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  • Title: Brothers, Boyfriends & Other Criminal Minds
  • Author: April Lurie
  • ISBN: 9780385731249
  • Page: 292
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Brooklyn 1977 April Lundquist lives in Dyker Heights, a neighborhood populated by the Mafia Three hit men live on her block Francesco Frankie the Crunch Consiglione, Vincent Gorgeous Vinny Persico, and Salvatore Soft Sal Luciano When Soft Sal approaches April and her best friend, Brandi Rinaldi, for a favor, well the girls can t refuse.But does the favor, alBrooklyn 1977 April Lundquist lives in Dyker Heights, a neighborhood populated by the Mafia Three hit men live on her block Francesco Frankie the Crunch Consiglione, Vincent Gorgeous Vinny Persico, and Salvatore Soft Sal Luciano When Soft Sal approaches April and her best friend, Brandi Rinaldi, for a favor, well the girls can t refuse.But does the favor, along with the crisp hundred dollar bills that turn up in their schoolbooks, mean that April and Brandi are now in with the Mob Will April be able to get protection for her older brother, Matt, when he makes the big mistake of falling for the daughter of a big crime boss And will April s connection to Soft Sal bring her closer to Dominick DeMao, bad boy rocker and heartbreaker Soft Sal, Matt, Dom in April s neighborhood the guys stir up all the trouble, but April wouldn t have it any other way.
    April Lurie
    I have the best job in the world I write books for teens I m a former nurse, a native New Yorker, a wife, and a mother of four I live near Austin, Texas, with my family, and I m currently working on my next novel.


    I LOVED this book!! Every chapter created a vivid image in my head. I think the author did an amazing job with this book. Just to warn you it does end in a cliffhanger.The main character (April) is telling the story from her point of view."I awoke with a start and realized my mother was in Matt's room screaming at the top of her lungs." The fact that the author and the main character have the same name was actually an accident. She used her name to get in touch with her inner fourteen year old. [...]

    Brothers, boyfriends and other criminal minds is about a girl named April, unfortunatly she has a cuple of serious prblems going on right now. April ( ape, monk or chimp how her old brother calls her) is totally in love with Dominick a bad boy, but her best frien Brandi sets her up with a dude named Bert that she has never seen in her life. And also a man who's in with the mob (they are neighiboor) he asks for a favor, if Brandi and April could walk he's son Larry to school and back; you know to [...]

    Erin Forson
    April, is a sassy freshman who is the family "misfit" in Dyker Heights, a.k.a. Mobster Central, but lucky for her she has a good head on her shoulders and avoids situations that might get her "whacked." Her brother, however, isn't that bright. He is in love with Bettina Bocceli, daughter of "Bobby the Bull" who doesn't take kindly to outsiders, and he's not smart enough to quit the relationship. As if this weren't complicated enough, April is suddenly faced with her own dilemma. Who to date? Not [...]

    BROTHERS, BOYFRIENDS, AND OTHER CRIMINAL MINDS is April Lurie's semi-autobiographical tale of growing up in a Brooklyn neighborhood populated by made men and falling in love with a Dominick. However, she made quite a bit up in order to deliver an interesting and exciting story.If you're into books about relationships, you should definitely consider finding yourself a copy of BROTHERS, BOYFRIENDS, AND OTHER CRIMINAL MINDS. April Lundquist has a plethora of suitors: Dominick, her brother's friend [...]

    It’s 1977, and April Lundquist lives on the same block as three murderers. Not the scary, mask-wearing movie murderers, but three Mafia hit men. When Soft Sal Luciano, the hit man across the street, asks April and her best friend Brandi to do him a favor, April knows she can’t refuse. But does this mean that she and Brandi are working for the Mob? It’s just a favor, but then, why are crisp hundred dollar bills appearing between the pages of her books?April’s not sure, but she knows one t [...]

    Emma Koehn
    Brothers, Boyfriends, and other criminal minds is a really good book. It's about a girl named April and she has a pretty crazy life going on. She lives in a neighborhood supposedly where there are 3 murders (no one knows for sure). April and her best friend one day run into a Mob and he wants them to walk his son everyday to school to keep an eye on him, and of course April and her best friend do it because they want to stay on his good side, but Aprils snobby brother starts to like the Mobs dau [...]

    When I first started reading this book, the fact that it was set in the 1970s threw me off a bit. Despite this, I ended up really enjoying the book. Some of the things that happened seemed a little implausible but overall the story kept me interested until the last page.

    Set in Brooklyn, 1977, April Lundquist lives on a street of mobsters. She's trying to figure out who she is and who is the right guy. I believe that April Lurie wrote what she knows! (gin rummy, Welcome Back, Kotter and tennis).

    It was pretty good. It starts off kind of boring, and I almost wasn't going to keep reading it, but I'm glad I ultimately did. The plot was a cool concept, and I liked how it took place in the late 70s but not in like a try-hard way where the author had to keep throwing it in your face what decade it was. I liked the characters too, and the writing style kept things feeling like it really was a story in the POV of a 14 year old girl. The book as a whole was interesting and entertaining, and it w [...]

    Fourteen-year-old April Lundquist lives in a nice Brooklyn neighborhood that is home to a number of well know mobsters. Three hit men live on her street alone although you’d never know they were dangerous. They go to work each day in Armani suits and Gucci loafers.April has a taste for horror. She spends most of her summer reading books by Edgar Alan Poe, Stephen King and Alfred Hitchcock. Ninth grade gets off to a dubious beginning when Soft Sol, their neighbor across the street, requests a f [...]

    I just re-read Brothers, Boyfriends & other Criminal Minds and had forgotten how much I loved this book the first time. This book is all about relationships, the relationship between April and her best friend Brandi, the relationship between April and her brothers Matt and Sammy (love, love, love Sammy), the relationship between April and Larry there are so many more but you get the point. I love it when a book drags you into the middle of a story where all these relationships are already es [...]

    This is a YA book about April, a 14 year old blond, Scandinavian girl who lives in the middle of an Italian mafia's neighborhood. She has an older brother, Matt, and a younger brother, Sammy who she often babysits. Her best friend, Brandi, lives next door. Matt is in love with a girl who is a mob head's daughter, which gets him into ALOT of trouble. April is in love with a rocker who has a ponytail, does drugs, and skips class named Dominick. Brandi asks her to go on a double date with her with [...]

    I know it seems weird that i finished this book the same day that i finished the clique but i did.This book was really good but it was more advanced tan some other books that i have read. I loved every page of this dramatic romance and the mob addition was a real hit to me. I would recommend this to any girl in 5th or 6th grade. It is about this girl, April, who's brother is dating a girl that has a father that works in the mob and doesn't want his daughter dating April's brother. Her brother ke [...]

    cute story about growing up in brooklyn in the 70s. april lundquist, though tall, blond, and scandanavian, lives in an italian neighborhood with a handful of mobsters. when she starts walking larry luciano, son of soft sal luciano, to school, she starts finding enormous bills in her school books. is she doing business with the mob? meanwhile her older brother matt is dating the daughter of another mobster, and gets a mysterious black eye. is matt on their blacklist? april also explores her hobbi [...]

    It's actually really funny~ I've met the author and sort of got a mini-bio of her life which included the time when she got caught reading "The Exorcist" in class, just like her character April Lundquist, and she also wrote "Babysitting Games", and she got great feedback from her peers. But on to the book. It was probably the funniest, saddest, scariest, and most romantic book I have ever read, and it is now my No. 1 favorite. April Lurie, I am so glad and so fortunate to have met you when you c [...]

    Alysha Speer
    I thought this book was kinda cheesy, but a fun tale to curl up with. April lives in a neighboorhood with three members of the Mafia: Gorgeous Vinny, Frankie the Crunch, and Soft Sal. April is in love with a very cute boy named Dominick, and her big brother Matt is in love with Bettina, who is the daughter of a mobster. April fights to protect her disrespectful brother at the same time as save her own love life, and gets tangled in the mess. Worth reading, fun read.I laughed a lot and found myse [...]

    This book was awesome! It was really funny, and kpet you on the edge of your seat. It's about a girl named April who lives in a neighborhood with several mafia men. When Soft Sal Luciano asks April and Brandi to walk Lari to school they just think it as a favor. But when $100 bills start showing up in their books, they get a little worried. To make matters even worse, her older brother Matt is dating a very strict mafia man's daughter. They hear noises in the trunks of cars, and really start to [...]

    I couldn't help but thinking that this is Historical Fiction! And I am the same age as the main character in this book! I didn't grow up in Brooklyn, but I did have access to the media, so yes, I understood all of the pop culture references that the author painstakingly provides. Welcome Back Kotter, anyone? This is a harmless little tome, hoping to appeal to young fans of The Sopranos, if that hasn't fallen off the pop culture radar by now.

    Caroline P.
    This book was amazing. I loved it so much, but I really didn't like Dominick, he just seemed bad, especially after what he did to April. I think Little Joe is so much better than Dominick, even after the beach. Soft Sal surprised me, he was very different from my image of what I expected a mobster to be, and he was so good to Matt. Frankie the crunch and "Georgous Vinny" were more of classic mobsters.

    Noura H.
    This book was really good. It's about this girl named April who lives in a neighborhood populated by the Mafia in the summer of 1977. She and her friend Brandi take a responsibility in helping a son of a crime boss, Soft Sal, get to school everyday. After that, they mysteriously find hundred dollar bills in their textbooks and April's brother Matt being beaten by the Mafia for dating a mobster's daughter.

    Allison W
    Brothers Boyfriends and Other Criminal Minds was a great book about 16 year old April and her bf Brandi falling in and out of love. April falls in love with 2 people and has a few guys crushing on her. She lives with the mob and her brother gets mixed up with a few mobsters and their daughters. I would recamend this book to a adult addiance.

    This one was another great coming of age story, complete with mobsters, 70s music and fashion, and that groovy Brooklyn setting. I place it only slightly behind Dylan Fontaine, and that's probably just because this one's told in first person from a girl's point of view so I don't relate quite as well (having never been a teenage girl the way I was a teenage boy!)

    It was okay, then it got better, then it was just okay. I didn't like the constant references to all things 70's like John Travolta, disco, The Who, etc. Lurie hits us over the head with these: totally not necessary. This bookis billed as a romance but anything romantic is so mild it comes across as dull. Very, very tame.

    Amy Reck
    hmm, I read this because I had just finished another book, and that one was really intense, so I picked up this one thinking it would be an easy read, you know a teenager book no big deal. But i got sucked into it. It was really good. Of course, it was a teenager book and an easy read, but it made me so happy. And nothing can beat a book that sucks you in.

    This book was very interesting and entertainingbut there were a couple things I wasn't crazy about,like for example I wish April would have set Dom straight and confronted him instead of just hide from him but I guess some girl act different that others. And also the ending didn't quite feel like an ending to me.But overall I enjoyed this book and it brought a smile to my face.

    Paulina Beltran
    This book was loaned to me by a friend's cousin, who i'm friends too, who got it from the library Read it over the summer and it couldn't have been a better fit for the season. A good laugh is what I needed for a lonely while my friends were occupied with weddings and other family stuff I got it.

    Madalyn Garrett
    Very quick and simple easy read. I really enjoyed reading about the time frame since it was a subject I've never touched before. Also liked how I got to read about a girls POV that's my age, since I always go for the high school ages. Really hoping there's a sequel because I need some answers ASAP!

    Mrskay Kay
    Loved this one. The relationship between brother and sister was touching--after my sister took me to see The Shining when I was 10 years old, my brother was there for me to sleep in his room every night for the next year. But I digress--I also thought it was very clever to have them perform Romeo and Juliet.

    Kianna Dupree
    This book really at first some people may think that it's not very good but I think it's really intriguing to read the way you get into the speakers mind it's just fantastic and I recommend to anyone

    Nova Gianfrancesco
    I think that this was an okay book but i think it could have been better. I think that there should have been more explaining at the part when the MAFIA payed her and her best friend. I mean how does that mean that they are in the MAFIA??

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