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  • Title: Perfectly Undone
  • Author: Jamie Raintree
  • ISBN: 9781525811371
  • Page: 413
  • Format: Paperback

  • Yes is such a little word Dr Dylan Michels has worked hard for a perfect life, so when her longtime boyfriend, Cooper, gets down on one knee, it should be the most perfect moment of all Then why does she say no For too many years, Dylan s been living for her sister, who never got the chance to grow up But her attempt to be the perfect daughter, perfect partner and perfeYes is such a little word Dr Dylan Michels has worked hard for a perfect life, so when her longtime boyfriend, Cooper, gets down on one knee, it should be the most perfect moment of all Then why does she say no For too many years, Dylan s been living for her sister, who never got the chance to grow up But her attempt to be the perfect daughter, perfect partner and perfect doctor hasn t been enough to silence the haunting guilt Dylan feels over her sister s death and the role no one knows she played in it.Now Dylan must face her past if she and Cooper stand a chance at a future together But when Cooper makes a startling confession of his own, can Dylan find the courage to define her own happiness before her life becomes perfectly undone Set among the breezy days of a sultry Portland summer, Perfectly Undone is a deeply moving novel of family secrets, forgiveness and finding yourself in the most surprising of places.
    Jamie Raintree
    Jamie Raintree is voracious student of life, which is why she became a writer, where she could put all that acquired information to good use She is a mother of two, a wife, a businesswoman, a nature lover, and a wannabe yogi She also teaches writers about business and productivity Since the setting is always an important part of her books, she is happy to call the Rocky Mountains of Northern Colorado her home and inspiration.


    Emotional, vivid, and relatable!Perfectly Undone is an engaging tale that takes us into the life of Dr. Dylan Michels, a woman who finds herself quickly unraveling as she tries to not only live with the responsibility and guilt she secretly harbours, but also balance a successful career, intimate relationship, and familial obligations.The writing is descriptive and genuine. The characters are diligent, compulsive, and tenacious. And the plot is an intriguing tale full of heartache, loss, grief, [...]

    Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews
    I am completely shocked that I’m giving this book 4 stars! When I first started reading Perfectly Undone, for the first third of the book actually, I wasn’t into it at all. I didn’t particularly like Dylan, or her obsession with righting a supposed wrong from years ago. The martyr is one of my least favorite characters. The characters were very flat and one-dimensional. I didn’t find them interesting, and it was hard to care about them. However, somewhere around the middle of the book, I [...]

    Rating: 3.5/5This is a story which explores guilt, infidelity, forgiveness and is a very emotional read. I’ll be honest and say that after reading about a quarter of it I nearly gave up. I recommend you keep going, it does improve!The main character is Dr Dylan Michels and the story starts with her turning down her boyfriend’s marriage proposal, even though she loves him. She’s filled with guilt and self-loathing over something in her past and until she comes to terms with that she’ll ne [...]

    Kate Moretti
    Many women have walked the line between career and love, family and self. Raintree handles the balance with grace and wisdom. Her writing is clear and crisp, the emotion raw and without melodrama. From family secrets to heartbreaking lost love, the characters felt like old friends by the end. Highly recommended.

    Theresa Alan
    Dr. Dylan Michaels is a successful OB/GYN with a loving and supportive man in her life. However, she is haunted by her past, and thus is constantly sabotaging herself. Like many women, she has a hard time balancing a demanding and fulfilling career with being fully engaged with her home life.Raintree’s writing is beautiful—her similes are gorgeous. This is a unique book of women’s fiction.I received an advance copy of the book via Netgalley for an honest review.For more of my reviews, plea [...]

    This was such a simple, easy read exactly the type of book I was craving as a break from several dark thrillers in a row. Though it was undemanding it still had plenty of meat, it explored some below the surface things like the constant balance many women struggling with between having a successful career AND a personal life and how important forgiveness can be, especially when we let ourselves off the hook. It also dealt with fidelity, trust and guilt and just how much these issues can effect a [...]

    Orly Konig
    Debut author Jamie Raintree delivers a beautifully written story about balancing the demands of a stressful career, a life that's less perfect than it appears, and the crippling guilt of secrets.

    Ella Olsen
    I was lucky to receive an advance copy of this book for early review! In Perfectly Undone the main character Dr. Dylan Michals seems to have the perfect life, but as in all great stories, not all is as it seems. She's a successful doctor in a great supportive relationship but for some reason she can't help sabotage herself at every turn. Why? Because there are secrets in her past she must come to terms with before she can move on. This is a haunting story about secrets that may shape or break a [...]

    Rated 4.5 - PERFECTLY UNDONE by Jamie Raintree portrays a doctor’s world with human frailties and love that’s so absorbing you’ll want to devour it from cover to cover.Dr. Dylan Michels’ family suffered the loss of her sister when she was eighteen and Dylan was sixteen. Tragedy hasn’t been kind to this family and their healing is a long time coming. Dylan seems to be the one who suffers the most, but we don’t always know our family as well as we think we do.Cooper and Stephen are bes [...]

    Booksandchinooks (Laurie)
    I received a free copy of this book from the author for an honest review. This a debut author and I think it was a wonderful book. It tells the story of Dylan, a hardworking OB/GYN. She has been in a relationship with her boyfriend, Cooper, for nine years but she has always held back from fully commiting to it. She harbours a secret from her teenage years that she has never talked about to anyone. After the death of her sister, Abby, from an undiagnosed ectopic pregnancy Dyan decides to go into [...]

    4.5 stars rounded up. I went into this thinking it would be a lighter read, typical of "women's fiction". This book turned out to be so much more than that. It was far better than I expected it to be. I really connected to and empathized with the MC, Dylan Michels. Her story and the progress she made as a character was incredibly realistic to me. This book is one that made me tear up more than once, and I was nearly late for work because I couldn't stop reading it!I definitely am looking forward [...]

    Brooke Bumgardner (Brooke Blogs)
    This is one of those books that I wasn't entirely sure I would like. I wasn't a big fan of our main character, Dylan, until later in the book. The author does an incredible job of penning an emotional story that felt real. I really enjoyed the author's writing style and would definitely read more of her books.

    Wit & Wonder Books
    **ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review***Perfectly Undone by Jamie Raintree is a standalone book that you do not want to miss.  Emotional is the first word that comes to mind when I finished this book.  I felt like I lost my best friend when it was over.This is a story about a woman, Dr. Dylan Michaels, but the story line is so true for every woman that tries to balance love, family, friendships, a career and keeping yourself sane.   Dr. Michaels is a sought after OB/GY [...]

    Lovely Loveday
    Perfectly Undone: A Novel by Jamie Raintree is a romance novel that is scheduled to be released on October 3, 2017 by Harlequin. Many women in their lives have walked a fine line between love, career, family and self. Raintree manages to capture this balance in her writing making it clear and crisp. A very delightful read that really hits home to many women. This story is all about family love and secrets with the heartbreaking loss of love. I felt like the characters were old friends or family [...]

    Stephanie Doyle
    This was a three for a while but it blossomed into a four. It shook off some things that annoyed me in the beginning. The characters seemed to settle into themselves and that's when the story gelled. Free copy from netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

    I was sent this book from Shelf Awareness and Harlequin Publishing so thank you to them for sending this my way. I requested this back in the summer and I received it at the beginning of September (and by that point I completely forgot I requested the book). So it was quite the surprise the find this package on my doorstep. *Note: There are going to be some spoilers ahead. You’ve been warned.* I have quite mixed feelings on this book, so I really have no idea what to think of it. On one hand, [...]

    Grace Rebel Mommy Book Blog
    This review was originally posted on Rebel Mommy Book Blog

    Trina Burgermeister
    Having worked in a school of medicine, I have seen many women M.D.s/ PH.D.s driven to this kind of near-neurotic quest for perfection, so loved the idea of being given a more intimate (even if fictional!) look at what they go through to achieve such heights. I found Dr. Dylan Michals a very believable (though at times not very likeable!) character - and that's part of what made her ring so true for me! The very real treatment of her foibles and shortcomings as well as her brilliant achievements! [...]

    Samra Muslim
    Honestly the story was just too flat - it had it moments and that's why I was able to finish it - but nothing out of this world!! Dylan's character was moping around and messing up her perfectly good life and relationships for no reason (at least to me story of her sister's death just did not resonate enough). There were times I wanted to just slap her for what she was doing to her life and those around her! Cooper was too goody two shoes to be true (even after his one slip!!) The author also wa [...]

    Aimie Runyan
    I had the pleasure of reading an early copy of this lovely book, and am thrilled to see what newcomer Jamie Raintree will add to the voice of Women's Fiction over the course of what I hope is a long and distinguished career. Her prose is masterful and her characters deliciously flawed. The main character, Dylan, feels the strain of her ambition as it beings to lop over onto her private relationships. A poignant novel of love and forgiveness. A must read for Fall of 2017!

    “Dad always told me, “People should never forget where they come from,” as if it’s possible to erase it from memory. Maybe if I could forget my past, I’d finally get a hold on my future.”Dr. Dylan Michels has it all. A fantastic job doing what she loves, the chance to further her career and her research to help save women, and an amazing boyfriend who is there for her no matter how hard she works. So, when he proposes, why does she go running into the rain?We know up front that Dylan [...]

    Olivia Farr
    "Perfectly Undone" was a really fantastic novel about forgiveness and moving on. Daryl is an OB/Gyn, finishing her residency and applying for grants, while somewhat balancing her relationship with Cooper, who is a pediatrician and already done with his residency. Although both of them had been in the same place for so long, Cooper is now to the next step with regular hours and an interest in settling down with the rest of his life. The first chapter is his proposal and her declining of it. We th [...]

    Cindy Roesel
    Introducing debut author, Jamie Raintree and her novel, PERFECTLY UNDONE, which has been published by GraydonHouse.“Sometimes you have to lose your way to find yourself.”Dr. Dylan Michels has worked hard for her perfect life, and has been hoping for the perfect moment her longtime boyfriend, Cooper will get down on his knee and pop the question. But when he does, Dylan says no. Huh?For years she has been living with guilt – the part she played in her sister’s death. But her entire facade [...]

    Do you ever read a book in which the narrator is so frustrating that you wish she were real so that you could shout at her to just STOP?Well, I have. And it's this book.Dylan is an OB-GYN who has what looks like the perfect life. Her boyfriend Cooper, a fellow physician, loves her. He adores her. He wants to marry her. And in response, she takes off and wanders around in the rain.Not that Cooper is without fault. He even discloses a painful one to Dylan. He shows his love, though. He hires a lan [...]

    Cher Green
    I won an advance copy of Perfectly Undone through Jamie Raintree’s newsletter.I don’t normally read this type of book. My normal go-to reads are crime or thrillers. But when, I heard Jamie was about to break through into the publishing world, I was extremely excited for her. I entered the giveaway, not really expecting to win, but thank goodness I did. I’m really not sure if I would have grabbed a copy otherwise.Jamie Raintree is an excellent author, and her story Perfectly Undone ripped m [...]

    Tasha Seegmiller
    There has been a bit of buzz ahead of Jamie Raintree's debut.It's deserved. In this contemporary novel, Raintree weaves in the complications that occur in someone when they have a traumatic moment in the past and a passion to make the future make up for it. Dylan was a character who I liked almost immediately, and watching her work through the passion for her career, the disappointments, the complications she faces in her personal relationships, and discoveries about the real dangers of keeping [...]

    Jennie Shaw
    I have mixed feelings about PERFECTLY UNDONE, and wavered between giving it three or four stars. For me, it came down to my connection with Dylan, which came and went multiple times. While the plot certainly had surprises, Dylan's reactions were frustrating. Emotional growth is a key component for contemporary women's fiction and while it happened, I feel there was more emphasis on her starting point (and subsequent actions that reinforced her beliefs). I also found the male characters to be fai [...]

    Falguni Kothari
    A wonderful debut about a flawed, but real, heroine who sticks in your mind and makes you reevaluate yourself. Highly recommended.

    Joy E. Rancatore
    Jamie Raintree's lyrical prose and emotional tale draw her readers in and sweep them along on Dylan's journey to who she is and what she's been waiting to discover. Perfectly Undone will be the hit of any book club. Keep an eye out for Jamie's next book!

    I really enjoyed the heartbreaking and compelling novel by Jamie Raintree. Dr Dylan Michels is a very busy OB/GYN who is in a long term relationship with her partner Cooper who is a Paediatrician. Despite being busy and successful in her career, she still feels enormous guilt for the death of her sister Abby when she was just 16, and blames herself for her sister's death. She has a secret about what really happened the night she died that she has not told anyone.She throws herself into her work [...]

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