemed as if living in the US simply brought one heart break after another. Their father immediately divorced their mother when they arrived to run off with [...]

    Romuald Dzemo
    Molding My Destiny: A Story of Hope That Takes One Child from Surviving to Thriving by Patrice M Foster is a story that is very inspirational and motivational; it is a story of hardship, poverty, and courage when faced with adversity. We encounter the heroine, someone who experiences neglect and abuse during her childhood. She knows poverty from a very profound level. In this captivating memoir, she documents her battle for survival and her journey towards healing.Patrice M Foster will bring tea [...]

    What really struck me when I read this sad book was that things might have been very different for Patrice and her siblings if the American Government had not run a lottery scheme, whereby one “lucky” winner was given the opportunity to go to the U.S. to work as a maid. Patrice’s mother won the lottery and thought that all her troubles were over. It seems to me to be criminally irresponsible for a government to sanction (and reward) a mother for abandoning her six children whilst she went [...]

    When you begin reading this book, you really feel for the young girl and everything she’s been affected by, but you also see the ray of hope in the distance, so you can stay focused on what’s happening. Many people would be bitter and hateful after living such a hard life, but it is clear that Patrice is not someone that holds those types of grudges. Although much of the narrative was heartbreaking, it really goes to show you the lengths that humans can persevere. She paints a picture of her [...]

    If you know someone who is suffering from depression, or if you suffer from depression, then I think this book is a good read for you. This isn’t a self-help book, touted to make all your problems go away with easy step by step instructions. This is a memoir, a story of life, and how we can all learn valuable lessons in overcoming our hardships. This book takes the dream of America, and pits it against the sometimes-harsh realities of life in America and how the author and her siblings fought [...]

    Ivan Hecimovic
    “Molding my Destiny’’, an autobiographical novel written by Patrice M. Foster, is a book about moving forward. This is something that a reader can see immediately after he starts reading the book. Moving forward can only be achieved if there is a struggle, a fight and of course – an emotional depth, which is visible after we read the dedication page. It is extremely difficult to live when you need to face constant pain, defeat after a defeat and when nothing makes sense. Then the life of [...]

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