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  • Title: A Word and A Bullet
  • Author: Rachel Sharp
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  • Colt, Janie, and Damien were planning a weekend at Zed Games when the real apocalypse canceled their trip Now the planet is trying to kill them Evacuation by plane is less than successful The Piper goes down They survive, stranded somewhere up the East Coast with all the gear they could ask for but no idea where to go, and natural disasters erupting in every direction.Colt, Janie, and Damien were planning a weekend at Zed Games when the real apocalypse canceled their trip Now the planet is trying to kill them Evacuation by plane is less than successful The Piper goes down They survive, stranded somewhere up the East Coast with all the gear they could ask for but no idea where to go, and natural disasters erupting in every direction.Colt never saw himself as a leader Now his friends are turning to him to make decisions, but he can t be sure of his answers He s used to having one foot in two worlds a Cherokee living in Asheville, three quarters nerd and one sixteenth responsible adult but never in charge Now he feels the pressure to keep his friends alive while the planet is dying Janie, a librarian, and Damien, jack of all trades, have some skills between them, but it may not be enough.Scraping from one disaster to the next, Colt and his friends encounter Mab, a punky survivor on her way back to a safe haven in the Canadian wilderness She invites them to tag along Recruiting some horses from an abandoned farm, Colt, Janie, and Damien charge into the post civilized unknown.
    Rachel Sharp
    Rachel Sharp lives in New York City with her partner, several plants, and her questionable sense of humor At time of writing, she is working on entirely too many projects The previous statement will be true regardless of time of reading She also lives with chronic illness, plays ukulele, and tries to save the planet.


    I gave the first book four stars, so I'm sorry to give this one only three. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed this book quite a bit. Unfortunately, The new characters just didn't grab me the way Mab did. Colt, Janie, and Damien were interesting, and Colt was a good viewpoint character. I liked him, and he got a pretty nice character arc. I just didn't see the growth in Colt that I saw in Mab. I also didn't find their journey to (relative) safety as compelling. I didn't feel the same intensity, or su [...]

    Gina George
    I really love this series. Great characters, satisfying post-apocalyptic action, and snarky dialogue. The author also is one of the few dystopian writers who stays away from instalove and triangles (I mean, really? The entire world around you has changed and your only thought is how "He had the bluest eyes I'd ever seen"??). She also doesn't feel that the apocalypse means everyone has turned into killers and cannibals except the MC.Finally, because I'm a writer by trade (technical writing; it st [...]

    RoAnna Sylver
    "Without my embarrassment, my sadness, my fear, what did I have left? I closed my eyes. What if the things I was trying to let go of were things I was supposed to carry? What if they were all I had?"* * *I read this for Ace Book Club a long while back, and it was a book of many firsts for me. First book by Rachel Sharp (but not last! Phaethon review coming!), first ABC book, first post-apocalyptic survival story in a long time, and first book with a canonically stated (with the actual word!) ase [...]

    Mari Kurisato
    Caveat: I started the series with this book first. Additionally, I am friends with the author on Twitter. That said, I won't be holding back my criticisms. A Word and A Bullet by Rachel Sharp is a world crackingly good read, with funny characters, snappy dialogue, and an interesting take on life after everything goes to pot. The tagline for the book should read "LARPer GEEKS VS The WORLD." And I don't want to spoil it for you, but I will say this; for a post-apocalypse tale, I had more fun taggi [...]

    Ok I give up. It's not so much that the story is bad (even though, really, it's far from a master piece) but it's constantly stopped by ISSUES-THE-AUTHOR-WANTS-YOU-TO-KNOW-ABOUT. I mean, I appreciate the fact it brought up some problems usually ignored in this kind of setting, like if you're a woman with small feet (or large? I have no idea how US sizes work) you'll never find a pair of shoes that fit in a small town store (note that this doesn't prevent the characters to find that store two lin [...]

    I had a hard time getting through this book. There’s no plot other than “survive while traveling through the post-apocalyptic world”, but that got repetitive and boring pretty quickly, because the characters basically just encounter a checklist of problems/dangers that they always manage to get through relatively easily. There’s no real conflict between any of the characters, or any sort of relationship tension/growth, and there really isn’t much driving them either—at first they don [...]

    I loved this book!! This is the second book in a planned trilogy about a massive planetary disaster. The First book [which I also loved] The Big Book of Post-Collapse Fun is the story of Mab and her lonely and scary trip from Portland, OR to Canada.This book concentrated on three friends; Colt, Janie, and Damien whose plans for a North Carolina Zombie con weekend are thwarted by TEOTWAWKI. Unliie Mab they are evacuated, albeit in a small plane, have some survival equipment and aren't complete Ne [...]

    This book did not entice me as much as the first one did, I still really, really liked it though.It's amazing, it has a bit of everything and I think it's done very well. But I didn't fall in love with Colt, Janie and Damien the way I did with Mab in the first book and it just kept bothering me throughout the whole book. I kept reading and I was definitely interested but I just didn't feel like I got to know the characters that well or could see their growth as much as I would have liked to and [...]

    Claudie Arseneault
    I'm done! I am glad I took the time to read this one. It's a -fun- book. Which, yeah, you wouldn't expect from post-apocalypse settings, right? But A WORD AND A BULLET is essentially the series of adventures three friends experience when the Earth goes to shit, and they have to survive the apocalypse. It's fairly straightforward, and at times the pacing gets redundant, but you get attached to the group (and MAB!) fairly fast so it's easy to drift from one adventure to the other, as they do. I wi [...]

    Asher Blake Beckner
    A troop of friends travels to Canada after the apocalypse, meeting unlikely new recruits on the way. Despite their struggles, the journey makes them stronger for it. This is basically just your average adventure novel, although it did go rather slowly in my opinion. The action was interesting, but I feel as though Sharp needed to emphasize it more; it seemed like it happened and was just never mentioned again. However, Sharp built these characters much better. It appealed to me much more than th [...]

    Chasia Lloyd
    Welcome back to another edition of - I started reading a series with the second book!But I had a swell time even without having read the first. I grabbed this because I heard there was an aro-ace secondary character, and I wasn't disappointed. A Word and A Bullet is a fun post-apocalyptic book which closely follows a close-knit, ragtag group of geeks (for lack of a better word lol). Colt is our MC, a half-Cherokee man with a wry sense of humor and unpredictable mind. I think I might gotten more [...]

    This is a fun little read. You won't find a huge deep plot or intricate character arcs, but A WORD AND A BULLET is a quick bubble-gum adventure. Loads of fun with some deeper moments between likable and understandable characters. It's book 2 of a series but you don't need to read the first to enjoy it--I didn't. It's short so it's perfect for a quick afternoon escape.

    This would be a 3-star review, but I added a star for an awesome line by the ace character regarding matchmaking and library books. I enjoyed the characters and the set up, but the plot dragged, and I ended up skimming the last half of the book. No real tension here, but an interesting post-apocalyptic world and some fun characters.

    Tiffany Rose
    I wouldn't say Rachel writes the most realistic characters in the sense that you view them the same as you would your living friends, more so like an artist who makes such a realistic painting that the only word that captures both the true to life and work of art qualities is "masterpiece". I'd definitely buy this book and maybe a survival guide

    A short but good apocalypse novel that focuses on survival without getting into survival of the fittest territory. Manages to stay hopeful in tone despite the subject. The characters feel like real people and make realistic decisions. Made me think too much about how few apocalypse survival skills I actually have.

    DNF at 30%I was reading this with the Ace Book Club but just didn't like it enough to force myself to finish it.

    I liked the first book more, but this was still super great. Young adults facing the apocalypse, having no idea what they're doing but being strong and resourceful anyways? Count me in!

    2,5 stars

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