[PDF] Minor Arcana | by ✓ Diana Wynne Jones

  • Title: Minor Arcana
  • Author: Diana Wynne Jones
  • ISBN: 9780575063259
  • Page: 270
  • Format: Hardcover

  • [PDF] Minor Arcana | by ✓ Diana Wynne Jones - Minor Arcana, Minor Arcana Seven tales of fantasy including the stories of a child born to an ordered world pre ordained to spread Dissolution a girl who so loves the sun that she will deny her humanity for all time and a wri
    Diana Wynne Jones
    Diana was born in London, the daughter of Marjorie n e Jackson and Richard Aneurin Jones, both of whom were teachers When war was announced, shortly after her fifth birthday, she was evacuated to Wales, and thereafter moved several times, including periods in Coniston Water, in York, and back in London In 1943 her family finally settled in Thaxted, Essex, where her parents worked running an educational conference centre There, Jones and her two younger sisters Isobel later Professor Isobel Armstrong, the literary critic and Ursula later an actress and a children s writer spent a childhood left chiefly to their own devices After attending the Friends School Saffron Walden, she studied English at St Anne s College in Oxford, where she attended lectures by both C S Lewis and J R R Tolkien before graduating in 1956 In the same year she married John Burrow, a scholar of medieval literature, with whom she had three sons, Richard, Michael and Colin After a brief period in London, in 1957 the couple returned to Oxford, where they stayed until moving to Bristol in 1976.According to her autobiography, Jones decided she was an atheist when she was a child.Jones started writing during the mid 1960s mostly to keep my sanity , when the youngest of her three children was about two years old and the family lived in a house owned by an Oxford college Beside the children, she felt harried by the crises of adults in the household a sick husband, a mother in law, a sister, and a friend with daughter Her first book was a novel for adults published by Macmillan in 1970, entitled Changeover It originated as the British Empire was divesting colonies she recalled in 2004 that it had seemed like every month, we would hear that yet another small island or tiny country had been granted independence Changeover is set in a fictional African colony during transition, and begins as a memo about the problem of how to mark changeover ceremonially is misunderstood to be about the threat of a terrorist named Mark Changeover It is a farce with a large cast of characters, featuring government, police, and army bureaucracies sex, politics, and news In 1965, when Rhodesia declared independence unilaterally one of the last colonies and not tiny , I felt as if the book were coming true as I wrote it Jones books range from amusing slapstick situations to sharp social observation Changeover is both , to witty parody of literary forms Foremost amongst the latter are The Tough Guide To Fantasyland, and its fictional companion pieces Dark Lord of Derkholm 1998 and Year of the Griffin 2000 , which provide a merciless though not unaffectionate critique of formulaic sword and sorcery epics.The Harry Potter books are frequently compared to the works of Diana Wynne Jones Many of her earlier children s books were out of print in recent years, but have now been re issued for the young audience whose interest in fantasy and reading was spurred by Harry Potter.Jones works are also compared to those of Robin McKinley and Neil Gaiman She was friends with both McKinley and Gaiman, and Jones and Gaiman are fans of each other s work she dedicated her 1993 novel Hexwood to him after something he said in conversation inspired a key part of the plot Gaiman had already dedicated his 1991 four part comic book mini series The Books of Magic to four witches , of whom Jones was one.For Charmed Life, the first Chrestomanci novel, Jones won the 1978 Guardian Children s Fiction Prize, a once in a lifetime award by The Guardian newspaper that is judged by a panel of children s writers Three times she was a commended runner up a for the Carnegie Medal from the Library Association, recognising the year s best children s book for Dogsbody 1975 , Charmed Life 1977 , and the fourth Chrestomanci book The Lives of Christopher Chant 1988 She won the Mythopoeic Fantasy Award, children s section, in 1996 for The Crown of Dalemark.


    Melanie Pieper
    It s been a while since I ve read something I haven t read before from Diana Wynne Jones For many years I searched libraries and managed to read all of her books except Changeover and this one All of the stories in this were reprinted in the anthology Unexpected Magic Collected Stories except the final one in this volume The True State of Affairs, so I actually purchased this book just so I could read that one story It takes up half of this volume by the way, so it is much longer than I had expe [...]

    I m a little torn on this one I bought this collection specifically to read The True State of Affairs, which I was REALLY excited about because it was set in Dalemark I was surprised to find out from the introduction that the novella was actually written in the early 70s, before the first Dalemark book While I enjoyed the story I think I was also a bit nonplussed that it wasn t strictly part of the Dalemark chronology.Anyway, The True State of Affairs view spoiler I loved reading this story I co [...]

    Zach Sparks
    I had already read all of the other short stories in this collection, and I picked it up just so that I could read The True State of Affairs I went into it expecting something very different from what I actually found It is set in the same world as The Dalemark Quartet, so I thought I was going to get a story that felt adolescent with maturing overtones, since kids being thrown into adult situations like murder, theft, conspiracy, and plot seems to me to be a major theme of the series I should h [...]

    Anna Hepworth
    I wanted to love this book Short stories have such potential, and Jones has such power in her writing as a general rule But I found that these typically fell flat that they weren t the stories that she necessarily wanted told, but that they need writing so that she could get on to the next thing Or maybe they were the indulgences that she allowed herself between writing semi successful populist literature Either way, I struggled I struggled with most of the stories, and the very last novella len [...]

    Julie Davis
    This is a collection of short stories and a novella The plots and style are widely varied although all the stories are easily identifiable as being those of Diana Wynne Jones I appreciate all of them, although I m about halfway through and have only read one that I really liked a lot All thus far are worth reading though.Final As I mentioned, some of these were fine and others didn t grab me Par for the course for short stories I really didn t like the novella at the end which was written for ad [...]

    120 some pages is not a short story, especially when the entire book is only 280 pages long Also didn t think the ending of said story The Truth of the Matter was up to standard DWJ level, but the other short stories were great.

    Jenny Burridge

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