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  • Title: Until I Knew Myself
  • Author: Tammy L. Gray
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 275
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • RITA Award winning author Tammy L Gray delivers an unforgettable new series following five struggling friends in search of the true meaning of family through secrets, betrayal and the unexpected influence of an outsider Tyler Mitchell grew up an orphan, taken in by his best friend s family when he was only sixteen Even though ten years have passed, and he s been given eRITA Award winning author Tammy L Gray delivers an unforgettable new series following five struggling friends in search of the true meaning of family through secrets, betrayal and the unexpected influence of an outsider Tyler Mitchell grew up an orphan, taken in by his best friend s family when he was only sixteen Even though ten years have passed, and he s been given everything he should ever want a loving home, an adoring girlfriend, a successful career, and lifelong friendships Tyler has always felt a foreigner in his own life When a surprising phone call reveals the death of his biological grandfather, Tyler s seemingly perfect life starts to unravel The people he loves most in world have kept from him the greatest secret of all knowledge of his father s family Now hunting for information about his past, Tyler discovers nothing is quite as it seems And the definition of family is far complicated than choosing between blood and loyalty.
    Tammy L. Gray
    Tammy L Gray is the kindle best selling author of the Winsor series and Mercy s Fight Her mission is to provide clean, culturally relevant romances that incorporate messages of hope and healing When not chasing after her three amazing kids, Tammy can be spotted with her head in a book Writing has given her a platform to combine her passion with her ministry Tammy L Gray has lots of projects going on For all the latest info, visit her website at tlgrayI d love to hear from all of you Come join me on Facebook at facebook tlgraybooks or twitter tlgraybooksIf you d like to read a little on my testimony, follow this link tlgray healing the broken


    Dana Michael
    Real. That is how I would describe the author's work. It is real. She tells stories about real life. And, real life is hard. This book has several characters and they each have a story. This one is about Tyler who was orphaned at sixteen. His love interest is Journey who was abandoned by her father at a young age as well. Even though they each have issues to deal with, the author shows hope. I love that about Ms. Gray. She shows hope through her stories. This book was easy to read and had charac [...]

    What an enjoyable contemporary romance novel and a stellar beginning to a new series!I enjoyed spending time with several young adults in Bentwood, Texas. Bentwood is a fictional town located just outside of Austin. It's fun reading a novel set in an area I'm very familiar with. Although the main characters are Tyler and Journey we get to meet others in their close knit group of friends and a newcomer to their group. Tyler struggles with not having any living blood family and finding the value i [...]

    Tammy L. Gray doesn't just write a romance book. Her books are REAL! Her writing is never "Lets sit on a happy cloud and pretend everything is perfect"use life is not. It is real, it is raw and there are struggles and temptations and we all STRUGGLE. Tammys books take down the mask and show us raw stories that change us. There are not many like Mrs. Gray, she is definitely a league of her own!Thank you for this story and these wonderfully flawed but beautiful characters.

    Tammy Duzenack
    Tammy Gray is one of my favorite authors. Every book she releases I automatically buy. And I’m never disappointed. I got an early release of her new book Until I Knew Myself. And once again I was very pleased. The way she weaves her stories of real life situations, the depth of her characters and the way she makes you feel part of the book, that you want to be friends with her characters and walk along side of them is amazing. I highly recommend it! You won’t be disappointed.

    Hannah-rose Russell
    Tyler Mitchell is an orphan. His dad abandoned him when he was just three-years-old, and his mother passed away from cancer when he was sixteen. Taken in by his best friend's family, Tyler no longer needed to struggle for anything. However, questions about his past and his biological family have been plaguing him for years. Then one day, Tyler's life is thrown into disarray after receiving a phone call from a lawyer saying that his biological grandfather had just passed away, leaving him with al [...]

    The Bentwood crew grew up together but life has fractured and severed several of the relationships that these five friends once held.In Tyler Mitchell’s search for his family, he loses sight of what he’s always had—friends who protect and want the best for him, people who took him in after his mother passed away, and a woman who loves him. Yet, in his desperation to find his relatives, he just might destroy the best things in his life.Until I Knew Myself is teeming with broken people who a [...]

    Once again, Tammy L. Gray has given us characters that stretch us through a full range of emotions as they are revealed honestly, with all the many complicated aspects of fractured lives in the midst of an ever-changing and sometimes hostile world. I began reading "Until I Knew Myself" yesterday . . . until I found that I was fighting frustration whenever my real 'life' created any interruptions. I became so thoroughly absorbed into the lives of the families and individuals of Bentwood that, whe [...]

    Erin Laramore
    Tammy Gray is a new author to me - I ended up on her launch team because an author I follow was helping her recruit. While I hadn't read her books previously, I will start! This one was a little slow of a start to me - there were a lot of characters introduced at once and they all had a history, so I felt like I was "behind the 8 ball" early on; however, their back-story did unfold a bit as the book progressed and once the plot-line took off, I couldn't get enough!The primary lead character in t [...]

    Kelly Scott
    Tammy Gray did not disappoint. As one of my favorite authors I was excited to read an ARC of this book. First, I loved her target audience - young professionals. I don't think there are many "clean" authors that write for this market. Second, the characters suck you in. They have real problems and are never squeaky clean. Caroline, by far, while not the protagonist was my favorite character. I'm looking forward to her bookhope it's next! Finally, Tammy Gray always writes an outstanding antagonis [...]

    One thing you can always count on when you read a book by Tammy L. Gray is that her characters and stories are the real deal. Although Until I Knew Myself is a modern clean read, it's not short on romance and reality. Her characters are imperfect humans who deal with life in ways that are relatable to the reader. Books like this just go to show you that you don't have to write with foul language and smutty scenes to still grasp the angst, longing, and love that book characters share. Until I Kne [...]

    3.5"How had they become so broken?"Ty Mitchell had loved Journey for more than seven years, so their break-up tore his soul in two. As much as he wanted to, he could not give her his whole heart, and she deserved every piece of it. Beautiful, kind, compassionate, loyal to a fault . . . . but his unresolved past continues to torment him. It mattered not that the Kinder family had welcomed him with open arms; their son Beck, becoming Tyler's best friend. Tyler longs to discover his roots and after [...]

    Love Tammy L. Gray. Love her stories, her characters, her words. Can we just talk about the shelf appeal for a second, because #coverlove. And don't even get me started on the title.It fits--like a glove. Like I fit into my stretchy pants after eating my emotional weight in ice cream following a book hangover. Andke Tyler fits into the Kinder family. (See what I did there? You will after you read the book. *wink*)For me, this book was more than just a romance. It was the story of an outsider and [...]

    Amy Wiseman
    Whether family by blood or family by circumstance, it can be messy. The road is filled with highs and lows, mistakes and misunderstandings, as well as, joys and triumphs. In this first book of the Bentwood Series, Tammy L. Gray does a beautiful job introducing us to a set of friends you cannot help but cheer for as they work their way through feelings of betrayal, hurt and loss. Until I Knew Myself is the story of Tyler Mitchell and Journey Hawthorne. Tyler is reliable, steady and successful. He [...]

    Having recently been introduced to this author by another author I follow, I wasn't sure what to expect. I would consider this book a contemporary Christian fiction book. It takes place in modern-day Texas. It did take me a couple of chapters to get into the book. But once I started reading, I was hooked. There were some parts of the book that I was not expecting. Tammy Gray managed to keep me guessing what would happen next. Just when I thought I had it figured out, the story took a totally dif [...]

    Patti Whitson Stephenson
    “If we are sons and daughters of Christ, why do we live as orphans? Why do we limp along as if we haven’t been given the Kingdom of God?” (Quote is taken from the book.)These questions are the basis for this contemporary novel by Tammy Gray. The storyline for this book revolves around a group of young adults who have been close friends for most of their lives. As they each face their own individual crisis of faith, loss, and loyalty, their friendship becomes an important source of strength [...]

    I really enjoy reading Tammy L. Gray's books and her writing style. I jumped on the treadmill with my kindle and before I knew it I was at a half mile. This book was a very easy read. What I loved is that as soon as you start the book you are right into the story. You don't have to wait until the third chapter to see if you will continue reading because it is awesome from the first page. I love Ty! I really didn't want this book to end. I just love all the characters and how they interact. Just [...]

    When does the next one come out?! I love how all the characters are so close. The main characters had quite the feat to overcome—the mix of emotions and self discovery is no small thing. It’s amazing the lessons we learn in life from the choices and experiences of those around us. That is just what they did.Disclosure statement:I receive complimentary books for review from publishers, publicists,and/or authors, including Netgalley. I am not required to write positivereviews. The opinions I h [...]

    Amy Binkerd
    I'm not sure how Tammy Gray does it every time, but she knocked it out of the parkn! This book had me spitting nails, swooning, back to spitting nails, fighting tears, and back to swooning. Often times I think the "orphan spirit" is over used in the church, but Tammy did such a good job of creating a realistic orphan spirit story. It showed the true meaning of family, and that family does not have to be blood. Our identity must be rooted in more than our last name, and those who share it. I high [...]

    Candice Valdez
    Once again, Tammy Gray wrote a book that has plenty of chemistry, but doesn't cross the line that so many romance books seem to do. The chemistry in this book jumps out of the pages, and makes it so you cannot put the book down! The dialogue was real and fun to read. I love stories when the hero and heroine have grown up together. There is so much history to dive into, and Tammy Gray does an excellent job. I am never disappointed when I pick up one of her books!

    Leigha Taylor
    Tammy Gray has done it again. This book was amazing. It is so real. The characters are everyday characters that you could meet on the street. I had to remind myself that this was a work of fiction. She writes in such a way that makes it so believable. I have read all of her books and have never been disappointed. This book is no exception. My favorite part is that it is set in Austin, Texas.

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