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  • Title: Highsmith: A Romance of the 1950's
  • Author: Marijane Meaker
  • ISBN: 9781573441711
  • Page: 237
  • Format: Paperback

  • Patricia Highsmith, author of such classics as The Talented Mr Ripley and Strangers on a Train, was a writer who defied simple categorization Gore Vidal called her One of the greatest modernist writers The Cleveland Plain Dealer rightly commented Patricia Highsmith is often called a mystery or crime writer, which is a bit like calling Picasso a draftsman To youngPatricia Highsmith, author of such classics as The Talented Mr Ripley and Strangers on a Train, was a writer who defied simple categorization Gore Vidal called her One of the greatest modernist writers The Cleveland Plain Dealer rightly commented Patricia Highsmith is often called a mystery or crime writer, which is a bit like calling Picasso a draftsman To young novelist Marijane Meaker, however, Highsmith was than a role model Shortly after the two met in a New York City lesbian bar, they became lovers and embarked on a two year romance amidst the bohemian set of Greenwich Village and the literary crowd of Fire Island There, the pair navigated the underground lesbian scene, lunched with literary stars like Janet Flanner, shared intimacies, and gossiped with abandon Written with wit and brassy candor, Highsmith A Romance of 1950s is a revealing look at the controversial icon of popular American fiction.
    Marijane Meaker
    Marijane Meaker is also known as M.E Kerr, Ann Aldrich, and Vin Packer.


    I picked this book up in ‘Gays The Word’ bookshop; it was a choice between this book and a huge biography also on Patricia Highsmith. When the movie 'The Talented Mr Ripley' came out I was unaware of her or any of her work. I didn't like the film as it portrayed a gay man as a murderer. I thought it was just a typical portrayal of gay people as evil characters so took an instant dislike to the film. It wasn't until years later that I realised the author was in fact herself gay, when I read h [...]

    A fast read! And fun, if lesbian gossip from the Fifties is your thing. Besides her relationship with Highsmith, Meaker paints a vibrant portrait of the scene in New York. The bars, the restaurants where you could go even if you were two women wearing pants, the kept women of the Upper East Side. Young Highsmith had her moments - she was a romantic, and could be very sweet as a lover, though she was always intolerant and her racism seemed to worsen as she aged. Meaker has written a very fair acc [...]

    It's hard to separate my opinion of this book from my opinion of Meaker, which I revised sharply downward after reading this memoir. The publisher bills it as a look into gay New York in the 1950s (the culture of rich white gay people, it's supposed to go without saying), and the book is interesting for that. But mainly, it's interesting as a psychological study of someone who mentions the personal failures and character defects that others have pointed out to her, but who apparently doesn't tak [...]

    I don't really identify with some of the negative reviews here, because I thought this book was pretty insightful, hilarious even. I'm really glad to have read it, and it makes me like Patricia Highsmith even more. The only part I found disconcerting was the epilogue, which discusses Meaker's meeting with Highsmith in 1992, but even that is, at least, interesting.

    Meaker looks back but not in anger to her romance with Patricia Highsmith in the late 50's. Meaker's writing is as excellent as always and if you are interested in 50's american (well, NY) gay culture and lezzie scene, the book offers a great view right into the heart of that.

    Kathryn Hyde
    In the main part I really enjoyed it. Later on it started to feel oddly voyeuristic.

    I flew through this book. I've been fascinated with Patricia Highsmith since I discovered her, and I was very interested in the dynamics between her and Meaker because they were both writers. It's also educational to get a peek at what it was like to be a lesbian in the 50's and 60's. However, the ending was a bit hard to get through because Highsmith became such a racist curmudgeon in her later years. Meaker sort of ended the memoir abruptly with little assessment, and she didn't really take us [...]

    In this memoir, Marijane Meaker writes about her tumultuous relationship with Patricia Highsmith. I think what interested me most was that she is also known as the young adult author, ME Kerr. I’ve read several of her books as a teen and enjoyed her writing. I wish I could say the same for this memoir. For lack of a better description, it just seemed like one of those ‘tell-all’ books that was definitely slanted to put Meaker in a favorable light and Highsmith as the drunk, prejudiced, uns [...]

    Eh, whatever. The remembrances of an old flame - who knows what the years have done for the memories. I always wonder when people write about being in close proximity to someone from their past who is famous how much is embellished - especially when most of the end of this relationship happened in some remote house in Bucks, Co. PA. All I know is more people read Highsmith's worst book than read Meaker's best. Scoreboard: Highsmith.

    A very thorough recounting of a random, interesting, and complicated relationship. I found myself very sad at the end, just as I would be if I had been either Pat or Marijane and I had lived through this love-affair. Although this book is not very long it paints a clear picture of Patricia Highsmith, as seen by a lover, at both the beginning and end of a relationship. A lot can be said of Highsmith when Marijane first meets her and Highsmith near the end of her life when Marijane sees her again [...]

    In this memoir of her three-year relationship with the writer Patricia Highsmith, Marijane Meaker offers a very dishy mixture of juicy, romantic reminiscences and remorseless armchair psychoanalysis of her subject. Meaker is brutally honest about herself, too, confessing her own errors of judgment and trust that ultimately unraveled their relationship. Indeed, it becomes a tough read as the relationship implodes, because it all seems so sad and preventable, this squandering of what must have bee [...]

    Kathleen Hagen
    Highsmith: a Romance of the 1950’s, by Marijane Meaker, Narrated by Rosemary Benson, Republished in print by Cleis Press in 2003, produced by Audible Inc and downloaded from audible.This is Meaker’s account of her romance and then ongoing friendship with Patricia Highsmith, famous for “A Stranger on a Train” among other books. She wrote what was considered the first modern positive lesbian novel under the name Claire Morgan. Her books were very strange, and she herself, by the accounts i [...]

    So, slightly obsessed with these two women but aslo pretty sure I wouldn't have liked them in real life. This is the story of a love affair during the fifties between Marijane (who later became wellish known as M.E Kerr, a brilliant YA writer) and Patricia Highsmith, the strange and celebrated crime writer. I liked this book in two ways; I liked the almost diary retelling of their lifes and what it was like for queer ladies in the 50s, how they lived, where they went, how they related to each ot [...]

    This is a snapshot of Patricia Highsmith over a 2- or 3-year period, It was a considerable disappointment to me. Written by an experienced writer and one-time paramour of Highsmith, it is disjointed, jumping from scene to scene and character to character with no transition and not much attempt at relating a coherent story or a cohesive sketch of the situation. Famous and nonfamous people and places are mentioned, with little or no background to give the reader some reference points. It reads alm [...]

    Though I rarely read non-fiction, and this was a simply written memoir, it was a page-turner for me. It is by no means a biography of the writer Patricia Highsmith. It's almost more a memoir of lesbian life in the late fifties than the story of the affair the author Marijane Meaker had with the more successful Highsmith. It's gossipy, uneven, sometimes uncomfortable, and for me, highly entertaining. Though both women had flaws, it's made particularly clear that Highsmith's late years, when her a [...]

    Patrizia Mandanici
    Libro molto bello che ho centellinato e assaporato in questi mesi. La scrittrice Marijane Meaker racconta i due anni di relazione con Patricia Highsmith alla fine degli anni '50. Interessante lo sguardo sull'ambiente editoriale e intellettuale della New York di quegli anni, su quello gay e lesbico, e su alcune ossessioni e passioni della Highsmith (il bere, l'antisemitismo, e anche un certo razzismo verso le persone di colore). Alla fine del libro c'è la descrizione del loro ultimo incontro dop [...]

    Merri Monks
    I enjoyed Marijane Meaker's memoir of her relationship with Patricia Highsmith. A successful author in her own right (under the pen name M. E. Kerr, she wrote many award-winning young adult novels), the two women had a tempestuous, highly charged relationship with great sex. Blighted by Meaker's jealousy and Highsmith's alcoholism, the relationship was doomed. But the accounts of their social milieu are fascinating and the passages describing their rural home are lyrical.

    I did not even realize that Patricia Highsmith was a lesbian when I got this book from the library. Once I realized what was going on, I was hoping the book would be a little more scandalous. However, it is a super good example of what life was like in New York and greater America for lesbian women in the 50s, and for that it was worth it.

    A fascinating account of both Highsmith and Meaker's relationship, and of lesbians in New York in the 50s. Meaker's writing style is precise and conversational, and the narrative really flows. I enjoyed her insights into writing, relationship, and the character of Patricia Highsmith.

    not something that i'd ever choose to read of my own volition. marijane meaker really annoyed me because she was so psychopathically jealous of patricia highsmith and yet never seemed to talk to her about it, despite supposedly having such an intensely passionate and meaningful relationship.

    I found this book to be a betrayal to Highsmith. It was very personal and private issues in a relationship should stay that way. I'm a big Highsmith fan, so took umbrage where others might not.A good insight into the time they lived.

    Alexandra A
    This memoir was amazing. MJ Meaker gives a great context for the romance-- if you had no idea what being a lesbian was like in NYC in the 50s, you'll learn what's necessary to understand how it shaped her and Highsmith's relationship.

    Megan Schoonover
    This is the first time someone has written about Patricia Highsmith and showed redeemable qualities. Most excerpts about her life highlight how horrible she was. It was refreshing and a fast read.


    Interesting and legit bio piece. Worth a read if you're into Highsmith or 1950s pulp/queer culture.

    Interesting, but I found Highsmith's alcoholism kind of gross even though I'm not really sure it was meant to have been portrayed that way.

    I have never read her books but I did enjoyed reading this memoirs.

    Thorn MotherIssues
    Read it in a night. There are definitely some annoying stylistic choices but the view on the late '50s/early '60s lesbian wealthy white artistic NYC scene is full of great details.

    just ordered this one as're amazing.

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