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  • Title: Phantom Limbs
  • Author: Paula Garner
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 423
  • Format: Hardcover

  • How do you move on from an irreplaceable loss In a poignant debut, a sixteen year old boy must learn to swim against an undercurrent of grief or be swept away by it.Otis and Meg were inseparable until her family abruptly moved away after the terrible accident that left Otis s little brother dead and both of their families changed forever Since then, it s been three yearsHow do you move on from an irreplaceable loss In a poignant debut, a sixteen year old boy must learn to swim against an undercurrent of grief or be swept away by it.Otis and Meg were inseparable until her family abruptly moved away after the terrible accident that left Otis s little brother dead and both of their families changed forever Since then, it s been three years of radio silence, during which time Otis has become the unlikely prot g of eighteen year old Dara part drill sergeant, part friend who s hell bent on transforming Otis into the Olympic swimmer she can no longer be But when Otis learns that Meg is coming back to town, he must face some difficult truths about the girl he s never forgotten and the brother he s never stopped grieving As it becomes achingly clear that he and Meg are not the same people they were, Otis must decide what to hold on to and what to leave behind Quietly affecting, this compulsively readable debut novel captures all the confusion, heartbreak, and fragile hope of three teens struggling to accept profound absences in their lives.
    Paula Garner
    Paula Garner spends most of her time writing, reading, or making good things to eat Her debut YA novel, Phantom Limbs, was published in 2016 by Candlewick Press and is a 2017 Illinois Reads selection for grades 9 12 Paula lives in the Chicago area with her family and a very bad cat Find out about Paula and her books at paulagarner or follow her on Twitter at paulajgarner.


    Wendy Darling
    4.5 stars This story is told from the perspective of a smart, dreamy boy who's buzzing with hormones and focused on his sport, but can't quite let go of his feelings for his childhood sweetheart. It treats love--of all kinds--and loss with exquisite delicacy, but doesn't descend into sentimental wallowing thanks to the wry narrative voice and the realistic relationships. It also poignantly shows how the loss of one small person can create a crater of grief in everyone around him, and how that gr [...]

    "You love someone and they leave, but they never entirely go away. You feel them there, acutely, like an amputated limb." Phantom Limbs is a standalone, YA realistic fiction novel written by Paula Garner. This is her debut novel and it is, in one word, palpable. I could feel the life-changing loss, regret, confusion, loneliness, tentativeness, empathy, love, humor (I could go on) flowing through these characters. I found Ms. Garner's writing to be incredibly realistic and I thought she excelled [...]

    Katie McNelly
    It's official: I have a type.If this were a Missed Connections ad, or some dated dating service, my ad would look something like this:Woman seeking book. Young Adult contemporary, male point of view. Male must come of age in the story, find himself as himself and not merely an extension of others, and come to understand that life is life, life is pain, life is terrible, but more often than not, life is beautiful, life is awe-inspiring, life is pure and ours and love.And that's exactly this novel [...]

    Let's be honest here, I didn't listen in elementary school when I was told to never judge a book by its cover. I saw this book on display at the library, noticed the blurb by Jeff Zentner, and I was suddenly a toddler in a toy store yelling, "Gimme" at the top of my lungs. I didn't know a thing about it, but I really didn't care. I didn't have low expectations for this book, but I didn't have high ones either. So when I finished the last page and was utterly satisfied, I was a bit shocked. I'll [...]

    An excellent look at the complexities of grief, PHANTOM LIMBS makes a strong YA debut. I've had this on my TBR for over a year & I wish that I had gotten to it sooner. Otis is a wonderful MC (when he wasn't solely focused on pining for Meg for the moment) & I felt Garner did a superb job of exploring how guilt overtook lives in different ways. While I'm only rating this 3*, I would not hesitate to read another book from this author. For someone who reads YA consistently, I'll admit that [...]

    Amanda NEVER MANDY
    **I received this book for free through First Reads.**Diving right into this review without making a splash: This is a great YA read. The writing is good, the story has a unique angle to it and the characters are engaging. It has drama by the boatloads submerged in a big fat love story. It is everything my teenage daughter would love. A boy pining for a possibly obtainable lost love, odd friends that need comfort/support just as much as they can provide and a mystery element that keeps the page [...]

    3.5 StarsPhantom Limbs by Paula Garner is a powerful read. Grief and pain so intense and real it made me cringe and cry.Sixteen year old, Otis, is dealing with life the best way he can. His brother, Mason, died 3 years ago and the loss and hole in his life is still so raw. Waves of pain threaten to pull Otis and his parents under almost every day. Waves of missing his brother so much it feels like a physical pain—a hit to the heart and gut. Memories and pain flood in when you least expect them [...]

    Bee (Heart Full of Books)
    From the first few chapters I thought I was going to fall in love with this book. There was intrigue, beautiful writing, and a really interesting cast of characters. It's the story of Otis, whose best friend and next door neighbour, Meg, moved away suddenly after an unforeseen incident. Otis is left devastated and in mourning for his little brother, and the girl he used to love. In the three years Meg is gone, Otis takes up swimming, coached by Dara the Scandinavian swimming goddess who lost an [...]

    I'm overcome with love for this book. It has struck me right in the heart and is still resonating hours after finishing it.Beautiful writing in what, feels to me, like an incredibly authentic male POV with a beautiful m/f friendship at its core. This book broke my heart but it also gave me a lot of hope for the future. I feel changed by the quiet power and grace of this story. I'm a forever fan. I'll be buying a finished copy of this book when it comes out.[Read and reviewed an advanced copy.]

    Oh man, this was so good, but I cried some very real tears, multiple times. The emotions in this book are just sorface. You just cannot stop feeling the characters feeling so much - guilt and nostalgia and longing and envy and pain - and it's so earned, which make it that much more intense. I love how every relationship in this book is one you're dropped into while it's already in progress, neither too new nor too established and polished, and you're constantly picking up more and more backstory [...]

    Jeff Zentner
    This is one of those coming-of-age stories that's the whole reason I read and love YA books. The prose is stunning. The characters are vivid, breathing, and fully formed, and the story will break your heart and reshape it into something stronger. This book left my jaw on the floor. Paula Garner has made me a fan for life.

    Shannon (It Starts At Midnight)
    You can find the full review and all the fancy and/or randomness that accompanies it at It Starts at Midnight 4.5* I kind of adored this book. See, Otis is a swimmer. So it won me over from the start with Otis and Dara and their swimming shenanigans. To sum it up for you:"Like an Olympic swimmer, Otis Mueller didn't take days off. Unlike an Olympic swimmer, Otis Mueller would never make it to the Olympics."Gah, where to even begin? This book was so good and I kind of want to mostly flail. So how [...]

    Aimee Meester
    I justI just didn't get to finish. I got about 50 pages from the end before I had to set it down. I'm not a contemporary person, so it's probably not the book for mebut it fell flat in all ways, and I'm not sure what the point was. And look, teenage guys/teenagers in general and all that, but I could do with contemporaries that aren't just a long string of sex jokes and sex sex sex sex sex. Y'feel? Let's just not.

    Kelly (Diva Booknerd)
    4.5 Stars.Phantom Limbs is a gentle yet wonderfully written exploration of grief and the imprint left behind by those who touch our lives. Poignant and quietly hopeful, Otis is a character that represents a life once bound by sadness, depicted compassionately and delicately. Simply beautiful.Otis is a young man wise beyond his years, sensitive and contemplative and I admired his quiet resilience from the very first page. We're first introduced to Otis the athlete, the black line beneath the wate [...]

    A great book about loss, love and moving on.

    Charnell (Reviews from a Bookworm)
    This is more like a 4.5, but I've given up an half stars. This was emotional and moving, beautifully written too. I loved the characters in this. So much to love about this book. Full review coming very soon.

    TJ Burns
    Phantom Limbs grabbed me right from the start. I became immediately caught up and involved in Otis's life, soon thereafter Dara's, and a bit later Meg's. TJ's Time Travel Tipstjtimetraveltips.wordpressThis is a story about friendship, hardships, the different ways in which people deal with hardships and loss, love, friendship, and friendship. I was captivated, asking question after question. Each time I got an answer, so many more questions were presented. The writing is amazing! I enjoyed follo [...]

    Kali Wallace
    Oh, this is a completely lovely book! The characters are so complex and layered, the writing is stunning, and the story is both heartbreaking and hopeful at the same time. It's the story of families and individuals learning to go on after terrible tragedy, but it's never dark or overwhelming. Otis is the most darling main characters ever, and all the people around him are completely fascinating. His friendship with Dara is one of the most complicated and beautiful and frustrating friendships I'v [...]

    As I read this quiet coming of age story, I kept noting, "Wow. This is good!" And it continued to be. A great debut novel.OhI forgot to add my favorite, home-hitting quote:"Why were women so sexy with eating? What if I never developed bedroom skills that could compete with food? What if, I actually got to have sex with Meg one day, and she just lay back, bored, daydreaming about pulled pork sandwiches and chocolate eclairs?" This MAY have reminded me, of me. and so I couldn't help but bust out l [...]

    Jessica Cluess
    A beautiful coming of age story, delicately done. The relationship between Otis and Meg was elegantly handled and very painful. Otis's drill sergeant-like swimming instructor, Dara, absolutely steals the show with her foul mouth and her incredible vulnerability. The character relationships in this book are some of the most nuanced I've read. An absolutely gorgeous read.

    Don't mind me, I'll just be in a corner wondering why everyone loved this book so much. There was a moment around the 90% mark where I thought I might give this one more star, but the ending solved that problem for me.Phantom Limbs had the ingredients to be a great book: second chance love, a character with a disability and who's possibly gay and emotional depth. But the characters ruined it for me. I almost dnf'd this a couple time because I thought I might go blind from rolling my eyes so much [...]

    Abigail Lo
    I've gone from rating this 1 star to 5 stars, and everywhere in between.The only problem for me: this book is too personal. I can't say I've dealt with a similar situation as Otis, Meg, or Dara, but I've felt what they've felt. Meg was actually the main reason I wanted to rate this book 1 star. I was so frustrated at her for doing the things she did because she did exactly what I've wanted to do sometimes -- she was irresponsible, reckless, and free. I really, truly hated her for that, and yet, [...]

    Tanja Voosen
    Das Buch war auf so viele erdenkliche Arten gut. Es hat einige wichtige Themen soooooo gut in Szene gesetzt, aber bei anderen Dingen total versagt. Deshalb gibt es von mir 3 Sterne echt schade!

    - ̗̀jesś̖-
    This book was a really interesting exploration of grief, trauma, and friendship, and it was written very well. I was pleasantly surprised, because when I read the synopsis I totally thought it was going to be your straight-up romance with Otis falling in love with Meg and blah blah happily ever after, but that wasn't the case. The writing was gorgeous, and the characters really stood out - all of them were very well-written. I especially liked Dara, Otis's one-armed swim coach. She had a really [...]

    It didn’t take me very long to become obsessed with Paula Garner’s Phantom Limbs. I took one glance at the summary when it was revealed, and I knew that it was going to be a book that I needed to read at any costs. My gut feelings about Phantom Limbs were absolutely right: this was a special and gentle story about first love, grief and friendship.I loved that this book was written in the point of view of Otis. I used to struggle quite a bit with male POVs in the past, but I’ve come to appr [...]

    Sam Kozbial
    This book. Seriously. He lost his brother. He lost his first love. Otis believed he had moved on from both of these, but in reality, he had not. After three years, Meg, the first love, returned. This set Otis on a path of healing and self discovery on which he learned so much about himself and the people in his life. I also hoped Meg has another kind of GPS. One that would navigate her back to me.Otis, Otis, Otis. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Otis was such a wonderful MC. He was a [...]

    Femke (booksfemme)
    It is not often that a book makes me cry, gives me that “What now?”-feeling once I’ve finished or makes me question everything about life. But Phantom Limbs did it all, in a good way. It talks about heavy topics like love and loss in a way that really makes you think. It tackles these subject with a certain (dark) humour, inevitable truths and a touch of horny 16-year old boy. Combine this with the writing style of Paula Garner and you get a novel with no shortage of absolutely beautiful q [...]

    Could hardly read because my eyes were rolling so much. The only thing more insufferable than Meg's character is the protagonist's obsession with her.

    So much I could say about this melancholic but meaningful YA read but in short, this is the kind of book that solidifies my love of both reading—and writing—in this genre.I stole mini-breaks over Xmas w/family to dive (an apt metaphor here!) back into this book because I fell SO gosh darn hard for its colorful characters, Otis, Meg and Dara. I look forward to purchasing a copy (I read mine from the library) to place on my "If I ever get a YA book published someday, this is a novel I drew ins [...]

    Kelli Spear
    4.5 stars and another stellar debut!Phantom Limbs is such a beautiful story. It explores more than romantically love. It explores every facet of love. And it is so brilliantly done that I found myself utterly consumed by the story.Otis is our narrator. He's a 16 year-old swimmer who is still stuck on his old best friend, Meg. He, along with his family, is still dealing with the loss of his younger brother, Mason. And when Meg is returning to her hometown for the summer, all the issues from the p [...]

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