✓ Wind-Wild Dog ☆ Barbara Joosse Kate Kiesler

  • Title: Wind-Wild Dog
  • Author: Barbara Joosse Kate Kiesler
  • ISBN: 9780805070538
  • Page: 154
  • Format: Hardcover

  • ✓ Wind-Wild Dog ☆ Barbara Joosse Kate Kiesler - Wind-Wild Dog, Wind Wild Dog What will Ziva choose her love for the Man or the freedom of the wild Ziva heard the call of the wild Most mushers believed that Ziva s eyes of different colors made her half wild so no one wanted h
    Barbara Joosse Kate Kiesler
    Barbara Joosse has written many books for children Among them are Mama, Do You Love Me , illustrated by Barbara Lavallee and I Love You the Purplest, illustrated by Mary Whyte She says, When I was a little girl, I wished for two things a best friend, and something so ferocious it would scare away the monsters under my bed And so I have written Lovabye Dragon I think maybe it s for little me Barbara Josse lives in Wisconsin.


    Great book about Ziva the puppy who was born with one brown eye and one blue eye Ziva liked to look at the moon and smell the wind None of the mushers wanted her to pull their sled because of her two colour eyes They thought that meant she was half wild and so they were scared of her and didn t want her Finally one man came along who did want her and he took her home Ziva took a liking to the man and enjoyed following in his boot steps and learning how to pull a sled but at night when the moon c [...]

    A lovely story about mushers dogs and their attachment to the team and humans When the man finds Ziva, with one blue eye and one brown eye, he feels a connection to hereven though most say that her eyes mean she will only hear the call of the wild He is gentle and trains her with patience and companionship When he finally gives Ziva the option to run free, will she accept it, or stay with the man and the team Used for Blow, Wind, Blow Storytime April, 2012.

    Meg McGregor
    Little ones and older readers too will be enthralled by this story of Ziva, a magnificent mushing dog s choice, of either staying with the Man she loves, or following her instincts and the wind.A beautifully illustrated book this one will be a keeper for many years to come Read to MeiMei on January 26, 2015.

    Short and sweet Touches on dog mushing and points out that some mushers are kind and gentle the rest is for your inference.

    would be appropriate as a sled dog story for preschoolers on the longer side or as an intro to Alaska for a school study

    Great picture book Held my three year old s attention almost all the way to the end Will read this one again when he is a little older.

    Karen Arendt
    I really like Iditarod related stories, and this one was great

    • ✓ Wind-Wild Dog ☆ Barbara Joosse Kate Kiesler
      154 Barbara Joosse Kate Kiesler
    Wind-Wild Dog