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  • Title: Becoming Like God: Kabbalah and Our Ultimate Destiny
  • Author: MichaelBerg
  • ISBN: 9781571892423
  • Page: 167
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Intends to demystify and teach the ancient, esoteric texts of Kabbalah It gives readers the methodology to be applied at various moments to destroy ego, begin transformative sharing, and create a path to realise their true, godlike nature.
    Rabbi Michael Berg born June 29, 1973 is the co director of the Kabbalah Centre, alongside his mother Karen Berg He is the son of Philip Berg, the founder of the Kabbalah Centre Michael edited an unabridged English translation of the Zohar He is also a cofounder of Raising Malawi.Michael Berg is the author of several books on Kabbalah Included among them are Secrets of The Zohar, Becoming Like God, The Way, The Secret, Well of Life, What God Meant, and Days of Connection.In 2010, Michael launched an online learning platform called UKabbalah aimed at making the study of Kabbalah accessible to the wider public.


    Mary Jaclyn
    I just read this last night. it is fantastic. i wish i had time to read it every morning before i start my day!

    Even though this is written for those following Kabbalahistic faith, an ancient Arabic religion, there were lots of good points made. Michael Berg is the son of Kabbalist Rav P.S. Berg. Michael is a teacher at The Kabbalah Centre and lectures around the world. He also translated the holy Zohar, a 23-volume compendium into English by the age of 28. The cover states, "This book is a letter addressed to a prison. It is a prison where no one gets out for good behavior, and everyone is sentenced to d [...]

    Very interesting. The message is beautifully clear, but the rather odd pop-culture style of the book is more than a little jarring. I'm aware of the negative press Kabbalah has received, and the reasons why. That said, the central tenets of destruction of the ego and sharing to make yourself a "better" being are clear and admirable. Scoff if you will (and most of my friends will) but I enjoyed it and took many things from it.

    Something about this book was lacking for me. Perhaps the stories he used throughout did not, for some reason, resonate with me. Or, perhaps it was the prison theme that did not resonate. However, I liked it enough to want to purchase another of Berg's books and hopefully learn more about this ancient wisdom.

    Jessica James
    Really good intro into Kabbalah. I read it and completely understood the draw to this denomination.

    Marcos Pinheiro
    Sem review porque Deus tá vendo

    Michele Harrod
    I'm a big fan of all of Michael, (and his brother Yehuda) Berg's writings on Kabbalah - I find them very inspiring. I get completely motivated to work on that old 'ego' that leaps up and gets all reactive, when things don't go my way, and to share everything I own. I probably need to read this, 'Satan - an Autobiography' and 'The Way', every morning. I love these books, but do seem to find it impossible to live up to them on a daily basis, despite my fiercest wish to do so at every reading. I am [...]

    George Mills
    I believe in the message, but I fear the 'message is the media' effect. Presenting the message in such a direct and simplistic way lessens its impact and many readers may wind up equating the Kabbalah with things like 'The Secret' and others of its ilk. I understand the impulse. A master of the Kabbalah must sometimes want to grab every person he sees and shake them and say, 'This isn't it - this isn't our reality!' But a master of the Kabbalah knows that such knowledge is not easily won because [...]

    My biggest objection to this book: Almost every other paragraph was printed in hot pink, all-capital letters. I don't know if there's anything a book can do to redeem itself after something like that.But if you're somehow able to overlook the bizarre and very distracting layout, you might find this book an interesting read. Some other books on this topic are filled with symbols, complex diagrams, Hebrew &/or Aramaic terms, and generally make the whole thing seem very foreign and incomprehens [...]

    this is a good example of what I hated from my Jewish upbringing - sure not one idea in here could I argue with, its just the style and guilt-based telling of the tale that turned my stomach.I tried to blast through it, as I usually finish any book I start, but this one really sucked. I wouldn't ask anybody to live a more Godly life out of fear of what might happen if they don't. That's no way to live, in my opinion - out of a fear of negative consequcenes. Rather, give me a book that talks abou [...]

    Havent's started this one yet, but went to a Kabbalah seminar with Jen in Boston and got this for free. Seminar was fabu! Kabbalah is so old, with Buddhism, they can't date it at all. It's the basis of all Christianity, Islam, and Judaism and is very cool. It's also the ideas of where "The Force" of Star Wars comes from and the famous book, "The Secret". Can't wait to read it.

    Jim George
    The author gives a very simplistic introductiom to Jewish mysticism - Kabbalah. A guarded, relatively unrevealed part of Judaism from the Zohar. Interesting concept, sort of spiritual quantum physics in depth.

    Héctor Trejo
    Un libro que te incita a conocer otro punto de vista espiritual sin llamarle de esa manera. Concreto y con buenos puntos, me hubiera gustado algo más extenso. El diseño es atractivo aunque a veces se pierden detalles por resaltar otros. Recomendado.

    This is a quick introduction to Kabbalah. If you have been practicing for a while then this would not be for you but for the beginner I think it is wonderful. I also think the layout makes it easier to digest the material.

    Homero Arceyut
    Beatifully and simply explained, I think it is worth to read even if UR not into Kabbalah but in the search of a spiritual path. this book offers basic tools & guidelines for every lifestyle of every walk of life and every theological belief system.

    A tall order for me.

    Brodi Miles
    simple ways to live by.

    Not an easy reading if you are not familar with Kabbalah. Very deep and interesting. Some concepts are still difficult to acknowledge. Very strong and valuable .

    I literally read this book in one day!

    This was free!

    enjoyed this, too

    I'm not religious, just read it out of curiosity

    We should re-read this books from time to time. Pure truth and understanding. We need to live our understandings, its not enough to know.

    Charles Benson
    Good Read

    Keith Henry
    Very well written, very succinct. Extremely inspirational as well as educational. It's a modern-day explanation of Kaballah and what it means in a practicle sense.

    This book has taught me a lot about how I now look at life. Spiritual guide. Talks a lot about "Ego" and how we let it take over, consume our lives.

    Carol Tickles
    I've been studying kabbalah it's been three years now and attended a kabbalah centre personally, and I must say, this book is a punch. It says what needs to be said. A must to anyone.

    • Free Read [Manga Book] ó Becoming Like God: Kabbalah and Our Ultimate Destiny - by MichaelBerg ¼
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