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  • Title: Bought for the Frenchman's Pleasure
  • Author: Abby Green
  • ISBN: 9780373127214
  • Page: 155
  • Format: Paperback

  • As a top model, Sorcha Murphy commands a high price But a terrible, hidden secret is about to return to haunt her.Romain de Valois knows Sorcha is damaged goods her hedonistic reputation speaks for itself But he wants her for one final assignment, and he s prepared to pay Romain believes Sorcha hasn t changed her ways, and decides to change the deal her paycheck willAs a top model, Sorcha Murphy commands a high price But a terrible, hidden secret is about to return to haunt her.Romain de Valois knows Sorcha is damaged goods her hedonistic reputation speaks for itself But he wants her for one final assignment, and he s prepared to pay Romain believes Sorcha hasn t changed her ways, and decides to change the deal her paycheck will be recouped in the bedroom
    Abby Green
    Abby Green spent her teens reading Mills Boon romances She then spent many years working in the Film and TV industry as an Assistant Director One day while standing outside an actor s trailer in the rain, she thought there has to be than this So she sent off a partial to Mills Boon After numerous rewrites, they accepted her first book and an author was born She was nominated for the prestigious RITA Award for her book Breaking The Sheikh s Rules She lives in Dublin, Ireland and you can find out here abby green

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    Alex is The Romance Fox
    Just read it again.LOVED IT JUST AS MUCH AS THE FIRST TIMEAbby Green writes the most amazing stories1st ReviewThis is one of the most poignant, intense and moving stories I have ever read from Mills & Boon. Bought for the Frenchman’s Pleasure was the first book I read by Abby Green and I was so emotionally engaged with Sorcha Murphy and Romain de Valois that I never wanted their story to end. It was also the beginning of my “love affair” with this author’s booksThis is the first of t [...]

    I agree with Becky! This hero does nothing for me! He's a jerk, not even a redeemable one. And I just couldn't connect! I don't know where the love springs from because I never felt it! Sadly another DNF!Read Becky's 3-star review of Bought for the Frenchman's Pleasure by Abby Green/review/show

    The first misunderstanding: the 17 year-old heroine was photographed passed out after a party. Hero used her as an example of the drug-riddled modeling industry, effectively killing her career.What really happened: (view spoiler)[ her drink was spiked and she wasn't sure if she was raped that night or not. Now, seven years later, she hasn't had sex with anyone.(hide spoiler)]Hero hires heroine as a model for his latest marketing campaign. They spend two weeks together. Hero is attracted to her a [...]

    Preeti ♥︎ (Romance She Reads)
    I preferred the second book (Kate and Tiarnan’s). He was such a major A-H. Perfectly so.Anyways this one dint register as high on the angst-Richter. He was a jerk, quite unnecessarily most times. And his blow hot, then cold routine was somewhat wearying. As was his sanctimonious judgmental outrage. Get real, buddy! I mean, chug a beer and listen to your libido for once. It seems more competent at character verification.(And my mind kept doing a side trip, as how could his drug addict (since ch [...]

    Fanniny Moreno Zavaleta
    **Losing streak alert**Another DNF just because I got bored.The H didn't appeal too much to me.And as I didn't know exactly what was the super bad thing the h did to earn her bad girl reputation then I didn't care enough to find out. Besides I prefere good girls in my HPs.

    the title was misleading ! she was never bought! it was a mutual thing n it was only towards the end dat they actually did it !lol. i guess abby green wanted 2 portray 2 people wid very painful pasts falling in love. it was a big disappointment 2 me atleast. i did not think she handled it well. i did not feel attached/concerned wid the characters. romain was such a cold man, difficult 4 me 2 like him. he misjudged sorcha so badly, TREATED her badly! yet she fell 4 him! ok maybe she was attracted [...]

    Solid but not exciting2.5 stars for me. hero didn't do it for me, jerky and self-righteous but kind of boring, although I admit I haven't read many French heroes. The whole drug use story was overdone--there was a scene that led to a false accusation that was so predictable it was annoying when it startedry obvious and formulaic scene with an unrealistic resolution. heroine too pure and martyr-liket believable that a virginal 25 year old model would fall for a harsh guy who uses models for sex N [...]

    4 1/2 Stars ~ 17 year old Sorcha Quinn's modelling career was just beginning when a personal tragedy left her grief stricken and feeling totally alone. Needing to feel wanted she made some poor choices in friends which set her up for a drug scandal that nearly ruined her career, the only way to pull herself up was to change her name, so she took her grandmother's surname, Murphy. Now at 25 she's a highly sought after model, and attending a promotion in New York she comes face to face with her pa [...]

    Karim Lalani
    I have previously read a lot of Abby Green's work and have always enjoyed her MODERN /PRESENTS titles. This early work was no exception and it demonstrates examples of the quality of her writing that is evident in later books. The multi location element of it was different, although it added to the appeal of the book and readers who are familiar with some of her later books will enjoy as I have going back to read this one. An assured and accomplished example of a very talented author!!I highly r [...]

    I actually bought this as a gag gift for a friend of mine, but was curious enough to get my own copy, although I seldom read romances (probably around 2-3 in my lifetime). The author had done some work on a degree in social anthroplogy, and writes well with a good imagination.The book isn't about prostitution as the title suggests. Instead, it centers on a young Irish model who had been almost drummed out of the industry by a powerful man (the Frenchman) who publicly criticized her use of drugs [...]

    It's time I admit it, I will read different incarnations of this plot until the end of time. Arrogant alpha male lead has misconception of plucky female lead, whose pride does not allow her to correct said misconception. She is eventually found out, not before several incidents of her keeping a brave face through hurt feelings have gotten me all snotted up, and then they part ways for one reason or another but obviously because neither thinks the other is in love BUT OF COURSE THEY ARE TEARFUL R [...]

    i have read a lot of stories with a plot and characters such as this. i loved some, hated some. this book belonged to the hate category. i don't know why, but the attitude of the guy irritated and infuriated me. maybe i just got tired of stories like this -alpha male and the girl who couldn't do anything else but follow the guy because a. she doesn't have a choice and b. she couldn't resist the guy. seriously? -.-i didn't like the guy because he's very manipulative. i know the girl tried to resi [...]

    This book was well written and as expected from an Abby Green book emotional and intense. The love scenes were not that steamy but still the chemistry was there. I especially liked the final chapter and how heroine professed her love for the hero and vice versa! Sweet!

    started out well i guess but it didnt keep me gripped.

    This is first book that I read from AG. Love the storyline so much that I will read more AG's books in the future :)

    A beautiful love story told from the point of view of both the hero and the heroine. Sorcha had a hard time because the hero stressed a bad situation she was in in the past to the media and had to suffer emotionally and professionally, so when she meets him again, and he obviously still held the same bad opinion of her, she resented him and his offer to be a model in his campaign. yet, he was adamant to make he his. A fully emotionally charged story that it was worth it to stay up late to finish [...]

    This was a excellent read!

    Abby Green’s Bought for the Frenchman’s Pleasure will probably be on my top ten lists for 2008. I absolutely loved this book and from start to finish I could not put it down.The story begins in New York but also includes Ireland, India and France and takes the reader on a worldwide journey with this couple, Sorcha Murphy and Romain deValois Their eyes meet across the room and they can’t look away, that’s the way it is from the first moment they see each other and that’s the way it is t [...]

    Ehhd:/This could have been such a good story; sadly, I think it missed the mark. I found it boring and so littered with overly descriptive paragraphs, and internal dialogue that I just started flipping my kindle in search of a real conversation. It's not like I wanted the h to be a druggie or boozer, but when she talks about going "off the rails".I expected her to be a party girl Well, she was a pretend wild and crazy girl; she'd go to parties, accept alcohol and then pour it out into the plants [...]

    Amanda Sheila
    Good, I don't have a high expectation for this book at start but eventually Ah, I just love it.But I dont't really fond of Romain's attitude. I mean, he's the one who made the heroine (I totally forgot how to spell her name. Sorkha?) miserable and nearly lost her carrier in the first place yet he accuse her badly.Ah, but the way he act jealous around her squeeze my heart.I don't find all of Abby Green's writing amazing, so far I've read five and two of them are plain awful. But I'm looking forwa [...]

    Kaycee ❤️
    This was a good read. At first, I honestly expected that I wouldn't like it but I did. I enjoyed Romain and Sorcha's story. They were such a great couple. I found it sweet and endearing to see someone like Romain fall in love. And as for Sorcha, I was rooting for her to finally get her Happy Ever After after what she'd been through and I'm glad she found it with Romain. But I'm kind of disappointed because there's no epilogue. I want to see more of them.

    Cady Lorenzana
    Epilogue! I need an epilogue!!! I need some more with the story. Cant get enough.I could give this 5 stars if not for the slow first chapters. I felt bored with the firsts but until they reached to the point when Romaine saw Sorcha with the drug---I was like ohh this seems very interesting and it as interesting as it goes---it felt fast to me that I want more of it still.

    This is my first go with this writer. I really enjoyed this book. I think the writing was very good, the characters well thought out, likeable and the pace of the story and the relaying of the big, dark secrets were done right.Other than that, I've not much else to say. There is a sequel to this book involving the heroine's friend, Kate.

    Irish heroine. She was wrongly accused of drug use by him when she was younger. He wants her to lead his new campaign and pursues her even though he believes she was a drug user. She turns him down several times. They spend a few weeks traveling the world doing the photo shoot. Her BFF Katie and and half brother Tiarnen have their own book.

    Carinae L'etoile
    Sister book toMistress to the Merciless Millionaire . Tiernan's sister Sorcha is featured in this book.

    Tonya Warner
    Sorcha is a top model with a sordid past reputation. Romain is the number one man to hold her out for repudiation at the lowest time in her life. How do you face some one who can not stand you, but you love?A very touching story.

    I didn't even have to think really hard to remember what this book was about even if I have read this a while back. This was a great read despite the many books with almost similar plotline. I liked how the mystery was kept under wraps well into the story.

    Notes to self:1. Part 1 of books on two best friends working as top models. 2. Subject: Big Misunderstanding

    review to come.

    Fun romp. Very predictable.

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