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  • Title: She Woke Up Married
  • Author: Suzanne Macpherson
  • ISBN: 9780755343249
  • Page: 282
  • Format: Paperback

  • Paris James totally expected to wake up in Vegas with a hangover after her thirtieth birthday Waking up married to Elvis, however, was most definitely not part of the plan The King A.K.A Turner Pruitt Elvis Impersonator and old school friend of Paris s thinks that it s fate they ve hooked up and got hitched after all these years Paris thinks it s a big mistake noParis James totally expected to wake up in Vegas with a hangover after her thirtieth birthday Waking up married to Elvis, however, was most definitely not part of the plan The King A.K.A Turner Pruitt Elvis Impersonator and old school friend of Paris s thinks that it s fate they ve hooked up and got hitched after all these years Paris thinks it s a big mistake no matter how much of a hottie Turner s become But then she s been running away from everything for years Perhaps it s time to finally let someone love her tender
    Suzanne Macpherson
    I was born in New Mexico back in the fifties she said vaguely , mingling with the aliens and the big bombs.My family settled in the northwest, where those rainy days led me to read constantly I grew up with Nancy Drew, Anya Seton, Gene Stratton Porter, Charlotte Bronte, Thomas Hardy, anything to take me Far from the Madding Crowd


    Truth time - I did not make it half way through this book. I had to stop reading. I was looking for light hearted and funny. The not so dark and more light was there but there was not one funny moment (at least in what I did complete). I like Turner but he seems too good to be true. He needs a flaw of some sort to atleast make him human and a little less saintlike. Paris is not likeable at all - I do not have any desire to see how their story turns out (though I know how it will end). I can unde [...]

    I loved this book. Think "What Happens in Vegas" meets the unrated version of "Knocked Up." Tons of fun and twists and turns, but best of all - a very, very happy ending.

    I have a soft spot for the drunken mistaken wedding blunder in Vegas stories. But there was something about this story that rubbed me the wrong way. Turner was just too perfect. So perfect that everyone in the story kept commenting on his perfection. But I thought it was a bit rich that the perfect Reverend didn't find it at all morally questionable that he married someone who was so wasted that the next morning she didn't even know who he was, let alone what they'd done.I also didn't like how h [...]

    Resident Optimist
    2.5 starsReally disappointed with this, I expected it to be much more interesting.Turner was too well he was a male version of a Mary-Sue. There was nothing imperfect about him, and I found that to be unrealistic. I mean, he was a man of God, he was rich AND he was handsome, couldn't he at least leave the toilet seat up after he went to the bathroom?I didn't like Paris, I understand that she was worried about the arrangement for reasons of her own but she was unnecessarily rude and acted like a [...]

    I feel misled and as a result am annoyed. Nowhere in the description of the book on the back cover did it indicate 85% of the book was going to be about a pregnancy. Also I'm not sure if I bought a straight up romance or a Christian romance.This was my first book by this author and I can't say I'm going to try another. Sorry.

    Well what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas; it did in this book. Waking up married and getting clues about what happened the night before as your focusing on waking up to what you believe to be a nightmare. The funny thing is you find yourself on his side! A fun read

    All I can say is wow. This book was nothing like I expected! It was funny in places, tense in others and had a fantastic ending that nearly left me in tears while laughing. Great book!

    This is a new author for me and a book I just randomly came across. As I started reading I was a little skeptical and found myself thinking I was going to have a hard time getting into this story. I'm the type who starts a book and will have to see it through to the end regardless if I like it or not. I'm happy I stuck with this story. Where I was at first a little annoyed, I later found myself thinking of the hero and heroine as endearing and lovable and really getting into the story. Paris Jam [...]

    This was a fun, quick read. I did enjoy it, though it wasn't incredibly original in its premise. Still, I liked that Macpherson added a few twists to the "got drunk and got married in Vegas" story. (view spoiler)[Marrying an Elvis impersonating minister isn't usually included in these stories! I wasn't thrilled that Paris got pregnant with twins on their honeymoon, one of I think only three occasions in which they have sex in the book. I also didn't like that the babies were the only real reason [...]

    Huda Sarkowi
    This book definitely had it 'first book' vibe in it - a simple read that was pretty straightforward and sometimes rigid, and of course a happy ending. This book is not a total failure, I was looking for something light and uncomplicated and I got it.But Turner Pruitt, just quoting from the book, is the most patient man in the universe. And Paris James is the crankiest, most pessimist, selfish wife ever that I somehow thought that if Paris want to leave, just leave. However, I like the subject of [...]

    Why did I even bother to finish this book? It started out OK, but the story lost pace once back in Vegas. Couldnt figure out if this book is supposed to be some sort of christian chicklit/romance. Paris was annoying in my opinion and Turner was to good to be true. I loved Millie, the only one with good sense and human flaws. The issue the book tries to tackle is serious and unfortunately not uncommon for women. I just couldnt stand the way Paris whined and manipulated everyone, queen of selfpity [...]

    Formidable Passion
    I downloaded the sample of this on my Nook. I was pulled in by the first Chapter. It left me hanging. So I decided that I would in fact go ahead and purchase the rest of the book.I love to read books that I don't really need to put much thought into. This is one of those books. However, it seemed to me that the Author foreshadowed the impending expectations too soon. Sure it was a major plot of the book, but I felt that I was alerted to it too soon. In the end I was happy that I had another book [...]

    I think one of the only reasons I bothered to finish this was because I was in another country and had a severe lack of books. Paris was an unlikable person in general. I guess you could say she had her reasons, but from the beginning of the book, I felt let down by her attitude towards Turner (?). Turner himself was a sweet guy, left me wondering if guys like that really existed, to be honest. He's a bit too perfect in the sense that he always tries to do what's right and all that nonsense. It' [...]

    Very poorly edited, especially facts (she is 30, but at one point the author refers to the 8 years since something happened when she was 12) and common knowledge. She is supposed to be filthy rich, but can't wait to go buy luxury 300-thread-count cotton sheets. I got those at Target when I was a nanny. Those are not for the riche rich buy Frette and 800 or higher thread-count sheets. But the story itself was sweet and I only paid $1.99 for it.

    Jessie Wilkens
    This was different than I expected. I admit it took me a couple of days to become invested in the story but as soon as I was I couldn't put it down. At first I simply could not understand why Turner felt so strongly for Paris but as the story went on her character became well-defined and we saw that other side that he saw.

    Susan Kiley
    One of Ms. Macpherson's earlier books which I picked up during a SALE-yay me! Addicting, fun, pleasantly surprising grabbing for a tissue during the end; very realistic! Either a sweet beach read or a great "love story" before bed, either way, you won't want to put it down.

    This book wasn't horrible but it was not great either. It was a nice predictable love story, which I like. Easy light read, I skipped over the bedroom scenes because I prefer the fade to black, leave it to your imagination scenerio. I finished it in about 4 hours.

    Deanna Mott
    I was done with this book very early on, but I kept going back to it as I thought perhaps it would get better, it didn't. I really disliked the writing style and never found myself drawn to, or pulling for any of the characters. The ending was lack luster, and predictable.

    The narrative and the flow were all over the place.

    Mona Bradley
    Typo of the book: Twinkies have wrappers unless being sponsored by Jay-Z or Run DMC. In that case, Twinkies would have rappers.

    Fun, easy, light ready. Very enjoyable.

    This is terrrible, but I love it.

    Nice story line, and good one-liners here and there, but the book's a draaaag. In 10 pages you know what the ending's gonna be like, and the author takes ages to finish it.

    A beautiful romance

    Siti Sarah
    OMG OMG OMG really really love this book. The first book that I ever bought on romance. Read it three time and still can't get enough of it. My most favorite book of my collection.

    What a charming and heartwarming story with such likable characters! I loved Paris and Turner's story. Millie was a hoot and a delight.

    Susana Cipriano-martins
    really enjoyed it

    A quick easy lighthearted chicklit.

    Fun, easy to read, but not stellar. It wraps up well with a super-happy ending. It is a decent beach read.

    3.5 stars

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