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  • Title: Murder on the Yukon Quest
  • Author: Sue Henry
  • ISBN: 9780380788644
  • Page: 367
  • Format: Paperback

  • Jessie and her team of dogs are competing in the toughest dog sled race in the world with an unknown killer on their trail The beautiful Alaskan wilderness is the setting for this novel, by the author of Murder on the Iditarod Trail.
    Sue Henry
    Sue Henry is the author of six novels in her award winning Alaska mystery series Murder on the Iditarod Trail, Termination Dust, Sleeping Lady, Death Takes Passage, Deadfall, and Murder on the Yukon Quest She has lived in Alaska for almost aquarter of a century, and brings history, Alaskan lore, and the majestic beauty of the vast landscape to her mysteries Based in Anchorage, where she teaches writing at the University of Alaska, Anchorage, she is currently at work on the next book in this series.


    Jessie and her team of dogs are competing in the toughest dog sled race in the world—the Yukon Quest. Alone in the vast white wilderness, she's suddenly facing a danger worse than anything Nature has to offer. A young novice racer she met at the start of the race is abducted, and the girl's frantic father is warned that no one but Jessie Arnold is to be told or the girl will die.Book 6 in the series is light on mystery and is more the story of the Yukon Quest dog sled race. If you are a page t [...]

    Jan C
    I like these books. The writing isn't that great but it is usually pretty adventurous. I know that I will never be a dog musher or be in the Iditarod or the Yukon Quest. So I don't mind reading about them. Here, Jessie Arnold has made her first entry in the Yukon Quest race from Whitehorse to Fairbanks. First one thing goes wrong and then another. Two of her dogs disappear (but they come back), two of her dogs get pulled from the race because of shenanigans being pulled by one official or anothe [...]

    These are well written books and this was no exception. You really felt as though you were running the Yukon Quest with Jessie. Lots of twists and turns both on the route and in the story (and series). I can't wait to see what happens next.

    Jesse and her dog team are trying a new race when she gets caught up in being the go-between in a kidnapping of another musher.

    Jan J
    I'd love to see the Yukon Quest!!

    Lindsay Boitnott
    I discovered Sue Henry five years ago while wondering through the local library on a dreary January afternoon. I had just moved to Florida and, for some reason, my heart longed to read an Alaskan mystery. Sue Henry delivered and I ended up reading all her books in the library that rainy month.Murder on the Yukon Quest is the 5th book in the Alex & Jessie series but the first one I read. Jessie Arnold has decided to run her team on the Yukon Quest, a 1,000 mile race from Whitehorse, Yukon to [...]

    Kat Chan
    The writing is a little heavy and slow-going. Certainly well-written enough that you don't put it down, but at the same time, you don't care all that much about the character. I wanted to find out "whodunnit, so there is something to be said for that, but I doubt I'll read another Sue Henry book unless there are only worse options around. Where reading Jack London, I was fascinated with Alaska and dog mushing, I find Sue Henry has proven to be how absolutely unappealing it would be for me. She s [...]

    Jessie and her dogs are racing in the Yukon Quest, a more challenging and remote trail than the Iditarod which has become very commercial. Alex is called back to Idaho due to a family tragedy and will not be present at the race to support Jessie. Shortly after the race starts, a young female sledder is kidnapped and held for ransom. Her father is warned that the police must not be involved, only Jessie. Soon, she and her dogs are in danger and must rely on each other for rescue as they are in su [...]

    The Yukon Quest is another dog sled race-one of the hardest in Alaska. Again as with all Sue Henry's books; very suspenceful, a pageturner, beautiful descriptions of scenery, and what is expected of the race dogs. All of her mystery books should be read in order, beginning with Murder on the Iditarod Trail, as main character's love life develops and some of her experiences are continued in each book.

    An excellent entry in the series. I was impressed that the story was able to hold interest since I was worried that it was yet another "musher" tale but the author was able to weave an interesting yarn. A bit concerned about how the ending went with the main charaters a bit of a cliffhanger. Very much a page turned in the second half! Another one down on the ALASKA shelf!!

    The landscape for the race, How and what to feed your dogs during a race , and what to wear in extreme temperatures so i think i really know about all of that :). Not a bad mystery aspect . And too bad for Alex. Some times all a musher can say is i love u but because you made a decision on your own, i don't really think it matters anymore!!!

    For some reason, I just love Alaskan murder mysteries and this series by Sue Henry is just wonderful. Her vivid descriptions of the landscape make you feel like your standing right there in the woods with her. I also like when her stories are set in the Yukon Territory. This book was particularly fun since I canoed the Yukon River and had been to many of the places she mentions.

    Siina Morin
    Even though this book was slow to get going, I love Sue Henry's stories in the Alaskan/Yukon wilderness! An adventure/love story with a murder/crime to solve. Sue gives a great description and feel for what it would be like in the zero degree blizzards of the Yukon, and how Jessie Arnold manages a team of sled dogs on the Yukon Quest race!

    Great story, a kidnapping, a murder, and an exciting trip over the Yukon Quest via dog sled. The author Sue Henry has a way with words. You can visualize the wonders of the scenery as you travel the 1000 mile trip via dog sled from Whitehorse, Canada to Fairbanks, Alaska. Apparently this competition tries to rival the Iditarod.

    Brad McKenna
    This book gave great insight into the world of dogsled racing. Very interesting stuff how much goes into managing a kennel and then taking the dogs on a race such as the Iditarod or the book's eponymous race: Yukon Quest. The characters and plot aren't masterpieces, but I don't think that counts against it. If you'd like to learn about dogsled racing, pick this up.

    I enjoyed this one. After the first in the series, Henry did not center the mysteries around a dog race, and I find that framework and the information about racing to be one of the most compelling aspects of this series. This was a welcome return. I was about to give up on this series, but I think I might go trade for the next one after reading this.

    Since I picked up Murder on the Iditarod Trail many years ago, I have never been disappointed by a Sue Henry novel. This one was set on the trails during a dog sled race, limiting the suspect pool, yet still managed to surprise me at the end.

    Pam Bales
    Jessie Arnold drives sled dogs in Alaska and solves murders and crimes along the way. I find them an enjoyable escape from daily life and a foray into the Alaska wild and joys and dangers of the sport.

    Set in Alaska. Having been there several times and eager to return and spend much much more time there, I'm enjoying these Sue Henry books set there.Good mysteries and good info on more of Alaska locales, traditions.I'll be reading the series.Read in 2004.

    Jessie and her team of dogs are competing in the toughest dog sled race in the world--with an unknown killer on their trail. The beautiful Alaskan wilderness is the setting for this novel, by the author of Murder on the Iditarod Trail.

    Kae Cheatham
    Great descriptions of the Alaskan landscape and environment as musher Jessie Arnold takes on the 1000 mile Yukon Quest and becomes embroiled in a hijack/murder situation where her life is on the line. Good details about the racing game.

    I live in ALaska so any books that take place here i like.

    Jessie Arnold

    I find it very interesting reading about the Alaskan wilderness and Jessie's experiences as a musher, I will definitely read the rest of this series

    Another great book by Sue Henry. Very different, very good!!

    Maria Crosman
    I like her writing and the details about life in Alaska. about Alaska

    Alaska Mystery-Jesse Arnold series-Have enjoyed series!

    Too much descriptive passages on taking care of the dogs and what she had to eat and not enough emotion and intrigue and suspense.

    Sandy Weir
    Another thriller and with the dogs being more in the focus again! I liked that.

    I really liked this book. Kept you guessing right till the end.

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