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  • Title: A Peep Behind the Scenes
  • Author: O.F. Walton Amy Catherine Walton
  • ISBN: 9781584740032
  • Page: 167
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Behind many smiling faces there hides a hurting heart, and for what may appear to be glamorous, there is usually a high price to pay Mrs Walton gives us a glimpse into the life of a disillusioned young actress In her fabricated world of glamour and glitz, Rosalie finds solace in the words of a gentle old man who gives her a picture of a Shepherd who loves and cares forBehind many smiling faces there hides a hurting heart, and for what may appear to be glamorous, there is usually a high price to pay Mrs Walton gives us a glimpse into the life of a disillusioned young actress In her fabricated world of glamour and glitz, Rosalie finds solace in the words of a gentle old man who gives her a picture of a Shepherd who loves and cares for her Her travels take on new meaning as she shares with the down and outters about this wonderful Shepherd who loves them too This profound century old story is still relevant in today s entertainment enmeshed culture Often, hidden behind smiling faces are hurting hearts, and that which is attractive and alluring may be a facade, concealing the hard reality of life behind the scenes This dramatic book is both powerful and sensitive, and sold over two and a half million copies in the 19th Century It continues to be a favorite among our collectors.
    O.F. Walton Amy Catherine Walton
    aka Amy Catherine Walton


    A Peep Behind the Scenes has been a favorite of mine for many years. I'll pick it up every now and again and lose myself in the story of a hurting little girl who just wants her family to be whole and to stop running. This story is so beautifully written and is the perfect example of God's forgiveness and redemption. It's also one of the book that inspired me to write. I love the bittersweet ending that it has. It summed the story up perfectly. I don't think I could ever stop loving this book.

    I have been so curious about this book for over a year. Very glad I finally was able to read it. Lot's of examples of how to start a conversation and share the news of the Good Shepherd to others. How to use your faith in difficult situations and asking for Jesus's salvation. Looking forward to reading this to my kids but still debating on when. It has death of parents in the book and my kids are very sensitive to that, so I will be praying for God to guide me to the appropriate time to read thi [...]

    This book was fairly good, very close to the adio dramatisation. Why only three stars? Because it was manonatanis. Rosie moves somewhere, she leads someone to Christ by reading them the parable of the lost sheep, repeat about seven times. Also one of my favorite characters ended up dying in the end of the book for no reason. So, I would recommend you stick with the Lamplighter Theater version of this, its much happier, less monotanas and my favorite character doesn't die.

    Victoria Minks
    I read this for school when I was younger and loved it! It is so sweet.

    What a heart-warming story of faith, redemption, and reconciliation. My children selected this story to read together this summer. It was a bit wordy for me, as I felt myself wanting to skip some details to get to the plot. Yet, I found myself wanting more of the passages of Rosalee and her mother. All in all I think it was great, but I probably won't read it again. I do look forward to listening to lamplighters audio Drama as a family on our road trip this summer.

    Theresa Stinnett
    A Peep Behind the Scenes is such a gem! It is sad but sweet and full of beautiful, Christian messages. I certainly wasn't sorry that I read it, and, if you are looking for a pure, Christian story for your children or for yourself, I would highly suggest this one. This story seems very sad at times, but the writing style is very engaging and never seems to dwell too heavily on despair. The ending was happy and the whole book gave an important message about the vanity of this world's temporary enj [...]

    Wayne Walker
    Twelve year Rosalie Joyce lives with her father Augustus and mother Norah, but they have no fixed abode. They are actors who travel from fair to fair in a caravan. Augustus is a cruel man who drinks and carouses. Norah ran away from home to marry him and lost all contact with her family, but she is now very ill. While at a fair in one town, a gentle old man gives the girl a picture of a Shepherd who loves and cares for her, so she and her mother begin reading about the Shepherd in the Bible, and [...]

    The story is about a young girl named Rosalie who is brought up as a part of a traveling theatre show. Her mother has taken ill and her Father, who runs the traveling theatre show is a very hard man, who is only interested in making as much profit as he can. A stranger gifts Rosalie a picture of a shepherd holding a lamb with a bible verse underneath it, which stirs up old memories in Rosalie’s mother. Soon Rosalie and her mother are learning the love Jesus has for them and that no matter how [...]

    Julie Graves
    This is an audio drama of a story written in the 1800's. Young Rosalie is traveling from town to town with her parents. They are singer/actors. Rosalie's mother is very ill and her father is too fond of alcohol to see or acknowledge her illness.While they are stopped for a performance a man gives Rosalie a picture of The Good Shepherd. Rosalie's mother tells her about The Good Shepherd and how He seeks to find His lost sheep. While Rosalie's father continues to follow one scheme after another Ro [...]

    John Rhys-Davis introduces the story of each of these beautiful Lamplighter stories and the voice-actors all have a professional and sincere quality that enhances the story nicely. The music and background effects were just right to keep my interest of the story without going overboard. Lamplighter Theatre only increases my love for their Christ-like stories! :D "Behind many smiling faces there hides a hurting heart, and for what may appear to be glamorous, there is usually a high price to payIn [...]

    Kevin Morrill
    I just finished reading this book yesterday. A Peep Behind the Scenes was so good I already shared some sections with my wife and some of my 3 children (now in their 20s). It is the story of a sometimes happy, yet often hurting little girl who learned (from a picture and from her mother and others) that she is a lost lamb who needs a Shepherd, and finds herself surrounded by Jesus, our Good Shepherd. This story is beautifully written, yet you should read it yourself before reading it to your chi [...]

    Frances Winslow
    Absolutely charming. It seems rather quaint since it is, after all, a classic in the world of Victorian Children's literature.It reminded me in so many ways of Anderson's "Little Match Girl" in the descriptions of lonely little Rosalie looking so longingly into the windows of the homes in the many villages that the caravan passed through.For the first years of her life, she lived with a traveling caravan. She was born to this life because of a mother who ran away from her home to travel with the [...]

    Abigail Rasmussen
    My Mom read this book aloud to me when I was young and then a few years later I read it book to myself when I was 10 years old. Rosalie is the daughter of a traveling theater master and is envied by many young girls as she appears to live a life full of glamour, glitz, and glory. But beneath the happy smiling face is a hurting heart, a deep sorrow for her dying mother, and a wretched life. Follow Rosalie as she learns of the Good Shepherd who loves and cares for her, and begins to trust Him for [...]

    Published in 1877, this bittersweet story of a 12 year old girl who travels with a theatre is full of rich language and the thought that Jesus is seeking us if we will just look to him, no matter how long you have been running. Also, good discussion possibilities on how other peoples lives look perfect and glamorous, but a peep behind the scenes can reveal heartache and pain. My kids have been listening to this free on Librivox and enjoy it so far. I loved this book as a young girl.SPOILER: Both [...]

    There was a caravan that went to a fair and put on a show. Every little girl and boy wanted to be a part of the show. But, they did not know what it was really like behind the scenes. A little girl, named Rosalie, was the daughter of an actress and her father was the director of the show. Everyday, she woke up to hard work, mean language, and tiring rehearsals. Until, one day, a pastor visits and gives her and her very sick mother a picture that has a verse on it. This little scripture verse end [...]

    Chuck Kreml
    This is a novel written for eveanglism and to affrim the Christian faith. Consistently and repititiously it introduces characters who are ready to hear and receive the gospel. The situations seem very Dickinsonian with a nice summation of events and character resolutions. The era and tone were fascinating to me and I do believe in the orchestration of God's activity in this world, and the contrast of life's richness in Christ to the facade of appeal we achieve in this world of dramatic productio [...]

    Dayna Smith
    This book was published in 1877 and sold over two and a half million copies at that time. It is a classic story book written from the Christian perspective. Rosalie dances in a traveling circus, everyone who sees her thinks her life must be wonderful - but is it? One day an old man gives her a picture of a Shepherd who loves her and as she tries to find a better life she shares the Shepherd's love with others. An extremely touching story, it will be especially meaningful to Christians - but it i [...]

    A story about how the gospel works through the life of a poor little girl named Rosalie and all the lives of those she encounters. So many metaphors about our superficial endeavors, deprived state, and need to be found by the Good Shepherd. Such a heartfelt narrative, almost agonizing to read all the tragedies that occur to Rosalie, but her faith is inspiring, and though the book is a children's book, the story, theme, and metaphors are complex enough for adults to enjoy.

    I read this book at an early age, and I loved it from the start. It's such a heart breaking, but beautiful book. It's a beautiful story about Christ being the only light in a young girls life and how she finds her way out of the darkness in her family. With a bitter sweet ending, this one is sure to make your heart cry.

    A simple, touching story of the Good Shepherd seeking a lost little girl, and seeking other lost ones through her. I read it because Pastor House mentioned the story in a sermon on Luke 15. You can read it for free at Project Gutenberg.

    This Book I read and finished in a day.It was amazing but also sad.I think all lamplighters are a favorite to me!!!Lamplighters are great book's to read out loud to children from all ages! Amazing! A have to read!! (As all lamplighters!)

    Very enjoyable read which captures the concerns of those difficult times for children in England.

    April Matovich
    The writing skills along from O.F. Walton alone make this book wonderful, but the story and the portrayal of the characters makes it incredible. I highly recommend this to anyone and everyone.

    A keeper, and one to pass along to others.

    Excellent story!! The Lamplighter audio is wonderful as well.

    Lee Huntington
    We haven't technically read the book, we have thoroughly listened to the audio drama produced by the same company, Lamplighter. Wonderful!

    I actually didn't read this. I listened to the dramatized edition put out by the Lamplighter Theatre.

    A little slow and the conflicts are pretty light. Good read for pre teens.

    Anna Salas
    This was one of my most FAVORITE books of my childhood. Even now, I still enjoy reading it and I miss it terribly.

    This book does a great job of reminding adults, and perhaps introducing to children in an understandable way, that things are not always what they appear to be. All that glitters is not gold

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