Free Download The Unidentified - by Colin Dickey

  • Title: The Unidentified
  • Author: Colin Dickey
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  • Page: 154
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  • Author of GHOSTLAND Colin Dickey s THE UNIDENTIFIED, traveling the world in search of local monsters, legends, myths, and delusions, using these stories to examine how conspiracy theories appear and spread at moments of upheaval and cultural anxiety, again to Melanie Tortoroli at Viking, by Anna Sproul Latimer of the Ross Yoon Agency NA.
    Colin Dickey
    Colin Dickey grew up in San Jose, California, a few miles from the Winchester Mystery House, the most haunted house in America As a writer, speaker, and academic, he has made a career out of collecting unusual objects and hidden histories all over the country He s a regular contributor to the LA Review of Books and Lapham s Quarterly, and is the co editor with Joanna Ebenstein of The Morbid Anatomy Anthology He is also a member of the Order of the Good Death, a collective of artists, writers, and death industry professionals interested in improving the Western world s relationship with mortality With a PhD in comparative literature from the University of Southern California, he is an associate professor of creative writing at National University.


    • Free Download The Unidentified - by Colin Dickey
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    The Unidentified