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  • Title: Dead to Rights
  • Author: J.A. Jance
  • ISBN: 9780380724321
  • Page: 313
  • Format: Paperback

  • The best thing about Jance s books is Joanna Brady who became an Arizona county sheriff after her father and husband died on the job Jance can move Brady from an exciting, dangerous scene on one page to a sensitive, touching personal moment on the next In her latest outing, Brady is looking into two major crimes But that doesn t stop her from giving a terrific speech abThe best thing about Jance s books is Joanna Brady who became an Arizona county sheriff after her father and husband died on the job Jance can move Brady from an exciting, dangerous scene on one page to a sensitive, touching personal moment on the next In her latest outing, Brady is looking into two major crimes But that doesn t stop her from giving a terrific speech about why selling Girl Scout cookies gave her confidence, or worrying about a friend trying to adopt a child in China, or even finally beginning to understand what makes her annoying mother tick Earlier books in the Brady series Desert Heat, Tombstone Courage, Shoot, Don t Shoot Jance also authors the popular J.P Beaumont series, which includes Dismissed With Prejudice, Failure to Appear, Lying in Wait, Name Withheld, Without Due Process.
    J.A. Jance
    Judith Ann Jance is the top 10 New York Times bestselling author of the Joanna Brady series the J P Beaumont series three interrelated thrillers featuring the Walker family and Edge of Evil, the first in a series featuring Ali Reynolds Born in South Dakota and brought up in Bisbee, Arizona, Jance lives with her husband in Seattle, Washington, and Tucson, Arizona.Series J.P Beaumont Joanna Brady Ali Reynolds Walker Family


    I have mixed feelings about the fourth book in the Joanna Brady series. Since the book is older, (and I suspect few people will be looking at this review), I am just going to touch briefly on my thoughts.On a positive note, I found the plot in this novel to be much more involved than earlier ones in the series. There are also several subplots that occur in addition to the main one and Jance does a good job tying them altogether to make an interesting story. The reader also gets more detailed kno [...]

    Jennifer Hodges Young
    In this the fourth showing of sheriff Joanna Brady she has her hands full locking horns with experienced detectives on the case and budget cutting county supervisors. When veterinarian Amos Buckwalter is murdered by arson, deputies immediately suspect Hal Morgan, whose wife, Bonnie, was recently killed by a drunken Buckwalter in a car accident. Morgan, himself an ex-cop, had been picketing Buckwalter's animal hospital, handing out Mothers Against Drunk Driving literature just before the vet's bo [...]

    books.ofearna/janceml is where you can find an article written about the drunk-driver aspect of this novel.

    Recently widowed, even more recently Sheriff, Joanna Brady battles her mother, her daughter, her deputy, and her lack of investigative experience to solve a few murders, kidnappings, and life problems. That sounds dull, but outside of a vague annoyance that intuition is just as important as knowledge when one works in law enforcement, this wasn't bad, even starting with book 4 of the series. I guess I don't mind amateur detectives, but amateurs serving in elected office are a touchier subject.

    The next installment of the Joanna Brady mysteries. The book opens with a powerful opening scene of a deliriously happy couple torn apart on their wedding anniversary when a drunk driver kills the wife. Fast forward a year and the husband is out in front of the Vet Clinic owned by the driver protesting and handing out MADD flyers. The driver is later murdered and the suspect on hand is the husband. Despite much pressure to the contrary, Sheriff Joanna Brady insists on hunting for answers in an e [...]

    Donna Davis
    Jance is an old hand at writing strong mystery plots. For me, though, her real magic lies in her series set in her native Seattle. When she takes up with characters in the desert southwest, she still spins a good tale, and yet the heart of the matter is different. There are subtle language changes that imply a different sense toward undocumented workers than my own, one that is lacking in tolerance or a sense of ambiguity.Are Seattle's cops angels? Not so much. But Jance is able to create an alt [...]

    Yvonne Mendez
    The fourth installment of the Joanna Brady series, it was a good read. Not sure if it was because I wasn't paying close attention but it did surprise me who the culprits were at the end. It touched on things like drunk driving, mental health and domestic violence. On book 3 there was a reference about illegal immigration and on book 4 it was more pronounced. Trying to do a good cop/bad cop on the debate, the good cop doesn't really try to give a defense. Then again the book was published in 1996 [...]

    Deena Scintilla
    Listening to this. The reader is irritating-swallows, pauses at strange places, & turns the pages loudly. Good grief.7/20-this is taking forever to move along and the reader is amateurish. Will give it one more try before I move on to another audio.7/22/10 too much time was spent with the protagonist reminiscing or going into detail on people or events in her personal life forsaking the actual plot development of the "mystery" Also, it is not necessary to always use the characters entire nam [...]

    Virginia Ullrich-serna
    Just finished listening to it. Sorry was good and gave us deeper insight into what makes Sheriff Brady tick.Since this is and older book the recording is one of the first and has lots of flaws as stated by a previous reviewer. To me the most glaring was the mispronunciation of last names of Hispanic origin. I contacted Books in Motion , the company that Dodd the recording. They replied that when the book was recorded it was hard to get pronunciation info and that there was no way to fix the flaw [...]

    I enjoyed reading this book. I like this series. The characters and story line are good.

    Enjoyed the book - light reading. But the story took place in an area where I used to live, Cochise County, so I really liked the setting.

    I listened to this book while working on quilts, so maybe I just wasn't paying attention. I do really enjoy this series, and will read the next. However, at the end, some characters were introduced that seemed to come out of nowhere, and ended up being a major factor in the plot. Also there were some racist terms used by the main character. That was surprising, as she is portrayed as one who stands up to such comments and attitudes. All in all, though, a good story, and I will continue with the [...]

    Rae Davies
    I am enjoying this entire series from J. A. Jance. This story, in particular, was no better or worse than the others. I am hoping to find more character development in Joanna Brady outside of her work life rather than all of the stories being about some new, unsolved case. I want to see her and her daughter's lives move forward. But, as of yet, the series is still quite enjoyable while waiting for that to happen. This narrator could be better. She sounds so "gruff" in everything. But she's not r [...]

    Michael McCue
    Dead to Rights wasn't the best J.A. Jance mystery I've read but it held my interest kept reading to find out who done it. The end was a bit contrived and maybe didn't hold together the way a mystery should. There ought to be enough information provided to the reader to guess who the murderer was. But I like the characters in this series and will want to meet them again so I will surely read the next one too.

    Joanna Brady's life gets more complicated with each novel. She's learning that all is not as it seems when it comes to people she thought she could trust. Most importantly she is learning more and more about herself and her relationship with her daughter and her mother. Along the way two possible murders keep her and her department trying to keep up especially with budget cuts that will make it more difficult to run the Sheriff's Department.

    I enjoyed the story itself, but again I listened to the audio version. It was a different reader than I tried before, but still there was a lot of mouth noise and mispronunciations in the names of local towns and surnames. I was also surprised at the use of the term "wetbacks". I thought we were past all that, but then again, the book is 20 years old. Hopefully Jance has quit using that derogatory term by now.

    The audio version was read by C. J. Critt. If you want every character to sound like a snarky, sniveling, bitch, then this is the book for you. J.A. Jance is one of my favorite writers and the narration on books 2 and 3 of this series is great, but I couldn't listen to this narrator. I'll have to finish the book with the Kindle version.

    Brenda Benoit
    This was a pretty good book - good storyline and finally some glimpses of happiness for Joanna and Jenny. Sometimes I forget that Joanna is only 29 or 30 because she seems so much older. I hope that we'll see Butch more in the series.

    ReviewGreat continuing saga of this female sheriff and her daughter. I love the intense story and look forward to each new book. Absolutely ran into this author by mistake and what a great mistake it was

    Things are often not what they seem to be, and truth is seldom black and white. These principles hold true as Sheriff Joanna Brady deals with murder and with personal relationships as well. I'm really enjoying this series.

    Dan Smith
    She is the sheriff and there are several murders taking place in Bisbee. It is time for her to take charge and make things happen.

    This was a nice little cozy filler very enjoyable.

    An easy read

    Linda Sherfey
    Wish the ending character roles had been better developed. More explanation and detail would have helped me put it together more completely.

    I am very much enjoying reading this Arizona crime series about a woman sheriff. Not great. Just solid stories.

    Jance writes a good tale. Her characters are true to life and well presented.Brady's adventures as a mom and sheriff make you want to read all of the series

    It's surreal to read about the little town you lived in in fictitious form. I think I loved this one the most. Onward to book 5!

    Joanna Brady has now been the Sheriff of Cochise County for about four months. When a series of brutal murders happens in short order, and a prisoner dies in the jail, some people wonder if Joanna is doing a good job. Yet, she manages to hold things together despite the efforts of some of her deputies.

    Another good read in the series. This is number 4 in the Sheriff Joanna Brady of Bisbee, AZ mystery series. While I think this series started out o.k. the later books are getting better. I enjoyed this book, but I would have liked more zing to the character's personality and to the plot. The main characters are mostly likable and the story is a relaxing, easy read; however, the story is a bit slow moving. If you prefer murder mysteries without lots of graphic violence, and a story free of sexual [...]

    3 Stars. I have to say I’m a bit disappointed with the beginning of this series. I started out reading books 9, 10, and 11, then went back to start at the beginning. In the later books, the crimes are the main focus and the characters fill in the rest, whereas in the beginning (especially this book) it seems like it’s a story about Joanna Brady, Jenny Brady, Butch Dixon, and the rest of the cast, with the crime taking the furthest backseat of the bus; Joanna seems to stumble into it and the [...]

    • Free Download [Ebooks Book] ✓ Dead to Rights - by J.A. Jance Ö
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