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  • Title: Consumed
  • Author: Caroline Hamilton
  • ISBN: 9780733320910
  • Page: 149
  • Format: None

  • Amelia wants to be the best cook in the world But being the best cook is not just about preparing the perfect bean dish or cooking a steak so that it melts in your mouth, it s about struggle and learning Amelia befriends Katarina, a strange, old Eastern European woman who teaches Amelia about tea, bread, bottled tomatoes and the art of cooking Katarina s mysterious deatAmelia wants to be the best cook in the world But being the best cook is not just about preparing the perfect bean dish or cooking a steak so that it melts in your mouth, it s about struggle and learning Amelia befriends Katarina, a strange, old Eastern European woman who teaches Amelia about tea, bread, bottled tomatoes and the art of cooking Katarina s mysterious death unleashes a passion within Amelia and she discovers an age old secret that unlocks the power and magic of famous cooks throughout history In trying to invent a new recipe, Amelia discovers that her beloved Katarina was murdered and Amelia knows who did it She begins to plan the tastiest recipe of her life, her recipe for revenge.
    Caroline Hamilton
    Caroline Hamilton Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Consumed book, this is one of the most wanted Caroline Hamilton author readers around the world.


    This is Hamilton's first book and it is delightful. A young lonely woman is captivated by a delicious sauerkraut found in a Melbourne deli and goes on a search to find the maker. She and the fantastical cook that she finds go on a strange food journey together. The story goes a little strange but overall delightful and captivating. I was looking for a book to grab me fully and this did the trick. Please, someone else, read it.

    Amelia, works at Ikea and is a foodie, she want to be the masterchef. One day she meets Katrina, her teacher, seemingly a creepy old woman. Things happen, Katrina is killed, and Amelia finds herself become more and more like her, especially after she inherits everything Katrina had. After Katrina dies, in a way that's where the story really begins. We all know who killed her (the only antagonist), but this book isn't a murder mystery, it's more about food. The story first begins in the real worl [...]

    Let's get something out of the way first.If one would like to approach this book, the blurb, often a safe taster for the full course inside, reveals a crucial plot point that takes HALF THE BOOK to discover yourself. Revealing blurbs are the bane of my existence. Do not read the blurb.If you, dear reader, are deciding whether to give this book a go and have read the reviews below, it's a safer gamble to interpret this book for yourself. For this is the kind of book that will polarize readers. It [...]

    I was so excited about this book - the cover blurb drew me in and I feel as if it was a bit of 'bait and switch' in some ways. Amelia has had an unloving childhood and has thrown her heart into food and cooking. In searching out the recipe for the 'perfect' sauerkraut, she meets Katarina who takes her in as her 'Vassalissa' and teaches her all about food and cooking.After Katarina dies, Amelia inherits everything, including her history and personality. This is one of the areas where I felt the b [...]

    Two stars at a stretch. And that's for the recipes which look great. I seriously suspect the author wrote this while ingesting the honey/mushroom concoction.I mean, really - what the hell?!?! Started off as a little odd before then - I thought - starting to balance out. Well, THAT was short lived stepping up the strange before becoming full-blown and EXTREMELY weird. Weirder, even, than that description.Wasn't quite what I thought it would be alluding to food/fantasy fiction genre.ough, what sho [...]

    I loved the passionate description of food and the relationship between the protagonist and her mentor, the elderly Jewish cook, but towards the last third of the book the story takes a mythical turn and becomes quite fantastical. I wasn’t sure if this represented the character’s state of mind or was suppose to be taken as reality. – perhaps it doesn’t really matter. The change in direction didn’t bother me but I have to say the first part of the booking dealing with the cook passing a [...]

    Nancy White
    This book was creepy and got extremely weird near the end.I expected a harmless food novel - I did not expect it to descend into dark fantasy the way it did!Despite the fact that it was a bit disturbing, I found the writing enjoyable and compelling - I could barely put this book down even when I was creeped out by it!Definitely worth a read, and it's not too long so if you are as disturbed as I was at least it's over quickly!

    This book was really interesting , i enjoyed wandering ficticiously around the streets of St Kilda and beyond. It was rather evocative and sensual .I really the attention to detail in everything to do with food. With unexpected but very welcome synchronicity this book reminded me of the books I read back in the early 90's when this was my locale. It's refreshing to read an unabashedly feminist work of this nature, the timelessness , the sense of community of women .

    Anna Matilda
    I'm only 1 chapter in, and I can already tell this will become one of my favourite books. Like Patrick Süskind's 'Perfume' and Jim Crace's 'Devil's Larder', the way Hamilton writes (in particular a description of a fresh produce market) transports me to a different time, a richer place, and a warmer state of mind.Not bad for 15-odd pages, eh? :)

    I love this book. I borrowed it from the library but it is a book that I want on my shelf.The author is well researched in the areas covered in the book, including cooking, witches and the Baba Yaga. The ending leaves you wondering - more in line with the genre of short stories - but I like that. It's not very often that I say this, but, 'I will read it again.'

    Tia Lau
    For her first book this is amazing. Consumed follows a young woman who's trying to fid the meaning in life through food. It left me wodering and daydreamig about the history and stories behind recipes and how ever the simple pleasures in life are to kill for.

    Anna Smith
    It was hard working getting to the end of this book. The main character was immature and self-absorbed which made it impossible for me to like her at all. The story felt too slow at the beginning, and rushed at the end, and was predictable throughout.

    Liz! (Bazil is Awosome!)
    This book was EXTREMELY weird but in saying that i still enjoyed reading it. Some of it was really interesting and some of it was very sick! Lol Would recommend it just so you can see how weird and cool it is!

    I only gave this a 3 because the ending got a little too creepy for me.

    Marjorie Chris
    kept my interest, surprised me, and I got a few recipes. lol

    Leisa Entwistle
    I loved this book. I couldn't put it down.

    Just weird.

    Don't bother

    a sensuous tale of food, madness and revenge.

    Rhonda Fisher
    excellent story set in Australia

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