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  • Title: Down a Dark Road
  • Author: Linda Castillo
  • ISBN: 9781250121288
  • Page: 132
  • Format: Hardcover

  • In this electrifying new thriller in the New York Times bestselling series, a convicted murderer is on the run and Chief of Police Kate Burkholder must catch him before he strikes again.Eight years ago Joseph King was convicted of murdering his wife and sentenced to life in prison He was a fallen Amish man and, according to local law enforcement, a known drug user withIn this electrifying new thriller in the New York Times bestselling series, a convicted murderer is on the run and Chief of Police Kate Burkholder must catch him before he strikes again.Eight years ago Joseph King was convicted of murdering his wife and sentenced to life in prison He was a fallen Amish man and, according to local law enforcement, a known drug user with a violent temper Now King has escaped, and he s headed for Painters Mill.News of a murderer on the loose travels like wildfire and putting Chief of Police Kate Burkholder and her team of officers on edge A nightmare scenario becomes reality when King shows up with a gun and kidnaps his five children from their Amish uncle s house He s armed and desperate with nothing left to lose.Fearing for the safety of the children, Kate leaps into action, but her frantic search for a killer leads her into an ambush When King releases her unharmed, asking her to prove his innocence, she begins to wonder whether the police are hiding something, and she embarks on her own investigation to discover the truth.
    Linda Castillo
    Linda Castillo is the New York Times bestselling author of the Kate Burkholder series, including Sworn to Silence and Gone Missing, crime thrillers set in Amish country Sworn to Silence was recently adapted into a Lifetime original movie titled An Amish Murder starring Neve Campbell as Kate Burkholder Castillo is the recipient of numerous industry awards, including the Daphne du Maurier Award of Excellence and the Holt Medallion, and she received a nomination for the Rita In addition to writing, Castillo s other passion is horses, particularly her appaloosa George She lives in Texas with her husband and is currently at work on her next novel.


    A fantastic addition to one of my absolute favorite series. Joseph, an Amish father of five, is sent to prison for the murder of his wife. One year later he makes a daring escape to reunite with his children. Soon he crosses paths with his neighbor and childhood friend Kate Burkholder, now the police chief of Painters Mill. He desperately claims his innocence and pleads with her to look into the case and clear his name. A very fast paced book that balances a great police procedural with a behind [...]

    Mary Beth
    This is one of my favorite series! It is the nineth book in the Kate Burkholder Series. I have read every book in this series. This book was outstanding! Linda Castillo has done it again! Her ability to weave together the Amish life and "Englischers" into an interesting story and then throw a murder mystery in the midst is superb. I love the characters in this series, especially Kate Burkholder. In this book the characters come to life, you actually care what happens to them. The author evokes d [...]

    Sandy *The world could end while I was reading and I would never notice*
    EXCERPT: I haven’t seen or heard from Joseph King in twenty years, but I heard the stories. Not only from the Amish, but from law enforcement as well. Evidently, King was a troubled man with a marriage on the rocks, a litter of kids he didn’t want, and a loose interpretation of his marital vows.I vividly recall the day I learned his wife had been found dead—and Joseph was arrested and charged with first-degree murder. I couldn’t believe the kid I’d known—the one with the toothy grin [...]

    Diane S ☔
    This author does such a great job of blending the Amish culture with that of our own, or as the Amish say, English. Burkholder, now sheriff, was one Amish, and her family, brother and sister, still belong. This case will take Katie back to her childhood, a time filled with chores, but also a great deal of fun. A man, who she last saw as a boy, will be the focus.I love how this book goes back and forth in time, learning a little more about her past, small glimpses and insights into the Amish way [...]

    Down a Dark Road by Linda Castillo is a 2017 Minotaur Books publication.Another solid addition to this outstanding series!!Do you ever really forget your first crush? For Kate, Joseph King was the first boy she ever had tender feelings for. But, eight years ago, he was convicted of murdering his wife and sent to prison. However, he has managed to escape, and although it’s foolhardy, the first thought in his mind is his children. Apprised of the situation, Kate isn’t convinced Joseph would co [...]

    When Chief of Police Kate Burkholder was informed that Joseph King had escaped from prison, she wasn't sure he'd return to Painters Mill. Joe's Amish lifestyle had fallen apart when his Datt was killed while he was just a teenAfter Joe's conviction for murdering his wife, his five children were taken in by his wife's sister and her husband. They now lived on a farm outside of town. But taking his children hostage and then capturing Kate as well, had the police from around the countryside surroun [...]

    3.5 stars, rounded up to 4This is a well done, solid mystery. Kate Burkholder is lapsed Amish, chief of police for a small Ohio town. In this book, a childhood friend who had been convicted of murdering his wife escapes from prison and returns for his children. Kate has gone to the house where the children are and ends up losing her gun and being taken hostage by the man. He later releases her when she promises to investigate his claim of innocence. There is a nice balance between story and char [...]

    Another great book in the Kate Burkholder series. I enjoy this series for many reasons but a primary reason is that the author always keeps the action going, even in the paperwork parts of the investigation, the forward momentum is still there. I don't feel like I have to slog through lengthy descriptions to get back to the action. The characters and setting are developed in a succinct and relevant manner. Not much of the supporting characters in this installment, but that is okay as this is ver [...]

    Down a Dark Road is #9 and another great addition to the Kate Burkholder series. I like how Castillo weaves the Amish culture into all of the novels with Kate having grown up in an Amish family and leaving that lifestyle as an adult. She knows how they think and can get them talking. This is one of my favorites because it hits close to home for Kate Burkholder. She straddles the line between personal and professional which makes this an exciting read. Her first crush has been convicted of murder [...]

    Let me get this out of the way first. I criticized a previous Linda Castillo book for glaring editing errors. There’s one in this book, very near the end, that unfortunately broke my concentration during a great scene. Made me look back a couple of pages to check something, and then shake my head. I hate when that happens, but I'm not letting that affect my feelings toward this book. So here we go…I didn't plan on spending all of yesterday reading (and we did manage to go out for lunch), but [...]

    Two “fallen away” Amish adults cross paths in Down a Dark Road, Linda Castillo’s ninth mystery novel featuring police chief Kate Burkholder. Kate left her family and the Amish community after her rumspringa, the period when teens are permitted to experience the “English” way of life. That is the time when they can decide whether or not they will remain Amish. Due to some difficult circumstances, Kate chose to leave. She studied and worked hard, and now she commands a tiny police force [...]

    4.5 chilling starsI have been following this series since 2009. I don’t know anymore how I found this author, but her books have pulled me back year after year. The most fascinating aspect of these novels is the premise and location. I’ve never read anything about the Amish culture before Kate Burkholder. I’m from Germany so I understand some of the Amish that is being used in these books, but sentence structure is often very different and the culture is a world apart to anything I’ve ev [...]

    John Culuris
    Disclaimer and an Apology: This book was awarded free through a giveaway and due to unforeseen circumstances I’m only getting back to the novel now, over three months later. I will not abuse the privilege again.★ ★ ★ 1/2When I was a vendor and travelled the country as part of a group of five or six people, two my colleagues enjoyed romance novels. When one would finish a new book, she would grade it for the other. The scholastic letter grades they used were not much then the Star system [...]

    I would like to thank NetGalley, Minotaur Books, and Linda Castillo for the advanced digital copy in exchange for an honest review. Painters Mill Ohio Chief of Police Kate Burkholder discovers her Amish childhood friend, Joseph King, has escaped from prison. Kate, a former member of the Amish community herself, feels a great urgency to inject herself into the situation. King, imprisoned for killing his wife, kidnaps Kate and holes up in a house where his 5 children are living during his incarcer [...]

    Sherri Thacker
    This is the 6th book I've read by this author. I love all of Linda Castillo's book and this is no exception. This author does an excellent job of explaining things so you don't have to read the books in order to understand everything. I've always been fascinated with the Amish community and reading these books just makes me want to go visit one day. I want to read more books by Linda Castillo.

    “Down A Dark Road” is the ninth book in Linda Castillo’s Kate Burkholder Series of which I’ve read all but one. (And yes, I really need to do something about that soon!) I eagerly look forward to the release of each of Castillo’s books, so it’s not surprising that I jumped at the chance to review her latest novel. Some book series grow stale overtime, but that is not the case here. The story opens in the now familiar setting of Painters Mill in the heart of Ohio’s Amish country. Ch [...]

    Down a Dark Road is the first book of this series that I have read but I intend to start from #1 and read the whole series. Kate Burkholder is one hell of a cop. In this book, Kate is trying to clear the name of her first crush, Joseph King. He was found guilty of the murder of his wife Naomi and sentenced to life in prison. Kate is notified of his escape from prison and she sets out to find him before anyone else can, to prevent him being killed.She suspects he may be going to where his 5 child [...]

    Anne OK
    It's the lingering sense of injustice that grates on my cop's sensibilities.-- Sheriff Kate Burkholder, Down A Dark RoadOnce again, suspense and murder strikes Painters Mill, Ohio.  And this reader couldn't be more excited!  I fell in love with this series from the first book.  Now it's one of my very favorites.  No need to worry if you haven't read the previous books in this extraordinary series.  The author eases you into the story with enough background so that you'll never feel lost or [...]

    Rachel (TheShadesofOrange)
    4.0 StarsAnother entertaining, fast-paced novel in the Kate Burkholder series. The mystery was somewhat guessable, but still an enjoyable reading experience. Sadly, I am now caught up with the most recent publication and have to wait impatiently for the next installment.

    4.5 I almost didn't want to finish this book because now I have to wait for the next one. This is my favorite series and the books just get better and better!I look forward to the next one.Highly recommend!

    “Down a Dark Road” is probably the most emotionally affecting and suspenseful book in the Kate Burkholder series, and then there are the pies! I’ve read every book in Linda Castillo’s series about Painter’s Mill police chief Kate Burkolder and enjoyed them all. They provide a revealing view of the unique challenges of small town policing combined with thrilling plots with surprising twists. What I most appreciate about the series is learning more about the Amish culture. Kate was forme [...]

    Susan Johnson
    I received this book from a Good Reads giveaway which was exciting in itself. It's been 2 years since I won a book so I was excited. I really like the Kate Burkholder series. Kate is the sheriff of Painted Mills, Ohio, right in the middle of Amish country. Kate is a former Amish so her knowledge of the culture and the language is a big help in her investigations. This is #9 in the series and involves her childhood friend, Joseph, who has escaped from prison where he is serving time for murdering [...]

    Carla Johnson-Hicks
    Wow, this was one of the best Kate Burkholder books yet. I did not want to put it down to go to bed. Linda Castillo has the knack of writing about the Amish and Englischer divide as well as weaving them together living in the same area of Ohio. The plot in this story moved you quickly between past reminiscences and the present.The book opens with Kate getting a call about an escaped convict that might be headed to her area. It is Joseph (Joe) King who used to be her childhood friend and first cr [...]

    Painter's Mill Police Chief Kate Burkholder's childhood friend, Joseph King, was convicted and sent to prison two years ago for murdering his wife. His five children live in Kate's jurisdiction with their relatives, so she takes a ride out to their farm to make sure all is well. When she stops by the years-old crime scene, she's attacked by Joseph and taken prisoner. During the hostage negotiations Joseph tells Kate he's innocent. That story is supported by his youngest daughter, Sadie, who was [...]

    Laura/Mystery in Minutes
    Please visit mysteryinminutes/revi to read the complete MINM review.Irresistibly atmospheric with the sights, sounds, and mouth-watering aromas of fictional Amish communities in northeastern Ohio, and the not-so-quaint mysterious and murderous happenings that find their way to these, otherwise, sleepy hamlets, Ms. Castillo has outdone herself with this latest installment - which can be read as a standalone - of the recommended Kate Burkholder series.

    Ashley Gillan
    I grew up near several Amish communities and know as well as anyone that they're generally about as normal and boring as anyone; they simply belong to a different, more intense religious practice. But there's something about any secretive religious sect that is just fascinating and, when written about in the right way can add a creepy feeling to a good story.Linda Castillo strikes that balance yet again in the latest Kate Burkholder novel. This book was a great ride, from beginning to end.Kate - [...]

    Down Dark Road by Linda CastilloKate Bunkholder series Book #94.5★'sWhat's It About? Two years ago, Joseph King was convicted of murdering his wife and sentenced to life in prison. He was a “fallen” Amish man and a known drug user with a violent temper. Now King has escaped, and he’s headed for Painters Mill.What Did I Think?I really liked the personal connection that Kate had in this one. From the start you knew that things were not going to end wellbut the reader had no idea how many d [...]

    Things get personal in this 9th outing for Sheriff Kate Burkholder as she digs for the truth about the murder an old childhood friend is convicted of, but swears he didn't commit despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.Another wonderful mystery and the interworking of the Amish and non-Amish that no one does as best as Linda Castillo. Highly recommended!

    Lia Valenti
    Pure questa volta Kate Burkholder se l'è cavata per il rotto della cuffiaLa Castillo crea sempre trame semplici ma efficaci per tenere desta la curiosità del lettore.

    I've never been disappointed in one of Linda Castillo's Kate Burkholder crime novels. And, even better for Police Chief Burkholder, her small police force has never disappointed. Down a Dark Road is another riveting story in an outstanding series.When Joseph King escapes from Mansfield Correctional Institution in Ohio, Kate doesn't really think he'll end up back in Painters Mill. Her childhood friend was convicted two years earlier of killing his wife, with his five children in the house. But, K [...]

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