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  • Title: Jane Grey: A Homage to the Brontë Classics
  • Author: Nina Mason
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  • Page: 119
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  • Appearances can be deceivingA decade ago, Raphael Bront , a cousin to the Bront s of literary fame, sold his heart to a wealthy French Countess, whose patronage allowed him to pursue his dream of becoming an important painter Now that she is dead, he fears he lacks the capacity to love which is just as well, since he must forfeit the fortune she bequeathed him if everAppearances can be deceivingA decade ago, Raphael Bront , a cousin to the Bront s of literary fame, sold his heart to a wealthy French Countess, whose patronage allowed him to pursue his dream of becoming an important painter Now that she is dead, he fears he lacks the capacity to love which is just as well, since he must forfeit the fortune she bequeathed him if ever he chooses to marry.Prudence Middleton, a proper English governess, abandoned her dreams of finding happiness in marriage when her father s desertion forced her to work for a living to support herself as well as her mother and sister back home Now, she is on her way to France to prepare a willful young woman for her debut a task that seems as hopeless as ever escaping her lonely and degrading existence Unless, of course, she meets a man who has money, along with all the other noble qualities she desires in a husband.When the handsome, charming, and wealthy Count in a neighboring chateau takes an interest in her, she begins to believe her prayers have been answered until she learns Lord Bront has a secret He is not, says her ruthless coquette of a pupil, what he appears to be.When forced to choose between her heart s desire and her duty to her dependent relations, which will Prudence put first Or will she find a way to have it all
    Nina Mason
    Nina Mason is an incurable romantic with strong affinities for history, mythology, and the metaphysical She strives to write the same kind of books she loves to read those that entertain, edify, educate, and enlighten Her genres include erotic paranormal and historical romance She also has written a political thriller.Born and raised in Southern California, she now lives in Woodstock, Georgia, with her husband, youngest daughter, two cats, and a Westie named Robert.


    Jane Grey A Homage to the Bront Classics The Bront Brothers Book 1 by Nina Mason, set in the Loire Valley, France and England in 1850 In Jane Grey the reader will be shocked and thrilled by the similarities between the story of Jane Eyre to Matthew Bront and Jane Grey Matthew is the cousin of the author of Jane Eyre books.A story of a frustrated painter, and a kept man and a beleaguered English governess who comes to France as a teacher, to a young heiress, thus meets Matthew, in much the same m [...]

    Erin Anfinson-pirani
    The audience first meets Matthew Bronte, a downtrodden artist on the brink of ruin He traveled to Tours, France to study art While there, Matthew meets a wealthy patroness, Mathilde who houses him in return of being his mistress Over time, the relationship grows sour, as Mathilde has grown fond of Matthew, unfortunately, our hero does not reciprocate her feelings Left with little choice, Matthew decides to stay on figuring he has no other options He contemplates to return home to England a failu [...]

    Sandra R
    This book originally had the title of Jane Grey I started reading Jane Grey this morning which I purchased a few months ago and hadn t yet read , found out that The Governess Next Door was an updated, renamed and revised edition, newly released to supersede it, so I put the previous version down, checked the free preview, then finding slight differences eg the H h s names purchased the new one I am certainly pleased I made that choice The original was good, but this revised edition is way better [...]

    What an ingenious story to incorporate the Brontes of historical legend into a new historical romance With some of the angst of pursing his painting career and living off of his mistress, Raphael Bronte is the classic artistic His mistress has passed away and left him a fortune but with caveats He must never marry or will forfeit the money He presents himself as a widower and a Count and none are the wiser Prudence MIddleton has been forced to become a governess to support her mother and sister [...]

    Lisa Reigel
    He s not what he pretends to be Very well written, descriptive, and a clearly researched historical romance I was thoroughly engrossed in Jane Grey While I greatly enjoyed the two lead characters, Matthew and Jane, I also took delight in Cecile She gave the story a little bit of extra sass as she did whatever she desired despite how it affected others Usually those type of characters annoy me but she was just so entertaining to read Emotions come off the page as Matthew and Jane s relationship t [...]

    Nina Mason has reinvented the Classic This was a delightful, soulful and charming tale of the oft times challenges of and sacrifices for love The characters had such depth, vibrancy and heart The feel of the era came across very tangibly The air of Romanticism permeated the pages The stunning descriptions of the scenery easily swept me away to another time and place Jane and Matthew are a couple to be remembered I look forward to in this series I received a complimentary ARC of this book in ord [...]

    Pamela Pulsifer-swan
    Nina Mason does it again Jane Grey is a must read, cannot put down, absolutely wonderful period romance Amazingly well written, Nina captures time Her descriptions of characters and landscapes are breathtaking and immediately transports you right to where she is writing Jane and Matthew are intriguing characters, who both believe to be unworthy of love Jane is a governess who must provide for her mother and sister, and Matthew caught in a precarious situation, would have to give up wealth to fin [...]

    A fantastic book with wonderful characters A beautiful take on an old classic.I am voluntarily leaving my honest review of this book.

    The very first chapter made me cry I loved this book from the very first page A very poignant story very well written with interesting characters and a wonderful storyline I love the incorporation of the Bronte s and the way the books are referenced in the story Prudence is a a complex character as is Raphael Raphe Bronte Their back stories are complex and so sad This book is a real page turner and will keep you guessing I had many places in this book that made feel their emotions and have tears [...]

    Tina Williams
    An expertly crafted Victorian RomanceI am familiar with reading Nina Mason s erotic historical and paranormal romances such as her Royal Pains and Knights of the Tarot series of which I am a big fan Jane Grey, a standalone historical romance is a departure from the erotic genre as the heat level of this work is classed as moderate and the romance between the main couple is a sweet one Nevertheless the author s storytelling ability and character development are once again flawless.The tale expert [...]

    Raphael Raphe Bronte definitely had some sort of power over women He realized this when he was just sixteen and he was tempted by his cousin Charlotte As Raphael grew older the power never left him and it was something he could never escape Even his mistress Fabienne on her deathbed chained Raphael to her by her will making it so that he could never marry another While at Fabienne s funeral Raphe happens to meet the beauteous Lady Angelique Raphe holds no interest in her but when Raphe is introd [...]

    Like all Nina Mason s historical romances, The Governess Next Door transports you back in time in this case, to a day and age when romance was celebrated in art, poetry, and literature The book is meant to be a tribute to the Bronte sisters and, while they and their books are referenced within its pages, the story and characters are uniquely Nina s.The heroine, Prudence Middleton, moves to France to be a governess to a conceited and headstrong young woman who has no regard for the feelings of ot [...]

    S.M. Lowry
    I received a review copy in exchange for an honest review but I also purchased the book.Jane Grey by Nina Mason is a sweet and sexy historical romance Jane Grey is rich in historical detail and the story is engrossing The romance is mostly sweet and polite, but Mason captures perfectly the feelings of fear and desire that accompany falling in love Despite the Victorian Age setting, the story has a couple of steamy love scenes that I thought added just the right touch of heat Although the setting [...]

    Mary Lou Hoffman
    THE GOVERNESS NEXT DOOR is the first book in the Bront Brothers series It is not yet known if they will be a dependent or independent series.As always with a Nina Mason book, it s like a bit of time travel This time, I got to visit France in the 1850s and meet a cousin to the famous author Charlotte Bront During a time of great artists, he is a painter and has been a kept man Now a widower with an odd stipulation attached to his good fortune I love that they both must decide between their love a [...]

    Kat Wiley
    The Governess Next Door by Nina Mason has an amazing storyline but I feel the writing could have been a little simple for today s reading The descriptions are very clear and the characters are good It is written in the time of Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte which I have read both This book has a ghost, duty, trust, cruelty, beauty, artistry, gardens, poems, an assassination attempt, a ball, a spoiled aristocratic young lady, trust issues, a revengeful so call relative, family troubles and of [...]

    Sarah Fisher
    I actually liked this story Sad, deceit, lies but the story held my interest so much so I read it all today because I wanted to see the end I really despise haughty women and so of course I really despised Angelique and wanted to thrash her But i loved how it all turned out She became a much nicer person due to Prudence s guidance she tried giving her And oh what a lovely romantic ending with Prudence finding her true love with Raphel Truly a good read

    3.5 stars rounded up to 4 I ll start by saying that Jane Eyre happens to be my least favorite classic historical romance So when offered the chance to read this story I was truly intrigued and couldn t pass the opportunity to read it.Well, Jane Grey was a great romance story indeed I don t want anyone to think it wasn t based on my rating I did enjoy it from start to finish, true, however I also did have a few issues with the story itself At any rate, I still recommend it to any fan of the origi [...]

    Nina Mason

    • [PDF] Jane Grey: A Homage to the Brontë Classics | by ✓ Nina Mason
      119 Nina Mason
    Jane Grey: A Homage to the Brontë Classics