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  • Title: The Red Rose Box
  • Author: Brenda Woods
  • ISBN: 9780142501511
  • Page: 331
  • Format: Paperback

  • On her tenth birthday, Leah receives a surprise gift from glamorous Aunt Olivia, Mama s only sister, who lives in Los Angeles It is a red rose box Not many people in 1958 Louisiana have seen such a beautiful traveling case, covered with red roses, filled with jewelry, silk bedclothes, expensive soapsd train tickets to California Soon after, Leah and her sister,On her tenth birthday, Leah receives a surprise gift from glamorous Aunt Olivia, Mama s only sister, who lives in Los Angeles It is a red rose box Not many people in 1958 Louisiana have seen such a beautiful traveling case, covered with red roses, filled with jewelry, silk bedclothes, expensive soapsd train tickets to California Soon after, Leah and her sister, Ruth, find themselves in Hollywood, far away from cotton fields and Jim Crow laws To Leah, California feels like freedom But when disaster strikes back home, Leah and Ruth have to stay with Aunt Olivia permanently Will freedom ever feel like home
    Brenda Woods
    Brenda Woods Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Red Rose Box book, this is one of the most wanted Brenda Woods author readers around the world.


    In 1958 Sulphur Springs, Louisiana Leah Jean Hooper dreams of being a teacher but everyone she knows thinks she's destined to be a cotton picker (the author uses the word "pickaninny"). When Leah's mysterious Aunt Olivia in the far off Los Angeles, California sends a red rose traveling box for Leah's 10th birthday filled with luxurious garments, nail polish, lipstick and bath scent, Leah believes anything is possible. Her little sister Ruth also receives a traveling case for her 9th birthday alo [...]

    The Red Rose Box is a moving story about two sisters growing up in Jim Crow Era Louisiana, circa 1953. Leah, the older sister, receives a fancy red rose box from her Aunt Olivia in California for her birthday. The box contains all kinds of beautiful things that Leah has never seen before and train tickets for her family to travel west for a visit. Leah, her younger sister Ruth, their mother and grandmother board a segregated train car in New Orleans and set out to visit Aunt Olivia and her husba [...]

    Sherry Dale Rogers
    It was June 1953; Leah Hopper was turning 10.The Red Rose Box takes place in Sulphur, Louisiana during the Civil Rights Movement. Leah and Ruth Hopper,sisters, are caught between two worlds when tragedy strikes Sulphur, Louisiana.With the red rose box, filled with femininity, in hand the two colored girls are forced to leave Jim Crow laws and move to Los Angeles where freedom rings.No more cotton fields and possum dinner, no more washing “whites” clothes. In this new world all people come to [...]

    Augusta Jane
    sooo sad, but it does have a lot of funny parts too

    This is such an amazing book. Out of the books I've read, this is decently in the top 2. It is a very emotional book, talking about racism and poverty. But I love it so much!

    The Red Rose Box is a historical fiction book that I would most definitely want in my classroom. I enjoyed reading from the perspective of two young African American girls growing up in the 50's south with Jim Crow laws. Despite the setting of this book, it was different from your typical HF novel written in this time frame and I enjoyed this. Leah and her sister Ruth experience life outside of their usual world and the thoughts and experiences that come with it are as exciting and thought-provo [...]

    This really highlighted for me what it must be like for minority children dealing with racist whites. Horrible! I liked that Leah Jean, the protagonist compared life in LA where people had so much to her life in Louisiana where people had nothing and realized that money isn't everything. It didn't seem fully believable, but it was interesting. She missed her parents terribly but was able to love her aunt and uncle and to appreciate the housekeeper, Mrs. Pittman. I want to recommend this to kids [...]


    Kris Brown
    The Red Rose Box was written by Brenda Woods. This contemporary realistic fiction book is intended to be read by intermediate and advanced age groups. This particular book won several awards and honors. In 2003, The Red Rose Box won the Coretta Scott King Honor, Pen Center USA Finalist, and the Judy Lopez Memorial Award. In 2005, the book won the FOCAL Award. I rated this book as a five. The Red Rose Box is about two little African American sisters who grew up in the South during segregation. Du [...]

    Abbey Grimm
    oh, my heart.This book was, I think, very near flawless. I am incapable of pinpointing what exactly endears it to me so, but I simply cannot stop re-reading it. I found this in my school library, checked it out, and repeated the cycle about eight times in one year. It's a coming-of-age tale but not just that - there is history, and everything - the conversations, the trivia - is inextricably linked to the larger plot.The focus of the 'red-rose-box' marks a turning point in both Leah and Ruth's l [...]

    Olivia Gonzales
    *for the sake of this review I have chosen to be extremely politically incorrect and call this girl black. Yes, I understand that she is African American and I pinky promise not to do it again*I must have read this book 5 times, at least.That's how good it is.This book was my first introduction into a more emotional, tragedy based genre, books such as TFIOS, If I Stay, Out of My Mind, or Thirteen Reasons Why (all highly recommended, by the way).Leah thinks differently from any other girl you hav [...]

    The Red Rose Box This book it's just different I have never read anything like it it just jumps to the good parts and thats what I like about it. Its about Leah Hopper gets a very special gift from her aunt named Olivia. The gift was very nice case covered in red roses her aunt that had sent it said that this box was her femininity. Although Leah did not know what that had meant so she had to ask her grandmother. Inside the beautiful traveling case were other luxurious gifts that her aunt Olivi [...]

    Numan Khalid
    The Red Rose Box is about a young girl name Leah Jean who lives in Sulphur, Louisiana in 1953. On her tenth birthday her Aunt Olivia, who lived in Los Angeles, California, sent her a red rose box that included a lock and key. Inside this red rose box, a suitcase, were satin slippers, silk robe, fashion jewelry, and other items that were not seen in the south, especially for young girls like Leah. Inside this box was also a letter to Leah's mother. The letter included four train tickets to Califo [...]

    The Red Rose Box is a story about two African American sisters who end up having to move from rural and segregated Louisiana to Los Angeles. Leah Hopper and her sister Ruth take us on a journey of discrimination, loss, friendship, forgiveness, and dreams. Even though this is a fictional story, many people in our not too distant past had to deal with the discrimination, Jim Crow Laws, and lynchings that are talked about in this book. One day while having a conversation with her Aunt Olivia, Leah [...]

    Tiauna Holley
    This book is a contemporary realistic fiction book. Coretta Scott King Honor, Pen Center USA Finalist, Judy Lopez Memorial Award, and the FOCAL Award 2005 were awarded to this book. This book is about two sister living during the Jim Crow Era. During the story the older sister gets a box from their aunt and the box is a beautiful red rose box. Inside the box amongst everything their aunt sent the girls see tickets to go California. After the visit the oldest sister is torn between being in Louis [...]

    The Red Rose Box is set in the year of 1953. Leah is turning ten years old, and receives a present of a red rose box full of many items that Leah has not had the opportunity to see. She receives nail polish, lipstick, slippers, and jewelry. This present comes from her aunt, along with a letter to Leah’s mother. This letter warrants a trip to Los Angeles to visit their aunt. Leah experiences life without segregation when visiting Los Angeles and does not want to return home. With devastating ev [...]

    Ashley Brown
    As soon as I started this book I couldn’t put it down. This would be the perfect week-long book for forth and fifth graders. Some historical subjects mentioned in The Red Rose Box are segregation, Jim Crow laws, NAACP, the Mason-Dixon Line, and voting. As a future teacher I would talk about the language used in the book before having a class read it. Terminology used to negatively label African- Americans is throughout the chapter book and should be further discussed. Brenda Woods has a smooth [...]

    Interesting contrast between rural southern Louisiana and Southern California during the early 1950s. Leah and Ruth are two sisters experiencing a quickly changing world. They move from Louisiana, where they live with their mom, dad, and grandma to California to live with their aunt and uncle when disaster strikes Sulphur, LA. It is time for the Hopper girls to learn about love, loss, and creating a new home.

    Debbie Tanner
    I really wanted to like this book about two girls growing up in a small town in Louisiana in the 1950s. The first part of the book tells about their lives there with their parents and their extended family. The second part of the book felt like an unrelated set of short stories. Each chapter felt like a separate story until at the end, I'd stopped caring about the characters.

    Leah finds a red rose traveling box waiting for her at home in Louisiana on her tenth birthday from her Aunt Olivia, who lives in Los Angeles. On a trip to visit Aunt Olivia, Leah discovers another world where freedom doesn’t seem so far away and more opportunities await for her. Then, tragedy strikes at home, leaving Leah to remain with her new family and adapt to her new life.

    This story made escaping from poverty seem way too easy, but I guess the point was to provide clear contrast between places as well as incomes. The way that some historical events are forced into the storyline is a little weak, but I think for kids learning about the struggle against segregation and poverty, this book would do a fair job.

    Leah gets a rose box with womanly things in it from her aunt. They got train tickets from aunt Olivia to visit her in L.A. Leah and Ruth, her sister, went to visit aunt Olivia. During their visit a disaster strikes in Sulphur. Where Leah and Ruth live. Their mom & dad died so they had to live with aunt Olivia.

    Courtney Ali
    this is my favorite book in the world! it's about to young girls name leah and ruth hopper who live in segregation. thier parents died in a hurricane in their home town sulphur louisina and move with their fashionable aunt who lives in california thre is no segragation there or jim crow.

    Tremendously authentic and beautiful. The characterization and dialogue are genuine and I fancy the allusions young readers are exposed to in this thoughtful novel. Shocked it didn't win the Newberry; a powerful first novel.

    This is a really really good book!!!

    GPPL Youth

    Very good juvenile fiction!

    Andrea Croskey
    This was one of the best books I have read to my children. It brought up a lot of interesting discussion. I did have to read ahead and edit a few scenes with some hints at sexual content.

    Anaya♪♫ So bright the sun is ashamed to rise and be♪ ♫
    The only reason this book gets a 3 is because the historical reference was good.*SPOILER ALERT*An 11 and a 13 year old? REALLY? It's just not realistic.

    Won't read again.

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