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  • Title: Defense
  • Author: Sandi Lynn
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  • Page: 380
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  • ArianaBetrayal The pain and rage that consumed me was unbearable My perfect reality had become my hurtful one Loss of illusion settled inside me and constricted the air I breathed I felt as if my entire life was a lie Fresh out of law school, I needed a new start and to put the pieces of my life back together When I left Boston and moved to New York, I met Luca RussoArianaBetrayal The pain and rage that consumed me was unbearable My perfect reality had become my hurtful one Loss of illusion settled inside me and constricted the air I breathed I felt as if my entire life was a lie Fresh out of law school, I needed a new start and to put the pieces of my life back together When I left Boston and moved to New York, I met Luca Russo, a high powered, sexy attorney who liked control He took me under his wing and did things for me no other man had ever done Everything comes with a price, and mine was falling for a man who couldn t return my affection Then one night tragedy struck and he needed my help That was the night I became his defense.LucaThere wasn t anyone or anything I couldn t control I thrived on it It made me who I was Some called me ruthless because I played dirty in the courtroom, and some called me a man whore because I liked to sleep with women but refused to give them anything I was a thirty year old man with the world at his fingertips I had a successful career that I loved, a luxury apartment on Park Avenue, and the company of any beautiful woman I wanted at any time Then Ariana Williams walked into my firm and left me breathless The chemistry between us was undeniable But I had a past and a secret I never wanted her to know, so I had to walk away Then one tragic night I needed her, and now she holds the fate of my life in her hands.
    Sandi Lynn
    I m Sandi Lynn and I m a full time writer Writing has always been a passion of mine and I ve had many dreams of writing and publishing a book In just a little under a year, I ve written and published a New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal Bestselling Trilogy When I m not writing, I enjoy going out to dinner and to the movies I have a severe coffee addiction and you can usually find me hanging out at the local Starbucks with my laptop


    Val ⚓️ ShamelessBitchySKANKY ⚓️ Steamy Reads
    3 StarsAll in all, justMmmmmeh.The premise was great and there was actually a LOT of potential for some awesomeness herebut the characters were never developed past the surface.Ariana was too perfect.As in, she's fresh out of Harvard law.Where she was also Valedictorian of her class. Of course. President of some big deal debate teamof course.And gets a perfect score when she takes the Bar Exambut, of course. Plus, once we get to the main "plot spin" case of the whole book, it almost read like a [...]

    Alex ♈
    I don’t have legal education, so I don’t feel comfortable to brag with random legal terms and complain about many legal flops inaccuracies in this book; but as a person who watches/reads the news and likes detective novels, I saw many bloopers some legal errata. Speaking about "chain of custody" (the term denotes the links in the handling of the exhibit in question: details of the item, the place, date, time it was recovered, and by whom it was recovered etc.) – it wasn’t followed at all [...]

    DNFThat quote.Some called me a manwhore because I liked to sleep with women but refuse to give them anything more, and some called me a bastard because it was my way or no way. Did I care? Not in the least. I was a thirty-year-old man with the world at his fingertips. I had a successful career that I loved, a luxury apartment on Park Avenue, and the company of any beautiful woman I wanted at any time.That sounds so shallow and here we have another self-centered, manwhore Hero: a promiscuous man [...]

    Milica's Bookshelf
    My God, obožavam kako ova žena piše priče! Jednostavne a tako savršene. Nisam očekivala ništa posebno, samo jednu običnu romansu, ali me je Sandi opet iznenadila. Prosto moram prvom prilikom nabaviti ovu knjigu. #MustHave #MustReadSandi Lynn, I love all of your books so fucking much! ♥

    J. Grayland
    Ariana Williams fresh out of law school and on the brink of taking her bar exam leaves her family home when she finds out they have been keeping a secret from her for her whole life. Needing a new start Ariana moves to New York meeting up with an old BFF who gets Ariana a job as a temporary secretary at the law firm that she works for. High powered lawyer Luca Russo takes Ariana under his wing and arranges not only for somewhere for her to live but also for her to take her bar exam then hires he [...]

    I'm not sure about this one. Need more reviews. A woman fresh out of law school is hired by the hero to work in his firm and she already is going to be a defense attorney? Like 1st chair? No way even in la la land. Too fantastic. So need more investigationUPDATE UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE : after a GR friend messaged me with info about this book this became a NO WAY book. Her info makes me believe this one of the worst/disgusting plots. And the betrayal: for the love of anybody, talk abo [...]

    Exam Q: To what extent can an author make your eye twitch from the excessive dimwittedness presented by the protagonist in her novel, "Defense". Discuss."Olivia and I hailed a cab and rode into the office together.”Hey Arianna, why don't you take public transport considering you were you know struggling for cash. I looked around one last time, arranging furniture in my head.“All right. I’ll take it,” I spoke with excitement.”Hey Arianna, for a Harvard graduate lawyer you don't seem t [...]

    Anne OK
    After spending over 40 years in the legal field and 30 in the chambers of a federal judge, this was beyond my ability to expand sensibilities to accept the procedures followed herein. I didn't like the lead characters from start to finish. Writing was jagged and felt off-centered throughout. Not for me -- I like a little more research and substantially provable facts. And the sexual content was less than meaningful - more robotic than anything else. I was excited for this book's release from the [...]

    I Love Sandi Lynn & I have read all her books :)the defence I have to say is brilliant, but for me it focused on the court case more than Ari & Luca,

    Shari Kay

    Stacy Hahn
    It is no secret that I am a big fan of Sandi Lynn. I absolutely love everything she has written. She's the queen of writing hot millionaire romances. Defense is no exception.Luca Russo is a rich, high powered, sexy as sin attorney who is a player who loves to be in control both in and out of the court room. He felt out of control in his childhood and his past secrets made him who he is today. When he met Ariana Williams he lost some of that hard-fought control, which made me love him even more.A [...]

    Let me begin by saying, I was not asked to give a review and am not a friend of the author. This is my honest opinion. I'd say I'm speechless but I've got plenty to say. Defense was undeniably executed with such finesse to exceed all of ones expectations. Just magnificent. I loved both the hero (Luca) and heroine (Ariana). Luca Russo, a brilliant Defense (criminal) attorney, residing and practicing in New York City, partner with the majority shares at his law firm. Alpha male, handsome, sexy, co [...]

    DefenseBe prepared! To be so into this story! It will take hold of you, keep you, make you wonder, question everyone? This story is so intense, has so many unanswered questions, you will want to keep reading to just find out a little more, then a little more. So get ready for the journey of your life with Luca and Ariana. Great story full of so much suspicion, lies, setting someone up, murder, lust, revenge, it has it all. Enjoy!!!

    Nina Wallace
    2.5 Murder Mystery Romance Stars. Wow was that book cringy! I tried so hard to like this book but wow two very insufferable characters falling in insta love is always a recipe for disaster.

    This is some new elements in hers. This time talking about a trail. She is the new graduated from law school, new practice lawyer n saved him for second degree murder.It remainder me watching a tv series, a good wife, the people in the law firm, they may be the guy who fight for justice, but they didn't. It's ugly when it came to money, greed, power n revenge.The secret of Ari was not that bad, at least she has a completed family to protect her, her biological parents still there n doing great b [...]

    Barbara Gramatikas
    What a great bookJust when I think the author has written her best book yet, she slays it with something completely different. I love books about the law and this one didn't disappoint. I read it in one day ( I took a break to go to a billy Joel concert) and when I got home I finished the book!! Can't wait to see what she comes out with next!! I hope we don't have to wait too long

    Paula Hoskins
    Another Sandi Lynn HitYou can never go wrong with a Sandi Lynn romance. What's not to love an alpha male who you'll fall in love with and a strong female who shows who she is. A Must read. Once you start it guaranteed you won't put it down.

    I've always been a fan of Sandi Lynn and Defense did not disappoint!

    Misty Walker
    *audio review*Sandi Lynn always writes really hot books but this one was more on the sweet side and definitely more on the legal side. I enjoyed it. It was exciting and I finished it in one sitting, not wanting to turn it off. The only issue I did have was that I did felt a slight drag in the middle but after that hump, it was great and I loved listening. Veronica Worthington was fantastic. Perfect for this character. Very serious when she needed to be, very sexy when she needed to be. Her pacin [...]

    I listened to the Audiobook of this and the narrators were both very good. I really liked the story line even if at times what was happening seemed a bit unrealistic. However, this is just a story meant for entertainment purposes so that's okay with me. I liked the relationship between Luca and Ariana; they are both very strong characters and are super sexy, hot and steamy. Ariana does not take any crap from anyone including Luca. I admire that about her. Luca is gobsmacked by Ariana from the mo [...]

    WowLoved the storyCharacters were great and we'll developed Hot and Crazy scenes from bedroom to courtroomI'm speechless, great book.Luca and Ariana felt a connection when they met, hmm follow their story of trial and errors. All I'm saying your in for a ride.This book has it all from love and happiness to betrayal and suspense. highly recommend

    Defense5 stars!!!!!!! OMG I loved reading Defense, Sandi did it again. From the beginning I fell in love with Arianna and Luca. I could not put this book down, I started it at 12:30 this afternoon and just finished it at midnight. This is a must have buy it you won't be disappointed. Let me just say the sex scenes were beautiful. Thank you Sandi for another beautiful story.

    Patricia Okereke
    Original&PerfectWhat can I say it's Sandi Lynn. I liked the pace of this book; it didn't sweat the small stuff and was not heavily long winded. It was a great mix of court room drama, detective intrigue and romance was the perfect mix of originality hence my 5stars. I'd recommend this book any day!

    Chloe Sulley
    You can never go wrong with a Sandi Lynn novel. Defense was the perfect easy read and something I look forward to enjoying again in the future. I completely fell in love with the characters and the plot line which keeps you flicking through the pages until the end. lets just say I had a late night of reading finishing this bad boy.

    A List I am over the moon from reading this book. Finally a heroine who gives as good as she gets and a hero who's not used to having a woman say no or flip him off . LOL. She cries, explodes, feels pulls her panties up and gives the situation her all. She's smart, sexy, and we can learn by example.

    Cynthia Haflich-raber
    Did I say I loved its I did!This book was awesome! I loved it so much. The suspensedramatensionmanceloved it all. Luca and Ariana were fabulous for each other. Loved everything about it

    Sharina Chappell
    Swoon!I loved this book from the beginning until the end. Luca and Ari are great together! Sandi Lynn has once again has written an amazing read. She will forever be one of my favorite authors! Can't wait for her next book.

    Buy it now, u wont regret itSandi Lynn has done it again, love her books, love her work I couldn't put it down my goodness talk about a page turner, I have read all her books and I thought I already had a favourite I don't know anymore .loved Ariana loved Luca.

    Suzanne Forbes
    Another masterpiece from a great authotI've never read a Sandi Lynn book that I didn't enjoy and this one is no exception. A feisty female and alpha male, fantastic dialogue hot sex gives you hours of pleasurable reading . Highly recommended!

    Bailey Smejkal
    This book fell flat for me. I liked the premise of the trial woven into the story, but beyond that, there wasn't much depth to the book. The characters never really developed. Everything was too easy and very surface level.

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