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  • Title: Death in St. Petersburg
  • Author: Tasha Alexander
  • ISBN: 9781250058287
  • Page: 281
  • Format: Hardcover

  • A dance with deathAfter the final curtain of Swan Lake, an animated crowd exits the Mariinsky theatre brimming with excitement But outside the scene is somber A ballerina s body lies face down in the snow, blood splattered like rose petals over the costume of the Swan Queen The crowd is silenced by a single cry Nemetseva is dead Among the theatergoers is Lady Emily,A dance with deathAfter the final curtain of Swan Lake, an animated crowd exits the Mariinsky theatre brimming with excitement But outside the scene is somber A ballerina s body lies face down in the snow, blood splattered like rose petals over the costume of the Swan Queen The crowd is silenced by a single cry Nemetseva is dead Among the theatergoers is Lady Emily, accompanying her dashing husband Colin in Russia on assignment from the Crown But it soon becomes clear that Colin isn t the only one with work to do When the dead ballerina s aristocratic lover comes begging for justice, Emily must apply her own set of skills to discover the rising star s murderer Her investigation takes her on a dance across the stage of Tsarist Russia, from the opulence of the Winter Palace, to the modest flats of ex ballerinas and the locked attics of political radicals A mysterious dancer in white follows closely behind, making waves through St Petersburg with her surprise performances and trail of red scarves Is it the sweet Katenka, Nemetseva s childhood friend and favorite rival The ghost of the murdered toile herself Or, something even sinister
    Tasha Alexander
    The daughter of two philosophy professors, I grew up surrounded by books I was convinced from an early age that I was born in the wrong century and spent much of my childhood under the dining room table pretending it was a covered wagon Even there, I was never without a book in hand and loved reading and history than anything I studied English Literature and Medieval History at the University of Notre Dame Writing is a natural offshoot of reading, and my first novel, And Only to Deceive, was published in 2005 I m the author of the long running Lady Emily Series as well as the novel Elizabeth The Golden Age One of the best parts of being an author is seeing your books translated, and I m currently in love with the Japanese editions of the Emily books.I played nomad for a long time, living in Indiana, Amsterdam, London, Wyoming, Vermont, Connecticut, and Tennessee before settling down My husband, the brilliant British novelist Andrew Grant I may be biased but that doesn t mean I m wrong and I live in southeastern Wyoming I still don t have a covered wagon, but a log house goes a long way toward fulfilling my pioneer fantasies Andrew makes sure I get my English characters right, and I make sure his American ones sound American.


    Diane S ☔
    3.5 This is a series that I dip into now and then, depending on where and what the story line takes place, and if it sounds interesting. The draw for me with this one is that it takes place in Tsarist Russia and concerns ballet, which I love. After Lady Emily and her husband attend the ballet, they find the body of a prima ballerina, lying dead in the snow. Lady Emily, as she does, finds herself involved in finding the murderer.There is a mix of political intrigue, love, and the insular world of [...]

    Lori Lamothe
    When Emily Hargreaves emerges from the Mariinksy Theatre, she encounters more than another frigid Russian night. Swan Lake’s prima ballerina lies broken across the snow, a spray of blood spattered across her tutu. Despite the best efforts of the police, Lady Emily manages to push her way to the front of the crime scene for a closer look. She quickly detects what the police have missed: a diamond-encrusted Faberge egg hidden beneath the body. Unfortunately, investigating a death in a foreign co [...]

    One of the best in the Lady Emily series, in my opinion! Great setting, subject, & characters. This is book #12 in the Lady Emily historical mystery series. Overall, it’s been a great series to follow. There have definitely been highs and lows with the entries, but this one didn’t disappoint. I loved it! As a forever fan of ballet, it was poised to be a favorite, I guess. Lady Emily and her husband Colin are in St Petersburg, Russia along with their longtime friend Cecile. The city was d [...]

    The Lady Emily series has been an engaging historical mystery story, romance, but also a feast for the senses. I've adored each time to series takes the reader to a Victorian era foreign setting with its lush descriptions of place, culture, society, historical backdrop and more. This latest installment was no exception.I found myself enjoying it in a bittersweet way since I knew what events would follow this time in the lives of the Romanovs and the Russian people. This is the waning years of Cz [...]

    Barbara Rogers
    Series: Lady EmilyPublication Date: 10/10/17Okay, I admit it – I loved the book! The writing is superb and the descriptions put you right there with the participants. I love Emily and Colin – what a strong, loving, caring, and supportive couple they are! What threw me was having to constantly stop and sound out the Russian names. Normally with unusual (to me) names, I just decide what they are going to be and call them that whether it is correct or not. For some reason, I couldn’t do that [...]

    This is probably one of the strongest Lady Emily mysteries to date, set in the world of the Russian ballet in the year 1900.Lady Emily is in St. Petersburg for the New Year, bent on celebration and enjoyment. But after an evening at the world-renowned ballet, her deductive skills are suddenly called to work when the body of a ballerina is discovered in the snow outside the theatre. Who could have wanted to do away with her, and why?I've read all of the Lady Emily mysteries, and at times have tak [...]

    Laurel Hicks
    Pushkin, Petersburg, Tchaikovsky, and murder most foul—what’s not to like?

    Review to come on publication date.

    A sparkling historical mystery!St Petersburg in January 1900 before the Russian Revolution. Alexander's walk through this fabulous city is charged, exciting and wonderfully descriptive.Lady Emily Hargreaves is once again up to her fur hat in a murder. And no ordinary murder. Right after her sensational debut of Odette/Odile in Swan Lake the soloist, Irusya (Irina Semenova Nemetseva), is found outside the stage door, face down in the snow dead, bejewelled in her own blood.Then there's the mysteri [...]

    Kate Baxter
    This was a rich and atmospheric story of tsarist Russia on the brink of revolution - set from 1889 to 1900. Its backdrop is St. Petersburg, Russia with its spectacular Petrine Baroque architecture (18th c. Dutch, Danish, Swedish influence), built on the backs of conscripted peasants during the 18th century. The Mariinsky Theatre ballet world, with its famous director and choreographer, Marius Petipas, and its world class dancers are featured prominently throughout. Ballet dancers were the Russia [...]

    Nancy Haddock
    I got this one from the library and really enjoyed it! The story moves between the "present" and a few years in the past, but it wasn't difficult to adjust to the switches after a few chapters. I'm going to snag more books by this author!

    Without going into a synopsis of the book, I have to say that yet again I am very pleased with the newest Last Emily book! I did have a hunch who the murderer was and I have to say that in always a bit disappointed when I get it right! I love the fact that it was set in Russia, and I loved learning what I did about ballerinas!

    L F
    Not as good as previous Lady Emily books. This book was not on the same wonderful standard as it’s predecessors. It got off to a slow start and not until the last part did it begin to gelThis series is not really literary, rather, a fun read with a casual style of writing. But, the idea of a historical fiction genre that includes a working mystery to be solved cannot be overlooked. With this in mind, consider giving this series a go. I loved the Darjeeling book set in India. It is by far my fa [...]

    This series has always been one of my favorites but the last couple books have not grabbed me as much and this installment was no different. I love St Petersburg and really enjoyed the setting and felt the author did a great job researching her material. However, I found the story a little disjointed and the ending was a bit unbelievable. But the most important thing lacking was that special spark between Emily and Collin and watching them work as a team - I guess the honeymoon is over for them. [...]

    Meh. It wasn't written badly or anything, but I'm over watching the leads stagnate while half the page count is given to either research dumps or the flashbacks of one-and-done characters I don't care about.Doubt I'll read any more of these.

    I received a copy of this title from the publisher for an honest review. I've been excited to read the latest installment in the Lady Emily series when I saw it took place in St. Petersburg, Russia. I was so happy that the title did not disappoint! Lady Emily finds herself in St. Petersburg after following her husband who is on assignment. Cecile is along for the visit and the group finds themselves attending the Swan Lake where Irina Semenova Nemetseva made her debut as Odette and Odile. During [...]

    Betty Strohecker
    This was a fabulous book, one of my favorites of the series! Colin has business in St. Petersburg, so Emily and her friend Cecile join him there. During an interval of the ballet Swan Lake, the principal ballerina has her throat slashed outside the theater. Emily is one of the first on the scene and is asked to conduct an investigation into the murder. Interwoven with the main plot which takes place in 1900, is the backstory of the murdered woman and her best friend, another ballerina.I loved th [...]

    Having been lucky enough to have visited St. Petersburg, reading Tasha Alexander’s A Death in St. Petersburg brought vivid memories back to me. What a beautiful city, but I did see it in the summer not the winter. Lady Emily was lucky that she had brought all the furs to keep her warm with all her running around attempting to solve the prima ballerina’s murder. Lady Emily also truly has a gift for languages which helps her with the case. I could feel the passion the ballet dancers put into t [...]

    Even if this weren't another Lady Emily (and Colin) mystery, it would have lured me in with all the elements it employs that are like catnip to me: Murder, Imperial Russia, Ballet, and Fabulous Clothes. Since it is a Lady Emily mystery, there may have been a weensy bit of begging for an ARC. And I was not disappointed even one little bit. Now that the final Amelia Peabody novel has been published, I'm glad to know that Lady Emily is there to fill the same smart, feisty, fashionable, madly-in-lov [...]

    Loved this book! Tasha Alexander's Lady Emily series is always a favorite and this was no exception. St. Petersburg at the turn of the last century comes alive with rich descriptions and plenty of secrets. Add the glamour of the ballet and it's richness and you have a perfect recipe for intrigue. A ballerina is murdered and through flashbacks we learn about her loves and progress to the ballet world, including her closest friend and also the man she truly loved but gave up because of his revolut [...]

    I adore Lady Emily, and her husband Colin. I am always anxious when their new books are released. This. book features the ballet, and life with in the company, and what it takes to make it , to the top. It also takes place during the last Tsar Nicholas reign. It takes Emily on an adventure to find the murderer of the Prima Ballerina, who was the star of the night , in the role of Swan Lake. She had disappeared from the building, and her best friend ,and understudy filled in for her. She was late [...]

    Marisa Collett
    I knew from the moment I read the plot of this book that I would love it. It touches three of my favorite things: Russian history, Faberge’ Eggs, and Ballet. My fascination with the first two started when I was 11 or 12 and I read the Anastasia volume of the Royal Diaries series. The latter, from the first ballet class I took. I thank the author for blending all of these things into a wonderful book that reminds me again why I love Emily and Colin. Now I can’t wait for the next book in the s [...]

    Kathleen Schilling
    Interesting story, seeing a picture of Russia before the revolution. The story of the two ballerinas definitely caught my attention. Looking forward to the next installment

    Another fun Lady Emily book. I love the research Tasha Alexander puts into her books. Makes it feel very authentic.

    Marilyn Turkovich
    I always enjoy Tasha Alexander's writing as a nice relief from my working routine--a little historical fiction, peppering of mystery. Very nice for rainy days. A consistent writer.

    Bonnie Hoover
    Very engaging and well-researched murder mystery. I particularly enjoyed the interplay of the main character and her "nemesis" Sebastian. Fast-paced and very accessible book.

    Kate Ayers
    The Lady Emily Hargreaves series is an easy read, with nice historical details. This time, she accompanies her husband, the ravishingly handsome Colin, to Russia where he had business. She's along for social purposes, visiting friends. Alas, at the ballet, the prima ballerina is murdered and Lady Emily's investigative skills are inquired after. The reader gets a good feel for the streets of the city, the chill of the winter air and the politics of the time. Chapters alternate between the current [...]

    I always enjoy a Lady Emily mystery, and this one certainly sparkled (almost literally); the setting was divine. It's clear the author knows what she's talking about with regards to ballet. I also enjoyed seeing Sebastian again. Colin was a giant stick in the mud for the bulk of the book but Cecile and Sebastian more than made up for him. It always boggles my mind that in historical times people just, well, answered questions. Why should they tell Emily anything? And yet, person after person jus [...]

    Danielle Gonzalez
    I think this book makes it to my list of favorites within this series. Emily and Colin are in St. Petersburg, and while enjoying the ballet "Swan Lake", a ballerina is found murdered during an intermission. Emily is asked to figure out what happened to her. In between the current period of Emily investigating the murder, we learn the story of 2 girls who joined the ballet academy together and graduated into the same company. This story has love, betrayal, politics, and of course, dance. Emily ha [...]

    Cheryl Chambers
    This is the latest in the murder mystery series with Victorian sleuth, Lady Emily. Alexander did painstaking research to fully immerse the readers in Tsarist Russia at the beginning of the twentieth century. The reader is reunited with some familiar characters while meeting some new Russian characters living in a country on the precipice of civil war. In the book we get to see the elegant and extravagant lives of the super rich severely juxtaposed with the difficult lives of the working classes, [...]

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