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  • Title: Natural Obsessions: The Search for the Oncogene
  • Author: Natalie Angier Lewis Thomas
  • ISBN: 9780395453704
  • Page: 154
  • Format: Hardcover

  • On the leading edge of biological discovery is one of the most renowned cancer research laboratories in the world The implications of their discoveries form tomorrow s headlines, yet Angier writes about the scientists themselves and not merely theri successes 4 page photo insert.
    Natalie Angier Lewis Thomas
    Natalie Angier is a nonfiction writer and a science journalist for The New York Times.


    Leslie Ann
    I worked on my biology doctorate in the 90's across the street from Weinberg's lab, so could thoroughly identify with the trials and tribulations (if not the glories) described in the book. Although I was sometimes got annoyed by Angier's dramatizations (especially when describing the physical characteristics of the scientists), overall I thought she did an admirable job of humanizing this Boston institution.

    Sometimes the flowery prose obfuscates the science that she's talking about. Maybe that's just me reading it from the perspective of a scientist. I'm not totally sure what the intended audience is but maybe this wouldn't be as frustrating for someone reading it from a non-science background.

    珮晴 黃
    All kinds of thoughts from scientists had run through my mind at my college years Now as a research assistant, my everyday life is vividly described by Natalie. And I really like the tone and the real lives of scientists she depicted in the pages; the failures and frustrations we dealt at lab. :)

    Angier spent a good part of the year in Robert Weinberg's molecular biology lab and put it to good use with this volume. It conveys the excitement and dedication of those working at the cutting edge of study of the human cell, how it works and how it goes wrong. A don't miss for those interested in science in action, biology, genomics, or medical history.

    Easy to read book (non-technical) capturing the the passion and experiences that scientists go thru in trying to discover. The foreward by the always eloquant Lewis Thomas, MD, always makes me a little misty eyed.

    Jim Mullen
    A great book. Although I am a scientist, one need not be though to truly enjoy this book and the tremendous science involved. The author did a tremendous job of capturing the passion involved in this groundbreaking work.

    Santhosh Girirajan
    It was interesting to read about how scientists and trainees worked on cutting-edge problems in the late 80s and early 90s. I enjoyed reading this book.

    A day in the lab of Weinburg and his cancer research crew. Interesting window into the working of cancer research.

    Paul Sheridan
    An oldie, but a goodie.

    • ↠ Natural Obsessions: The Search for the Oncogene || ☆ PDF Read by ↠ Natalie Angier Lewis Thomas
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