[PDF] Reality Girl: Episode Two | by ↠ Jessica Hildreth Scott Hildreth

  • Title: Reality Girl: Episode Two
  • Author: Jessica Hildreth Scott Hildreth
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  • Page: 420
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • [PDF] Reality Girl: Episode Two | by ↠ Jessica Hildreth Scott Hildreth - Reality Girl: Episode Two, Reality Girl Episode Two Lou s quest for love continues as the bad ass biker Les shows up on the set Immediately she learns Les doesn t play by the rules and that he s going to stretch her belief system and her willpower
    Jessica Hildreth Scott Hildreth
    Jessica Hildreth Scott Hildreth Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Reality Girl: Episode Two book, this is one of the most wanted Jessica Hildreth Scott Hildreth author readers around the world.


    Scott Hildreth
    Dear God Okay, first things first I never would have guessedPersonally, I hate it when someone says that, but I had to because there were so many I never would have guessed moments in this book This is a must read behind the scenes look at reality television Episode II takes us back to the house of Reality Girl, and in the first scene, Les comes riding up on his motorcycle From there, it s a 100 mile an hour sexual romp that will leave you begging for of this story.Lou has come to terms with th [...]

    Pam Nelson
    3.5 Reality Girl Episode Two StarsI definitely liked this book better than the last I am still not a big fan of Lou but I am a huge fan of Les the biker He wasn t douchey at all, and his truth was kinda sweet if you think about it I feel like love is love, and who am I or anyone else to judge Most definitely this one was steamier then the last book I want to see Franky and Lou so hurry up and write it You don t have to like my review but its 100% my opinion, and I am allowed to have it.

    Episode 2 Lou and LesAs everyone should know this is book 2 and we are all aware of the plot to the story But what we don t know is Les has a secret of his own hes hiding A big secret that national Tv will air to finally able him to live his life freely Lou came here for love and well lets just say Les is in it for himself Love who needs love when you get free publicity The rebellious pair hit it off great Les has a need to get out in the world and explore with his love for adventure doughnuts [...]

    Oh manese little books keep getting hotter and hotter and when our girl meets the bad boy biker, things take a turn for the strange and stranger This one had a bit of a preachy message about acceptance of self and that was ok and we get to see a darker side of the producer from hell along with our favorite sweet bartender who lays out his cards for all to see.Be daring and delve into this second book in the series where things are not what they seem on the surface don t judge a bookor a man by [...]

    Outstanding Lou is finding out just how complicated her contract with the reality show really is Can she stay knowing the facts Will she expose her bartender friendship Will Les and Franky treat her with respect Twists and turns, sexy time and full disclosure are all shared This series is hot and Jessica Hildreth has a fantastic way of writing so descriptively An absolute must read series

    WowHot sexy and a crazy twist that I didn t see coming Amazing chemistry between Lou and Les But things are never what they seem


    Holy cliffhanger batman I sooooo want the next book like NOW Freaking awesome Loved it even then the first one Can t wait to see what happens next,.

    MM GOOD Beyond Hot Reality Girl 2 is fast and sexy A quick read that s a full story of the next episode of Lou and the TV show moving forward, although I think it is best to read Episode One to better understand some of the ongoing story lines I enjoyed how different of an experience it is for Lou when she is with Les Les How can you not love the strong and dominant biker, yet unashamed of being so honest and caring Read the warning if you might be concerned about being close minded

    Zara Quintana
    This Series Just Keeps Getting Better I was provided this audiobook at no charge by the author, publisher and or narrator in exchange for an unbiased review I ve listened to the first in this series and now this 2nd episode and am loving it and and anxious for If I had time to sit and read with my eyeballs I would read episode 3, but since I don t have time I have to suffer and wait for the 3rd episode to be produced and released to audiobook Anxiously waiting for

    Loved it What a great continuation to episode one Lou s character is developed further We get to see her compassionate and loving side Les is such a complex and funny guy You can t help but love him He appears to be everything Lou is looking for in a man The adventures they have are hilarious It s so hard to review this book without dropping any spoilers I just suggest you read it with an open mind and a loving heart Read it it s worth it

    Clears Throat Fans Face Calms Down Okay, yeah, that was kinda hot But, also a sweet book and a sweet friendship too I love the way it unfolded I LOVED the message it had in the book too So, short and sweet, it is a great novella that is hot, sweet AND has a great message A great read

    Crystal whitley
    dayum hot little read love it,,,,, awesome job Jessica cant wait to read the rest of this series

    Elisha Snell
    I m ready for book 3Well that was pretty hot I must say I can t wait to see what bachelor 3 has to bring to the table I m hoping for things to work out with Lou and Franky I just hope nobody comes and screw up anything I m really looking forward to see what happens on the next episode of Reality Girl Jessica this is a brilliant series don t keep me waiting to long lol

    Jen Campbell
    S N E A K Y LMAO, that is the word that comes to mind as I am trying to sum up my thoughts of Reality Girl Episode Two Of course I had expectations going into this novel, the author let us know in book one, which characters would be next So my overthinking mind pretty much planned out what would happen, BWHAHAHAHA Well was I ever WRONG Mrs Hildreth did an outstanding job in keeping this reader guessing I could not turn the pages fast enough and at the same time I never really knew where or how f [...]

    I love Jessica s books and this one doesn t disappoint.I loved this book from start to finish.I love the characters and the story.

    Alphas Do It Better Book Blog
    What in the world has gotten into that cute little head of the Queen Whoa I don t know if Jess influences Scott, or Scott influences Jess It s sort of a chicken or the egg thought process I guess.This book blew my mind Yes there are disclaimers at the beginning, and yes you need to heed them if you have an issue with the subject matter because it s straight up balls to the wall, no holds barred and it s awesome I know I would be just like Lou watching from the corner like Whaaaaattt And then Oh [...]

    Mariana Lee
    This is a really great series Reality Girl is such a different story I love the concept of this storyline and I love all the characters particularly Lou She s looking for the love of her life, is she going about the right way Maybe not but it s proven to be a hell of a journey In this second instalment Lou meets the ever so hot, rough around the edges and incredibly direct bike rider Les He s good looking but she s determined not to make the same mistake again with contestant number two Les brin [...]

    Missy Fulkerson
    Reality Girl just keeps getting better In book two, we meet Lesa tattooed biker badass that doesn t take shit from anyone, and certainly not the producer we all love to hate, Kelli If you don t instantly fall in love with Les, you should probably re read until you do Les is pretty much every girl s dream bad boywell, mostly There s a few twists and turns in book two that are just, SIGH.oldering hot If you read this book without reading the author s note, well that s your bad, but I bet you still [...]

    Diana Munn
    Jessica has done it again Great Job Reality Girl Two picks up with guy number two Les I was excited to see where this reality show would take Les and the guys Les is a tatted up biker who tells it like it is and doesn t care if he breaks all the rules Him and Lou hit is off from the beginning because she likes to break the rules too Franky is still sexy as ever and falling and for Lou but doesn t want to act on his feeling until the show is over.This book takes a twist and we see why Les is no [...]

    Melanie (mells_view)
    Wow, just wow WHATTTTTT How you gonna leave me like that This was part two of six and it was freaking amazing Honestly after part one I wasn t quite sure how any of the other men could be interesting to me without being as awful as Rhett Well somehow Les and Lou s story was ten times awesome and didn t ruin anything else that is going on I m absolutely loving this little series and I can t wait to see what s to come in book three The author said that even if you think you know what s happening, [...]

    Who wants to be BatmanI want to be Lou Jessica Hildreth warned us this would be HOT and she delivered I thought maybe we d explore Lou and Franky a bit but I was thrilled to see we were still totally focused on just Lou s awakening It s absolutely incredible how Hildreth takes us exploring these new relationships Enter Les the hot, tattooed biker to play havoc with Lou s feelings And there s Franky s kiss, still Does she go with the flow or restrain those naughty desires Forbidden fruit never a [...]

    I freakin LOVE you for this book First let me say that I really love the whole concept of this series It feels so real to me that it is almost like a true behind the scenes look at one of those reality shows on TV I also love how you can read each book and have your little happy ending but know there is to come Without posting a spoiler, i will say that i love the hell out of Les and holy crap that was ridiculously hot Every bit of it I hope the next book doesn t leave that ending hanging, beca [...]

    Janine - The world was hers for the reading
    Jessica Hildreth really turned up the heat with Episode Two of Reality Les, the tatted up biker, is so much of a character than I expected I love the way that he and Lou interact with one another Franky is still as sexy as ever too the we learn about him, the I want to know and the I am rooting for him and Lou to take their relationship to the next step.Jessica has done a great job of throwing a great plot twist into Episode Two while maintaining the humor and sexiness I enjoyed in Episode [...]

    Shocking I FLOVE this series so much The first episode was really good but this one was amazing Not only is it hot and fun, but I love the way the Hildreths always include some deep and meaningful points in their work I can t wait for the next episode and to see what s going to happen next I m so rooting for Lou and Franky No matter what you are usually in to, everyone should read this series.

    Woah this was shocking Episode 2 gets funnier and hotter It really had me on edge.Les is a biker who is only satisfied to travel in his Harley, blunt, says everything that s on his without any filter but he has a secret What is he hiding Read to find out I really loved the bond between Lou and Les Franky open ups to Lou some and I honestly don t even know any what will to expect next.

    Cassie Brooker
    Book 2 is Fun and WittyThis is book 2 of Reality Girl and it combines fun with witty I love it Wes is a great guy who stands up to Kelli which I love and that he rides a Harley, who wouldn t like him So without giving to much away, you should get this book You will love it and I m patiently going to wait for book 3.Jessica Hildreth, I love this series I also really like Franky too.

    Hot DAMN Episode two was flippin AMAZING I m loving Reality Girl Lou and Les are an interesting pair With differences to leave one running in the other direction, these two find there s to honesty than one could expect With a few twists and turns, this episode left my jaw on the floor as the surprises kept coming I m anxious to see who s next and what s in store for our beloved bartender.

    Robin Powers
    Whoaat episode certainly took a turn and I like the way Jessica thinks Just when you think Lou s adventures in reality television can t get crazym You get Les walking into the house with nice guy written all over him Not too exciting for ratings How can we spice this tattooed biker up Well, you ll just have to read and find out Bring on guy number three and a side of Franky, please I m hooked on Reality Girl

    Sexy Biker Wow where does Jessica Hildreth come up with this stuff it The way Lou and Les connect to one another is amazing I would have never thought their story would have went where it did but I can t see any other way now The chemistry that Les is throwing around in this book is hot as hell no wonder why everyone wants him But as luck has it only one person get to take ride and believe me it one hot hell of a ride.

    • [PDF] Reality Girl: Episode Two | by ↠ Jessica Hildreth Scott Hildreth
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    Reality Girl: Episode Two