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  • Author: Hayley Faiman
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  • May 1, 2017Quinn Parker was raised to be a pawn in a weak man s quest for power and money Her childhood completely void of innocence, she doesn t know what it s like to be loved or to bask in a life of freedom When she is taken away from the clutches of her father by a Bratva badman who claims to care for her, all she sees is another life she didn t choose.Ziven Dorosh iMay 1, 2017Quinn Parker was raised to be a pawn in a weak man s quest for power and money Her childhood completely void of innocence, she doesn t know what it s like to be loved or to bask in a life of freedom When she is taken away from the clutches of her father by a Bratva badman who claims to care for her, all she sees is another life she didn t choose.Ziven Dorosh is far from weak His past riddled with death and abandonment, he has spent his life fighting for what he wants Now the highest ranking Bratva member in a new territory, he has the power to attain anything he could ever ask for anything but the sweet affection of the one woman capable of making him crumble It isn t until Quinn runs into the arms of the devil that she realizes she was fleeing from her angel It isn t until she comes back broken that Ziven realizes he never should have let her go The consequences of their actions unravel a web of lies, secrets, and connections, the likes of which could mean war But one thing is certain Ziven was destined to protect his Quinn, and he will stop at nothing to do so Recommended for readers 18 due to, Sexual Content, Language, Violence and possible trigger situations Sexual Abuse.
    Hayley Faiman
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    Hayley Faiman

    Jennifer Pierson
    Quinn Parker has been raised as a pawn in her father's quest for money and power like a lamb to the slaughter. However, she decides she won't go along with it, and becomes a serious handful. Her childhood didn't teach her how to be loved or love for that matter, so when Ziven Dorosh tried to love her, she kept running away from him. Her final stand led her straight into a nightmare of epic proportions, only this time, Ziven let her go. He's could never be considered as a weak man, as his past is [...]

    Quinn was my least favorite heroine in this series. She loses points for being stupid, but I guess the book gains points for at least acknowledging it. Ziven carries this through the rough spots that would have led to DNF city without him. The ending was abrupt, and cliffhanger-ish without a suspense factor. You aren't missing anything, except thinking it a weird way to end it.

    Expresso-Girls Just Wanna Have Books; A Mafia Romance
    It's hard to like Quinn after she showed her ass and was incredibly horrible to Ziven in the previous books. In PBTB, Ziven has rescued Quinn AGAIN!! This is their story.In my humble opinion this story lacks the emotion and substance of the previous stories in this series. It may be because I can't connect with Quinn. She's definitely had a rough go of it as a child. However, I've always had a soft spot for Ziven. Which means Quinn's treatment is unacceptable. Please consider other reviews if on [...]

    Brandy Roberts
    I'm such a huge fan of Hayley Faiman her books always have everything I look for in a read and Protected by a Badman has to be one of my favorites , side note I haven't read this series yet so this would my first Russian Bratva book I wasn't lost so if you haven't either don't be discouraged but I do plan to read the first ones and the ones after because I can not wait to read about the couple who are next . At first I didn't really understand Quinn and the reason why she ran but as the story pr [...]

    R.C. Martin
    If there is one Bratva book I'd want to read snuggled up under a blanket, this would be it. What I loved about this story was the evolution of Quinn's journey of healing and Ziven's role in the process. Their relationship and connection is handled delicately--and being that it's such a beautiful thing, buried in the dark, gritty nature of a mafia romance--it just made it stand out as something special to me. I think that the plot of this novel is one of the best in this Bratva series. There's so [...]

    Michelle Austin
    Title: Protected by the BadmanAuthor:Hayley FaimanSeries:Russian Bratva #6Protected by the Badman was a great 5 star read.Another great read from this series.Hayley has done it again, I was pulled right in from the beginning. She doesn’t mess around, things are dark and twisted right from the start. Quinn has run away again from Ziven. The man she runs to turns out to be a dark and twisted man who abuses her in so many horrible ways. Some of the scenes are graphic and could be a trigger for so [...]

    She Hearts Books
    I am totally and completely hooked on Hayley's Russian Bratva series and was so looking forward to reading Ziven's story. I really loved him for Quinn. Both of them had no one who loved them before they were together. While Ziven gave her all of him, Quinn was a different person who ended up running and in turn experience a hell she hadn't expected. I so loved that Ziven wanted to be the one to heal her and loved watching them fall so hard for each other. Things are easy for them, but it was so [...]

    Sheila'S Book Corner
    I was excited to find a new series about the Bravata, let me preface by saying this was my first book that I have read in this series, in my opinion it can be read as a standalone, there was a little confusion, but overall did not take away from the read for me. Let me tell you, the other books in this series have already been added to my kindle. From what I learned from reading this Quinn was not too well liked, but me, I actually liked her and felt horrible with everything she went through.I l [...]

    No cheating and it's good. Quinn leaves Zivan for another man she thinks will be good for her and he ends up torturing and raping her for weeks before he plans to sell her. He really cares for her and she completely changes from a bitch to a loving considerate woman. He does has a sex scene with OW while they are separated but it's with a prostitute. It's only one scene but he says it became his routine while she was gone. She goes back and he takes care of her. HEA. This was the best story.

    Kelly Fountain
    Ziven has met his match in Quinn and she's given him a run for his money. Quinn has been running scared her whole life and while she wants him, she's terrified of what he represents. She runs from him again towards what she thought would be safety and enters her own personal hell. As she escapes, Quinn is all she can think of. Will he take her back, does he still care or has she screwed up forever? Another great mafia story with all that we have come to know and love.

    I love ZivenQuinn had a really bad childhood living with her father. When Ziven takes her from all that she doesn't really trust him and she runs away thinking it's going to be better but in reality it's worse than she ever imagine. Ziven is able to help Quinn get better, when she sees the way Ziven treats her she finally realize that he is the real deal.

    Protected by the BadmanThings are always dramatic in this series and this one was crazy! Quinn has been a turd for awhile now and still after all that I cannot say she deserves what happens to her. Ziven is such a sweet bad guy lol. I love him so much. I am so happy he gets his HEA. I'm worried about Pasha and how unhinged he has become though.


    Ermelinda Djalo
    more 3,75

    this book was amazing. i love this series. it will leave you hang. i can't wait for the next one

    4.7 starsWith each book of this series I keep falling down the rabbit hole deeper and deeper. I love all of these books and characters.

    Patricia behrens
    WowEach book in this Bratva series just continues to get better. I wasn't into mafia books of any kind until Hayley Faiman started this series. I love it and I can't wait for the next book.

    • ✓ Protected by the Badman || î PDF Read by ✓ Hayley Faiman
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