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  • Title: Lady Lissa's Liaison
  • Author: Lindsay Randall
  • ISBN: 9780821759578
  • Page: 194
  • Format: Paperback

  • When Lady Lissa a wealthy heiress who is tired of being courted solely for her money becomes attached to the notorious rakehell Gideon Gordon to scare all her suitors away, the tables turn as she falls for the dashing rogue and vows to melt his icy heart.
    Lindsay Randall
    Lindsay Randall is the author of than a dozen romance novels, including TWO HEARTS TOO WILD, which was nominated for a Reviewer s Choice Award by RT BOOK reviews.


    In this Regency love story that is set in the countryside, instead of London, we meet Lady Lissa, who has just entered society after her year of mourning her father's death, only to be beset by nearly every eligible bachelor of London's high society, who have all come to her Derbyshire doorstep. Sure that they are more interested in her inheritance than in her, Lady Lissa refuses all suitors. However, Lord Langford is more persistent, claiming suit by fastening a locket around her neck. He tells [...]

    dnf. this was atrocious. I loveLOVE alliteration but if you're using it multiple times on every page it gets tedious very quick. I knew I wasn't going to like it from the start because I like period pieces that stay true to the time but without the ridiculous language that isn't always necessary. if that had been my only problem I wouldn't have rated because that's a taste thing. but if you're going to write in that obnoxious hard to read language you have to stick with itn't just throw random m [...]

    Joan Osborne
    Very enjoyable romanceVery enjoyable romanceNormally I enjoy my romances with a bit more spice but this was a pleasant change from my usual reads. The story was entertaining and the characters were interesting and very likeable. If you are interested in romance that has none of the very descriptive love scenes that a lot of them have these days, then this is definitely the right romance for you. I thoroughly enjoyed Lady Lissa's Liason and highly recommend it.


    This was Nook Book's Free Friday's offering. Free Fridays tends to lurk around the romance aisle in it's offering.Let's see, reluctant and beautiful heiress Lissa, thinks she has concocted a great plan, make people believe that she's linked with her next door neighbor, who has the blackest of violent reputations. Surely she thinks this will send them running.But she feels she should probably talk to the man just one, before ruining her reputation, and runs into the thing she has not counted on, [...]

    Cute clean Historical English romance with a rich (somewhat naive) smart country heiress, Lady Lissa who finds love with a jaded (supposedly) society reject and next door neighbor, Lord Gideon Gordon. This is set in the lovely Derbyshire district in central England.There is a lot of fishing discussions which seemed authentic, but as I know next to nothing about fly fishing, I could not verify the accuracy. There is some miscommunication about feelings and people's pasts which could have cleared [...]

    Holly Bargo
    Sweet, with a few annoyancesSweet, with a few annoyancesOverall, the story is not unlike many regency romances. The fluff-brained heroine concocts a flimsy, ludicrous scheme and it, unsurprisingly, backfires. No biggie. The ending is no surprise: the villain is revealed to be villainous; the adopted child is the villain's eastward son; t h e misunderstood and much maligned hero is really a compassionate and good man. The annoyances were misused or incorrect words. One does not form a "tender" fo [...]

    A romance novel set in Elizabethan England - way more rules of "society" especially for women than I would be able to deal with.Lissa is a smart, rich woman who doesn't want to marry just because. All the men who are woo-ing her are doing so because when her father died she became a very wealthy woman. She sets up a ruse to have her name associated with a local man who has a terrible rep. Figures that the other men will run away.Her ruse backfires and then she falls in love with the local man. H [...]

    Carissa Crabb
    Lady Lissa's Liaison is a free read from Barnes & Noble, but is better than many high priced books. Lissa, who is still grieving the death of her father, is besieged by all the males of Society looking to wed a fat purse. Horrified by all the attention, and just wanting to be left in peace, she concocts a scheme to rid herself of all suitors. Lissa's new neighbor has a shady, and questionable, past and she intents to use it to her advantage. Too bad he doesn't appreciate her ingenuity. An ad [...]

    I enjoyed reading this book, in much the same way I will enjoy eating inexpensive candy. Sweet, yes, and diverting, but hardly something I want my literary diet to consist of in the main. I think I would have preferred a longer story (things wrap up incredibly quickly at the end there—too quickly, really) with less reliance on excessive adjectives and tropes and a greater focus on developing more complex characters.

    This book is very short. I read it in about 6 hours. It's not a bad romance, it's clean so if you have a kid who likes to read romance novels and you don't want it to be too sexual, this is a good book. I learned more about fly fishing than I ever wanted to know, but it had a good story and a decent mystery. I would have liked the mystery a little more fleshed out, it would have made a longer book, but it would have been a more rounded book. All in all a good short read.

    Two is probably a generous rating for this book. I did enjoy the relationship between Gabriel and Lissa--and I always appreciate a strong, female lead especially in historical romances. However, the fly fishing definitely overtook the book. It was seriously boring and totally alienating to most readers I imagine.

    Sweet, love story. Fast, enjoyable read and no sex--refreshing in a time when most authors assume explicit sex is necessary in a love story. I loved the characters: the seemingly single-minded heroine, the misjudged, reclusive hero, and especially Harry, the brave, curious, lovable 6 year old. Great entertainment

    Kyra Dunst
    This was a perfectly wicked romance. I loved Lissa's plot to escape the fortune seeking suitors and how Gabriel turned it back on her. Little Harry was a wonderful addition to the story, and I hope we get to see more of him in a future book (hopefully still full of plots and mischief). I would definitely read more from this author.

    This is a short, somewhat uneventful short (187 page) little book perfect for the rainy afternoon during which I read it with a cup of tea

    Too much fishing, too little romance.

    I thought it was a cute story. Different from the usual female leads. I adored her fishing fly making and knowing all about the different types of insects to attract trout.

    Once again one wonders, where is the editor? How could this start off so good and get so stupid?

    Sally Hannoush
    This was a very sweet story. I loved how the book was put together. I was also surprised at the information that was given without making the book longer or involved with further details.

    Julianne Johnson
    Loved this!a very intriguing story and romance. it was not the usual storyline and t :) at made it more interesting.

    Mary Ann
    This has all the requisites for a typical romance and thus an enjoyable, quick and light read.

    A clean regency romanceI was pleasantly surprised.

    Too much fishing, not enough heaving bosoms.

    A so so book, neither good nor bad. I got it as a freebie on and it was an okay read, but I don’t think I can recommend spending more than 99 cents on it

    Simple reading. You know the plot and how it will end when you start. Light thoughtless book

    dont expect much. also, this is the kind of ending that needs an epilogue

    Cute. Not enough (actually none) sex for me lol. I did enjoy it though.

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