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  • Title: A Finder's Magic
  • Author: Philippa Pearce Helen Craig
  • ISBN: 9780763640729
  • Page: 328
  • Format: Hardcover

  • A boy who loses his dog meets a mysterious stranger and has a surprising adventure in an enchanting tale from a stellar author illustrator team.When Till s beloved dog slips its leash on their daily romp, the boy goes to bed in despair But he wakes to meet Mr Finder, an odd little man from his dream, who offers to help him retrieve the frisky pup Together Till and FindeA boy who loses his dog meets a mysterious stranger and has a surprising adventure in an enchanting tale from a stellar author illustrator team.When Till s beloved dog slips its leash on their daily romp, the boy goes to bed in despair But he wakes to meet Mr Finder, an odd little man from his dream, who offers to help him retrieve the frisky pup Together Till and Finder question some likely witnesses a heron, a mole, a riddling cat, and two obliging old ladies, Miss Gammer and Miss Mousy But Finder is a peculiar figure, given to disappearing suddenly, and Till starts to wonder Can he be trusted Part detective story, part fairy tale, A Finder s Magic has mystery, darkness and light, and all the emotional truth that is a hallmark of Philippa Pearce s writing.
    Philippa Pearce Helen Craig
    Philippa Pearce OBE was an English author of children s books Her most famous work is the time slip fantasy novel Tom s Midnight Garden, which won the 1958 Carnegie Medal from the Library Association, as the year s outstanding children s book by a British subject Pearce was four further times a commended runner up for the Medal.Pearce wrote over 30 books, including A Dog So Small 1962 , Minnow on the Say, 1955 , The Squirrel Wife 1971 , The Battle of Bubble and Squeak 1978 and The Way To Sattin Shore 1983 The Shadow Cage and other tales of the supernatural 1977 , Minnow on the Say, Bubble and Squeak, and Sattin Shore were all Carnegie Medal runners up The Battle of Bubble and Squeak inspired a two part television adaptation in Channel 4 s Talk, Write and Read series of educational programming.The youngest of four children of a flour miller and corn merchant, Ernest Alexander Pearce, and his wife Gertrude Alice n e Ramsden, Philippa Pearce was born in the village of Great Shelford, Cambridgeshire, and brought up there on the River Cam at the Mill House Starting school late at the age of eight because of illness, she was educated at the Perse School for Girls in Cambridge, and went on to Girton College, Cambridge on a scholarship to read English and History there.After gaining her degree, Pearce moved to London, where she found work as a civil servant Later she wrote and produced schools radio programmes for the BBC, where she remained for 13 years She was a children s editor at the Oxford University Press from 1958 to 1960 and at the Andr Deutsch publishing firm from 1960 to 1967.In 1951 Pearce spent a long period in hospital recovering from tuberculosis She passed the time there thinking about a canoe trip she had taken many years before, which became the inspiration for her first book, Minnow on the Say, published in 1955 with illustrations by Edward Ardizzone It was a commended runner up for the annual Carnegie Medal It was adapted for television in Canada as a 1960 TV series with the original title, and for British television in 1972 as Treasure over the Water.Pearce s second book was Tom s Midnight Garden, published in 1958 Its midnight garden was based directly on the garden of the Mill House where Pearce was raised The novel inspired a film, a stage play and three TV versions It won the annual Carnegie Medal and for the 70th anniversary celebration in 2007, a panel named it one of the top ten Medal winning works, which composed the ballot for a public election of the nation s favourite Tom s Midnight Garden finished second in the vote from that shortlist, between two books that were about 40 years younger.Every September from 2008, the Philippa Pearce Memorial Lecture at Homerton College, Cambridge celebrates excellence in writing for children and to emphasize its continuing vital importance The lecturers are children s literature authors, scholars or critics, and most of the lectures are published online.


    This is a somewhat unusual little book. It is a very quick read and noteworthy for being the last book written by the respected British author, Philippa Pearce. Also of note is the fact that it was illustrated by her daughter's mother-in-law, Helen Craig, best known for illustrating the "Angelina Ballerina" books. Both grannies created the work with their mutual grandsons in mind, and, in fact, the main character's name is derived from an anagram of the grandsons' two names. After Ms. Pearce had [...]

    Christopher Newton
    So nice to be back in Philippa Pearce's world again, if only for an hour. To me, Philippa is the Shakespeare of modern children's writing, and this little gem is her Tempest, her fond farewell. Bye, Philippa, and thanks for all the fish.

    This is one I'll add to my "read a chapter book to younger kids" - I'd love to know what anyone else thinks. Sweet, with just a bit of magic.

    Another library sale pick-up. I am a sucker for illustrated children's books. This one is a quirky story about a boy who lost his dog and meets a "Finder" who offers to help track down the stray pup. There is a bit of magic involved but it mostly is a the type of story a grandmother might tell her grandchildren. Which turns out to be the backstory of both the author and illustrator. Would make a great read aloud story for younger kids.

    This is a sweet book, perfect for a read-aloud, short enough to be finished in one sitting. It was written by a grandmother for her grandsons and illustrated by their other grandmother. Plus, it's about a boy's love for his dog, and I'm always a sucker for dog books (especially when the dog doesn't die).

    More than the story, I absolutely adore the illustrations in this book, the colourless ones. They're lovely. I could stare at them all day.The story is good too. Kind of a very short mystery.

    When a boy loses his dog in a meadow, a magical quest is the result when a strange old man calling himself a 'Finder' shows up to comfort the boy. Together the old man and the young boy will use 'magic' to discover just what happened to the dog. The magic includes using one of the muddy toys belonging to the dog. The Finder allegedly embeds a message within the toy and when it is thrown at various animals, the finder can 'hear' from the animals in question. (Another example, the boy shoves the m [...]

    Kailey (BooksforMKs)
    A charming little story of a boy's search for his lost dog! With the help of a mysterious old man, he interviews various animals, including a bad-tempered cat, and pieces together the mystery of his dog's disappearance. This short book has all the magic and charm I've come to expect from the author, with her own blend of delightful writing. Every word is crisp and cool, or warm and honey on your tongue. The smallest, most everyday things take on a glow when this author brings her writer's magic [...]

    Miss Ryoko
    Actual rating: 3.5I really liked this book. I wasn't sure how I'd feel about it, but it was nicely written that had a basic but interesting storyline. It flowed nicely and nothing seemed like it was taking too long or moving too fast. I really appreciated the dialogue. This was a story that was taking place not so long ago, but the rich dialogue made it seem so old. I really loved that aspect of this book!It is a super quick, easy read. I enjoyed it, and I hope to use it at school some day!

    Nice illustrations in this book about a lost dog and a magical old bloke, a "finder", who helps a boy find the dog. Unfortunately the book didn't really grab the imagination of me, the reader, or the audience of 8 year olds; it was just a bit silly at times and somehow lacked the ability to take us into the imaginative realm, so the adventure just seemed a bit preposterous and unlikely.

    Susan Modak
    Love, love the Helen Craig drawings. Story, not super but I did read through it. Interesting that the two famous granma's planned to respectively write and illustrate a story for their common grandsons and part of that arrangement is worked into the story. PP died after writing but before the book was published.

    I loved this quirky, hard-to-define tale. Pearce's classic, Tom's Midnight Garden has always been a favorite of mine, and it was fascinating to discover that A Finder's Magic was published two years after Pearce's death, dedicated to her two grandsons, and with illustrations done by Helen Craig, her grandson's other grandmother! This is a sweet story, with many layers.

    A.E. Shaw
    The sentiment is pleasant, the imagination undeniable, and the illustrations wonderful, but the story itself here left me cold throughout, for reasons I can't quite put my finger on. Not something I enjoyed.

    I liked the book, it was intriguing. I had hoped for a little more insight at the end. I won't spoil it. It definitely had a magical feel to it and it kept one guessing all the way through. I think it could have finished stronger but it was a nice read.

    Gentle fantasy about a lost dog and the supernatural 'finder' who helps return him to the distraught boy who lost him. Will make a wonderful read aloud to 4 or 5 year old, or for that 6 year old who can read at an advanced level.

    Sweet. Nothing earth-shattering, but it was very sweet.

    Enjoyable, but never felt very strongly about the story, and not sure who I would recommend this to.

    Delightfully 'fey'!

    Lovely story of a boy who searches for his missing dog with magical help.

    Okay, but not very memorable.

    very cute little story

    A wonderful quick read, which I picked up to read the blurb and ended up reading the whole way through one morning. A little gem indeed!

    Despite of beautiful and enchanting illustrations, I didn't quite like the story. Still okay-ish read.

    I respect this author and love the illustrator, but it definitely left me with that 'so what?' feeling. I wouldn't discourage a read, but it didn't grab me.

    • Best Download [Philippa Pearce Helen Craig] Ú A Finder's Magic || [Mystery Book] PDF ☆
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