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  • Title: Assassin's Apprentice
  • Author: S.R. Vaught J.B. Redmond Susan Vaught
  • ISBN: 9781599901626
  • Page: 496
  • Format: Paperback

  • In Eyrie a world of two moons, shapeshifters, and powerful magic Aron of Brailing knows he owes loyalty to his guild, obedience to the code of the land, and his life to his closest companions, but it is his own family he holds closest to his heart Kidnapped and forced to become an assassin, Aron must learn to control and harness his own fearsome talents even as he griIn Eyrie a world of two moons, shapeshifters, and powerful magic Aron of Brailing knows he owes loyalty to his guild, obedience to the code of the land, and his life to his closest companions, but it is his own family he holds closest to his heart Kidnapped and forced to become an assassin, Aron must learn to control and harness his own fearsome talents even as he grieves for the family he knows is lost forever But when he is tempted to put everything aside everything he has learned in order to avenge his family s killers, will Aron make unforgivable mistakes Assassin s Apprentice unveils an intriguing cast of characters whose sense of honour, strength, and history binds them together, and whose incredible talents of mind and body set them apart.
    S.R. Vaught J.B. Redmond Susan Vaught
    S.R Vaught also writes as Susan Vaught.


    Camly Nguyen
    Every time when someone asks, I tell them that I like fantasy books until I read something like thisStart off with a peaceful family of farmers. Then there's like this Harvest season happening where assassin guilds come and recruit some newbies out of their will for no logical reason. They pick Aron and he happens to be so fuckin powerful because his powers are almost as strong as his Fae ancestors. Damn. *rolls eyes* They meet this girl named Dari that joins them to fight some dead spirits. The [...]

    Eyrie is a nation lead by families that are descended from the Fae. Although time has diluted the magic this blood possessed at one time, across the land there are people born with very strong gifts. One such, is Aron of Brailing, a fourteen year old farm boy. Taken against his will from his family by the Stone guild to become an apprentice to a high master assassin, Aron soon learns that alli is not how it seems.We learn much about Eyrie as Aron does. Sheltered from the real world in many ways [...]

    I actually bought this book on a whim but was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed it. Set in a unique magical world full of fae, shapeshifters, and strange carnivorous creatures, Assassin's Apprentice is a thrilling read for fantasy lovers. Pros:A main theme in this story is Aron's desire to avenge his family's deaths, (don't worry, I'm not spoiling anything. This is stated in the summary) and very early on he struggles with this desire. Most books with semi-revenge themes would sum up their sto [...]

    This is classic fantasy with all the elements checked off. I liked it a lot though. Aron of Brailing has been raised to think he is without graal- a magical talent- when in fact he is so endowed the leader of Brailing has noticed Aron and marked him for death. Instead, he is taken from his family in the nick of time and brought to the Stone, where the assassins and judges of the land of Eyrie are trained and reside. Apprenticed to Stormbreaker, specifically to learn to control the unusually stro [...]

    Margaret Sankey
    I've been taking recommendations of books to read in sci fi and fantasy, and someone I particularly respect suggested Assassin's Apprentice. That's why I struggled through this one--a disordered mashup of worldbuilding with random pages from what seem to be the spiral notebooks of high school D&D campaigns--shapeshifters, and fae and assassins, and a time when humans and fae and shapeshifters interbred, and dragons, and a teenager with secret magical powers, and ghost people and dying royal [...]

    I really liked this one - a world of Faerie with different races of magic folk hiding and fighting and moving through the Veil. The story is a young boy's journey as he is taken from his family to become a justice serving executioner, but then a civil war breaks loose. His companions and his talent mean he will not have a normal life, which is the only thing he really wants. Book 2 should be just as interesting.

    I have officially made a new shelf, simply because of this book: WTF.

    Liam Postlethwaite
    It was an okay book, I find it hard to understand but after the first half it got easier and slightly better. I liked the characters butthought it could have explained what was going on a bit better.

    If you can find this book and you enjoy fantasy(hint hintle) then you have got to read this book!!!!!!!

    Nicole C.
    Now, when this book was recommended to me on my kindle back in March, I thought I was in for a treat. A young cast of characters in an extraordinary world. But oh how I was wrong.Things were going smoothly until about a third of the way through the book, when I realized: huh, our main character is EXTREMELY unlikable. Which is a problem in itself, but I've seen how unlikable main characters can RUIN a book, even if the world building is beautiful. The groveling and self-pity isn't pleasant to ha [...]

    Predictable. There is too much time taken explaining things that to the reader are self-explanatory; I felt as though I was an adult in a kindergarten class. Too centred on the numerous one-sided romances within the novel. A disappointment, as I generally adore the fantasy genre, especially this apprenticed-boy-with-astonishing-skill subsection.

    This is the first book in a two part series. The story revolves around three characters whos adventures end up becoming interwined together. The world of Eyrie is made up of different areas controlled by different rulers. The inhabitants of Eyrie are those that have magic powers or shapeshifters or those that have neither, deemed as silent. First, we are introduced to Aron Brailing, a boy from a farmer's family living on the outskirts of Dyn Brailing. Dyn Brailing is one of different areas contr [...]

    I am a huge fan of the fantasy genre. And assassins. Assassins rule. But I have to admit that I was seriously disappointed with this book. Sure, there are some things that I liked about it, but overall, it was pretty meh.The good: I really liked the superpowers in this book. The power to control how another person perceives reality is so cool, but I found it hard to believe that Aron didn't know about his power until someone told him. One would think that a power you're born with would come natu [...]

    The parts of this book that were good were very good - engaging and entertaining. Unfortunately, the parts that weren't good, led by some pacing problems and a lot of really obvious plot decisions that sucked the tension out of many scenes for me, were enough to really drop the bottom out of my enjoyment of the book overall.Starting with the good, the parts of the world that are fleshed out are largely unique and interesting, and when the characters and plot click, it can be an incredible read. [...]

    I first heard of Assassin's Apprentice (Oathbreaker #1) when the blog Pixel of Ink alerted me that it was free for Kindle. I don't have a Kindle, but I do have the Kindle reading app on my media player, so I downloaded it and was hooked!This is the epic fantasy coming of age tale of a young boy named Aron Weylyn nee Braylin who lives in a land known as Eyrie. This land is filled with all of the supernatural specters that are prevalent in Irish folk ideas, such as the siddhe, Fae, Mab, Furies, [...]

    I came across Assassin's Apprentice in the library and picked it up without even reading the jacket. Some assassin-in-training books that I've read have been good, others have been horrible. I was expecting this book to be mostly training and eventually, well, assassination. Now I know I shouldn't have judged this book based on my previous experience. Assassin's Apprentice is just my cup of tea. The author does not explain every little detail to the reader right away. You actually have to pay at [...]

    The cover was really eye-catching, the title had 'assassin' in it, and I love my fantasy.Still, I was a little disappointed.It had a good style, the characters were interesting.Still, I was a little disappointed.Trying to pinpoint my problems with this book, I came to the conclusion that I just did not like the way it cut from one character to another. I don't like jumping forwards and backwards sporadically, when you really want one storyline (because really, there were two very independent, wo [...]

    Assassin’s Apprentice is a good story, the plot makes sense and the author writes in a way that we can understand the characters and what they are feeling. There it ends, the story was a hard book for me to read, and if I wasn’t fully focused I would miss something and have to reread it. Aaron grew up not knowing he was gifted, extremely so. But when he gets taken by Assassins to go to the Stone Guild and train to become an Assassin, his good life turns around. He fights shape shifters, lear [...]

    I wasn't sure what to expect when I started reading. I generally love anything involving magical abilities and training sequences, so I was curious to see where this would head; my main concern was whether it would end up being too simple or cheesy. Thankfully, that was not the case - the story starts out with some complicated, but intriguing, world-building, and as previous reviewers have noted, the authors don't give you all the answers from the start. It was fun and interesting to get hints t [...]

    Aron is forcibly taken from his family to become an apprentice to the Stone Guild. Yet being taken saves his life, because hours later the clan lord attacks his people and massacres hundreds including Aron’s family. Aron decides to use his time at the Stone Guild to train for avenging the murder of his family. In another clan, the last heir to the throne is pushed from the roof and left for dead. He is saved by another member of the Stone Guild. Stone will help them train their undiscovered ab [...]

    Denae Christine
    One neat thing was that the magical folks are so strict. The main character nearly does something horrible, and he is punished quite thoroughly. The magic system was intriguing. The world was rich and interesting, with many different factions and conflicts and a history I'd be ready to dive into.Character development might have been the worst. There were hints at a romance triangle developing, and I didn't agree with either angle. Then I read spoilers for the second book and find out the middle [...]

    This book had all makings of a good story but it falls short in a few major ways.The good: character ideas had potential, the world had potential, the plot might have potential if it ever figures out what it wants. In short, the book has potential - it just never lives up to it. I could not find myself caring about any of the characters or the outcomes of things, and everything came off as forced. Even the world-building comes through poorly. While Eyrie's past has a few events its sorely missin [...]

    Entertaining, mostly check-off-the-box fantasy, lots of tried-and-true tropes, but sometimes it's relaxing to read something that just follows the mold. Highlights: pretty intriguing world-building so far. I'm still confused about some stuff but I feel like I just need to read the next one to get the full story. Also I felt pretty positively toward the characters. None of the characters are going to be my next big love or anything like that, but enjoyable. The bad: The romance. Dari/Aron is just [...]

    Jennifer Wardrip
    Reviewed by Joan Stradling for TeensReadTooAron of Brailing dreams of raising animals, but his dreams are shattered when he is "harvested" by the Stone Guild and forced to become an assassin's apprentice. Unfortunately, someone would rather see Aron dead.Forced to train with his strange new master, Stormbreaker, and an even stranger young woman named Dari, Aron must learn to control his powerful legacy or meet certain death. Aron isn't sure what lies ahead, but he's determined to face it with al [...]

    Brenna H.
    This was anodd story, and wasn't like what I expected. Obviously, I liked it a lot (I'd rate it 4.5 stars if I could), but I'm not sure I can put my finger on why I liked it so much. I justdid. It was rather dark, and the protagonist's a mess of grim emotions and vengeful temptations. Yet, despite his issues, I sympathized with him, and I liked the other main characters. They all had their own pasts and problems and agendas, and it was interesting to see how the circumstances managed to shape th [...]

    While I hate to DNF books, I felt that it was completely necessary to do so at this time. First I want to say that I am not DNFing this book because it was bad or anything along those lines. I am enjoying this book, but for me right now it is best to put this book down for awhile. I have not been in the mood to read this book lately, and I don't want to force myself to continue on reading a book and hate it because I feel like I must finish this book, when there is still the chance that I will o [...]

    Being the first of a two-book series, I found it to be captivating throughout its entirety and a good start to the series. I am very excited to read the second and final book and see the conclusion of this intriguing story. I would highly recommend this book to any of you who enjoy a medieval set story with mysterious characters involved in a magical age of powers, shape-shifters, and creatures of your imagination. I was very pleased with the fact that the story managed to keep my attention the [...]

    Well… i read this last year in fifth grade and i chose this book cos assassins are cool but i think i kinda rushed through it cause i borrowed it from the school library and if i reborrowed it it would be embarrassing cos i think my teacher and friends expect me to be better. also, it is sorta boring in the middle. at first it's okay, but then i lose concentration and had no idea what is going on. okay, i know, but it's sometimes confusing. and since the middle parts are kinda boring i rushed [...]

    This is a typical coming-of-age fantasy. Aron of Brailing is “harvested” by the Stone Gild and forced to become an assassin’s apprentice. The leader of Brailing would rather see Aron dead than realize his full magical potential.A parallel story follows Nic, Eyrie’s heir to the throne, who is presumed dead after an assassination attempt. Readers are left with a cliffhanger in both instances. Well-developed characters make this a compelling read.

    Brooke Hartings
    I rated this book one star. I rated this book one star because the book is hard to read because of the language used in the book. Also because it supposedly took place in the past when there were kings and queens. The book is about a boy named Aaron who is a farmer and is taken from his family by force and loses everything he has know. Also in the book Aaron battle some creates and discovers powers. I would not recommend this book because it is to hard to read.

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