[PDF] Download Ò The Cat Owner's Manual: Operating Instructions, Troubleshooting Tips, and Advice on Lifetime Maintenance (Quirk Books) | by ✓ David Brunner Sam Stall Paul Kepple Jude Buffum

  • Title: The Cat Owner's Manual: Operating Instructions, Troubleshooting Tips, and Advice on Lifetime Maintenance (Quirk Books)
  • Author: David Brunner Sam Stall Paul Kepple Jude Buffum
  • ISBN: 9781931686877
  • Page: 456
  • Format: Paperback

  • The Cat Owner s Manual Operating Instructions, Troubleshooting Tips, and Advice on Lifetime Maintenance Quirk Books
    David Brunner Sam Stall Paul Kepple Jude Buffum
    David Brunner Sam Stall Paul Kepple Jude Buffum Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Cat Owner's Manual: Operating Instructions, Troubleshooting Tips, and Advice on Lifetime Maintenance (Quirk Books) book, this is one of the most wanted David Brunner Sam Stall Paul Kepple Jude Buffum author readers around the world.


    I've been reading this off and on for a week or so and though it has good basic information about raising cats, the different breeds, etc. the humor of it escapes me. It's written in the tone of a user manual and every now and again the author will write something such as referring to training as a "software downloads" or "add-on" which always managed to throw me right out of the book and break my concentration which I don't was the intent of the author.Despite the overly cutesy manual style whi [...]

    Kevin Hogan
    It's a basic instruction manual for cats. Written in the style of a (well-written) tech manual. Illustrations are clear. Cross-referencing is good. Instructions are excellent. File under: reference.

    Highly informative. Cute, yet smartly, written as a IT manual for Cats. Best line is the ending. Last of the troubleshooting guide:Malfunction: Cat displays complete lack of autonomous function, refuses to clean itself, and displays subpar intelligence.Cause and Solution: Consult your veterinarian. You may have accidentally acquired a dog.Too funny, and I'm bi-partisan.

    Javiera Tapia gutiérrez
    El mejor final: " El gato parece haber olvidado algunas funciones autónomas, no se acicala y a muestras de falta de inteligencia. Consulte a su veterinario. Puede que haya adquirido accidentalmente un perro".

    Cristián Rojas
    Gatos. Manual de usuario orientado a ingenieros :)

    JuniperGreen ~✰grumpy old woman in training✰~
    The idea - providing a guide about cats that works like a computer manual - is good. And the illustrations are really charming.But the joke falls flat after a while. I don't know if it's the translation, but it also lacks punch most of the time.There's some good advice to be found here, though. Although it's quite short and, due to that, has to stay rather superficial, the book provides a lot of information about life with our evil erm, benevolent overlords. I especially appreciated the tip to u [...]

    Did you ever buy a cat and asked yourself what all those things on it are for? And why it is making those weird sounds? Is it broken already? Then you need this Manual, a simple manual for Cat Owners that make sure their Cat Unit is kept happy and healthy. And that they hopefully understand what it is doing. Written by Cat Technicians (Vets) it will help you keep your cat a happy unit. Joking aside, it is a basic book how to keep your cat healthy. Done in the way of a manual as if you just bough [...]

    Henrietta (H
    I'm 69 and have lived with cats all my life, except about 6 yrs starting when I married and ending when daughters were old enough to reinforce my position. If I had followed the recommendations I would not have chosen any of the cats I have had as an adult, especially Mr Max, who was one of the most loyal and loving. I got Mr Max from a shelter. He was cowering in the back of his cage. The card on the cage listed his name as the generic "grey cat" which he was not, he was tiger striped. The spac [...]

    Susan Lücke
    Interessantes Buch, das auch einen Katzenbesitzer zum schmunzeln bringt.Den Ansatz der immer technikaffineren Gesellschaft die Katze so näher zu bringen, finde ich stellenweise ganz witzig. Es sind wirklich gute Tipps vorhanden.Bedenklich finde ich aber, dass beim verschlucken/fressen von potenziell giftigen Dingen das Erzwingen von Erbrechen mit Wasserstoffperoxid empfohlen wird. In der Humanmedizin wird schon lange vom Erbrechen abgeraten, warum ist die Veterenärmedizin noch nicht so weit :( [...]

    Cris B
    Muito bom

    Catalina Moncada
    Very informative and pleasant to read.I liked it. As at first time cat owner I found it useful and easy to read. I also liked the graphics

    Rike @ RikeRandom
    Diese und weitere Rezensionen findet ihr auf meinem Blog Anima Libri - Buchseele Miezekätzchen mal ganz technisch? In "Katze: Betriebsanleitung" erklären Dr. David Brunner und Sam Stall dem Leser auf sehr nüchterne und dabei sehr witzige Art und Weise alles, was man so über Katzen wissen muss.Aufgebaut ist dieses Buch tatsächlich wie eine Gebrauchsanweisungen, mit Hinweisen und Checklisten zur Installationsvorbereitung und Installation, schematischen Darstellungen des Aufbaus einer Katze un [...]

    comprehensive, time saving way of telling interested people and cat guardians most of the important stuff about daily life with one or more cats. Another positive aspect of the book is the betweeen the lines hidden humor, like it's done in the title. What I found most glorious was that all of the esoteric junk you'll find so often in cat literature is compeletely missing here. No assumptions on how cats moods depend on star constellations and electroesoteric yoga-ish cat energies. I hope this of [...]

    This is another book I gave my father for Christmas last year and stole- er, borrowed- a short while ago. My dad loves his cat, Mr Sooky, and given his perchance for quirky, non-fiction books, I thought this would give him a chuckle.This book treats your feline as a cat-human-vacuum compound. Part robot, part bored cat who looks at you in contempt, this book will teach you all you need to know and them some on how to care for your pet. While this humor is the driving point for this book, it does [...]

    Is funny to read. By explaining everything in manual away is very cute and at least for me very unique. For owner's manual is very complete covering almost all the aspects an owner should know. The ilustrations are very funny but some of them are a little impossible to follow. No cat would ever allow to be put in such manner for the owner do what is need to be done. Some of the information in the book is not accurate and should be corrected in the future.

    of all the cat owning books out there, this may have not been the one with the most information, but it was the most user friendly. i am such a sucker for the cutesy operating manual asthetic. i ate it right up, and it was helpful both in the original bringing home a nutty kitten as well as introducing said fluffernutter to another cat. you can bet i will be purchasing the baby owner's manual the moment i get knocked up! :)

    Noran Miss Pumkin
    i adore this book. it is funny and educational at the same time! it is a manual for your cat, written like your cat was a car, or a washing machine. the diagrams are neato too. i have read many other cat books, but learned several new things from this manual. if i ever gave anyone a pet, i would give them this book too! i got the baby one, when i had my virginia--it was a hoot! lol! great for the geek crowd.

    Very funny and original because of its format (an owner's manual) and very informative too. The formulations ('models', 'programming', 'fuel') get a bit tiring in the end, but it doesn't make the information unclear. I'll read more books about cats, but this is probably the one I would use when I need to look up something and/or need information quickly.

    Finalmente un libro semplice ed esaustivo sul mondo felino e gli umani che vogliono prendersene cura. Tralascia tutta la parte dedicata alle razze, assolutamente inutile, e sono 216 pagine di consigli, spiegazioni, psicologia, aiuti validi. Mi sono trovata benissimo, ed � il primo libro che consiglierei a chi vuole cercare di capire il proprio micio, anche se convivono da tanto tempo.

    Pretty useful basic cat-care book, and it's pretty funny, too -- written in the form of a user manual for a piece of electronics. But if you have a cat, you'll probably need another handbook in addition that's goes into a little more depth. Sometimes the user-manual parody style things a little less clear/useful.

    This is a super cool cat-book.There's nothing in here that experienced cat-lovers don't already know, but it's the CONCEPT and LAYOUT that is super.You see, it's deliberately made to look like a blue-print, and the cat is a machine, and all references and pictures are made to look like pages from an instruction manual!!! Super cute!

    adorably illustrated book about cats, written in the style of (you guessed it) an owner's manual. i would have liked a little more information on cat body language and behavior, etc but this is an otherwise great place to start when attempting to learn the basics of this, the best, domestic animal.

    This is a great companion to a full fledged animal reference guide. The information in this book is not enough to serve as a successful 'owner's manual', but it's extremely funny. The illustrations and terminology make it sound like you are buying a used car. Great for a laugh, not to be taken very seriously.

    I have a number of cat books but this book has by far the best balance of information and humour. Even advanced owners of feline units will learn something, and I keep it to hand in case of emergencies.

    Ana Filipa
    Very funny approach about having a pet, in this case a cat. It gives you the essential information in a plain language with wit. I read it in a few times, because it just keeps you interested in knowing what comes next and that isn't very common in these type of books.

    Shreyashi Ganguly
    What a clever, clear and concise way to know your cat. Breaking down your cat's moods, cravings, physiology in to bite size chunks of information makes pet management so much more simple.I have four cats, and this book makes it as easy as it can get for me. :)

    This is quite an informative, quirky book which mimics the style of an electronics instruction manual. The information is very US-centric so it doesn't always apply to British or other international readers, but most of the info is applicable to all cats in some way.

    Fun informative book for cat owners. I was a new cat owner, but had dogs in the past. Written as if a cat is a new technology, such as an ipod, it was a fresh way to introduce the subject. Spaz and Kitty have survived living in my family partly due to the help of this book.

    Am easy basic and quick read for cat owners. Not the most comprehensive but am going through this so I can recommend this book to my dad, a new cat owner.I do find the analogy to a car manul5 (and the cat to a car) a bit distracting and protracted.

    This is a great and funny book. It has easy-understandable and cute pictures in it and tells you everything you need to know about a cat. I think it is a great introduction to cats, if you don't already have one and think about getting one.

    • [PDF] Download Ò The Cat Owner's Manual: Operating Instructions, Troubleshooting Tips, and Advice on Lifetime Maintenance (Quirk Books) | by ✓ David Brunner Sam Stall Paul Kepple Jude Buffum
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