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  • Title: The Girl On Legare Street
  • Author: Karen White
  • ISBN: 9780451227997
  • Page: 206
  • Format: Paperback

  • Acclaimed author Karen White returns with the sequel to the national bestseller The House on Tradd Street.Melanie has grown accustomed to renovating old houses, but she never imagined she d have to renovate her own life to include her estranged mother Ginnette Prioleau Middleton left Charleston thirty five years ago She s returned wanting to protect the daughter she s neAcclaimed author Karen White returns with the sequel to the national bestseller The House on Tradd Street.Melanie has grown accustomed to renovating old houses, but she never imagined she d have to renovate her own life to include her estranged mother Ginnette Prioleau Middleton left Charleston thirty five years ago She s returned wanting to protect the daughter she s never really known after receiving an ominous premonition Melanie never wanted to see her mother again, but with some prodding from her partner, Jack Trenholm, she agrees and begins to rebuild their relationship Together Melanie and Ginnette buy back their old home With their combined psychic abilities they expect to unearth some ghosts But what they find is a vengeful dark spirit whose strength has been growing for decades It will take unearthing long buried secrets to beat this demon and save what s left of Melanie s family
    Karen White
    After playing hooky one day in the seventh grade to read Gone With the Wind, Karen White knew she wanted to be a writer or become Scarlett O Hara In spite of these aspirations, Karen pursued a degree in business and graduated cum laude with a BS in Management from Tulane University Ten years later, after leaving the business world, she fulfilled her dream of becoming a writer and wrote her first book In the Shadow of the Moon was published in August, 2000 Her books have since been nominated for numerous national contests including the SIBA Southeastern Booksellers Alliance Fiction Book of the Year, and has twice won the National Readers Choice Award.Karen is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author and currently writes what she refers to as grit lit Southern women s fiction and has also expanded her horizons into writing a mystery series set in Charleston, South Carolina Her 22nd novel, THE GUESTS ON SOUTH BATTERY, was published January 10, 2017 by Berkley Publishing, a division of Penguin Random House Publishing Group.Karen hails from a long line of Southerners but spent most of her growing up years in London, England and is a graduate of the American School in London When not writing, she spends her time reading, scrapbooking, playing piano, and avoiding cooking She currently lives near Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and two children, and two spoiled Havanese dogs See at karen white biom st


    Kris Irvin
    Either I'm a supergenius, or Karen White severely underestimates her readers. The mystery in this book is a pretty poor excuse for a puzzle - I had the main part of it figured out less than 100 pages in. After that, it became tedious as the characters keep questioning this great mystery! it's such a puzzle! what does it mean?! And I am sitting here, rolling my eyes and banging my head against the wall and calling them idiots. I am also not impressed with Melanie. In the first book, she had her o [...]

    Okay -- as the second in what appears to be a new mystery series this is a very good story. I love the setting (Charleston, SC), the old house element and best of all the ghost story. I am a sucker for a good ghost story and Karen White has this wonderful (and, I think very difficult) ability to build a really, really spooky environment. But while I really liked the characters in the first of the series, the whole relationship between real estate agent extraordinaire and reluctant "medium" Mela [...]

    The Girl on Legare Street by Karen White is a 2009 NAL publication. Karen White’s name has been popping up in various threads recently, so I decided to check out a few of her books.Going by what was available in my Overdrive library, I started with the Tradd Street series. This book is the second installment in a four part series. Melanie’s life should have returned to her nice orderly routine after she accepted her inheritance of a fabled old home on Tradd Street. She, along with Jack Tren [...]

    I'm not okay with this book.It's the sequel to The House on Tradd Street. Melanie Middleton and Jack Treholm need to solve another ghost-related mystery. Plus this time Melanie's mother has come back from a 30+ year absence to help them as well.This is a good story. I like the ghost story aspect(that isn't too scary). I especially like that Melanie's ability is a given-a lot of books spend time focusing on the main character not knowing she had this ability, realizing, coming to terms with it, e [...]

    This is the second book in the Tradd Street series by Karen White. I liked the first one better. This one was still a light easy read, but maybe a little too much so, for my liking.I still enjoyed the writing of Karen White. She created a wonderful setting in the south, complete with ghosts, family history, and a certain quaintness that I've come to expect from her. I also like the MC, Melanie (for the most part). But she did a fair amount of whining in this. And for being a 40 year old woman, s [...]

    Karyn Niedert
    This was an excellent follow up to "The House on Tradd Street", book one in the Tradd Street series from Karen White. Once again, White has excelled in character development. Main character Melanie reunites with the mother who abandoned her over thirty years earlier. Her mother's reappearance and purchase of their family home on Legare Street opens old wounds, with the promise of healing mysteries of the past can be solved and old ghosts put to rest.I love that Melanie has her own self-protectin [...]

    Ok, the first book in this series captivated and spooked me and had me turning the pages quickly to see what happens next. I was so curious to see what happens, that I bought the next book. Ok, the main character is a whiney, stick up her ass anal-over organized 38 yr. old (spreadsheets, organizing her closet every morning by different standards, color, alphabet etc). For someone who can handle mean and kind ghosts, her naive ways of being a woman annoy me. I'm yelling at her in the pages for be [...]

    A beautifully crafted historical southern mystery which picks up with our characters from the first book in the series. These books remind me of the original Nancy Drew series-- but for adults-- with houses that hold secrets, puzzles and clues. There is an element of paranormal yet I love how it weaves into the historical aspects of the mystery, and the city, and is for me, believable paranormal. I admit I have trouble with Melanie-- the protagonist-- at times but she became more endearing by th [...]

    These are the easiest five stars I have given. I can never stop a "Tradd Street" story; weaving the very best elements that I seek every time I consult any novel! These magnetic plots are propelled purely by mysteriousness, whether or not Melanie uncovers misdeeds at some end. They are about secrets: exhilarating riddles inside architectural clues, testing Charleston history and family lore, and communing with spirits! One is dangerous, whom Melanie and her Mother avoided all their lives. The re [...]

    Overall I was ready to rate this book as about the same as House on Tradd Street, as a nice summer read. There were a few obvious inconsistencies that should have been caught in the editing process that annoyed me and I thought she did a better job of manifesting the 'evil spirit' in Tradd Street, but I was pretty compelled to find out what was motivating Rebecca Edgerton and to find out whose remains were in the trunk, so the book sped right along. Right until the end. I have never been more de [...]

    The second Charleston ghost story featuring Melanie, Jack, Sophie and all the crew. I enjoyed this one, maybe even more than the first. Melanie's relationship with her Mom grows as she helps to restore their ancestral home and solve a mystery that needs their psychic powers. If you liked the first one, definitely read this. If you were only ok with it, I'd still give this one a try. I've been drawn into their world, and really enjoy reading about them but it did take a bit in the first book for [...]

    I enjoyed the 2nd book in this series, I like the main character, Melanie, I am also enjoying Jack. I like that there is some mystery, some ghostly figures, some family secrets. I also like that it's not a difficult read, it a good leisurely read.I enjoy Karen Whites writing styleonto the 3rd book in the series.

    Well. I loved book #1 and was excited to read the second in the Tradd Street series. It was filled with the usual lovely old homes in Charleston, our sassy Melanie and her family dramas, her on again, off again relationship with Jack, her friends Sophie, Chad and don't forget about little General Lee, oh, and her ability to see ghostsSo what went wrong here? I hated Rebecca. And couldn't for the life of me understand why Mellie and her mother continued to fill her in, kept her in the loop, even [...]

    I enjoyed reading The House on Tradd Street by Karen White so much so that I read the next installment, The Girl on Legare Street right after I finished that book. Well, where shall I begin? For starters, let's say I loved this book more than The House on Tradd Street. Don't get me wrong, I loved that book, but this book is better in my opinion. And also, I loved seeing Realtor Melanie Middleton and True historical crime writer Jack Trenholm are back together again working on another project - t [...]

    I really was impatient with the heroine of this series, Melanie Middleton, in the first book. Yes, her mother went away without her and abandoned her with no explanation or reason; her father raised her, but her childhood was anything but happy. Her father dissolved into alcoholism and Melanie had to be the stronger person and make sure he could get up, compose himself and go to work and uphold his responsibilities. Yes, while I did not live this life; while I realize how painful, how debilitati [...]

    This is the second book in a series. The first one is, "The House on Tradd Street," which you really do need to read before you read this one. Melanie is a real estate agent in Charleston, SC and owner of a historical home, and her mother is returning to Charleston, after having deserted her daughter when she was just a small child. Melanie doesn't want to have anything to do with her mother, but her mother is persistent and they soon develop a relationship. Because Melanie must have all of her [...]

    The Girl on Legare Street4 StarsIts been six months since the events on Tradd Street and Melanie is in the midst of renovating her historic house when ghosts from her past, both living and dead, arrive to haunt her present. Jack and Melanie’s push-pull relationship is both the highlight and downside of the book. Their banter is hysterical and their chemistry sizzles, but Melanie is as prickly and obstinate as ever with her refusal to see what is right in front of her. Jack is just as bad, and [...]

    Tracey Allen at Carpe Librum
    The Girl on Legare Street is the second book in a series by Karen White to feature Melanie, a realtor living in South Carolina who can see ghosts. The series began with The House on Tradd Street however this one can be read as a stand-alone.Melanie is now restoring her historic (and inherited) home on Tradd Street with friends, when she is asked to purchase a home for her estranged mother. Melanie hasn't spoken to her mother since the opera singer left her as a child and the animosity is palpabl [...]

    The historical home that her mother bought has been haunted since her mother was a child and the spirit is gaining strength and hatred. The two must come to terms with each other. And Jack has started dating a woman who rankles Melanie and much of the book is spent with the silent treatment being used by both of them. But the puzzle of the past and the details of who this evil spirit may be brings them together, if only to solve the riddle of Melanie’s heritage.As with the first book, I really [...]

    Despite being part of a series (which I didn't realize till I started reading it) and despite the author's penchant for raised eyebrows (someone is always raising one eyebrow as a response in literally every conversation), this is a super enjoyable read. It's got everything- suspense, ghosts, at least 4 mysteries to try to figure out and witty writing for the most part. The main character can be annoying, I mean how can anyone be 40 and also be too vain to wear eyeglasses?! To the point where wh [...]

    Ok - I'm less upset now that I just read this is the second book in a FOUR book series. Which I didn't realize last night, as I finished the last page, and it had this BIG cliffhanger that made me want to throw my book across the room. So I feel better about that - I really am enjoying these books and welcome a third (hurry up and finish it!).This book was heavier on the mystery and history - which tended to confuse the crap out of me at times. I felt it was a little much and could've been scale [...]

    This was a good ghost story. So many opinions on the characters, though. (I guess that's the sign of a good writer, when the reader has opinions on characters like they were real people). So, Melanie was deserted by her mother at 7. That's bad enough, but, she left her with an alcoholic father who she had to take care of. Then, over 30 years later, she's supposed to forgive and forget like that? (Snaps fingers) Of course Melanie is controlling and wary of love. Duh. And, Jack thinks she should a [...]

    Kayla Edwards
    I'm falling more and more in love with Karen White's Tradd Street novels every day. I get so caught up in the unique mixture of ghost stories, drama, romance, mystery, and a touch of southern charm. And that bombshell at the end - wow. I feel a strong urge to run down the street to the public library right now for the next book (or at least I would if finishing this book hadn't kept me up until past midnight!). I would highly recommend this book for anyone looking for something unexpected, diffe [...]

    Read in 2014, but I listened this time. The audio was excellent I highly recommend it.Love this series, tons of southern charm. Ghosts, broken personal relationships, a legacy and two ghosts are promanent, one a pre-civil war ghost and the other a ghost selfish and vengeful. Don't get me wrong this isn't a series where the characters talk to ghosts. It's much more of a mystery with clues, tons of history and definitely some dramatics.Narration is excellent, love the voicing.

    This is the second in a series of books about Charleston SC, and a group of quirky and highly engaging characterse writing is a bit simplistic but the story is fun and exciting and delightful and I just love the twists and turns! The characters are a bit silly at times but I can see them move through their quirky activities. I am reading the third in the series now and hope there are many more!

    Karen White ROCKED this book!!! I really liked the first book, House on Tradd Street, but this one was even better!!!! Non-stop, couldn't put it down from the very beginning. Loved all the twists and turns in the storyline and can't wait for Strangers on Montagu to come in the mail! A absolute, definite must read!

    In book 2 of the series, realtor Melanie is brought together with her mother, whom she hasn’t seen, nor heard from, in 33 years; her mother left when Melanie was 7. Her mother wants “Melly” to help her buy their ancestral home. In the meantime, a ship has been recovered a ship belonging to their ancestors, and a body is found on it. Also, there are mysterious portraits in the attic of the house – who are the girls in the portraits? I should have reread my review for the first book before [...]

    What did I like…The story with the ghosts was great as usual. There is so much tension and suspense. Of course, I figured things out fairly quickly but hey I still loved it. Chad and Sophie are so cute in this one. I am giddy.What I didn’t like…Mellie worked my nerves a bit. Too much going on in her head and she sabotages the good things in her life based off of what her parents did to her as a child. I need for her and Jack to improve by the next book. Jack is frustrated because Mellie re [...]

    Lori C.
    I'm really enjoying this series. Just finished this one today and going to download the next one. Great details and mystery. Really hold my attention. I love the characters!!

    Great sense of place, weak plot. I love reading these for the Charleston setting, but I always have a hard time paying attention to the story.

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