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  • Title: Snow Falling on Cedars / East of the Mountains
  • Author: David Guterson
  • ISBN: 9780747574552
  • Page: 351
  • Format: Paperback

  • Snow Falling on Cedars In 1954 a fisherman is found dead and a local Japanese American man is charged with his murder In the course of his trial, it becomes clear that is at stake than one man s guilt For San Piedro is haunted by memories of a past love affair between a white boy and a Japanese girl of land desired, paid for and lost and of what happened duringSnow Falling on Cedars In 1954 a fisherman is found dead and a local Japanese American man is charged with his murder In the course of his trial, it becomes clear that is at stake than one man s guilt For San Piedro is haunted by memories of a past love affair between a white boy and a Japanese girl of land desired, paid for and lost and of what happened during World War II when its Japanese residents were sent into exile while their neighbours watched.East of the Mountains When he is diagnosed with cancer, Ben Givens leaves his home in Seattle and heads east with his Winchester and hunting dogs in tow It is to be a final journey to a place of canyons and orchards on the verge of the Columbia River, where he had entered the world and had decided he will now leave it But what transpires is anything but the journey he anticipates.
    David Guterson
    David Guterson is an American novelist, short story writer, poet, journalist, and essayist.He is best known as the author of the novel Snow Falling on Cedars 1994 , which won the 1995 PEN Faulkner Award To date it has sold nearly four million copies It was adapted for a 1999 film of the same title, directed by Scott Hicks and starring Ethan Hawke The film received an Academy Award nomination for cinematography Guterson s subsequent novels are East of the Mountains 1999 , Our Lady of the Forest 2003 , and The Other 2008 He is also the author of a short story collection, The Country Ahead of Us, the Country Behind 1989 and of a book of essays on education called Family Matters Why Homeschooling Makes Sense 1992.Guterson was born in Seattle, Washington, and received an M.A from the University of Washington A Guggenheim Fellow, and a former contributing editor to Harper s magazine, he is a co founder of Field s End, an organization for writers.


    Another "sad chapter of American history" this tells the story of the white and the Japanese on San Pedro Island (CA) before and after Pearl Harbor. In this story a white boy finds love and companionship with a Japanese girl. They meet in secret in a hollow of a great cedar tree as they grow realizes they will never be. Society in general and especially on the island would not allow it. After Japan declares war the government removes all the Japanese to "internment" camps removing them from thei [...]

    Kylie Walton
    It was difficult to get into at first, but once I did I could not put it down. I liked how the book bounced between the past and the present day trial. It saddens me to think about how prejudice lives in the hearts of many and how it has influenced people over the years. I really enjoyed this book and I'm very glad my book club chose to read it.

    Snow Falling On Cedar Intro: The book that I read was called Snow Falling on Cedar written by David Guterson published by Harcourt Brace. Snow Falling on Cedars is a fiction book set during WWII around the time when Japan first bombed Pearl Harbor. There was a lot of racism and anti Japanese feeling during this time.Summary: People who were once friends are now enemies just because of their race. The story takes place on a small fishing island called San Piedro in Washington State. A local there [...]

    So I didn't actually read this edition of Guterson's novel, but I just reread my old copy and won't let me double count it. I read Snow Falling on Cedars when it first came out and got a lot of buzz, and I have been haunted ever since by the image of two teen-aged lovers trysting inside a hollow cedar tree. As a Midwesterner, I couldn't imagine a tree large enough for this scene not to be science fiction. Over the years I have visited the Pacific Northwest and stood inside giant cedars for myse [...]

    Richard Stubbe
    First third of the book: "This writer is a serious craftsman and stylist."Second third: "We seem to be spending a lot of time fleshing out the pasts of these characters. A lot of time. Even the minor characters. Do I really need to know that the defense attorney misses his younger, virile days?"Last third: "That's the piece of information everyone missed? That? In a murder trial?"All that said, it's a serious book that opened a window to an interesting place and time.

    Joshua Yoon
    The ending seemed very disappointing at firstbut then there was a seemingly somewhat hidden message; "-that accident ruled every corner of the universe except the chambers of the heart." I'm still trying to decipher it, but other than that, the book was very enjoyable and immersive. But, be warned, you need patience with this book. It seems slow until you realize that this is an important piece of the story. If you have patience, I highly recommend this book to you.

    Scott Smith
    A wonderful book about a hidden love affair that eventually must end and how the love that survived the affair affects both people for the rest of their lives.

    So boring. I can't describe how bored I was. I'm bored just thinking about it >_<

    I understand why this 1995 release was a #1 seller. The story is great, but I could have passed on the graphic sex. The following is a description of Japanese girls living in the U.S. when America was at war with Japan."The trick was to live here without hating yourself because all around you was hatred. The trick was to refuse to allow your pain to prevent you from living honorably. In Japan, she said, a person learned not to complain or be distracted by suffering. To persevere was always a ref [...]

    Celia Kaltenbach-crotteau
    While I initially appreciated David Guterson's detailed descriptions of the Northwestern scenery, after a while I thought, "Oh, no, here we go again. Enough is enough." Still, his writing style indeed deserves the sobriquet lyrical, and I thought he applied it especially well in his descriptions of scenes other than the Northwest outdoors - for example, Manzanar, World War II battles, and the courtroom drama. All in all, this was an evocative tale, although I might have appreciated more of a tru [...]

    So I’m not quite sure how this book ended up on my list. I believe it was given/loaned to me by either my sister or my mother and then sat on my bookshelves unattended. Now that I’ve read it, I understand why it was meant to be shared.With Pearl Harbor in its backdrop, we follow a murder trial on San Piedro Island where the accused is a Japanese-American man accused of killing a local fisherman whose mother reneged on a deal involving 7 acres of land. Guterson weaves an absorbing tale that f [...]

    Me ha superencantado este libro. TEngoq ue leer algún otro de este autor porque si esta es su primera novela, tan correcta, precisa, exactaLa lei como en blanco y negro, ambientda después de ls segunda guerra mundial, con sus veteranos que recordban en algunas cosas a los de "Los mejores años de nuestra vida" y ese abogado honrado y honesto modelo AtticusMuy buena.Me ha encantado saber el significado de la palabra derrota. También significa El camino que llevan los barcos. Supongoq ue de ah [...]

    This is the last book I read in 2013, and I'm sad to say it ended with a whimper rather than a bang. I started this book a while back, but kept putting it down. (If I start and finish a new book before finishing the one I was reading, that's never a good sign.)The story of a small town, murder trial, and lost love, this novel shifts between present day and the recent past on a small island off the coast of Washington after WW2. This story itself is much like the weather of the novel: cold, drear [...]

    Virginia Pommerening
    This book was recommended to me by a family friend and I'm glad that I read it. Some of the prose was a little more flowery than I would have liked and at times the description dragged. However I was happy to work my way through the longer and the, sometimes, less interesting parts for the overall feel of the book. It was an interesting look into the racism (against the Japanese) in a small town soon after World War II. I've studied parts of World War II in a number of classes and while there's [...]

    Michael Hanchett
    Snow Falling on Cedars was a truly beautiful book. If you enjoy reading for the sheer beauty of a writers words, then you'll enjoy this novel. From the first few pages it is clear that David Guterson has a gift for creating art in literature. He tells the story of a small island of people near Seattle and of a man accused of murder among this tiny population. The writer very slowly unfolds the mystery of what happened while simultaneously unfolding the mysteries of this remote place. The author [...]

    I really enjoyed Snow Falling on Cedars. It takes place on San Piedro Island during WWII, and it's based around this dead fisherman guy Carl Heine's murder trial. The suspect is Kabuo Miyamoto, a Japanese-American, which adds more to the story. As the author follows Carl and Kabuo's stories, the story is told in a really cool way and Guterson includes a bunch of other characters. It was worded really interestingly but in a way that still made sense and gave a lot of detail without dragging on. I [...]

    Snow Falling on Cedars is exquisite. Often when reading a fiction book, I eventually get to the point that I just don't care about the characters because, well, they're fake. Not so here. Guterson manages to get into the minds of such a diverse set of characters, making them believable and real. You want to know what happens to each.Set in the Puget Sound during WWII during Japanese internment, the small island wavering between prejudice, concern and love for the Japanese community on the island [...]

    Snow Falling on Cedars was a good story, but sort of wordy. I found myself skipping paragraphs (like the one giving background on the defense attorney's sex life as a younger man, or how a journalist's mother tended her garden) or when it rehashed something that had already been discussed in earlier parts of the book (describing, for the umpteenth time, how Kabuo sat perfectly still and straight, emotionless, inscrutable). Maybe someone with more patience would have gotten more out of it. That b [...]

    If you want endless specific descriptions about gullet fishing, read this book! I appreciate the character portraits from the flashbacks that detail the motivations, but it slowed the book down, weakening my motivation. Besides the overly specific vocabulary for each profession, I found myself skimming some passages to move along: not something I enjoy doing in books as the information the writer chooses to include should be important and have significance.The story was a beautiful one and the s [...]

    Dean Miller
    Read the Snow Falling on Cedars novel. (This was only cover version I could find. Did not read "East of the Mountains.)Had this novel on my shelf for a long time. Finally (and happily) picked it up to start December.Long winded descriptions and back story weaves it way through a court trial, relationships, a war, etc. Well told and detailed, emotions run strong throughout. A great read, but wonder how well it would fair if it were just now being released. One doesn't find this style very often. [...]

    I didn't care for Snow Falling on Cedars--which is disappointing, because it came to me highly recommended. To be honest, I lost steam and skimmed the last several pages. It's an imperfect marriage of romance novel, murder mystery, and literary endeavor. The characterization seemed lazy, and the entire book was inundated with sentimentality. I also disliked the over-abundance of gratuitous smuttiness. It was, however, a unique story, with a strong sense of place. Guterson established the setting [...]

    Snow Falling on Cedars was underwhelming at most. I really enjoyed the author's descriptive narrative, and he paints absolutely beautiful imagery of the Seattle scenery. I also thought he described emotions and settings in a very sentimental and unique way, and at the beginning I was quite enthralled. Sadly, as I read on the sentimental touch got overbearing and I felt like I was dating an overly romantic boyfriend that could not lay off the love poems and chocolate. The trial proceedings were i [...]

    I just read Snow Falling on Cedars (not East of the Mountains). I thought it was on OK book. The setting and storyline were interesting at first, but then I just got a little bored. I took a break and read the Hunger Games trilogy, then came back and finished this book. It really didn't get exciting until right near the end, so I really didn't know where the story was going. I think what I liked the most was the historical aspects (about the war and the culture in America during WWII), the story [...]

    Excellent book combining depth of characters with courtroom drama and the complicated situations that ensnare Japanese-Americans and their white neighbors in the early 50's. The war is still fresh in everyone's mind and the Japanese are newly back from the internment camps and are trying to readjust to life in a small fishing town where prejudice is common. Can a Japanese fisherman accused of murdering a white man get a fair trial? The ending is very satisfying. Especially enjoyed the exploratio [...]

    Alice Ridge
    I hate doing this I really do, but I couldn't finish it. It's a book on my reading list for English Lit and I got just over half way before deciding to give up. I won't be choosing this to write about so why bother putting myself through anymore excruciatingly painful detail. Too much detail. Too much history. Too many memories. This book could surely be halved and tell the same story. However, that being said I do want to know what happens in the end so I'm going to *gasps* watch the film inste [...]

    What at first seems to be a story about a murder trial actually becomes a deep look at the lives in this town. How prejudice, fear, inner struggles, a haunted past and so much more play into the life of a man. It shows so well how "facts" are never really the only thing that play into a trial of one man's life. Excellent look at several genuine characters and into the struggles after war and the Japanese internment camps.

    read snow falling on cedars only. intriguing novel - set in island community off the west coast united states, post world war 2; mostly illustrates anti-japenese sentiment after world war 2 via the trial of kabuo miyamoto, an american of japanese descent, and ishmael chambers, an american war veteran and childhood friend of kabuo. also intertwines a past love story between ishmael and hatsue, kabuo's wife.

    This novel about a '50s murder trial in a Puget Sound island has its moments, but starting with the linguistically unconvincing name of the place, San Pietro, and through the device of shifting from courtroom questioning to narrative, to the overlong descriptions and shifts of narrative focus, the novel is a bit of a drag in spite of the local color and historical interest.

    A neat exploration of the effect of WWII on two cultures (American and Japanese) that coexisted on a small island off the coast of Washington. Sees the effects from a few different points of view - men & women, American, Japanese, and Japanese-American. Some nice moments, and the snow really works well for differentiating present day from past.

    Enjoyed reading Guterson while traveling thru Washington and especially since we stayed in Anacortes, WA. Loved the town. Story was interesting in how the Japanese people were treated after Pearl Harbor. Made me wonder about Japanese people that I ran into while I was there if their families were part of the prejudice that existed then. Different appreciation for people in general.

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