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  • Title: What you wear can change your life
  • Author: Trinny Woodall Susannah Constantine
  • ISBN: 9781594481482
  • Page: 329
  • Format: Paperback

  • What you wear can change your life
    Trinny Woodall Susannah Constantine
    Fashion advisor and designer, television presenter and author.


    RH Walters
    Part of me is a perennial unkempt adolescent who can never imagine using fancy make-up or foundation garments, but I love Trinny and Susannah and the carefree happiness they promise from sound wardrobe decisions and sitting properly for photographs. One favorite line from the book -- "there is never an occasion to wear a baseball cap." Everyone needs smart girlfriends.

    There's probably some solid advice in here for dressing to conceal what you perceive to be a figure flaw (the shrill feminist in me bristles a little bit at the concept of figure flaws to begin with, but I'd be a damn liar if I didn't admit I worry about them as much as the average lady brainwashed by THE MEDIA), but the constant obsessing over specific body parts and how disgusting they are and how if you wear the wrong clothes everyone is going to notice how jowly and saggy you are is such an [...]

    I love Trinny and Susanna's straight talking style, but this book was not my favorite. The color section wasn't useful because it only had little paint chip-like samples of color and no real clothing examples. Also, I think that they are starting to be a little too extreme, don't leave the hose with out make-up and a considerable amount of spandex in your undergarments. Really!?! There was some interesting info, but you've gotta dig to get to it.

    I want to care. I just don't. That being said, it's an entertaining and informative book for those willing to follow the advice and make changes.

    I read / skimmed the first 6 chapters (the ones about clothing selection).This book has the same strengths as the others by the same authors -- and also the same weaknesses.Pros: The illustrations clearly demonstrate flattering vs. unflattering looks. The writing is funny and blunt ("Never wear lots of old chains together unless you are a rap star." "Big boobs can carry off a delicate droplet necklace that ends just at the top of the cleavage. Never allow a pendant to disappear into a cleavage r [...]

    Funny and real, with good advice on dressing the best for your body type. This book *did* change the way I dress: rereading it now, I realize that being a busty girl I did take their advice and ban all crew-necked sweaters from my closet and make sure my bras were fitting me properly. It has also dated pretty well for being 6 years old. The advice on wardrobe swapping with girlfriends and clearing out what doesn't work for you is brilliant. The colour advice was terrific for me, but would be use [...]

    Samapi sekarang gw masih takjub sama buku ini serta penulisnya Trinny & Susannah. Gw pertama lihat ini buku waktu Oprah dan pengen banget baca. Beruntung lha gw punya Bos yang hobi banget baca buku. Nah pas dia punya nih buku.ng dech tanpa pikir panjang, gw baca. Dugaan gw bener, buku ini bener-bener gk neko-neko. Dalam merubah penampilan tuh gk perlu biaya mahal, apalagi operasi palstik. Cukup mengenali bentuk tubuh kita terus tau bagaimana menutupi kekurang dan menonjolkan kelebihan.Satu h [...]

    I live by this bookCan you not tell?

    I love this book. When I'm feeling frumpy, I lug this out & re-read to get fresh ideas to update my look.

    Shows you how to dress your body attractively, no matter what your size, and explains why it's not okay not to put effort into your appearance. Taking the extra time and putting some thought into your wardrobe and how you present yourself can do wonders for your self-confidence.As far as it playing into media pressure for women to look a certain way honestly, I like to look good for myself. I like looking into the mirror and seeing a naturally made-up face, neat hair and a put-together outfit. N [...]

    Entertaining read full of home truths, 7 Oct 2004 By A CustomerThis review is from: What You Wear Can Change Your Life (Hardcover) Curious about the title, I ordered this book. The style is informal and funny. I think every working Mum juggling their domestic roles will recognize themselves hererticularly our refusal to throw away underwear that is in an awful conditionhardly flattering.d to clear out a wardrobe full of clothes that you cannot wear. Particularly, trousers that refuse to accept y [...]

    I've always enjoyed Trinny & Susannah on their show. Even when I disagreed with them I found them entertaining. Their first two books offered some useful tips for dressing to suit your shape and your current reality (age, size, etc.). Yes, they could be brutal but sometimes that what it took to get a woman out of her rut.[return][return]I think Trinny & Susannah have now hit a rut. This book is full of interesting ideas but all of them have been offered in other books (and very often in [...]

    The book is broken down into fashion suggestions by topics and include; defining your shape, underwear, color, culling, no-cost wardrobe, accessories, storage, makeup, traveling, and pregnancy The authors Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine are models for each of the areas. I like the suggestions and the reasoning behind it, I just wish they used people other then themselves. They are both beautiful women, but I would have liked better/more examples. Though published in 2004 many of the styl [...]

    What a fantastic book for boosting your confidence and making you feel that clothes can be worth the effort. This book by T&S is packed with great advice, from defining your good points to what shoes look best on you. Covering colours, clothes, make-up, shoes, looking good while travelling and a fantastic chapter on pregnancy, this book is packed with advice that will make you think that looking good is easier than you thought.Plenty of sections could easily have been expanded, but I believe [...]

    Cindy Dyson Eitelman
    They nearly had me convinced on that. Fun, funny book by a pair of fashion favored Brits; full of tips on what to wear and, more importantly, what not to wear. It also includes makeup and miscellany, such as how to shape your eyebrows and pose for photographs.I enjoyed it thoroughly and probably won't take one wink of their advice.But it's worth reading for the chapter on vacation photography alone. Bad vacation photos can sour a memory, they say--do what you must to ensure good ones. Their tips [...]

    This is not a wholesome book. The language and some pictures (underwear chapter) bother me, but I'm trying to glean what I can from it. For someone with no sense of style (that's me), these authors have a lot to offer. They have chapters specifically for mommy's of two toddlers (and every other stage of life) and for building a wardrobe on a low budget. I've been changing sizes constantly for three years (two babies, hello!), my closet is a mess, I'm sure I look like a mess sometimes. This is ju [...]

    MB (What she read)
    Oops! I realized that I had already read this one. But still fun to review. This is a very good fashion advice book and Trinni and Susannah's photos really illustrate the points that they are making in a humorous and understandable way. Some of the stylings are pretty out-there for Americans, and I wonder how well this book will date. But it's worth getting your hands on a copy because it is so entertaining and accessible!

    Wendy Palmer
    I thought this would be a rehash of the first book with a bit of extra info but (unluckily for me, since I haven't referred to the first one) it is actually a very useful guide to how to wear auxillaries, once you've got the cut and style of your clothing sorted out by using that first book: the chapter on choosing colours is worth the whole book alone, and the underwear and accessories chapters are useful too.

    Love these ladies! Lots of useful advice and realistic pictures of what does and does not work for their body types. I especially liked their color palate options. I never would have paired some of the colors they suggest, but they look great. My plan is to go though my wardrobe and see what combinations will work. I really need to get out of the khakis go with everything rut

    This book was much more helpful than the other one. It covered a broader range of problem areas and offered much more advice. However, I still think it would have helped to see other women than the authors in the clothes they were suggesting. They are both so much more stylish and into accessories than I am, but I hope to put into practice some of the things I learned.

    It's nice to see pictures of real people in unflattering clothes with an explanation of just what makes them look so bad, and what they can do to fix it. However, I'm pretty sure that these two women look exactly alike, no matter how much they try to say that they represent a variety of body types.

    Similar to their other books but expanded to include pregnancy and other stages of life. It seemed a little more realistic, they acknowledged that women might not have unlimited time and resources to spend on fashion. But they stressed how looking good can give you a boost and be empowering in tough or busy times.

    maybe the title is a wee bit dramatic but a fun read. There's a chapter on how to pose for pictures so you don't cringe when your photos are developed after a vacation. Tips on proper underwear to hide those things you want to hide. I couldn't figure out what colors they thought my complexion necessitated however, not enough information for me. easy to pick up and put down.

    Kortni Flynn
    Of all of the fashion advice books that I've read, I treasure this one for its color advice. If I feel bored with my wardrobe or think I don't have anything to wear I check out the color combo suggestions and come up with something surprising and great. There's also a lot of basic tips for the fashion-impaired. Always a funny read.

    Overall, I enjoyed this book because I enjoy the original British version of the show. I can't say that I learned a ton from this book that I didn't already know. However, I did decide to display my scarves in a visually appealing and more accessible fashion in my closet. This is a library book - not a purchase book.

    These ladies are European - and have no shame. They are pretty realistic about their bodies. The information about color categories, defining your body and tricks to accentuate assests and hide the things you don't like were amazing. Other chapters weren't relevant in my life but it was great. LOVED IT!

    Jayna Lewis
    This book is a "hoot" ! The authors say it like it is while givng good advice!! Keeping it real! Couldn't help but to giggle quite a few times. I really enjoyed it and still refer back to it from time to time.

    Most of this advice is still pretty relevant 10 years after publication. And the photography tips were also helpful for my boyfriend - if you want to take my picture than you better make it flattering! :)Now I just need the money to start making changes

    I never would have put green and blue together before I read this book. The BBC show, in combination with this book, really helped me to dress better to flatter the body that I have. Confidence boosting!

    Okay, I read this back in 06 and obviously it didn't change a thing about how I dress, but here is what I said then "recommended by my sister Jane. Love it, honest, real people, real bodies how to. After reading I don't know quite how to dress but I'm getting there. Easy read."

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